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  1. we know now that there is a tunnel out, I would like to explore it and be certain of it before we make the decision to use up the magic that will allow us to leave here without it, but I think it's existence is reason enough to not fully horde the chime either"
  2. bluff: 3
  3. I say chime it.
  4. I've got enough spells to make the rest of the camp regret charging in for a round or three, that might be more effective outside of the stag lord's hovel, so watching the door might be a better choice for me
  5. first two was enough for me. I'm good to go whenever.
  6. I applaud your husband's vicious assault
  7. Just want to wish you guys good luck with this. My shot at this one kind of piddled out, but it's a great story.
  8. Conan channeling his inner Axl Rose
  9. Love that song so very very much. Video is pretty awesome too.
  10. No boom today. Boom tomorrow, Always boom tomorrow
  11. Likewise I think.
  12. "That sap might come in handy, otherwise, there is little there I have use for. And when it comes to watches, well there are enough of us, I would suggest two on watch at a time. I am willing to take last watch as well."
  13. "A good call. I am grateful for the healing, but I do not think any of us, save perhaps our new companion, is quite up to another fight right now"
  14. wow. That's crazy hot, even for the sun scorched south
  15. Odd, I, out of morbid curiosity, did look up 'wet hamster' All I got was pictures of wet hamsters, some dry hamsters, a couple sick hamsters, and a guinea pig