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  1. I got into a discussion on Facebook after I shared her summary of Romeo and Juliet. Seems I was not the only fan of hers in that group, and I know she ended up with a few more by the time the discussion was over.
  2. Paintball gun
  3. very nice. I especially like the wings. I would suggest adding some pupils to the eyes, they look a little empty.
  4. So, as some of you know, Buglips a long time back challenged himself to paint a massive figure in under a week, then others on the forums took up the challenge as well Offical Rules can be found Right Here Well, when Ma'Al Drakar the Dragon Tyrrant was first introduced, I joked that our resident Goblin should try all five heads in five days. The Goblin was smarter than that. I however, am not. As you can see here, I began this just under five days ago. Now here are the less than stellar completion pictures. I am satisfied now, I have done all I can in the alloted time, Oh sure there are always little things I might have done better, and a few things I am going to do with it now that the challenge is finished, like when the weather improves give it a few dozen layers of sealer so I never ever have to put brush to it again, but by the terms and conditions of the challenge it is finished.
  5. and at this moment, I am calling it done. 19 hours left on the clock, but I think I have it all. When I wake tomorrow, I will again go over to be sure, then take pictures, and have them up before the deadline, but right now I need to sleep.
  6. well, I am not done, but I had to get of hangouts as my tablet was dying, so I decided to snap a couple shots on my phone, and take a couple minute break. I am at the point where I am going cross eyed looking for something I don't have paint on, or that needs a fix, or too often where I rubbed paint off, because this thing is a brute and heavy and hard to move around. I also do not have a space to actually put it when I am done
  7. we are now into day 5. 24 hours to go. On that note, I am planning on finishing before I go to bed tonight. On to hangouts.
  8. I should have come in. You could have watched me go even more insane. Anyone going to be around tomorrow?
  9. my doc used the BMI thing to tell my I was obese once. The fact I could at that point pick him up, toss him over my shoulder and walk out the clinic made me smile. I still probably could, only my knees would complain loudly afterwards. I am short, stocky, and yes, I have a bit of a gut, but I am not 'obese'
  10. oooh, this will be good.
  11. we are now on to day 4. 48 hours to go. I now have all the heads done to a level I am mostly satisfied with. I am not entirely happy with the body, and I still have the claws and wing bones that are not yet done. A little worried about assembly. The arms, and necks all have plenty of surface area to glue and pin if needed, but the wings have me worried, I don't really have anything for pinning something this size.
  12. It...Has...HEADS!!! I am stupidly excited about this
  13. yes I can. I will. I am not going to lose, especially not to some crazy person like myself. I'm far more stubborn than me. However, I am now on a forced break, since my hand just does not want to hold a brush still. There is this group of muscles where your index finger and thumb join. It really really hurts. I wonder if folks like Jessica Rich or Michael Proctor, or Izzy, who spend a lot more time with pencil and brush in hand would do better, but then I also wonder how well a professional painter would fare in a challenge like this, or if their normal level of excellence would get in the way of the speed and shortcuts you just have to take?
  14. yeah.. morning and went...Oh wit, you still have this and this and this that need doing as well. So I am not as far ahead as I thought, but I think I am still going good for five days. We are at 13 hours in on day 3 now, so well past mid way through, or just hitting mid way if I am forced to stretch it to seven days. I think the stress is starting to kick in, so I am going to drink my coffee, browse the internet a bit and slow myself down before I dive in again. Gotta keep the vibe from taking a nose dive.
  15. we are now one hour (and a bit) into day 3 and I think I am winning. Not to get ahead of myself of course, but today I spent the whole day at my desk, with only a few breaks, and lost all track of time. Things like deadlines didn't matter either, I was enjoying myself. Body and wings are mostly done, as are red and black heads. I need a bit of work on the horns on both heads, and I have decided I hate the tongues, so I am going to go over those too, but that's pretty minor. Blue and green and the claws and some more highlighting on the body is my goal for this 24 hour stretch. After that it's white, touch ups, assembly, probably more touch ups, and call it good.