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  1. hmmn. Not sure if happy with it or frustrated again. I worked some more this weekend. I'm fed up with the cloth. I ended up putting a layer of sealer over it to smooth the surface and am in the process of going back over it to make it look less icky. I finished most of the reeds, too. that took longer than I expected since I thought I'd made more leaves and had to go back and sculpt a bunch. I finally baked the sculpey and worked on the mid/foreground of the painting. can't do the final attachments until I finish the background and glue it into the frame. I'm resisting that because it's so heavy in the frame it will be harder to flip around to paint. reeds looking pretty good! I plan to work some reflections into the underside of the rocks, you can see where I've started in with the green. ...and I messed with the cloth. it's looking a little better. I just need to take it slow and careful. I worked some green in to the big folds. Sigh. I have to finish this monstrosity and get it off my desk. I may give it to mom for Christmas if I ever finish it!
  2. Yeah- I was hoping I wouldn't have to add him but he looks like he'd be fun to paint and practice textures. Oh well. Must spend more money! :)
  3. I went ahead and setup for 2. As long as I can get a copy of the current arm I'll be happier, but I'll live with just a hawk. I like painting busts!
  4. One thing I consider when painting big critters is weight. I have a metal cinder and I probably will never finish her because she so hard to hold for any length of time. There are some projects I would never have even attempted in metal. I hate using saws to chop things, so if I'm going to do a significant amount of conversion, bones are my go-to. One a basecoat is down, they paint similarly to metal, though I do note if I leave them for a long period of time the paint seems to absorb some property of the plastic and the layer becomes hydrophobic again. I can get pretty decent detail in bones, but I have to admit, it is easier to paint metal and resin. I love bones for gaming, practice and economic awesomeness. It is possible to make bones look exactly as good as metal and I know there were a few threads on the forums comparing minis of each type. I just have to change slightly the way I start a figure. I would never have done this one without bones: that's mostly why I love them!! I can create monsters for very little money!
  5. I've a thought: maybe a red logo on the sandbags or the boxes? that might do the trick.
  6. Awesome!!! I've loved watching you paint this one. Great work on the textures! What's your feeling on working some of the red and maybe even gold in the base to tie it together? Just thinking. He's really adorable as is!
  7. I love basing but I tend to get a little too creative. there are a bunch of natural materials you can use that cost nothing other than time collecting and time spent in the freezer to kill of any residents. Since you're from a cold climate, you may not know that we have horribly nasty things that like to live in organic material here in the south. Just make sure anything you pick up off the ground gets a good 48 hrs in the freezer. Things like pine bark, birch catkin seeds and dividers, stones, shells, cat litter, tea leaves, sea glass, etc. Any of these things can make fun bases. You can buy sheets of cork board which when broken makes for a very realistic cliff edge. There are many 2 part epoxy putties you can use to fill in space and sculpt little details. I'm a big fan of sculpey which is a synthetic clay you can bake in the oven to make any number of things. I also save all my sprues, especially the bones plastic ones- you can use them to carve crystals to decorate your bases. I buy beads from hobby stores- the textured one can look like vases. Old watch parts are fun for steampunk type bases- you can buy them online. You can also buy small quartz crystal points in bulk very cheaply. pretty much anything can be used to base it is simply a question of what you want to depict. If you have specific things you want to accomplish, let me know. I'd love to help! Basing is sometimes more fun than painting!
  8. I always do my eyes early, often first. Then the rest of the mini become easier and less stressful! Sympathy!! Hang in there!
  9. Practice! That's honestly the only way to do it. I painted for years before I found the forums and I mostly painted for our gaming group. It wasn't until folks here started explaining things like brushes and paint and thinning paint that I started to level up. On my own I could only do so much. When the reaper kickstarted came out I picked the hobby back up in earnest. Since 2012 I've given up virtually all of my other hobbies to focus just on painting. You have to put some sort of magic number of hours into something before you start to improve. It isn't done without practice. This isn't to say that it is necessary to paint like a pro. Just that if you want it it doesn't come easy. Which I find incredibly reassuring because if it were a magic skill I'd be horribly envious of the geniuses out there lucky enough to win the painting lottery without putting the hard work and 401k savings plans... I'm a Puritan at heart! Of course I say the same thing about practicing surgery, but at least a mini doesn't have to worry about being the first.... victim of practice... :). Or a new technique!
  10. I am a fan of pretty games like the wood sprite tree building game- can't remember it's name. Point being a feature it had was seasons where there are extra points scored for meeting the season goal. Could that be incorporated where it affects the way players think and plan ahead, hoarding certain cards for season events? Maybe that's where Chinese New Year could come into play? Or product delivered in time for Christmas?
  11. When I took Derek's expressive faces class it was like a little lightbulb flashing in my head. I watched him paint and he doesn't try to do each step of the eye in one fell swoop. He thins his paint and touches down, pauses, adds more and slowly builds up each step of the eyes. here's a link to his process while I'm at it. But it doesn't have to be perfect with the first brushstroke. Less is more! I was always trying to get the pupil done with one stroke- it's actually harder to do and much easier to do tiny dots to make up the whole. Not sure if that helps...
  12. I hate to say it... I'd probably support this on kickstarter as a concept because reasons. Even if it never saw production, it would be like supporting the death star. way too much entertainment value! hmmn... needs some positive effect statuses like "well-written campaign" or "persuasive creator" that would provide +x backers. maybe community reputation: positive/negative to reflect "past history." that could be played on another player as a negative effect or self as a positive? also, there needs to be a cute kitten card. a unique object that adds a huge advantage! what about all the kickstarters that are out there for sheer entertainment value but actually don't provide any rewards? I don't know how to incorporate those.
  13. for writing, the advice I get is always "you chase the muse." You don't wait for inspiration to find you or it may never come. I go through funks in painting where I can't focus and don't want to do anything. Sometimes it starts to feel like work. I come home from... work, like my actual job and think "Ok, time to get to work." When I say those words aloud my shoulders droop a little and it seems much easier just to sit on the couch and play Skyrim (hail sithis!) But, I find if I make myself sit down before dinner "just to paint for a bit" I actually feel better and get more done. Even if it's just basecoating or priming or trimming mold lines. At least I've done something and can reward myself with dinner! Be careful though... sometimes I actually get into the swing of things and have to scarf a cup of yogurt before bedtime! But it is very natural for any hobby to go through periods where it doesn't feel good. There are so many different schools of thought on fixing anhedonia, I suspect there's no right way to fix a block. Other than to think about what motivates you and what you want out of painting in the first place. And know that even those who have been painting for awhile still feel like there are plenty of painters out there who are way better! I think humans are naturally competitive... or maybe it's just gamers... anyway, it helps to come to a point where I say "good enough" or I'll never be happy. I took a master class from Kirill Kanaev and I recall all of us "masters" hung our heads after the first day and felt like we didn't know how to paint at all. So no matter what, we're not alone!
  14. needs some random events like hurricane, fire, divorce, etc. Something that will derail fulfillment and decrease cash. Actually, could random events be played on the other players? giving creators extra points for the worst events possible?