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  1. I should have come in. You could have watched me go even more insane. Anyone going to be around tomorrow?
  2. my doc used the BMI thing to tell my I was obese once. The fact I could at that point pick him up, toss him over my shoulder and walk out the clinic made me smile. I still probably could, only my knees would complain loudly afterwards. I am short, stocky, and yes, I have a bit of a gut, but I am not 'obese'
  3. oooh, this will be good.
  4. we are now on to day 4. 48 hours to go. I now have all the heads done to a level I am mostly satisfied with. I am not entirely happy with the body, and I still have the claws and wing bones that are not yet done. A little worried about assembly. The arms, and necks all have plenty of surface area to glue and pin if needed, but the wings have me worried, I don't really have anything for pinning something this size.
  5. Okay folks, not folks, and whatever else you care to be or not be. Here we go. I am going to attempt the challenge I half-jokingly laid before the Goblin Lunar Emperor when Ma'al Drakar was first introduced to us. Five Heads in Five Days. The Goal, to paint the entire sculpt, including base and terrain piece in under 120 consecutive hours. That is a full five days, using nothing larger than a size 0 brush to apply paint to the figure. The Official rules give a full week of seven days, but I, being completely insane, have decided to attempt to shave two days off that, in honor of the dragons five headed stature. I honestly do not know if it is possible for me to do, and retain any sense of sanity. So, come along for the ride, at best, we get to see a feat of daring do conquered, at worst, you get to watch my mind degrade even farther. For you the viewer, I would call that a win/win.
  6. It...Has...HEADS!!! I am stupidly excited about this
  7. yes I can. I will. I am not going to lose, especially not to some crazy person like myself. I'm far more stubborn than me. However, I am now on a forced break, since my hand just does not want to hold a brush still. There is this group of muscles where your index finger and thumb join. It really really hurts. I wonder if folks like Jessica Rich or Michael Proctor, or Izzy, who spend a lot more time with pencil and brush in hand would do better, but then I also wonder how well a professional painter would fare in a challenge like this, or if their normal level of excellence would get in the way of the speed and shortcuts you just have to take?
  8. yeah.. morning and went...Oh wit, you still have this and this and this that need doing as well. So I am not as far ahead as I thought, but I think I am still going good for five days. We are at 13 hours in on day 3 now, so well past mid way through, or just hitting mid way if I am forced to stretch it to seven days. I think the stress is starting to kick in, so I am going to drink my coffee, browse the internet a bit and slow myself down before I dive in again. Gotta keep the vibe from taking a nose dive.
  9. we are now one hour (and a bit) into day 3 and I think I am winning. Not to get ahead of myself of course, but today I spent the whole day at my desk, with only a few breaks, and lost all track of time. Things like deadlines didn't matter either, I was enjoying myself. Body and wings are mostly done, as are red and black heads. I need a bit of work on the horns on both heads, and I have decided I hate the tongues, so I am going to go over those too, but that's pretty minor. Blue and green and the claws and some more highlighting on the body is my goal for this 24 hour stretch. After that it's white, touch ups, assembly, probably more touch ups, and call it good.
  10. Returning his sword to his side, he cast a look down upon the remains of the skeleton, then gave it a nod in respect. "loyalty to death and beyond. Yes, let us see what he guarded so long"
  11. oh that they are. I am surprised at the depth of detail in individual scales. Julie Guthrie outdid herself on this one. And then Bones 4 has one with two dragons. At least they are smaller than this guy though...
  12. scales. I shall be highlighting scales in my nightmares for ages to come
  13. yup. traditional five colour heads. shouldn't be too much more work than all one colour.
  14. well, I should be painting more, but I just got home from karate and the spirit is willing, but the body is...three quarters dead at this point. Anyway, what's a WIP without pictures. You can see what the base is looking like at the moment. A bit of dry brushing of various stoney colours knocked much of the shine down, and the details are popping. Also the wings as they looked last night, and the body. I'm a lot further than I have pictures for, but a little behind where I hoped to be at this point, because life got in the way for awhile this afternoon, but I intend to regain most of that tomorrow and wednesday. The good thing is, I am just about done the parts where I can just slop on paint, the bad thing is, I am just about done the parts where I can just slap on paint, the finer details are going to be, frankly, hell on my hands.
  15. well, the base is done, except for maybe something to dull some of the gloss down. Sadly, my mix for the body isn't working, so I have to try something new
  16. one hour break and stretch. Got the base covered, and wash applied. I am now a wee bit worried my wash is going to dry too glossy. Oh well, cross that bridge when I get there
  17. but mine does not involve turnips it is ten minutes to eight, at 8:00 pm Mountain Standard, I shall begin. Here we have my weapons for the upcoming battle. Several brushes size or smaller, some new, many not. And the secret to my plan. Pre selected and mixed primer/basecoat combinations. Now, as I fire up my playlist. Let the battle begin
  18. Oh the Madness has already set in long ago, my dear Lady Boot. However, I have a plan, a cunning, clever plan. You shall see soon enough,as I show the world, I may be crazy, but I'm not nuts.....or something like that.
  19. I like this madness. If I am still able to paint after my current insane task, I may have to dive in on this one too.
  20. and...I'm moving of start until tomorrow evening, unless it rains. It's been a long day, and I really don't feel like starting of on an exhausting project, while already tired out.
  21. better hold of on the wine and popcorn. There has been a delay of game called on account of farm work. We've had enough wind to dry things out enough that I can move hay today, so that comes first. This will instead start after I have supper tonight
  22. well, Ladies, Gentlemen, Flora, Fauna, And Other. As some of you might recall, when first it was introduced, I made a half joking challenge to our resident Goblin Mascot, and 7 day challenge instigator with a challenge. Five Heads in Five Days with Ma'al Drakar. Well, I would be a terrible sort if I did not take on the challenge for myself, and so, Today it begins. I am about to strat mixing up the paints I need, and washing the model, but sometime after noon, Mountain Stadard Time, I shall launch a thread and begin. I invite all to come to the thread in the Works in Progress Page and offer encouragement, insult, and whatever other commentary you feel like.
  23. and an 11 ain't gonna do it. next
  24. can I still see it, or did it just step back around the corner?
  25. It's...interesting. A little while ago, I was bucket feeding an orphan calf. Had to feed it, but there was one hell of a storm raging overhead. Like right overhead, where your eyes don't have time to adjust from the flash before the thunder shakes you to the core. It is not an experience I wish to repeat. Seeing lightning flashing out the window, of an airplane, also not somethng I ever want to see again.