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  1. I know last year I sat down with Andy's son at his workspace and talked him through glowing eyes for a few hours. I sat down with Siri at artists row and helped her with some colors for a project and we painted a bit. I helped one of my students fix some parts of his entry for the contest. I try to move around a lot and the only time I beg some free time is when I'm eating! I'm one of those that gets "hangry" when I'm not fed regularly! I always am willing to schedule some sit-down time here or there to help. So if you know you'll have a free hour find one of us at artist's row and ask for help. That's what we're there for. Truly. We wouldn't be there is we didn't want to help and teach. Just because it isn't structured doesn't mean we don't try just as hard!
  2. yep! I'm hoping I can get some feedback at World Expo to find ways to improve it before Reapercon. But I also have to actually work on some reaper stuff! I have a great mousling idea... :)
  3. not much progress but some. Sort of helpful in terms of basecoated leaf then finished. I forget to pause and take pics most of the time. I'm using the gothic crimson mixed with aquamarine blue to get the purples. This lets me use the same colors already in the piece but change them a bit. It helps make the whole more unified and less disjointed. I spent time this weekend working on the cloth, rocks and ripple effect. Froggy is now attached. The reeds are the only part not glued in place. Whew. I added some greenery to the left side to help balance. I may not finish it, but it will be done enough to take with me at least. One more weekend!!!
  4. your kids are ok, right?!!! Hang in there.
  5. I think I'm just going to go ahead and send my letter requesting a refund. I doubt they'll honor it, since they are not honoring anyone upset by not having the MR bust, but at least I will have stood up for what I believe. Sigh. It'll work out.
  6. yay painting!!!! He looks cool with the head plates.
  7. I couldn't decide if I wanted to chop the foot off or sculpt it so I sculpted it! Mr frog is my new best friend!
  8. I'm liking the illusion of depth! Got some more done. Down to the wire and 3 weeks left. started by working on shading the reeds. Still rough, but I want to get at least some of the blending done before I attach them. decided mr frog needed some love! I did some simple shading on him and the golden ball, then attached the ball. the ball is a bead where I filled the holes in with greenstuff. I used the mahogany brown from her hair along with the palomino gold. It isn't quite my favorite ocher gold triad, but I need to limit the colors somewhat. I also realized I forgot to sculpt the frog's ears, so painted them on. I fleshed out the reflections on the underside of the rocks. now all I have to do is smooth them out. A little froggy scene! Then, I couldn't resist and I sat back down after lunch to work on froggy. Ok... I like the frog. he makes me happy! More soon!!!
  9. for me it would be more a matter of principle. I wasn't planning on getting that bust or figure, but if Scale 75 did appropriate another artists work without permission, even though I do like the other busts, I'd consider getting a refund on sheer principle. And I like and own their stuff. It's the same reason I refuse to read anything from Huffington Post, as they do not pay their writers. I believe in sticking up for the underdogs. However, as I do not have all the facts, I will cease speculation and avoid dumping us in Beekeepers and wait for more information and explanation.
  10. ok, that's totally not cool and makes me wish I hadn't backed them now.
  11. Hi! My name is Corporea, and I have a miniature problem! I keep telling myself that I have enough miniatures, but then continue to buy more. I can't stop and it is starting to worry my family. Actually, my real name is Erin Hartwell, and I started painting back in 1996, though I took a good long break for real life obligations and returned to the hobby in 2012. In real life I am a Gynecologist, and I use painting as my stress management and to keep the other half of my brain in tip-top fighting shape. Though weirdly, I was an art major, with a focus in ceramics. My coworkers probably think I'm a bit crazy, since I live in a small town near the NC mountains and D&D carries negative connotations. I'm slowly winning them over! I teach at Reapercon, and I love helping; so if you have any questions or need advice, please PM me. I promise to get to it ASAP, though my actual job often keeps me busy nights and weekends, so don't think I'm ignoring you! I enjoy the way science and art interact when it comes to painting and sculpting, and I love playing with monochrome and limited palettes. I went through a writing phase, so here's my blurb I'd planned to use when I got around to blogging (still working on that...) About me: Erin Hartwell, aka Dr Hobbit uses her superpowers of timey-wimey sneakiness to balance gynecology, art, writing and gaming and still manages to send the cats off tackling the laser pointer before bedtime. This lawful good surrealist sculptor is most proud of her ability to catch babies without a mitt. She is as likely to say "How about those Mets?" as "Red is a fussy color requiring patience and layers" and then mention onions,parfaits and ogres... hoping someone will understand her random humor. Her latest goal is to visit every continent at least once. Two more to go- can you guess which?
  12. ok, apologies for only working on half the face and anyway, ignore the blending. I think it can work, though it is mighty pale and may look washed out if you use bright colors next to it. so, pure white, leather white, fair skin and dusky skin. I played with the power palette and got some really weird suggestions. I also used a bit of aquamarine blue above her eye. It seems pale, but I think when mixed with other cool colors it can work.
  13. still working slowly. I like the newer grape leaves on the edge of the frame better, but I'm not sure I can replace the other ones. I may just have to get creative with paint to make them match better. I finished the sculpting on the fabric bit I wanted outside the frame. I am not stellar at fabric and need to work on that in future projects, but I am at least happy it is done, attached, and basecoated. Here's the latest: must sculpt more grape leaves for the left side and keep painting. more painting. frog needs to be done as well. and the reeds attached. sigh. It will get done!
  14. I'm thinking. I may try to slap some paint on a mini this evening after work and just see how light I can go. I'm afraid with using linen or leather white as the base, it will end up looking too washed out and feel dead. That's the one thing about skin- pink is life. You know your capillaries are working when you're pink. Leather white is a bit cooler than linen if you want a cooler highlight, but pure white or titanium white would be the least warm. you can get artist liquid acrylics from Golden and pick up a titanium there. It is intensely bright and I only use it sparingly, but it is very very pure. I could see working some arctic blue or snow shadow into the temples, and maybe something like driftwood brown under the chin... but this is getting detailed and I'm thinking you want simple, right? Let me play around with paint and I'll come back with more info! Don't despair. A challenge is good for the soul!
  15. fair skin with a highlight of linen white and do your shadows with something pink like bright skin shadow, old west rose or mix the fair skin with something like spattered crimson would this work well enough? she's fair skin as a base. I used a retired color to shade (porcelain rose,) but I've found you can get away with just mixing the spattered crimson with fair skin to get the shadow tone. I highlighted her with pure white, but pure white doesn't thin as well as linen, so linen would be easier. One thing about the cold is until you're frostbitten or dead, the skin pinks up, especially on the cheeks and nose. So while it may seem counter-intuitive when looking for a cold/winter scheme to use a warm shadow tone, it tends to be more natural. I like using warm colors to contrast with cooler colors when painting winter minis.