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  1. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Is that a yes?
  2. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Can I have what you ordered Pezzy?
  3. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Can I have what you ordered Siri? I feel a burning need to spend the money I was refunded, but only on miniatures. Problem is I'm only going to be content if I buy things at the CMON sale prices
  4. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Can I have what you ordered?
  5. I want to buy a big batch of those Wizkid Pathfinder miniatures are bargain basement prices (wholesale), does anyone have any idea how I might accomplish this with minimum effort?
  6. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I certainly feel a bit sick that I got the refund instead of the miniatures. I expected the 1st stage of the Paypal case to be no more than a notification to CMON rather than a fully fledged refund request. I don't expect to ever find a deal to match it...so damn. @Glitterwolf probably deserves most of the blame for starting along the Paypal refund route, I will see him properly chastened for his continental forward-thinkingness.
  7. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I have to be quick as I’m getting ready for work. If you really want a shot at the figures be careful with opening a Paypal dispute, my two have just been resolved, with refunds issued
  8. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I wonder if most of the refunds are because they're taking a '1 per customer' policy or if they are genuinely very low on stock
  9. Mid life crisis

    Ooooh , thanks for all the replies, will add my own tomorrow as I'm watching the NFL playoffs currently.
  10. Mid life crisis

    I’m sort of a real man and I do where my clothes until they fall apart, none of them make it past 5 years though. The one exception is a signed ‘Manic Street Preachers’ tahirt I have from my student days - and is now to small for me
  11. Mid life crisis

    So I was reading in the Sunday papers that I’m approaching the age where a mid life crisis is due to hit. As far as I can tell this involves 4 key things. 1. I accept career progression is over 2. I buy a motorbike or vintage car 3. I have an affair 4. I refresh my wardrobe with clothes designed for men 20 years younger I wonder how much control I will have over any of this, will it be something that overwhelms even if I recognise it for what it is? I crashed a scooter in Vietnam when I was 23 so I can’t see my fear of two wheeled vehicles disappearing and I’m not sure that I can afford a vintage car without wrecking my pension plan. I haven’t really cared about my career for ten years. Hipster clothing annoys me, so spending money on it and wearing it is going to require some serious reverse thinking. Anyone fancy an affair? A long distance one may be safer, although probably less fun. Have any of my fellow Reaperites been through this period of torment? How did it affect you?
  12. Coco, 1998 - 2018

    Very sorry for your loss Inarah. This was written for a dog, but it works for a cat too: “I Loved You Best” So this is where we part, My Friend, and you’ll run on, around the bend, gone from sight, but not from mind, new pleasures there you’ll surely find. I will go on, I’ll find the strength, life measures quality, not its length. One long embrace before you leave, share one last look, before I grieve. There are others, that much is true but they be they, and they aren’t you. And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought, will remember well all you’ve taught. Your place I’ll hold, you will be missed, the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed. And as you journey to your final rest, take with you this…I loved you best.
  13. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I've just opened two Paypal disputes. Given the number of refunds I'm hearing about due to stock errors, I'd rather have nothing to do with this company. From their homepage: Greetings from the CMON Team,We want to apologize to anyone affected by our shipping delays in relation to orders placed during CMON’s 2017 Holiday Sale and for any issues the delays caused during the holiday season. The response to the sale was huge compared to previous years, and, truthfully, we were not prepared. The number of orders far exceeded our expectations and our ability to keep pace.Our team in the warehouse has been working tirelessly to pack and ship your orders, and we can say that all orders placed during the Holiday Sale will be shipped by January 26, 2018. If you are waiting on a response from our Customer Service team in regard to the status of your shipment, please know they are working as fast as they can to catch up with the heavy influx of tickets generated from the shipping delay. When your order ships, you will receive tracking information to the email we have on file. Again, we apologize for any undue stress our delays have caused. We are using this as a learning experience as we strive to always increase or service to our customers who helped make CMON what it is today and will be in the future.
  14. Happy Birthday SirArthurIV !!

    Somewhat suspicious of your titles, never seen a Knight with lineage numerals following their name. Regardless, I hope you have a very happy birthday
  15. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    No shipping notices here, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to become ruffled by the actions of some Colonial shopkeep.