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  1. Delayed

    One of the folk on my facebook feed has posted these he's casting for Andy, not sure if they're ones backers have seen already, but it seems promising that something is happening "John Popson Chad Hoverter sculpted these for one of the Low Life Kickstarters. I am helping get these cast for Andy Hopp. I think the budget was a bit too low for the number of awesome dudes in this project."
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/resin-rolljordan-necro-and-volmarian-dwarf-fantasy WHAT IS THIS KICKSTARTER ABOUT? This KickStarter is a joint venture between Royal Art Games and Impact! Miniatures to bring two incredible looking metal Fantasy Football teams from Rolljordan into affordable resin for about half the price of the metal teams to give more gamers the opportunity to own these great models. The resin versions of these models will be molded from the re-touched masters that Rolljordan produced to make this a better more pitch-worthy team than when it was first released. The miniatures will be offered in Standard team which have everything you need to have a full team and Deluxe versions that will give you sideline characters (like cheerleaders) and star players. The KickStarter is bringing the Necro Undead and Volmarian Dwarf teams into resin. The KickStarter is also offering the teams from the last joint venture KickStarter at great prices. Here are the team and pack selections for the KickStater. The Deluxe team is the Standard team plus this Deluxe pack The Deluxe team is the Standard team plus this Deluxe pack The Deluxe team is the Standard team plus this Deluxe pack The Deluxe team is the Standard team plus this Deluxe pack The miniatures in the four teams are the new resin that Impact! started using this year that is stronger and able to be painted much easier than our past resin. The miniatures all come with bases and are provided unpainted. The miniatures will require light clean up and some assembly (although many of the models are one piece). Impact! Miniatures has created several KickStarters and delivered to all backers on all our previous KickStarters so bid with confidence. We are keeping this KickStarter small and focused so that we can quickly produce the teams and get them shipped out on time. NOTE on shipping: Shipping options are displayed when you pledge for a reward. Shipping is free to the USA, $5 to Canada and $10 to all other locations.
  3. Fulfilling

    from the sound of it DHL is texting the tracking info, so if you gave a landline number (like me) you won't get any
  4. Fulfilling

    They shipped with DHL who are responsible for sending out the tracking info to us too and I know despite my stuff arriving I haven't had any. yet..... So you may end up with yours before the tracking shows up (not sure if there's a DHL app/website you can sign up to that might work better than waiting for an email, but I know I always get my CMON shipping info via my DPD account long before the official tracking info shows up)
  5. Fulfilling

    Got my box of goodies today lots of sprues, and a smattering of resins The plastic all looks good and should let you build a decent variety of stuff although as with any multi kit you may find you're running out of your favourite weapons (ie you can't build all 10 with swords or axes or flails, you've got to use a combination) and it's going to make some sad that the spear and trident sculpted for consideration didn't make it onto the final sprue (although I can see that both of them would have taken up more space than other options and so the dual kit with the rangers, and the extra head options probably meant they weren't viable) The battle yak is fantastic too who doesn't need an large pack animal from the snowy wastes (who is carrying the spears I was missing above too)
  6. Fulfilling

    I've had stuff in wave 1 and 2 and it's been excellent one tip is the arms tend to go with specific bodies and are usually labelled on the plug and socket (eg A & A) so keep that in mind when assembling (although a bit of conversion will let most arms fit most same species bodies)
  7. Live

    I remember that the first Imbrian Arts KS had a lot of issues and delays, but I don't know whether it was eventually sorted out or not so if any previous backers have any info it would be worth speaking up. The minis look good though
  8. Cancelled

    fingers crosssed
  9. Live

    come on folks, spend that cash resin for the resin gods minis for the mini pile
  10. Live

    Bodaway, Pachoa, Strendu & Seneca 1 Comment 1 Comment Like 1 like Final 24 hours and the completion of the project is well within its reach with ~90% funding! Here are the pictures of the final four sculpts. While I suspect that this project will not be able to reach any of them, I figured I could post them anyhow. These four are all affiliated with the Sons of Yetl Black. What characterizes the Sons of Yetl Black is that many of its members have the strength to channel their inner abilities, which will grant them immense powers, although to a great cost. The greatest cost of all suffers Bodaway. As he turns his body into flames, they devour his flesh and sear it with great pain. This pain enables him to grow even stronger, although if he does not keep it under control, he will risk losing control over it entirely. Pachoa is granted the ability to bend his body at will, which allows him to flow across the field of battle, eluding enemies as they attempt to attack him, and it also makes it possible for him to strike from angles not predicted by his foes. Strendu has the power to turn his body into thick stone that will protect him and allow him to absorb a great deal of punishment and simply shrug it off. A note on shipping Please make sure you adjust your pledge to cover the shipping. The cost can be found in the main text of body on the campaign page.
  11. Live

    Just over one day to go, 90% funded $230/2060 SEK/£185/261 Euro left to get If any body is on the fence about this please consider pledging as I really really want the minis (you could always use them with CMONs Rising Sun, Warlords Samurai game or TItan Forges Japanese army stuff too
  12. Fulfilling

    Mine arrived the other day too, very, very cool
  13. Fulfilling

    I'm waiting, but a couple of my picks only got sent of for mastering just before Bombshell went off to Adepticon so I'll guess shipping is a couple of months away at least
  14. Live

    Niyol and Klandagi Niyol and Klandagi are affiliated to the Sons of Yetl Black. Design-wise, the faction has been influenced by native americans, and these two sculpts are Patrick Masson's work and contribute to this project. Needless to say, they look fantastic. come on people, pledge so I can feed my cool mini addiction
  15. Funded

    I've seen several people on the facebook group say the same, although it turned out at least one of those was fiddling with their pledge right at the close, and another turned out to have also signed up for a late pledge too so was on the system twice with the same email (but several others have receipts and weren't doing anything odd so are in the same boat as you)