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  1. Live

    Last call on this one (well 28 hours to go but I may not be online to remind you at a sensible time later)
  2. Live

    They could be barbarians using illusion magic to look like giants.......
  3. Fulfilling

    I hope you made that librarian very angry.......
  4. Live

    Last call people Under 4 hours to go great minis from a genuine 'one man band' company with experience of delivering previous projects sucessfully
  5. Live

  6. Live

  7. Live

    Excellent! Come on folks we can get the troll!
  8. Live

    They are 54mm scale miniatures cast in high quality resin. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/bloodpeak-barbarians
  9. Live

  10. Live

  11. Live

  12. Fulfilling

    Arrived in the UK, all looks good
  13. Live

  14. Live

    The Minotaur comes...stomp stomp stomping along.
  15. Live

    I've seen several people saying the metal minis were very good