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  1. "Where's the bloody airforce?" yes, it does look good
  2. All military kit is 10 years behind when it comes to anything computer related.
  3. It's not a competition. Besides, I'm British, so I was born in 1st place :-)
  4. How far we've come.
  5. Another one to chalk up
  6. Maybe have a listen to the soundtrack...might be therapeutic. And it really is great for fantasy gaming Just read that a US Marine Group will be flying their F35Bs from her while we wait for ours to be delivered. Seems like we're stuck with each other
  7. If you lot would get a move on with those F35s all would be well Oh, sorry didn't mean to bring up sad memories I think someone's jealous, just because our carriers have two islands instead of a boring old one.....
  8. Or just see who can remain unwashed for the longest amount of time
  9. Britain's new Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, has taken just started her sea trials. Just thought you should know
  10. I may be a bit late to the party with this, but where's our resident barbarian? Ub3r Something
  11. Well I was conscious of seeming unduly harsh, but there are standards of geology to maintain. And whilst metamorphic rocks aren't really my thing (soft rock is where it's at), there are others on these boards, well Pingo, who take their geology very very seriously.
  12. Ha! Almost awesome, and it would have been if you'd written Gneiss (sorry geological fascism in operation)
  13. How do you do, I'm Beagle
  14. I've seen some nasty stuff on these message boards, things a young, devilishly good looking, charming and well toned English geologist.......shouldn't have to see. But that takes the biscuit
  15. Doug, as one of the less giddy members of our little community, I expect better from you.