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  1. Can I have his stuff?
  2. you should be able to wait until your turn, Since I went before you, I shouldn't start to bleed out and die until start of the next round.
  3. (guys, I found a trap) at-1hp
  4. Okay, I'm going to check the rooms for traps then. That's my job after all (18+8=26 perception for traps)
  5. no enemies visible?
  6. apparently what Janalyth is going to do is accidently turn of notifications for this thread, and wonder why there was no replies. Also what can I see?
  7. (19+5=24 init spare d20 roll is 14)
  8. I'm with Dilvish
  9. happy level up day
  10. trade with Buglips.
  11. if it was tought and gritty it was not prepared properly
  12. Hopefully this link will work. Saw this on facebook, and it was just awesome. Probably not workable in our hobby (maybe it is, I dunno) but very cool.
  13. Lichen on trees, and moss, is quite normal, and the trees don't mind. Some of it makes good basing materials, but most just leave you with a nasty pile of dirt before long as they decompose.
  14. so, I am downloading Mass Effect: Andromeda. Apparently you can start to play at 42% of download. This is good, because that is about all the download I am going to get for this month, since the full download is going to be about 90% of my monthly data limit. Thankfully that cycles over on the 7th and I can finish downloading it, unless i can get to somewhere with free wifi first.