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  1. Cat usually hides under the painting desk. He has a thing for my brushes. Or maybe just anything that keeps mommy from petting him!
  2. Trying to decide what to grab for "lunch" at the airport. Choices! also- it's really happening!!!! ...and I did find the cat! ;)
  3. I think I'm packed... sure I must have forgotten something... where did the cat go...
  4. awesome!!!! I love her!!!
  5. Whew. I finished him. I have to say, this was a fun project. The idea came to me sometime last year, but it took awhile for me to get around to working on him. I've decided that monochrome relaxes me. It's just easier somehow to take color out of the picture and just work on shadows and highlights. I think I need to vary my levels a bit, but overall, I wanted it to read as a night scene, so I'm happy. I like the idea of an accent color. I've been wanting to try that for awhile now. Though looking at him, I could probably pop the osl on his face. the pumpkin in the back worked out better- most likely because it has larger opening for the eyes. I tried to find his sku number in the catalog and failed, but this was The Headless Mousling from 2014, sculpted by Gene Van Horne.I used a bones rat, a pillar from the graveyard set, and 2 pumpkins. Anyway, enjoy and Happy Halloween! I'm using my new Iphone and seem to have issues editing, so pics may be a bit funky...
  6. ahhhh! I have to pack and... and... ahhhhh! water base not dry yet! Ahhhhhh!
  7. you did sculpt the bed, right? Also, I used your barrel in a darksword entry this year- I'll bring it by your desk!
  8. ok I know you're stressed and you want to finish but I want to help, so... 1. looks like you lost the midtone of your keeper's skintone. If you have time, add it back in to smooth out the transition between you shadow and highlight. right now he's reading too extreme 2. fire- you want it to be a lightsource, so it needs to be light- needs more white at the base of it. you could almost paint most of it white and then just glaze in a bit of the other colors overtop to get that light effect. right now your tile reads as lighter than the fire- this happens often, so don't freak out. it's fixable. you just need more "light" 3. the frog demon's osl looks too dark. quick question- did you pain the yellow over the underside or did you highlight him there first? the second works better. remember- he needs to look "light" where light hits him. this means you have to do some highlighting before you put on the light's colos, or it will just look dark. also- remember- if he is truly being lit mostly from below, he'll get the supercontrast effect: the rest of him must be more shadowed to make the light stand out. even if he's getting some ambient light, it shouldn't compete with the fire, right? it doesn't have to be a huge darkening, but for osl to work best, we have to introduce more shadow or it will look flatter. here's a grayscale of the scene: does that make sense? I can see some highlighting on his underside so maybe just pop it up a notch! don't stress and don't worry about this stuff if it will stress you more. you've got a great composition and a really fun idea. it's awesome, so hang in there!
  9. jurrasic world had dinosaurs. major cool points for dinosuars and cgi. I can sit through a movie with good cgi and at least enjoy the special effects, right? even if the female lead runs around in high heels. sigh.
  10. yeah, in Kvothe's case I wonder how much the author is trying to make a flawed hero because everyone under the sun tries to make near perfect ones and end up irritating the audience with melodrama. That may be some of what bothers Doc in terms of plot in the above examples. Writing people just being people is surprisingly hard, much less when you throw in the supernatural where we as normal peeps can't accept the written/acted reality. It's easy to fall back on melodrama to make stuff happen. It's hard to take a flaw and use it to drive plot. Well, at least for me, but I'm learning. But yeah- I give movies and books a lot of leeway because I'm a forgiving Corporea and know no one is perfect. However, I truly do appreciate a well-written script and will be more likely to want to see said movie again... speaking of which, who's with me for Nano?!! We can conquer!!!
  11. oh- gurney has some good examples of Abe's face done with different lighting I can't seem to link to his blog, but google has many of his blog images if you don't own his color and light book try gooling gurney portrait lighting
  12. cool! ok- so OSL. yes- if you highlight up the face where the light will be all the way up even higher than you want to go with the highlighting, then glaze over it you're golden. you also must contrast where the light isn't with shadow deeper than you want to shade to help sell the contrast. The lightest area in the entire piece should be your light source. It should be the only area where you use pure white again, to help sell it as "light." remember that you will lose some contrast when you glaze the light's color over your skin. This is why you have to go overboard with highlighting if that makes sense.
  13. yeah work's a complete mess right now, so I promised myself I wouldn't spend much aside from buying candy for everyone to come take and soda so I won't fall asleep during the day. Fortunately, I'd already splurged for the VIP to get the dragon bust, so I don't have to buy anything else. Hah! Take that, budget! Also, please come take the candy from my station. I'm a stress eater...
  14. hmmn. it may be safer to pretend the fire is a general light source then. rather than hitting her with multiple light sources, pretend the fire lights up the whole room evenly like our typical sunny day. You may want to consider magical colored fire then, otherwise she will just look orange.
  15. I liked the spectral white- it has a hint of purple in it and if you want to live in the purple range, that'll help keep you there. One thing I've learned with skin, no matter what color you want it to be, make sure you choose a desaturated version of it. meaning- using a super bright color looks funky when we think of skin as being varying shades of neutral- tan, buff, beige, rust, ocher, etc. All human skin tones live in a softer world rather than a super-bright punk rock world. So when I translate this to monster skintones I choose a quieter color, be it blue, purple, green, etc. A bright/saturated color will make the result more "cartoony." this is a valid approach and leads to some fun minis, but on a bust it may look to intense. To that end, dark elf skin has a surprising amount of purple tone to it. It may be all you need to stay in the purple world without delving into the "real" purples. At most, I'd say glaze with the purples if you feel like you need them For busts- get a good high quality photo of a starlette of your choice to see where all the shadows and highlights fall on a face. Pick a light source early to help guide this as well. if your fire is your source, be aware it will change the skin tone nearby. I always do my highlighting with the source in mind without the light color first (meaning pretend it's white light and highlight up THEN add the color of the light glazed over it) I'll try to check in and help! Good luck!!!