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  1. Warlord Games do 28mm Kriegsmarine, but they're all in action poses Artizan also do some
  2. Maybe none of the ones Lovecraft mentioned, I think he writes that there are hundreds.
  3. It's a bit of an acquired taste isn't it, I think people get used to the blended rubbish from supermarkets and think that's the norm. But once you've had it raw and smelling of the hive there's no going back. Just the one? Was it full? I didn't take any in my first year as a beek, but this year my girls have performed really well and I took 33 frames worth of honey and still left them plenty of stores. I need to buy a lot more jars
  4. Just extracted 40 jars worth of honey from my beehive and it tastes great. Bees are healthy and in fine shape to take on the winter. Feeling quite proud of myself (and them)
  5. Metal - My favourite to paint and work with, it feels solid in my hands but I steer clear of metal minis that have more than three parts. Resin - I like it for slightly larger models that I want to display, but to me it's not for gaming models Bones - My favourite material for larger models, I feel like it's still a couple of years away from being as good as it could be. The grey Wizard of Oz minis in Bones 3 were so much better than the models in the white material
  6. Mrs Beagle is out on the town tonight, doing whatever it is that foreigners do when they congregate in groups. So I was pottering around the house sort of looking at DIY jobs which motivated me to go and sit on the sofa and watch TV. I starter browsing Netflix and stumbled across 'The Breakfast Club'. I've seen this film many many times, it was one of the six films I had on DVD when I was a student and I got to know it word for word. But after uni we went our separate ways, the DVD disappeared somewhere and Ally Sheedy never did turn up at my door on a stormy evening looking for sanctuary under my duvet - I sort of stopped expecting it. So for old times sake The Breakfast Club received a tap on the remote control, I thought I'd watch 15 minutes or so but ended up watching all of it, well all of it except for the last minute or so. And that missed minute brings me to the point of this thread..... With a minute to go and with Judd Nelson slotting Molly Ringwold's diamond into his earlobe I found myself getting all emotional. I wasn't blubbing at the beauty of the cheesy romance on the screen, instead there was a rush of memories and it was like someone has plugged me in to my 20 year old self. I found myself experiencing something really powerful, powerful enough for me to turn off the TV and spend a minute just sitting there trying to order my thoughts. Never happened before. Has this happened to anyone else? A positive from this is that I've discovered that Ally Sheedy is divorced and back on the market, I'll see if I can drop her an invite for a night out, I wonder if she still has that black cardigan.....
  7. Night folks, I'm off to Bedfordshire
  8. Now to start taking bets on who wins the race between Bones 4 and Game of Thrones series 8
  9. Well that was all a bit MEH. But nice to share the MEHness with you lot
  10. I know I'll sleep easier tonight
  11. Doug's point was a good one (regarding the kickstarter % cut) was also beautifully written
  12. I presume people aren't buying the barge expansion if the 3rd part isn't unlocked
  13. I'll be very surprised if we dont get something on par with the Dragon Tyrant
  14. Bit of damp squib finish. Having a 100k to go for the next stretch with 30 mins to go was a bit unlucky, and took the wind out of our sails