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  1. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    If they end up finding magical armour I would expect that (some of) it would shift itself to fit them in the same way that it must do to fit PCs since humans come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and most armour would not fit most people either (especially not if they actually wanted to wear it all day and in combat rather than just for a swift bit of cosplay and a photo) Some doors will be openable by paw and mouth (dogs can get very good at this), but some won't and that's going to be part of playing such a character just like playing something like a dark elf or orc means you're going to have a very tough time interacting with basic human NPCs in a friendly manner
  2. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Pupdate 5- 5000+ Backers, dogs in YOUR game world and alignment chart HI everyone! Russ here with another Pupdate for the weekend and, my goodness, what a few days… We are now a canine community of over 5000 people ready to let the dogs loose in their game worlds! That is incredible, there is no other word for it! Again, and sorry to sound like a stuck record, but I am truly grateful at the faith each of you has shown in the project So…how DO you release dogs into your game world? The core idea behind the rules we are creating for Animal Adventures: Tales of Dungeons and Doggies is that you can run a whole canine world if you wish, BUT we intended to make it really easy to incorporate dog characters into standard D&D campaigns and parties, fighting and adventuring alongside their elven, dwarven and other kindred souls. To that end the companion contains a series of hooks and ideas for the impact that intelligent dogs might have on a world, from the deity worship we touched on yesterday to blacksmiths who specialise in dog-compatible armour and weapon modifications! We also touch on languages, as players can determine the means by which their dog communicates- do you speak on Common, or are you just REALLY good at letting people know the kids have fallen in the old well? It is our intention that you can decide how common or otherwise dogs are in your game. My own campaign has them as rare, but around in enough numbers that you could have several in one party. But if you chose to make your doggy adventurer the first of her kind, that’s supported as well. The magic items we are including will reflect this as well- some of them are useful but utilitarian items but there are a couple of legendary items which could seed the origin of intelligent dogs into the foundation of your world’s lore. The emphasis really is on you using the information as best suits your own needs. In support of this, we have introduced a new Character Background, the Awakened Animal for creating characters. We present the initial playtest version this below and welcome any feedback you have. This could be adapted to other animals over time but has a distinctly doggy flavour right now! Background : Awakened Animal You are a self aware, fully sentient member of a species usually only recognised as possessing ‘animal level’ intelligence. How did such a thing occur? Some animals are exposed to arcane or divine elements that change them, some may have been deliberately altered or experimented upon, whilst others may simply be born... Different. Regardless of the exact circumstances of your awakening, you have determined that the life of a mute companion and pet is not for you. The one place in this world where the unique and extraordinary have a chance to realise their ambition and seek answers is the path of adventure, compelling you out into the wider world. You still retain a deeply held desire to be of use and benefit to those around you. Now, equipped with a perspective on the world few of your kind ever possess, you have set your paws on an incredible journey... Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion Languages: any one Equipment: An object relating to your awakening, such as the worn scroll you slept under as a puppy or a locket with the image of the family you were born to. A well chewed toy. 1d6 gp of scrounged valuables. Feature: A friend by every fireside. You can use the vast and often unregarded population of dogs that is found throughout society to your advantage. You are always aware of the local canine population and can seek information about the locality and goings on from the many dogs you encounter. By sniffing popular places and scents, you can learn instantly limited information about a place such as quality of water and food supplies, population levels, general mood and atmosphere. Furthermore, you can usually find a friendly local dog who can help you seek safe and welcoming accommodation, food and shelter. Suggested personality traits. Dogs, awakened or otherwise, are shaped by their history of development alongside the sentient races as companions and allies. Your personality is likely to reflect this history and your ideals will tend towards selflessness and the maintaining the welfare of those you see as your pack, as well as an instinctive desire to aid and comfort. Your bonds are often people or favourite objects that have great value and meaning. Your flaws may be related to being overprotective to the point of jealousy, or a deeply buried resentment at the way dogs have been treated by some unsavoury aspects of society, which conflicts with your other drives and emotions. Personality trait 1d8 1. I tend to the dramatic, as a creature of impulse I have few middle gears and often narrate my circumstances with great flair and florid expression. 2. I dislike conflict and try to be a calming mediator, seeking common ground in conflict. 3. I have a tendency to diffuse tension with humour and love doing silly tricks to make people like me. 4. When in a new place, I have a need to... Establish my ownership... 5. I am the one who charges into every situation with gusto, rarely stopping to think about consequences. 6. I get bored easily if I'm not the centre of attention. 7. I love to play more than anything, be it racing around with children or more cerebral fare. 8. I'm constantly delighted by fooling people into thinking I'm a normal dog, and I'm not against using this to my advantage. Ideal 1d6 1. Selflessness. I believe in self sacrifice and unhesitating action to improve the lives of others. 2. Aid. My skills are a gift to the world and I must assist in endeavours where I can be of use. 3. Family. Nothing is more important than the people we love. I'd do anything to keep family together. 4. Comfort. I cannot stand to see a creature in pain and will act within my power to provide succour and lift spirits. 5. Knowledge. I have a unique gift and perspective, and I must share that, and further my knowledge of the world so maybe more like me can follow. 6. Change. My enhanced understanding of the world shows me many injustices. I have a deep desire to enact change within the world order, one day at a time. Bond 1d6 1. The magical writings of my lost master gave me this gift, now I bear them to the place they must be laid. 2. The one who did this to me did not expect me to escape. But my return will be even more shocking. 3. When the one who made me this way set off on their long quest, they were ignorant of what they had given me. I will find them and together we will achieve greatness. 4. I made a promise that the child I knew as a pup would always be safe. I work towards that still. 5. This object may look like junk, but it is the last tie to a lost past. One day I will return that past to the world. 6. There are others like me, for I am their kin. I will seek them out no matter what. Flaw 1d6 1. I cannot escape the loneliness I feel as a singular intelligence among animals and long to meet another like myself. 2. Deep down, I am angry at the way my species is treated and I am easily offended by condescending attitudes or perceived cruelties. 3. I fear losing my companions and so I can react to strangers with mistrust and even aggression. 4. I regard myself as a superior version of my kind, and I am prone to forcing non sentient dogs into submission. 5. I've never let go of my basic instincts and can be the cause of social awkwardness with my canine behaviour. 6. My willingness to trust and follow people, even strangers, means I am easily led into compromising scenarios. And lastly, one of our lovely backers, Monica, shared this brilliant dog alignment chart with us! Whilst I am not POSITIVE this will make it through playtesting, I thought you would enjoy seeing it as it made all of us chuckle! How amazing is this!?
  3. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Pupdate 4 - Doggie Wallpaper & The Good Mother Doggie Deity HI all, Russ here! Just a quick update to say we are exactly two days in and over 5,200 of the very best humans (and dogs) have joined us to make this a reality! This is simply to say thank you, and reaffirm that as well as working on getting the project looking its absolute best, we will be sharing some fantastic snippets and other cool stuff in the coming days so stay tuned! Once again, your support means the world to the team working with me on this and we will make you all proud! Symbol of The Good Mother The Good Mother - Deity of Dogs The Good Mother may be worshipped by divine canine adventurers instead of an existing deity. Her symbol is that of a mother encircling a sleeping pup and she is the embodiment of protection, nurturing and companionship. Her followers are devoted to a strong belief in the importance and power of familial and friendship bonds, the strength found in cooperation and the enrichment of companionship. They are also fierce in their protection of those they see as their pack. All awakened doggies know of the Good Mother. This is an instinctive understanding and memory of the nurturing they received as puppies. This well-known aspect of the Good Mother is known as She who Nurtures, and has been adopted by Clerics, Bards and some Druids. However, as more doggies awaken, more aspects of the Good Mother are being discovered. Canine whispers of She Who Hunts or She Who Protects are slowly entering the world of dogs... Shrines to the Good Mother Some Doggies have come across Shrines to the Good Mother. These cannot be seen but must be sniffed out. What may appear as a normal, unassuming patch of ground to other races is a fascinating hidden way to a spiritually uplifting place of power for dogs connected to the Good Mother. It is said that if a Doggie discovers a Shrine to the Good Mother, she may enter it by bowing, or offering a paw. Once inside this mysterious sanctuary – usually constructed of natural ma-terials and with the lingering scent of a recent litter – the doggie feels refreshed and replen-ished. If some time is spent in the shrine, concentrating on the aspect that the Doggie feels closest to, sometimes a boon is conferred. Doggies have reported their coats feeling shinier and softer, their claws sharpening, and their bite strengthening. Sample Cleric Ability: Aspect of the Amicable You gain the ability to cast Charm Person once per short rest. You also gain proficiency in persuasion. Download Dungeons & Doggies Wallpaper! I've made up some wallpaper for you to use, if you're so inclined, just thought it would be a nice way to further support the campaign in your own little way. It's available to download below: Download here (well visit the campaign update then click here)
  4. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Maybe? (especially if they're doing multiple minis in one tool, which would be viable since there's no picking individual items), but they do know what they're doing with PVC as steamforged has been working with it for a while both for large stuff (the Darksouls boardgame) and smaller stuff (the Guildball teams) and clearly has access to a factory that works with them (and an ongoing relationship means less chance of spontaneous cost rises etc for them post KS) should be a decent bet as KS projects go
  5. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    PaintingPolygons .. TWO days left in our countdown to D(oggies) Day! It's more stunning art, this time of Montague, Spaniel Bard! A lovely piece from April Prime once again and just one of many lovely pictures illustrating the rules companion! Meet Monty and the other doggies on WEDNESDAY when we go live at 8pm BST/12PM PSTonly on kickstarter! and in reverse order yesterdays image
  6. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Overturn Rising Sands

    While this is looking more and more dubious I have to point out that running a project out of a different country was the norm for many companies before KS green lit local version of the site, for example mantic ran (still runs?) a load of projects via KS USA when they were a UK company with no presence in the US other than a US address/bank account since Pakistan doesn't have a local KS site they've got to run via another KS platform so if they've got a money man in Canada to provide an address/bank account it would be sensible to run from there
  7. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Super Dungeon Legends

    Much as the delays are very frustrating (especially legends which by now has reached disaster status) people shouldn't expect to get refunds (with the exception of a company deciding to dump a project without going bankrupt), you should go into a kickstarter realising that you may end up with nothing, or having to wait (almost) forever for a project to deliver
  8. Orlando_the_Technicoloured


    Not really my soft of thing so I've not being paying attention to this
  9. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Happy Birthday Darsc Zacal

    and what better time to have one!
  10. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    Seen a couple of reports online of people ending up with sticky models after spray painting, so as with bones do a test piece rather than spraying your whole pledge all at once
  11. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

  12. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    One of them (Rus Charles, mentioned as a team member on the facebook page) was previously a sculptor/Artist at Warlord Games, (the other Mat could well be Mat Hart who is involved with Steamforged games base on his twitter feed) so they've got experience in the industry but other than that it looks like they're a new company who've come together to do this, the perfect people to back on KS, new, needing the money to progress, but knowing their way round the subject and with industry experience and friends I think Rex is telling a little white lie there, he rolled in the zombies, which is why he is really, really stinky and somebody else needs to give him a bath
  13. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    I suspect French bulldog
  14. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Happy Birthday Darsc Zacal

    Happy Birthday
  15. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-tales-of-dungeons-and-doggies/description So you have seen the minis but what about the rules doc? Well, here is just one example of the art quality thanks to the incredible talents of April Prime! Amazingly, this is still work in progress, but she is working on art for every dog and a few bonus pieces as well....hmmm..maybe art prints should be available... Here's a small piece of Dungeons and Doggies fiction to enjoy! Every mini will have an associated 'icon character' pre generated in the rules pack,and for the Cleric role we have Cerysse, gentle but determined protector of her friends. Many thanks to Kate, our writer, for providing this and many other story pieces for the project! We will follow up with a rules preview for the Companion Domain soon!