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  1. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

    Late pledges available via crowdox
  2. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

    Shipping Pricing/Information and an apology. Posted by Panda Cult Games (Creator) First let me start by saying that we are sorry. We are unbelievably sorry for any stress or confusion that has been caused. We understand a good amount of you are upset and confused, and hopefully I can clear things up for you. So, I'm going to tackle these issues one by one so you guys have a crystal clear understanding of where we are coming from and why things are set the way they are. We'll start with shipping costs, as it is a large concern. Shipping Costs As we stated in the previous update, shipping costs had to be adjusted. Our base box is nearly 7.5 lbs and the addition of a Kickstarter Bonus Box apparently added a surprising amount of costs to shipping, especially outside of our shipping zones. We have heard you, and seen this is a terrible surprise, and we apologize. It never was our intention to dupe you or rob you of funds, but simply to cover shipping costs. The reason costs are higher than previous advertised is two fold: •Firstly, that there is the inclusion of the Kickstarter Bonus Box, which both added weight and extra space needed for shipping. This pushed up prices in shipping friendly locations up a bit, and pushed prices outside of those zones a lot. (note: these are combined into one package, so you are getting them at the same time.) •Second, is that a small fee is added to shipping for every Add-On added to your pledge. Its an unfortunate reality to shipping. Here's a breakdown of costs, per region, so you guys have a clear picture: These prices are an average to ship anywhere within their respective regions. Unfortunately we cannot absorb any of these costs for you...I promise you that if we could, we would, but between fulfillment, production, and freighting the product to their individual hubs, our budget is incredibly tight. What happened with that initial quote? The initial quote was created for us midway through the campaign. It was based off estimated numbers from our manufacturer on what the game would weight and cost. The campaign made some astounding leaps and bounds since that point, which added more to the base box AND caused the necessity of having the extra's come in another box. Again, we apologize for any confusion. The shipping costs came as a surprise to us as well when we got it updated at the end of the campaign. Technical Issues The main issues we faced involved receiving most forms of payment and shipping number issues. The payment options have since been resolved. The shipping issues involve Europe, which we will address in the next section. Again, we apologize again for any inconvenience. European Shipping Price Error There was an error while we were entering shipping prices for Europe, where some countries near our hub were given "Rest of the World" pricing. We've run into a few technical issues with the Pledge Manager today, and this is among them. This has since been fixed with appropriate pricing, and anyone who paid more than they should will be given refunds for the difference. Again, we are terribly sorry about the confusion. Lastly, we want to talk about shipping outside of our shipping friendly zones Shipping to the Rest of the World Unfortunately, these costs have to remain as they are. The extras unlocked during the campaign that have been put into the Bonus Box are what are driving up the costs. We apologize if these prices come as a shock, but they must remain where they are. We simply cannot absorb any additional shipping to make this more gentle, it would end up putting the entire game at risk of ever being made. Next up, we'd like to talk about opening up for Late Pledges. Late Pledges Due to the technical difficulties and shipping cost issues, we are holding off opening up the Pledge Manager to Late Pledges until we get it set and figured out. We will have it open soon, within the next 2-3 days maximum, that I promise. Our Reasoning behind these choices... As stated earlier, I wish we could absorb some of these costs, if not all of them. The unfortunate reality is that it is just not possible for us to do so. Our budgeting for the project was well on track until a shock was delivered to us 3 days before the end of the campaign; our manufacturer informed us cardboard prices skyrocketed, and jumped up our production costs by about 20%. This meant well over $10k was immediately gone. On top of that, our freight to get these products to their individual shipping hubs costs around $20k. Freight to these hubs is simply a cost of working on an international scale. With those two additional costs on top of production, our budget is tight. Unfortunately that also meant we couldn't help you absorb costs anymore than getting product to shipping friendly hubs. Some companies Kickstarters have built in a budget to help absorb shipping costs, or cover them completely, but we were not capable of doing so. Some Kickstarters have failed completely attempting to absorb those costs, others have caused their owners to go bankrupt. We would rather be honest and explain the situation than backtrack on promises we made during the campaign. We still plan on delivering everything we unlocked, guaranteed. Finally, I know that shipping costs have surprised some of you, and some errors have caused others stress and confusion. We are truly sorry. Like I said earlier, the last intention we have is duping you or trying to swindle you for more funds. We simply want to deliver the game we promised, and see the joy it will bring everyone.
  3. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

    Pledge manager invites are going out for this one some changes to the shipping estimates (pretty predictable since the base content was expanded meaning a bigger heavier box), although a couple of folks are reporting genuinely high charges which I hope is a glitch (Switzerland seems to need crazy money now)
  4. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    This seems to be an odd mix of really neat and fairly pedestrian, but certainly enough good stuff to be worth considering
  5. Purgatory

    The last of the pledges are going out at the moment to those who ordered a couple of figures that hit delays both in sculpting and then again in production requiring a change of caster I got my box today so unless anybody else is waiting this could be locked down as a sucess
  6. Anvil Industries?

    No direct experience but they are very active over on Dakkadakka with their thread here having lots of positive feedback in it https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/4440/401241.page#9703502 they're happy to answer questions either in the thread or via PM, they post under the user name Anvils Hammer
  7. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    Secret Weapon Miniatures Secret Weapon Miniatures, Inc. is happy to announce the appointment of Bryan Stiltz as Chief Operating Officer, and the newest member of our Board of Directors. Bryan will take up the role on 2-January 2018, at our Sacramento headquarters. Bryan served as Special Projects Manager, Community Manager, and a member of the Board of Directors, of Reaper Miniatures, Inc., a leading designer, and manufacturer of miniatures, and figurines for the miniature hobby and gaming market. Bryan will take over day-to-day operations from Justin McCoy, who will transition to a full-time role as Chief Creative Officer, and will retain his position as President of the Board of Directors. Bryan brings more than fifteen years of industry experience to his role as COO, including executive administrative experience, production and casting in multiple materials, international fulfillment, crowdfunding, distribution, and direct customer service. For our retailers, and distributors, Bryan will be working to improve our wholesale distribution processes, reach, and retailer communications. For the community, Justin looks forward to bringing a new season of hobby, and technique videos to you. This will include regularly scheduled segments, like “ask misterjustin,” and, “today in basing.” We will also be exploring community building segments not directly related to the hobby.
  8. Weird Dice

    thought I should show some pretty dice, I especially like the 'toxic' green and yellow ones
  9. Weird Dice

    I like fancy dice, and horde them to a degree glass coffee jar containing all of my used RPG dice including my original D&D basic set dice that you had to colour in the numbers with crayon from the 80's, plus dice that have accreted there from other games and boardgames plus a few silly odds and ends like my d30 and the round d6's that theoretically settle with a ball bearing inside but in practice never stop rolling plus the large glass jar of dice downstairs I've bought just because they look good with no real intention of using, the jar keeps getting upgraded to a larger one and next is going to have to be one of those huge ones boiled sweets used to come in (they're plastic now but i'd need an old glass one) but the fact I like other shiney stuff more helps keep my dice collecting under control
  10. This album comes out every year at Christmas as my mum loves the sound (even though none of us speak Romanian) Trei pastori se intalnira Trei pastori se intalnira Raza soarelui, floarea soarelu Si asa se sfatuita: Haideti fratilor sa mergem Haideti fratilor sa mergem Raza soarelui, floarea soarelu Floricele sa culegem. Si sa facem o cununa Si sa facem o cununa Raza soarelui, floarea soarelu S-ompletim cu voie buna. Si s-o ducem lui Cristos Si s-o ducem lui Cristos Raza soarelui, floarea soarelu Sa ne fïe de folos. which google translates as Three pastors met Three pastors met Sunshine, sunflower And so it is advised: Let the brothers go Let the brothers go Sunshine, sunflower Florics to collect. And make a crown And make a crown Sunshine, sunflower We are pleased with it. And take it to Christ And take it to Christ Sunshine, sunflower Let us help us.
  11. Happy Imperialism Day Beagle

    Waves happy birthday
  12. Fly My Hawkmen

    Deliveries of this are starting with my selection arriving today good quality castings (I went for rocket packs rather than wings) but since they've used a shiney white resin totally impossible to photograph (I tried, the camera won't focus) hopefully everybody else gets theirs soon (especially Beagle if he backed, he needs Hawkmen in his life and a few more successful KS projects too)
  13. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Have the big one be the smart (but quiet) on with the little one his (mouthy) idiot kid brother, the PCs will inevitably ignore the big guy and concentrate on the little one to their cost
  14. Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of Panzerfäuste , Kickstarter (9 hours to go)

    That's a wrap! :) Posted by Hysterical Games (Creator) Well, that's it folks. SPITFYRE is completely funded, the Kickstarter has been a massive success! Just how much of a success has it been? Well. You guys loved the project so much, that we made ELEVEN TIMES our target goal. We have MORE BACKERS than our original Panzerfäuste project, to all of our new supporters, welcome to our little corner of madness! We need to manufacture at least 1,032 Resin Dwarf War Eagles (eek!) We need to manufacture roughly 4,734 Airbeasts in total (eeeek!) We are massively pleased with how quickly support for Spitfyre has come about. In all honesty, we designed this, initially, to be a spin-off and one-off release. Now we have a whole bunch of different Airbeast models, an expansion pack and plans to release a whole lot more stuff on-going. Speaking of which... Rob and Steve are going to start working on the Pledge Manager fairly soon (please bear with us, Pledge Managers are actually one of the hardest parts to handle for a Kickstarter project! Right now we don't know our timeline for it!). We received a few messages from folk saying that they would really like to have hit our final £12,000 stretch goal. Well, if we get another 10 Pilot Pledges to upgrade to Ace Pledges, then we will unlock the £12,000 Storch freebie model. We'll keep you up to date with whether this will be happening! We are also still busy behind the scenes. Our, very talented and absolutely awesome, sculptor, Darko, has been working on the last few 3D models for the Starter Box and all associated Stretch Goals, which are coming along wonderfully. The Kampfkondor is a real treat, but we'll hold fire for now until we've pinned it down. Hopefully you'll see that soon. Will Beck, equally awesome and talented, has come back to us today with the initial concept sketches for the Kriegadler 110 War-Eagle and the Trog Bats which you will receive in the Torg-Baraz Expansion Set. Thank you all again for your support. From the depths of our hearts, it means everything to us to see people band together and bang the drum for projects like this one. We'll be back soon with more updates once the dust settles. Cheers again! Rob and Steve - Hysterical Games
  15. Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of Panzerfäuste , Kickstarter (9 hours to go)

    And the Troglodyte Mara 23 bat light bomber is now funded and all ACE level pledgers will get one FREE! Next up the Dwarf reconnaissance Storch 156... Just nine hours to go, can we do it?