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  1. Sigh. I really have to get cracking on some figures. I like this one. Lots of skin to play with and fabric I can turn sheer! I'll probably add some free hand to the cloth as well. But for now, we begin! My first plan is to figure out what color scheme I want. I'm a fan of complementary colors because they're an easy way to get contrast. So since I want to do her with bronzed skin which lives in the orange family. The complement or orange is blue. So. Blue cloth. Hooray! Problem solved. I think I also used walnut brown and some pure white. The deep twilight isn't quite that dark. It's more of a soft purple. The color swatches never look quite right to me. I'm going to glaze some pumpkin orange into the skin when I'm done. Basecoated somewhat. I like the pale blue. Some more shading done. Trying to figure out the buttocks for the sheer cloth in the back. I think I need a thigh on our right to show through. I like putting skin down first in the sheer areas, then glazing the cloth over it to soften the transition. Starting to shade in some of the gold jewlery. But at least the colors make sense. I've got a long way to go yet. The light source will be from the left. More soon. If anyone has questions let me know. Sometimes I forget to explain steps of my process.
  2. Just remember, the pelvis is your friend. It is a lovely bucket of bone and muscle that holds in the guts and keeps them from spilling down between the legs! Doing great Mori!!! I love your method!
  3. you are awesome.
  4. squee! I can't wait to teach! Must update handouts and get around to ordering stickers. If anyone taking my classes (Erin Hartwell) has any specific things they'd like to cover feel free to PM me and I may be able to address them! If not, I'm available at my little artists row space and I always have candy! Feel free to bring minis you've painted and at the end I can do some quick critiques if we are able time-wise. Soon!!!
  5. It's a mighty special one!!! Happy Birthday! Hope you and your mom are having fun!!!!
  6. Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you! we wish it was our Birthday, so we could party too! Whooo!!!!
  7. thanks everyone!!! It was awesome. I spent the day with my family at the beach and I had the best key lime pie ever! I also managed to get 16K steps for my fitbit challenge. I did not work and I cooked which made me happy! Happy birthday to all the other cancers out there! Yay!!!
  8. unless the other side doesn't bring chocolate to the party...
  9. except supposedly we're gemini's now instead of cancers. I still can't get used to that! Happy Birthday Fellow Cancers!!! Don't work too hard. Bryan did you buy a VIP bag for your birthday? I can share some of my swag with you. You can have my paint. I can beg Anne to make me more...
  10. How hard was painting the resin? Mine are still sitting and waiting. Did you have any advice for priming etc? They look fantastic btw! great job!
  11. ok, so I decided that since saturday is my birthday I'd buy myself a nice VIP bag since I know I'm going to buy all the stuff that's in it anyway in october. Saves time! Yay!!!! Stuff!!!
  12. Looking good so far! Do you have a reference photo you're following? I find that helps for the little details later!
  13. oooh! Time to make a nightlight for my nephew!!! I was just going to get the blue canary but that's way cooler!
  14. some history museums have skeletons just not always on display. worth calling to check or visiting, maybe. medical schools or community colleges might have something. Hmmmn. maybe check and see if a local college has anything? If you know any students, they may have access to either a life drawing lab or an anatomy lab! If you're feeling especially ambitious or financially able, taking a life drawing class is fantastic. I took all the ones I could in college. It's nice having the live models and seeing the way light affects anatomy when it comes to both painting and sculpting. They usually get a bunch of different models over the course of the semester and use different poses from class to class, so you'll have a variety of anatomy to sketch.
  15. super! I'll plan on snagging them when I get there! thanks!!