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    I enjoy playing d&d 5e and painting high level table top minis for it. I live in whistler and love snowboarding the local mountains and getting into the back country. I often go back to my homeland of NZ in the Canadian summer to enjoy more snowboarding. If I a summer I like hiking, camping, disk golf and hanging by the lake also I'm always keen to sneak in a game of settlers.
  1. I have tamed the untameable, I have saved the unsaveable the one board that was twisted and buckled has been tortured and its will bent into shape.. placing nice hot wet towels on it and clamping it flat. So while the board was at the spa we cut down the 5/8' sheet of ply we are using for the gaming table base (which will have felt glued to one side) and put that piece away for later. Using the off cut piece of the ply we measured and drilled 7 holes into it. Making a Jig. The holes measured to the size of the 2' long pieces of dowel that we are going to use to join the 7 boards of the dining face. Clamping the 6foot long jig to the board it gave us the footprint to drill the holes we needed for the dowel. The spa worked wonders on the buckled POS(piece of scrap) board so we drilled all 7 pieces. We put the 7 pieces out to get an idea of which boards go where and had the grain vary from board to board to stop any buckling or cupping, once the puzzle was complete, We then added the dowel to one side of a board and rolled wood glue on both pieces and started to join the boards. We joined 2 sets of 2 and then added a third board to one of the sets. The most money I have spent on the table happened moments before this and it was on clamps. WE NEED MORE CLAMPS CPT! This part has been a little tricky trying to get no gap between the boards, seems to be going well so far with some persuasion from the mallet.
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    Sadly the shipping problem im having has not been solved, If i choose a friends address in the U.S shipping is $14max If i select Canada it jumps to : Sub-total:$152.00 Shipping cost:$83.15 Pledge Amount:$1.00 Total:$234.15 Ive msged them last week but no reply. EDIT: when i selected a Vancouver post code it dropped to $26 Im still confused
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  5. She was some sort of special, possibly the Reapercon exclusive last year? YES! You have jogged my memory .. slightly. It was definitely from reaper and a special though...tears start flowing I have never been to Reapercon, See I live out here in the wild west (Canada BC) and to dig out of my igloo put my skates on and push the sled down to the local air travel agency cost a good chunk of my polar bear furs, however it is a goal. I do believe it was part of the Christmas specials or might of even came with one of the bones KS I felt like everybody got one. The investigation continues.. I love getting inspired to paint minis and what better to inspire then a home DND game, We dont always use minis and as I've grown with the game we use them less and less, that doesnt mean I wont be ready if the player decides to attack the random guard!
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    Havnt got the email yet and having trouble resetting my pass EDIT: got my notice After going just for the main box shipping is a whooping: $78.75 to canada ><
  7. They are awesome! A team of super heros! ... Or super villians..
  8. Thanks, The party I DM for are level 4 and are in Gracklstugh I also play in a campaign were we are level 12 and are up to the maze engine and I have to say this is the best adventure I've played or DM'd (though the Gracklstugh is a mess). The alien looking beast is from Action Games Miniatures from there Drake KS were they only delivered half the product and then failed completely on there 2nd KS. I would not support the company again even though I like the minis I did receive.
  9. Themberchaud The Wyrmsmith Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS His Lair! Stonehaven Pop up terrain KS
  10. Random NPCs and Stuff: Dead Elf. Miniature: Stonehaven Elven Adventurers KS Droki: Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Elf Princess: Miniature: Action games, Drake Gnome Traveler. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnomes KS Wizard: Miniature: Stonehaven Elven Adventurers KS Cthulhu Shrine: Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS & Cork made as stairs. Treasure Adventurers kit. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS
  11. Random Monsters: Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Owlbear. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Elven Rider. Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Spiders: Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Waterwierd: Reaper Bones I KS
  12. Races meet so far: Kuo-Toa: (I have around 9 more that I painted awhile agowhich I wont post though they are the same minis but in metal) Miniature: Reaper Bones II KS Duergar: Miniature: Eastern Front, Dwarf Gladiator KS Gnolls: Miniature: Reaper Bones KS II, Weapon swap on the Gnoll Cleric of Yeenoghu
  13. The Drow of Velkynvelve Priestess Ilvara Mizzrym. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Junior Priestess Asha Vandree. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Shoor Vandree. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Jorlan Duskryn. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS
  14. The NPCs from Velkynvelve Buppido. *M.I.A has run off into Gracklstugh. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Eldeth Feldrun. Miniature: Stonehaven Dwarf, (I painted this awhile ago) JimJar. *DEAD Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Prince Derendil. M.I.A Miniature: Reaper Bones II KS Turvy. * M.I.A Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Topsy. Miniature: Stonehaven Gnome KS Stool. Miniature: Stonehaven Elven Adventurers KS Shuushar. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Ront. Miniature: Reaper Bones I KS Sarith Kzekarit *Murdered by the Paladin (turning him Oathbreaker & Buppido). Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS
  15. I am currently running DND5E OOTA and these are some of the minis I've painted. The only spoilers are character & place names. I have posted 1 or 2 of these minis before but I have reshot or touched up. Most of these are new. The Players! My players have a mix of DND experience some played as kids, some read the drizzt novels some no experience at all Background: Ulus, a war priest from the Stonetoe dwarf clan. Though good by nature, betrayal has left him cynical and angry. The absence of war left Ulus to find solace in masonry, but the Drow have snatched him back into and adversity and now the Underdark. Hill Dwarf War Cleric. Miniature: Eastern Front, Dwarf Gladiator KS. Interesting fact: I added the shield after he picked one up early on and only added the warhammer when he finally got to Gracklstugh. Background: Parker Lewis the human fighter. Menacing and calm. Has never lost a fight. Hates thiefs. Human Battlermaster Fighter Miniature: Action Games, Drake KS Interesting fact: This was a multipart mini and I added a weapon swap as he was pursuing getting an axe that was until he got the sentient sword Dawnbringer who argues with his sentient cursed demonic helmet.. Background: Balazar Scallion my friends call my Rat. I am Dragonborn the off spring of a Humanoid and a Red Dragon. I live by the Lawful code of the Red Dragons but temptation sometimes gets in my way. Dragonborn Rogue Swashbuckler. Miniature: Stonehaven, Half-Orc Adventurers KS Interesting fact: This character was built around the mini which was a different approach to how the other players made there characters. Also the player does a great pirate accent! Background: Naivara Oakenheel a wood elf hunter native of the Ancient forest of Neverwinter. I've been captured by the Drow and taken to their deep under world. Wood Elf Ranger Deep Stalker. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elf KS Interesting fact: This was my favourite miniature out of the players to paint, also to photograph. Background: Lander Brightwood. Young naive half elf out to bring light to the darkness. This earth bound paladin has entered the trials of his faith, now that he is in his own darkness...... The drow have left their mark. Half-Elf Paladin Oathbreaker. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elven Adventurers KS Interesting fact: I had this miniature already painted for another campaign but it seemed to suit the char at level1 but now level4 that isnt the case. I showed him another mini very fish villainous type (Reaper Bones II 92620) and now I am painting up a four armed sea creature (Reaper Bones II 92617) and I have told the player IF they kill it that he should skin it and wear it as armor. It also didnt photograph well. Background: Rafaella "Fey" Blackling. A wizard from the Eladrin race. She fell down a tunnel in search of crystals and natural resources to conjure her spells, and ended up trapped in the hell hole that is the Underdark prison... She's hardworking and fair, and she has no time for dodgy folk... She'll be a good addition to the adventuring team when her damn spells start working! Eladrin Transmutation Wizard. Miniature: Reaper Special Interesting fact: The axe doesnt suit the Wizard but suits the way the Player plays her! Background: Eldeen Moonsmoke. A Far Traveler from the lands of the Elves. On my journey I was given a choice to die in a watery grave or swear allegiance to Cthulhu, the god of the dark trenches. A contract was made and I was speared and given great power, now I am trapped in the Underdark with these.. commoners. How drab. High Elf Warlock. Miniature: Stonehaven, Elven Adventurers KS Interesting fact: One of my favourite faces I've painted.