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    Canada is closed (well postaly anyway)

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-post-strike-1.4909208?cmp=FB_Post_News I guess the Canadians are probably aware of this, but just in case you're not into news Canada Post has asked all international partners to stop shipping stuff to them as there is too much of a backlog already due to the strike/work to rule So if you're waiting for a KS coming in from outside of Canada there's going to be delays until this is settled, and then delays until the backlog within Canada is cleared, and further delays until the backlog of stuff building up outside of Canada gets shipped over etc So please don't scream at the KS companies (or their shipping partners), there's nothing that can do to get your goodies to you faster
  2. This is not the normal gaming related stuff shown here, but I thought some of you might be interested (and moreover I really like the books) so here is a different sort of kickstarter for you to look at or ignore https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1434349549/magical-romantic-comedies-with-a-body-count-in-har?ref=user_menu basically the books are written and available as ebooks (and at least initially on publication as paperbacks), but to make them available as hardcovers isn't in the authors budget at present hence the KS amongst the pledges you can pick up a full set of the Magical Romantic Comedy (with a body count) as ebooks (10 books) [I recommend these] or as signed paperbacks (50 sets only) or as signed hardbacks (25 sets & 25 numbered sets only) or even, if you're already a fan with deep pockets the original hand written copy of "Whatever for Hire".
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    Magical Romantic Comedies (with a body count!) in Hardcover

    three days left on this one
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    Claustrophobia 1643 kickstarter by Monolith

    This goes live today (i'll add a link when it does) (almost complete pre-production image, minor changes possible) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkFwekye_zQ unboxing of the game (now if you want tiles for a dungeon crawl this looks a good deal) this is a reprint of the well regarded boardgame Caustrophobia (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/36932/claustrophobia) and it's first expansion with all new art assets and minis (unpainted) Monolith has already manufactured the game so it will be limited to 10,000 copies *I;ve asked and there are spares to cope with loss/damage during delivery)and deliveries are scheduled for January so minimal risk so ideal is you want to KS but worry about getting stung (but on the other hand if you don't like KS as a shop probably not for you)
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    Deep Madness Second Printing Kickstarter

    Last call for pledges, 12 hours to go
  6. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Infamy: Collectibles - The Getaway kickstarter

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    [Pathfinder?] Fantasy Cop Campaign - Thoughts?

    ah that makes me happy, so few I recommend them to have read them
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    Deep Madness Second Printing Kickstarter

    1 teaches you not to waste a bunch of actions trying to kill things, keep moving and fight only when necessary (I may not have come to understand this on my own)
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    Brutus the Boxer. Glitterwolf's Pet

    This is Tommy my furry friend snoozing on the bed, he's not been well recently but is slowly recovering and Titch a cat who isn't technically mine but now lives in my front garden and gets fed by me after she decided her own house had too many visiting grandchildren And friends I've lost, Charlie (who was adopted along with Tommy and might have been his mother according to the rescue) Dibble (black and white) who lived to the grand old age of 23 and Suki (Ginger and White) who both came to me from a neighbour initially as welcome visitors and then as permanent residents when the neighbours got a new dog and they decided to live with me and visit their old home
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    [Pathfinder?] Fantasy Cop Campaign - Thoughts?

    Have a look for the Hawk & Fisher books by Simon R Green (not sure how available they'll be in the US or whether they've been digitised) they'd fit in well Edit: Amazon has them on Kindle as 2 omnibuses (omnibii?) and if you enjoy them the related Forest Kingdom books are also fun (although not so relevant to the topic in hand)
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    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Oh, and Heriberto was nice enough to post a dropbox link to some of the line art for the project, so if any of you do colouring in etc this is pretty cool (i'd grab it before it goes) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h1nv05ql1nijccp/AADvf7dpMAmmES4Jf1WD3PKHa?dl=0
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    Deep Madness Second Printing Kickstarter

    48 hour warning
  13. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Posted by Heriberto Valle Alright. We've been at work! and our first update is the Standard bearers! Not much to say but that we wanted them all to be different, they have the backpacks for the 4 units so they can be used cohesively as substitution models for other games. Cheers! I'd love to see what you think of them!
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    Black Friday Deals

    Yes anything coming from the US HQ is really slow as all the picking & packing (& sorting into boxes, adding cards etc) is done by the development team & Adam himself 2-4 weeks is not uncommon, and tracking info is fairly useless as it seems to be all generated in one big block right at the start and may never get updated to shipped even when it is Expansions and the main game are handled by an external warehouse(s) and tend to be a lot quicker (but not always as presumably the warehouses also do other stuff and may be jammed up with that), reports seem to suggest 1-2 weeks
  15. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Black Friday Deals

    I got a bunch of stuff, they fulfilled it all but were very, very, very slow (and rubbish at communicating)…. to the point that some were putting in paypal claims so as long as they've got a lot in stock (some folk reported refunds on stuff that was only around in very limited numbers) and you don't mind it showing up next year i'd say go for it
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    Claustrophobia 1643 kickstarter by Monolith

    It had some distinct pluses, fast delivery after backing, being a game that already existed and had positive feedback gameplay wise, a French language version built in (ok not important for the majority, but looking at the numbers France backed a lot more heavily in proportion than most boardgame projects) but a number of minuses too no stretch goals (remind people when they moan about fake stretch goals, and ask why companies don't offer everything planned to be in the box at the start), being a re-release of an existing game (some potential buyers will already have it), being precisely 2 player (it's not really solo-able either), too close to black Friday & Xmas, a lot of the cost is in (nice) cardboard not minis so while what you get are good the value isn't there for the folk who buy stuff mainly to (horde) use the minis for something else so they lost a bunch of the regular big box boardgame backers that way and clearly a well advertised KS with no stretch goals is too long at 10 days (less well advertised and they'd have had more discovering it later to balance the drop outs, but probably no better final results)
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    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Apparently Canada post has asked their international partners to stop shipping to Canada until the stike (& backlog clearing) is over, I've stuck up a separate post about it, but that may explain why some stuff is not reaching you even though it's set off
  18. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/animal-adventures-tales-of-dungeons-and-doggies/description So you have seen the minis but what about the rules doc? Well, here is just one example of the art quality thanks to the incredible talents of April Prime! Amazingly, this is still work in progress, but she is working on art for every dog and a few bonus pieces as well....hmmm..maybe art prints should be available... Here's a small piece of Dungeons and Doggies fiction to enjoy! Every mini will have an associated 'icon character' pre generated in the rules pack,and for the Cleric role we have Cerysse, gentle but determined protector of her friends. Many thanks to Kate, our writer, for providing this and many other story pieces for the project! We will follow up with a rules preview for the Companion Domain soon!
  19. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Hi all Russ here! This is a super exciting Pupdate for me… In the previous pupdate, I explained the tooling and revision process where I was commenting on the minis as they got set up for production. Well, since then our manufacturing partners have tooled up and sent the first plastic prototypes through! I am super pleased and very happy to be able to share with you these first images of the minis in the material and quality that you will receive! I am sure you would agree that these look absolutely amazing! They capture all the character and detail I hoped we would see on the minis. The only significant change now is that these are in a neutral grey, the default for when miniatures are being checked for detail quality. The final versions will be in a different colour, but other than this, what you’re seeing is what you’re getting! Furthermore we have settled all of the packaging designs and the tooling on the boxes is beginning as well. I am waiting on a built box to share this, but I assure you, the box looks really great and evokes the upbeat atmosphere of the project really well. I hope to reveal this soon, and I am really pleased to be at this stage before Christmas- it puts us in a great place for delivery next year. Until next time, enjoy the pics and may your dice always roll high! Russ
  20. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

    Check the delivery date on this one, June 2020 so they're giving themselves 19 months now this may just be a KS company being realistic (especially if stuff has to go off for approval), or it might be a lot earlier in development of the game than is implied (or they know approvals will be a real problem) and still subject to the normal KS slippage punting it to 2021
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    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Tina is unlocked, and only about $120 to go to the standard bearers 30 hours left
  22. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Carnevale 2.0 kickstarter by TT Combat

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2052977442/carnevale-the-miniature-game Carnevale is a tactical narrative miniatures game set in 1790's Venice. Safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity. Strange creatures rise from the canals, the ruling class play violent games with lesser men, and the population of Venice try to survive. All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night. Carnevale is a game that focuses on movement and brutal combat. You're as likely to see two people battling in the streets as you are to see warriors jumping from rooftop to rooftop and drowning their opponents in the canals. Using the tight streets and watery dangers to your advantage will ensure victory, and if it doesn't, some well-timed magic spells might! Carnevale is a narrative game that sees gamers play through various scenarios with their gangs of fighters. The games skirmishes allow for in depth storytelling, and we have made an effort to streamline rules in order to let the action take place on the tabletop, rather than spending too much time keeping track in the pages of a rulebook. The tactical flexibility opens up when building your gangs how you want, using many varied members to different effect.
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    Carnevale 2.0 kickstarter by TT Combat

    Aww, poor Beagle, I thought this was going to be an 'it's on it's way post' (unless you emailed them and said you wanted the fancy, delayed, retail box which is only due to arrive with them on Friday)
  24. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Super Dungeon Legends

    I'd imagine the late pledge money isn't addressed as this is a complaint about the KS, so it's just not relevant In that context (much as it is relevant to those involved although they will have far stronger, already established legal remedies foe non delivery of a pre ordered item) and as for the KS money being used to cover running costs all KS projects should include a proportion of the target to pay their wages & other necessary expenses, they're part and parcel of getting whatever it is made, what would be more dubious would be paying staff in the company not involved with the project but doing something else, or paying all of the companies bills (eg rent/power) rather than an appropriate proportion and the letter isn't detailed enough to tell us that (I wouldn't be surprised if this had gone wrong at least to some extent
  25. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

    Impact Miniatures Chibi Siblings of Conflict

    Alright. Now that the hype is in it's rightful place, IT'S THE FINAL 3 DAYS OF THE CAMPAIGN! and now that all the new characters have been revealed, it's time to see how far can we get this one. Our last character is Two-Handed Tina. If you think about how difficult is to even shoot ONE gun while flying, you'll see why she's very much appreciated in combat. Not all siblings are protagonists! but we do need our troops. Our FINAL stretch goals are MORE troopers to fill that battlefield with support roles in packs of four. Thanks for everything, looking forward to the closing of the campaign! at 60 hours to go