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  1. This one has been sitting on my desk begging to be finished for awhile now. After taking the pics I fiddled with the face and changed the color of the stained wood to a walnut which I like better. I'll try to get a photo of that up at some point. I had a wip on this with all my colors and process but the evil empire of photobucket ate the pictures. I used some of the bright skin triad and for the shadow colors corporeal shade. The basework is made from the firm sculpey (the gray type,) a stick and etched brass foliage. The spider shield and barrel are from reaper's bones line. The crystal I did with a few real ones and then just made the rest out of sculpey. I had fun with the idea of someone emerging from shadow so painted the back with the shadow colors and then blended the front to back which gave me a very nice green I used also on the foliage. I made that using a combo of chestnut brown, corporeal shade and linen white. Enjoy! C&C welcome and feel free to ask any questions! I can try to dig up some of the old photos, but having lost my hard drive, it may take time to find the right SD card. Also, I have clearly been playing too much Skyrim...
  2. hah! you read my mind. I messed with the face and the weapons after I took these. I may put up the revised images just to check but I think I can fix it. every time I set something aside for a while and then come back to it I see things I can fix. If I had infinite time everything would be better!! ahhhhh! :)
  3. Ahoy matey! Right on time for talk like a pirate day's month! She's adorable!! Great work on the skin- I think the highlights work well and it still retains warmth. It's hard to keep that sometimes with highlighting. Awesome work!!
  4. Awesome! I love the leather effect! Really great job with the weathering! I was torn earlier because I liked the heavily weathered version but I think you struck the right balance. Way to go!!! Bring her to reapercon if you can!!
  5. Well I'll call her done! I had fun with this project and it sort of evolved as I progressed. I like that about painting. Sometimes I start with a fully realized idea but other times as I paint new things occur to me. I feel like I'm falling into a rut with these mirror effects, but no jezebel would be complete without some vanity! Oh well. I'll try to branch out in the future! At any rate, my wip is here and I'm happy to answer questions and whatnot. Enjoy! see everyone in Texas sooooooon!!! I broke out my specs on this one to do the face. My eye doctor says they're fine but I swear my eyes are going... this whole turning 40 thing sucks, btw...
  6. aaawwww! thanks everyone! You guys are awesome! Andy- happy to help with anything! let me know. Guindy- ooh! I like the reality bending! that's the most fun of my projects- to put things that aren't quite right that make me think! In terms of the whole practice and learning curve, I really try to use this image anytime I post some of my recent stuff: This was Jannus our NPC cleric from TOEE and my very first miniature! I put him here to remind folks that no matter what, everyone learns as they paint and improves. I like keeping my old minis and sometimes when I get in a funk and hate my current projects, I remind myself I am still learning and growing and that painting is a journey. I use Jannus because I never want anyone to be discouraged. I recently went to the World Expo show in Chicago and I felt like I'd gone to the painting Olympics. The stuff I saw was humbling. So remember, we're all in this together! :)
  7. Why oh why did I read that forum entry? Sigh. I don't really have the time because I want to finish stuff for reapercon but I thought to myself... what's the harm in rolling and just seeing what colors I get. I can always procrastinate and never get it done like everything else... double sigh. kyphrixis needs some love. he's languishing in my box of bones. So... that corresponds to: 6, 1, 10.... Crap. Do you see the ginormous amount of chroma saturation in these colors? The sheer magnitude of intensity here staggers the Corporea mind. I mean... it's like taking the bestest of brightest shades and trying to make them work. I can't help it... it makes me want to make it work. To prove once again that you can use read and green together and not make it look like Christmas. To take three saturated colors and make them work together breaks all the nice little Corporea Color Theory Rules of Engagement! It says right here in my little handy-dandy power point that the only way to not make the viewer's eyes go all crossy is to at the very least use a complement with less intensity. I just can't take colors of the same value and use them and make them work. I can't... But I can't help myself... if I can make these insane colors work... I can become the COLOR THEORY MASTER!!!! Plus, unless it's truly cheating... I knows some sneaky sneaky ways to manipulate colors. So... can I mix to my heart's content as long as I just use these plus black and white? Cause that will let me shows these colors who's boss! Best way to take the mickey out of a color is to knock it down with its complement! just cause I can't help but do my usual explaining... here's what I'm talking about with my crappy photoediting from the computer cause I'm lazy: this is an image where I've removed the color saturation and just given us a grayscale. see how similar those colors look? that is because they all have the same value. value is something we don't always see when we first look at colors except to scratch our heads and know something is not quite right. These colors lack value contrast. I often use this example: see how the red and blue look similar but the gold and blue different when I take away their sneaky hues? When I put colors together I want colors with differing range on the scale of black to white- that's value here's the pic from wikipedia. does that make sense? They've taken color and mixed in black and white in varying degrees to make a color paler or darker... sort of. Which means, if you're willing to work with pure shades and black and white... you can make anything! Problem is most paint has filler and additives that muddy the range and do unexpected things when you mix. So... when I get three impossible colors... I must conquer them!!!! sigh. And here I was actually hoping to get that diorama done...
  8. this is fun! Much more fun than working on stuff I'm "supposed" to be doing! Yippee! So, there's no rule that you can't use a complement to highlight or shade, so I'm trying to decide if I like the green highlight on the red or if I should just use the purple to highlight like I did on the green scales. It would probably look more cohesive with the purple highlight- as if the whole piece is bathed in a purple sun. At lest the red and green don't hate each other. Were making progress in our little Painting Kindergarten!
  9. Cash- yeah I've looked at the munsell system- it works, but since I learned on the traditional I tend to think that way still! Ok, got Mr Dragon all greenstuffed. I'm waiting on the tail and the wings because they'll make it harder to reach areas. It's always tough to figure out how much assebly beforehand is best. I tend to err on the less is more side and just be gentle when I do attach things. Right now he's just resting on his base. I always saw him a a good bronze so I may have to pick up another copy later. Then I decided to play around and see what I could come up with. I took the brilliant green and basecoated, then mixed the imperial purple with black and shaded quickly. I like to slap on color and wet blend because it's fast and it gives me a rapid sense of what the colors will look like. I mixed the green, white and purple for the highlight. I think a yellow would work better than the white, but it's ok. Since pure white is such a cool white, it's going to make Mr Rainbow Dragon look a little on the minty fresh side. Linen white or buckskin pale would probably be killer, fyi. But, the purple and the green are playing with each other and sharing, so I call it a win. Now... to go make friends with the red...
  10. He's one of my favorite dragons I've painted so far. I like that he's got a low creeping menacing feel to him. Most dragons are all high and mighty but I see him crouched over his prey and grinning
  11. yeah- things were simpler when I just got to pick pretty colors that I liked. Then I learned this arcane science stuff and it made me have to think harder. Not to say it isn't fun... it just makes me take an extra step when planning a mini and finding maximal contrast. It's kindof cool though, to know there really is some method to the madness!
  12. Sigh. I really have to get cracking on some figures. I like this one. Lots of skin to play with and fabric I can turn sheer! I'll probably add some free hand to the cloth as well. But for now, we begin! My first plan is to figure out what color scheme I want. I'm a fan of complementary colors because they're an easy way to get contrast. So since I want to do her with bronzed skin which lives in the orange family. The complement or orange is blue. So. Blue cloth. Hooray! Problem solved. I think I also used walnut brown and some pure white. The deep twilight isn't quite that dark. It's more of a soft purple. The color swatches never look quite right to me. I'm going to glaze some pumpkin orange into the skin when I'm done. Basecoated somewhat. I like the pale blue. Some more shading done. Trying to figure out the buttocks for the sheer cloth in the back. I think I need a thigh on our right to show through. I like putting skin down first in the sheer areas, then glazing the cloth over it to soften the transition. Starting to shade in some of the gold jewlery. But at least the colors make sense. I've got a long way to go yet. The light source will be from the left. More soon. If anyone has questions let me know. Sometimes I forget to explain steps of my process.
  13. awesome! I love it!
  14. I'm still plugging away at this. I finally managed a breakthrough on the mirror which made me feel more positive and more like taking pictures and posting! Work's been crazy so I haven't been doing as much as I should on the forum. First, I decided that Jezebel wouldn't be complete without some pretty little cosmetic-type jars... The base is a hirst mold from the Egyptian series. I went through a jewelery-making phase, so I have a bunch of beads hanging around to use for projects. I added a few greenstuff bits to make them look more jar-like. I basecoated the cloth bits as well. That helps show the scale somewhat. I'm playing with composition here. ok, yeah... I admit, I've never put anything that tiny on a cork before... So, I needed a pattern on the cloak. I started laying down a repeating paisley. I hated it. I erased it using my trusty re-blending brush! What's that, you say? You don't have a re-blending brush? Tsk tsk. :) Seriously, the point of these pics is that even if you put some or a lot of work into freehand, if it doesn't look right, paint over it. Redo it. don't be afraid. Don't waste all the hard work for the rest of the piece with something you don't like. It makes me cranky to repaint, but lesson learned. This is one reason I always do starter freehand in thin paint and look at it after a bit so I don't waste too much time. I had a feeling after the first pic it wasn't going to work out, but I let my brain percolate before giving up, just in case. trust your gut! Also, I put this here because everyone seems to believe that those who have been painting longer don't make mistakes and their stuff ends up looking all shiney and perfect overnight like Christmas. It isn't true! :) Nobody's perfect! Ah! Much better. I like more free-form, fun designs anyway. It's more my style to go all loopy and swirly. So- again, I started just with the dark blue (that's the deep twilight) and sketched in the lines, then added a bit of the palomino gold as I went. Happy now! next step is to shade the freehand. don't neglect this step because it add a whole lot of depth to the effect and makes it look much more realistic. A flat pattern will only go so far. So I used some linen white and mahogany brown for the gold and added a hint of snow shadow for the blue. the second pic I went back over the whole thing and glazed my cloth highlight and shadow colors. So often I see freehand done where it look like lines drawn on top of a surface rather than integrated into the cloth. So, looking before and after here, you can tell the shadows are softer and faded and the highlights in the pattern are less bright, but it becomes one with the cloth. This is a good way of thinking about how glazes work in general to smooth blending. It may knock out a bit of the contrast, but a thin layer will soften everything for you. Works great on skin! looks ok. I'll need to pick back up some of the pattern to clean it, but the cloth itself looks cohesive. got the jars attached. cute! I love my little jars! Proof you can use just about anything to make mini stuff!! started in on the crazy town plan... looking better... had to adjust the tilt of the hips and repaint the waist area entirely. Sigh. Again... I learned early on in art not to trust my brain and listen to what my eyes were telling me. Never think you know what something looks like. Look at it. That's the only way to be sure! Didn't like the tail. redid it and added some scales to the wings. Better! Anyway, more soon- have to get back to my real job!
  15. oh I almost forgot- I'd made some adjustments before taking her off the cork. I added a glaze of pumpkin orange to the skin like I'd planned. I had to go back and pick up some of the highlights, but I like the way to added some more zest to the skintone. Now i need to get her back on the cork to do touch-ups! But it is hard to make the base planning otherwise. Anyway, have fun! Gotta work on my photo stuff before the next one... One of my friends took this one:
  16. I am a slacker. I'm blaming it on the eclipse! I've been painting, but just not posting. So, here is some progress: g I messed with a bunch of layers. I hate to say it, layering really is the best way I know to get a smooth blend. I try and try with my wet blending, but when I lay down thinned paint over and over it makes all the difference in the world. Sigh. I tried for a bit of makeup on the face. I'm missing the 1/10 scale busts right about now. At any rate- sheer cloth. Once I get the sense of where I want to put the skin effect, I glaze the blue back over it to, 1) soften the transition and 2) tone the skin back slightly into the blue range. It makes it appear as if there is a thin layers of blue fabric over the skin. One of the sneaky tricks is to add opaque areas as if they were folds of fabric in some places. It helps to think of how the fabric would flow so the lines make sense. For example above- it wouldn't make sense to have horizontal freehanded wrinkles right? And then... I lost my mind and decided to move into crazy town! Here I come, crazy town!! So, out of focus because My camera might still be recuperating from eclipse-photoing, right? :) The plan is to have a mirror but the reflection be a succubus. Because... reasons. So I made a few greenstuff cloths because I still want to work some freehand paisley designs in and I like dancing lady's cloths smooth right now. I wasn't sure which of the above I'd use, so I made 3. And a few others that lay flat just in case. Then I started making some stones for the base. I used a flat piece of cork to press down and make the tiled base flat/even and textured at the same time, then I carved in the lines. I think the composition of the cloth will work. I'm calling her "Jezebel." Yay! Oh- the gray is made from walnut brown and linen white. I'll work more color in but I wanted to see what it looked like with a bit of color. I still like to work in colors I've used elsewhere to make it more cohesive. And I don't want the floor to stand out too much. Hmmn. It sort of works. Need to adjust reflection before I get any further with the basecoating. So that's what I want it to look like. I'd debated how to make the mirror stand up- with part of a wall a whole wall or a fancy mirror stand and decided to go with the wall. Unless anyone has a brilliant idea to make this somehow less complicated!!! Anyone?
  17. Just remember, the pelvis is your friend. It is a lovely bucket of bone and muscle that holds in the guts and keeps them from spilling down between the legs! Doing great Mori!!! I love your method!
  18. you are awesome.
  19. squee! I can't wait to teach! Must update handouts and get around to ordering stickers. If anyone taking my classes (Erin Hartwell) has any specific things they'd like to cover feel free to PM me and I may be able to address them! If not, I'm available at my little artists row space and I always have candy! Feel free to bring minis you've painted and at the end I can do some quick critiques if we are able time-wise. Soon!!!
  20. It's a mighty special one!!! Happy Birthday! Hope you and your mom are having fun!!!!
  21. Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you! we wish it was our Birthday, so we could party too! Whooo!!!!
  22. thanks everyone!!! It was awesome. I spent the day with my family at the beach and I had the best key lime pie ever! I also managed to get 16K steps for my fitbit challenge. I did not work and I cooked which made me happy! Happy birthday to all the other cancers out there! Yay!!!
  23. unless the other side doesn't bring chocolate to the party...
  24. except supposedly we're gemini's now instead of cancers. I still can't get used to that! Happy Birthday Fellow Cancers!!! Don't work too hard. Bryan did you buy a VIP bag for your birthday? I can share some of my swag with you. You can have my paint. I can beg Anne to make me more...