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  1. Pre-launch

    "Mierce Miniatures Morning everyone! Hope you are all well. It's a family weekend for me I'm afraid, so I'll be on here intermittently; progress is this - rules are almost ready, they should be with you on Monday, and I'm hopeful of the first level up too, although that's quite a heavy graphic workload so we'll see. Either way it will be shown next week. Next week I'll be giving you more heroes, henchmen and enemies as optional buys, and to poke this project forward we may well introduce stretch goals for such around the £65k mark and onwards; but giving you resins to use in the game rather than plastics because plastic is *not* cheap to produce and we need to get to the goal to fund that. More on that next week. @Yx - all of the darkholds will be heroes/henchmen vs one enemy kindred; otherwise we can't do specific settings, such as the Gabrax Herdstone in snowbound forests (where enemies can enter from anywhere), the entrance to Infernus, the catacombs of Par-Ys and the Vras... they just wouldn't make any sense otherwise. Regardless, you can swap in/out monsters as you want, but we're not going to design a darkhold to encounter to a myriad of enemies."
  2. Friday Update! (we like to give updates on Friday if we have anything to report. But we don't have anything today but, we updated you anyway. :) Not much to report except that we are 1/2 way to unlocking the Midknight Bust. This is a figure we really want to get unlocked as there is no Chibi bust that we know of on the market right now. Let's see if we can get the word out and get her unlocked. #GenCant As you may or may not know GenCon is going on right now. We so wanted to be there but could not make it this year. One of these years we will make it, I just know it. If you're there stop by the Ninja Division/SodaPop Miniatures booth and check out the Golden Kobold chibi painting contest. We are sponsoring that event with Ninja Division this year and it's going to be an annual thing. Also if you enter the contest and place in any category with a Midknihgs Hero miniature you will win the ability to help design a character in our next core set. Have a great weekend heroes and if you're at GenCon have a GREAT con! See you when we unlock MIdknight Bust! Natakue
  3. Pre-launch

    They haven't worked with them before (as they've not done plastics), but they're using the same factory CMON does so it's not a case of picking a random plastics place that claims to be able to do minis, here's what Tim (Mierce's main mould maker and right hand man) said on Dakka "Tim from Mierce here. Just wanted to comment on a few points raised. PVC - yes. We'll be using Dust Studios moulding and manufacturing prowess. They made the minis for The Others 7 Sins, WoK (insert CMoN game with nice minis here) - the quality is excellent and we'll be adding hard plastic weapons for the spears and bows etc. The quality of The Others and Blood Rage (with hard plastic on spears etc) is what we will deliver. Miniatures - the vast majority of the Jutes (undead) have been sculpted digitally already. We'll be revisiting the files and making alterations - increasing the size of the sculpts to allow for PVC shrinkage and will also be bulking up ankle, wrists, shafts (ahem) etc. Some slight pose changes will be made to make for better casts also. Miniatures that aren't digital and already exist as traditional (by which I mean epoxy or polymer clay sculpts) - some of them such as Sathach and Nerys (already quite small) will be re-sculpted in a digital format (in fact they already have been!) they have been sculpted with PVC casting in mind (deeper details) and will also be printed larger than usual to account for shrinkage. " So other than delays (and i'm sure they'll happen, it's KS) I think that aspect is pretty solid, especially as they're asking for a real funding number not an artificially low 'honest we can do this' one from the Comments "Here's a snippet of the main rules for you all: http://mierce-miniatures.com/projects/ks_dhd_01/darkholds_rules_v0.01.pdf Bear in mind these are draft." "Bear in mind that's just a snippet of the rules for you to digest - the full document will give more info." "Hoping to have the full draft rules later on today but if not, Monday."
  4. Delayed

    I think the problem was they thought the rules were in Alpha (or even early beta) but everything they showed got picked apart by a fair number of the backers (and a fair few strong supporters on the soda pop forum) so it was a case of taking several steps backward or having this being just as devisive as the SDE 2.0 changes ended up being and the moment you make decisions leading to significant displays it kills your production/development schedules and plans
  5. Funded

    the gambler's chest is looking a better and better choice Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford‎ has painted some of the new narrative sculpts for KD
  6. Pre-launch

    Optional Buy Resin Morag of Mann (the KS exclusive figure) £15 the only chance to get her in resin as she's not going to be available outside the project
  7. fulfilling

  8. Pre-launch

    I kind of want a random jump scare mechanic in this one..... How about some sort of buckaroo analogue that launches some zombie dogs or a licker at the players at some random point in the game (if steamforge is reading feel free to take the idea and run with it, no payment nessesary
  9. Fulfilling

    Those evil Gnomes are my favourite minis in the whole thing (Dwarves, pah, I'm convinced they were always meant to be gnomes them some market research study showed dwarves had higher name recognition and presto chango dwarves they became) although I will have to make my own pointy hat for the gnome agent (what were CMON thinking he needs the biggest, craziest hat of all)
  10. Pre-launch

    Fingers crossed it will be, the finish date couldn't be moved though even when the start date slipped a bit (a long booked Honeymoon for Rob and Mrs Rob if I remember right) so 21 days it is
  11. Pre-launch

    that's actually how they've done it for most of their KS a far away stretch goal (with a traditional one of their KS a new unit/monster so an expensive thing to get to) then filling in closer ones to generate excitement to get to it (of much cheaper stuff like alternate sculpts of existing stuff) so that's working from experience and in the past has let them be flexible if there is demand for attention for a particular kindred to get something without derailing the major stretch goals which is what they're really interested in achieving it probably not going to work quite as well in this context as they've got a lot less flexibility it's got to be Jutes (undead and insects mainly) until the first dungeons done, then if things go really well maybe something else but I don't think they were expecting to do a CMON and fully fund immediatly (although I'm sure they hoped it would)
  12. I'm sure I've seen that wizard with his winged imp (monkey?) before, it's going to bug me
  13. Live

    I enjoy the game and was heavily in for both KS1 & 2 but this one just hasn't grabbed me at all, I like a few of the sculpts but that's about it and I've got more factions than i'll ever play (or persuade people to play) so i'm surprised to find myself not backing at all when I was anticipating trying to get everything, I hope it goes well for them and their backers though
  14. that's what I like to hear, resistance crumbling, stretch goals getting closer
  15. Funded, so on to the first stretch a chibi bust (with a bust)