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  1. Sweet/candy exchange

    Bourbon infused caramel has gone into the safe cupboard, with 4 beagles currently running around the house I'm not risking glass-anything being in the way of the little monsters. Buffalo trace bourbon chocs, I ate three and Mrs Beagle stole one. Yummy although I wanted more whiskey. Whatchamacallit - I really liked this, I like sort of crispy chewy, it certainly get's a thumbs up from me. I've also pecked at a few other bits and just fought off the urge to drink one of the Starbucks hot chocolates. The scorpion filled sweet will go to my Spanish friend. Eating scorpions is not terribly civilised and is to be frowned upon.
  2. How do you manage to maintain such an upbeat positive nature on these boards? I dislike most of the people who post here, and suffer the vast majority because there's no easy to use 'block' feature. But you're always friendly and encouraging and what in England we call...nice? How and why?
  3. Sweet/candy exchange

    So a couple of pics. The first is the contents of the box, minus a few bits that I've already eaten. Centre bottom is a scorpion in a lollipop. Does one eat this? The bottom two pics are of me about to get to grips with some Smog Balls! I'm really curious about foods I haven't tried, so the fact that there's such variety in the box is dangerous, because I want to try everything, now. Now I've had a chance to really go through the box there are a couple of things included that we have here. I've already mentioned KitKats (never seen a white choc version though), and M&Ms, although we only have two flavours here, and none of those included in the box. We do have Starburst and Skittles although the Skittles in the box are a new flavour that I haven't seen before. Really thrilled with this, it's exactly what I wanted when I proposed the exchange so thank you Thes, you've made a youngish, devilishly handsome Englishman, very happy
  4. Sweet/candy exchange

    You suspect wrong - it's arrived. God God Thes, this is sweetmongous, thank you very much. I was overwhelmed opening the box (I did of course maintain an exterior appearance of indifferent aloofness), so much choice. The only things you packed that I've seen here are M&Ms and KitKats and they're mostly in flavours I haven't seen....Holiday Mint????? So I've held off from chomping through the contents, with the exception of one of the Kentucky Bourbon chocolates - which I got to grips with, I won. I'll post more once I've had time to sit down and go through the contents. I was going to send my boxes today but now I think it will have to be tomorrow. I've mostly included larger items but I think I need to put a few smaller things in too, so I'll get those today and seal up the boxes tonight. Thanks again. Oh, and I'll make sure Mrs Beagle doesn't stumble across the signed photos. PS - what do you call the small, chewy white sweets that were loose in the box? Not sure I'm a fan of them, tasteless and a lot of work before you can swallow
  5. Veterans Day 2017

    Yes, we tend to be deployed as a Squadron and then broken up into packages, often with other NATO troops. In Afghanistan we were with Brits and Estonians on the first tour, then Brits, American Marines and Danish on the second. moving between regiments is very unusual here, we tend to join a regiment and that’s it for life. The most common exception is guys trying for the special forces or the Parachute regiment. It struck me how inferior the kit of the US marines was compared to their army counterparts. Whenever we were deployed near the US army we’d be on the scrounge for some of their luxuries, but when it was the US marines we had to nail down anything shiny
  6. Veterans Day 2017

    Your average squaddie is not a problem, for me it was always infantry officers that couldn't make a distinction between labourers and specialists, too many of them see engineers as pack mules, and because we never operated as a full squadron but got split into battlegroup packages, there was always a higher ranking infantry officer around to shrug his shoulder and say "Just do it" I never worked with real armoured infantry, do vehicle crews serve in a distinct platoon or company within a battalion> Would a squad always have the same vehicle and crew on operation?
  7. Veterans Day 2017

    If the infantry like them the infantry can build them Unfortunately the infantry, in fact every branch of the army, see the Engineers as labourers, and not the highly skilled, specialists that we are............................this ignorance increases exponentially the higher up the infantry pecking order you go.
  8. Veterans Day 2017

    There is no harder working soldier than an officer of engineers. Every officer above captain is to be avoided, because they will all have a long list of essential tasks that they want you to focus on. Dig this, bridge that, build one of those, clear them, lift these and on and on. In Afghanistan my fellow sapper officers developed what we called the Sapper's Quickstep, which involves a retreat to cover from any roving infantry officers.
  9. Veterans Day 2017

    @Cyradis it may interest you to know that I was a captain in: http://www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/units/28731.aspx it may not
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Takes off towards Tokyo? Blimey, I hope it gets there, if that's where you're going, I suppose it could be somewhere between where you started and Tokyo though. Regardless, happy travels
  11. Veterans Day 2017

    When did this happen *tinkles a bell* Thes? Thes? Tea please
  12. So I'm interested in hearing if anyone has had a really pivotal or powerful moment in their life that isn't linked to a 'dramatic' moment. So no deaths, births or marriages, near death experiences etc. Instead has there been anything quite unremarkable that has shaped you? The one instance that my mind keeps going back to is my final day at university. I loved being at university, it was up to now the best period of my life. In the final year 7 of us lived together in a student house, all good friends. On the day that we were due to hand in the house keys and move out our parents came to collect us and help move all of the stuff. I remember this with mixed emotions as one by one my friends drove off to the next stage in their life. My dad arrived two hours after housemate 6 had left, and I spent that time walking around the house re-visiting everyone's bedrooms, the kitchens and our communal living room. The huge contrast between the lived-in house of the day before and the now dark and empty place was overwhelming. I clearly remember sitting on the steps near the front door, crushed by melancholy as the house demonstrated to me that uni really was over. For years after, an irrational part of my brain was convinced that I would one day be be going back to uni and that I was just on a long sabbatical, but eventually the memory of sitting on those steps would return and reality would be reaffirmed. The delusions of returning to uni have gone, but those steps haven't, I feel liked I anchored my soul to them with some bungee cord and I always get drawn back to them and critical points of my life, and my memory serves them up as a baseline to my emotions so that I never become too happy or sad. Whenever I reminisce I end up back at those damn steps That's not to say it's a bad thing, and I'm not wishing it away as such, it's just something to me that is profound. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it.
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    A hard hitting poem. And here's one from a different type of victim Perhaps, by Vera Brittain (Dedicated to her fiance Roland Aubrey Leighton, who was killed at the age of 20 by a sniper in 1915, four months after she had accepted his marriage proposal) Perhaps some day the sun will shine again, And I shall see that still the skies are blue, And feel once more I do not live in vain, Although bereft of You. Perhaps the golden meadows at my feet Will make the sunny hours of spring seem gay, And I shall find the white May-blossoms sweet, Though You have passed away. Perhaps the summer woods will shimmer bright, And crimson roses once again be fair, And autumn harvest fields a rich delight, Although You are not there. Perhaps some day I shall not shrink in pain To see the passing of the dying year, And listen to Christmas songs again, Although You cannot hear. But though kind Time may many joys renew, There is one greatest joy I shall not know Again, because my heart for loss of You Was broken, long ago.