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  1. Fulfilling

    Received my wave 2 stuff today: Orc on Wyvern Orcs on boars Orcs on Wolves Giant Eagle War Bear Wood Troll few other bits. So that's me done. A successful kickstarter, everything received and it all looks great. Maybe the curse is lifting
  2. Haven't read that before Marvin. I love it Thanks, not over it yet, I was very close to that dog. His legacy is that he helped over a hundred lab-test dogs find their feet and start to normalize. I do and will continue to miss him terribly. Xherman - will reply to your PM soon
  3. Oh No. More than an actor he was a really nice guy apparently. Oh No
  4. One from me, not a classic, but following the death of my dog in April I want to share this
  5. Fulfilling

    Bryan - I like you
  6. Fulfilling

    For the record I'd just like to point out that my temper remains firmly under control at all times, it's never acceptable to let one's stiff upper lip be compromised in the presence of colonial types. Tends to give them the impression that we're all on the same level. Nice post from Ladystorm, I felt quite.. *redacted - see previous paragraph* Fingers crossed
  7. Fulfilling

    LOL infamy, infamy they've all got it infamy
  8. Fulfilling

    I thought you liked Hollyhocks! Anyway....grrrr Reaper, not communicating, plastic, grrrr etc
  9. Fulfilling

    As someone who has backed both of EFS Studio's kickstarters, Shadows of Brimstone and a host of projects that failed to deliver at all, I'm really not seeing anything here to complain about. although...... I do disapprove of the fact that a bunch of ragamuffin colonials may be receiving their bits of plastic before I do. There is a generally accepted order to the universe, an acceptance of how things work and America First is ultimately just not cricket. Rule Britannia
  10. Fulfilling

    He types..........while chewing his toe nails to the quick in frustration :-)
  11. Fulfilling

    Shipping has started on this
  12. The project owner has shipped all of the rewards, they're slithering in from Spain so should arrive in the UK in the next day or two, the U.S. in a week or two
  13. I watched it today. Unusual but gripping. It felt like a b-movie but with a big name cast
  14. The project owner yesterday informed backers that this is dead and buried. I'm nearly in double figures with my KS fails. Just one more push...
  15. Live

    More of a 'not yet' than a 'did not'