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  1. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    for the not yet corrupted Painted Corgi army and Adepticon in Chicago Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator) Thanks to Nick Kelsch I wanted to show you painted images of the Corgi Emperor with his guards and faithful guardian Corgberus. We are slowly climbing ... would love to unlock Stretch Goal #6 this week so if you have any friends you want to let know about this project ... we very much appreciated it! Impact! will be at Adepticon in Chicago this weekend so if you want to see some the early test prints from this project in person please stop by our booth in the Vendor Hall! Tom @ Impact!
  2. 3D printable Sci-Fi Tanks by Duncan 'shadow' Louca Kickstarter

    update time, they're doing well "Thanks everyone for making this project a amazing success already, and the campaign has barely begun. Hit 7 stretch goals so that's an extra 7 sculps everyone on the commander level tiers will get files for. Lets hope this keeps up so even more sculpts can be added :) Would really appreciate it if people could share the project with friends and people they think might be interested. Thank you all so much.
  3. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    Taiyaki Shibe unlocked! On our way to our first lowered cost rider! Painted Rabbitank and Flower Witch We unlocked Stretch Goal #5 for the Taiyaki Shibe miniature! You can add it now to your pledge for $25. With that goal unlocked we are now on our way to unlocking having the Magical Rider Batter & Ram turned into a spincast resin set which will reduce the price of that figure set from $25 to $10. We are already on the way to that goal ... currently only $1,605 away! We sent out some early copies of the figures to be painted and wanted to share how they look so you can see them. We'll start regularly sharing these in future updates. Here is the fully painted Rabbitank and Flower Witch. Thank you to Jason Turner and Nick Kelsch respectively for their work. Thank you for the project reaching over $5000. Heriberto, Dia and I all very much appreciate your support!
  4. Purgatory, the next Testament By Underestimated Games Kickstarter (Live)

    Sadly Canceled
  5. got a 3D printer, or access to a friends, or one at a library or university this might be for you About With this project I will be bring you a collection of Sci-Fi Vehicles and Artillery to be used in whatever tabletop game you choose. With more vehicles being added as stretch goals are hit. All sculpts will be supplied as 3d printable STL files. Why am I doing this project? My passions are sculpting, 3d printing and wargames. I wanted to be able to field the sort of armys I wanted without breaking the bank. So I started sculpting the sort of models I needed. After sculpting quite a range I decided to bring it to Kickstarter to enable me to further expand the range. I have a Patreon page were I produce sculpts for my backers each month as well as a website where you can see some of my past work. So you can be sure I have the knowledge required to deliver printable files, and can be trusted to deliver them in a time frame. Patreon: www.patreon.com/Duncan_shadow Website: https://www.duncanshadow.com Scale: The default scale of my files is 32mm / 28mm Heroic, but Being 3D Files they can be scaled up or down. What do I get? As soon as the kickstarter has ended and funds cleared you will receive 3d Printable files in a stl format. You can print as many of the figures on your home printer as you want, or send the files to a external printer to do the printing for you. The kickstarter includes 7 vehicles 1 walker and 2 artillery pieces, with extra weapon options, (see below) to start with, more sculpts being unlocked in the near future. Main battle tank comes with multiple turret, hull and sponson guns. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. When you contribute to This campaign, you will receive STL files for the models as per your selected pledge. The pledge files will be delivered May 2018, with successful stretch goals arriving later. You can print these files for your personal use, but you may not sell the printed items for profit or distribute the digital 3D models/files to other parties.
  6. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    There's a new update What an incredible first 24 hours! Thank you backers! 4 Unlocked Stretch Goals Posted by Impact! Miniatures (Creator) What a great first 29 hours. We are in awe as we hoped but did not expect to be sending our first update not only funded but with 4 unlocked extra miniatures! So thanks for helping us fund (it took 14 minutes) and for unlocking 4 stretch goals all in the first day of the project. So we unlocked all four of the character and beast Magical Girl Riders! So all of these will be sculpted and available as 3-D prints! Chibi Capsule and Impact! are both really looking forward to making these figures for everyone. And now with that success ... we want to announce Stretch Goals #6 to #9 which will move the Riders from 3-D prints over to spin cast resin which once we can pay for all the molding will allow the KickStarter to offer these figures at a much lower price! We are very grateful to our support during this project. I'm working with Heriberto to come up with even more fun items to bring to us over the next 2+ weeks! Thank you again backers! Tom @ Impact!
  7. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    Cute must haves there interested to see they'll be doing some as direct 3d prints
  8. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

    last call if you forgot to fill in the PM or want to late pledge, 2 weeks only Hello Wanderers! We have some good/important news for you, which applies to backers who missed the Pledge Manager as well as Late Backers! First up, well cover backers who missed the Pledge Manager: BACKERS who MISSED the Pledge Manager So, we've discussed it with our Pledge Management partner, CrowdOx, and figured out we can open up the Pledge Manager again for any of you who missed it! This will ONLY BE OPEN for 2 WEEKS. **IMPORTANT NOTE: The Pledge Manager will ONLY BE OPEN FOR 2 ADDITIONAL WEEKS, starting today at 5pm EST and ending on March 26th at 5pm EST.** You will receive an email to the address tied to your Kickstarter account within an hour of this update going out, inviting you to fill out and complete the survey. Make sure to check your spam folders and to make sure your filters aren't blocking Kickstarter's emails. PLEASE make sure you do this within the next two weeks, as we cannot guarantee when your delivery date will be if you do not. Next up, lets talk about late pledges: Late Pledges While the Pledge Manager is open for backers to get their orders in, this also means that we'll have the Late Pledges open again! Make sure to tell anyone who might have missed out on it originally that we have it available again, but ONLY for a limited time. Here's the link to Late Pledge: EDIT Link removed as per forum rules, (visit the KS update direct if you need it) **IMPORTANT NOTE: The Pledge Manager will ONLY BE OPEN FOR 2 ADDITIONAL WEEKS, starting today at 5pm EST and ending on March 26th at 5pm EST.** Adepticon We will be attending Adepticon this year! We'll be hosted by the lovely people over at Secret Weapon, so make sure to come by and say hey! We'll be running demo's of the intro scenario the whole show, with potential to show some of the more involved scenarios after hours. That's all we've got for now! More sculpt pics incoming later this week. Until next time, #keepcalmandwanderon!
  9. Female Humanoid Dragons????

    Hmm, if you take a Dragon as Reptile approach you could also end up with the females being larger that the males, as many reptiles work that way as it means the female gets to lay more eggs
  10. Low Life Miniatures

    Fingers crossed for you guys, this might well mean people can actually get stuff (I follow John Popson/Effincool Miniatures on facebook where they are active and you can see stuff actually being sculpted, mastered, cast and shipped to people so as he says all the experience/skills are available 'in house')
  11. Purgatory, the next Testament By Underestimated Games Kickstarter (Live)

    Dear Backer. Welcome to Part 2 of the Purgatory adventure, we are sitting at around the 40% mark, so we are on track to make our goal over the next 29 days. Refugees for everyone! We've been listening to some feedback from you and others and have made a couple of changes. Firstly we have included an Add-On header and within that included this little beauty: Purgatory Plinth - add for £17.50 This hunk-a-resin is compatible with the WAMP range of interchangeable plinths and acts as a nice option to paint up your favourite character from Purgatory, and it's not the only one either, a Wingfellows specific plinth will be coming shortly, resplendent with LED lights. How cool is that? We have also added the Tomes for both the Soul Train and Murder Inc. These will be £15 each and will include: Unique background for each Angel, how Moloch became the mechanical monster he is today and why, and what exactly Satan is up to, through the machinations of the tricky soul weaver Erishkigal. There will be clues as to where the former lord of Heaven is and what he is plotting! Background for each character, where they fit within the faction and why they are aligned to their host. This will include unreleased characters along with their stat cards and key information to allow you to proxy unreleased characters to expand your games of Purgatory. This includes characters such as Ghetto Beats, Parisi, Jim Sachs, Piper, Triplets, Tracii, Head Chef, Drunken Monk, Bridezilla and Heng-Lo New and existing artwork as well as painted examples of some of the models for you to try out 3 unique scenarios to play and work your way through as you experience the world of Purgatory Faction specific GOTG card Work has begun on each of these, with the Refugees of Religion being much more advanced. In addition to the above, we are going to make all of the existing range of models available to you at a discounted rate, along with the dice, templates and even the limited edition GOTG cards for you to enjoy. We are also exploring the possibility of getting one of the sculpts started during the project so you can see the progress in real time, we will keep you posted on this. We hope that the addition of the above will excite you as much as us and we will bring you further news in the coming days as the project and the work behind the scenes continues. Until next time.... Team Purgatory
  12. Box of Goodwill (EU/UK Version) - Interest Threadz

    I'm afraid i'm just too much of a hoarder to bring myself to actually put anything in the box
  13. Titan Forge Dragon Empire

    Even if they (no longer) seem to hit distribution they do have their own webstore (search for titan-forge) where i'd expect most if not all of it to show up once fulfilment is done, all their other crowd funded stuff has eventually
  14. Moonstone Skirmish game by Goblin King Games

    Ouch, not good, but at least the operator is recovering
  15. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    If anybody here did back this AND added anything in the pledge manager you may well be covered by your credit card, judgedoug posted this on Dakkadakka last night "I am on with Discover right now and they will dispute the charges and attempt chargebacks. They need evidence, does anyone have a screenshot or know where it was that Palladium said they would give Refunds if they could not fulfill Wave 2? UPDATE: Discover has reversed the charges, credited my account, and are going after Palladium, Backerkit, and Kickstarter, based on what I told them. I am to provide documentation and screenshots in sufficient quantities and information to prove that Palladium initially complied with the TOU had offered refunds and then reversed their position in violation of the KS TOU. Additionally, the Backerkit charge for add-ons is the easiest one to determine, as the charge is for products that were never received. The initial Kickstarter/Palladium charge would require them to determine that Palladium/Siembieda had stated that refunds would be offered in support of the KS TOU, and then stated the reversal of position in violation of KS TOU. I am asking if Discover wants all Discover card users who were affected, to contact them. I have been escalated to some sort of really high up fraud dept. I'll post again when I find out The Discover agent has said to let any other Discover users know to also file a claim and they will use all the collected evidence to go after Palladium. by the way, there is precedent for this: https://www.polygon.com/2015/9/11/9310945/kickstarter-court-victory-attorney-general-washington-asylum-playing-cards " and here are a couple of examples people have posted of palladium saying they will give refunds if they can't fulfil the project other people have posted in case anybody need them