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  1. Drake KS

    So....that means nothing for us? Blah.
  2. Greenbrier Games Folklore - the Affliction

    Greenbriar has shipped multiple projects, just for clarity.... There are just some still pending.
  3. harebrained schemes battletech tactical game

    I'll second that. The Shadowrun games are Good, Great, and Great. The first one was a little rocky out the gate, but the next 2 were stellar.
  4. Warpath

  5. CMON - The Others 7 sins

    Gameplay vid
  6. CMON - The Others 7 sins

    The KS video is already up:
  7. CMON - The Others 7 sins

    CMoN has learned a lot of lessons since Sedition Wars. They have had a large number of successful KS's since then. I'm not really worried.
  8. Raging Heroes Announce Kickstarter Intentions

    I got my ship notice today. I had werewolves in my pack.
  9. Lobotomy - (Titanforge)

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1084608523/lobotomy-board-game Another interesting boardgame.
  10. Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

    Got mine yesterday
  11. Received my stuff today. Looks pretty nice. Look forward to playing.
  12. Ninja All Stars

    I missread, you are right.
  13. Ninja All Stars

    I received my shipping notice for this. Looking forward to it. **EDIT: False Alarm** Miss-read shipping from other soda pop ks.
  14. Interesting Quasi Chibi game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wheelhouse/rivals-masters-of-the-deep gameplay
  15. Stonehaven Half-Orcs

    Got my Stonehaven yesterday :)