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    Geology, beer, rugby, cricket, NFL, history, miniatures, cooking, honey bees, the windy streets of old London. I rehome rescued lab beagles. I work as a geologist, but I've also been a Royal Engineer.

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  1. The Dog House of Luuurve. Yes I am And the one in Surrey too
  2. Beagle

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I never knew the man was such a charlatan. I have one of his songs saved as a YouTube link, I shall delete it immediately. thanks for the heads up Extraordinary response. You didn’t think Star Wars ended after ‘A New Hope’ did you? Episode V is just ramping up and it’s the best one yet
  3. Beagle

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I just don’t know what to make of it. If Prince Harry wants a roll in the hay with a colonial peasant then surely he could pop over to Washingtonville or one of your other big cities and pick up a stray milkmaid or scullion girl. But for the good of the realm he needs to be marrying the princess of Bohemia or some other Kingdom. However Mrs Beagle, whilst watching the ceremony, informed me that the two of them looked ‘so in love’ and ‘so happy’ and apparently this is a good thing at weddings and in a marriage. But then Mrs Beagle is also a foreigner and prone to sentimentality Sounds like the kind of place John Denver would have a magical Christmas in
  4. Not bad as an historic action movie, but sod all to do with King Arthur really
  5. Beagle

    Slumbering Oblivion

    Seems poorly thought through. If I'm reading this right they want $50 for a squad of 5 Deep Ones, and that will give you access to purchase stretch goals...... ?
  6. Beagle

    What's on TV?

    This is disappointing. I have been a fan of Star Trek (I like fighty Star Trek), but find Discovery to be unwatchable.
  7. That King Arthur movie is an abomination....but then most Arthurian movies are, the one exception being the awesome 'Excalibur' I watched Jumanji and Marvel Infinity War recently and really enjoyed both of them. I also saw 'Unbreakable' for the first time and was blown away by how good that is Oh, and the Simon Pegg film 'The World's End' which I also really enjoyed. I
  8. Beagle

    What's on TV?

    I've been disappointed with a lot of the Netflix fare that's appearing recently, it all seems like it just scrapes a pass from the quality gods. But some shows I've really enjoyed in the last month: Series 1 of the Frankenstein Chronicles, 'The Terror' (from AMC) and 'The Bridge' series 3 Gave up on the Netflix Marvel shows after being disappointed three times in a row - Iron Fist, Defenders and The Punisher. Too much filming in basements, tired writing, boring characters
  9. Beagle

    What's on TV?

    Check out Doomcock on Youtube, his reaction is priceless. The cancellation came just a week or so after he made a video about how refreshing 'The Expanse' is as a show
  10. Beagle

    The Netherlands.

    My country's been crossing the Frogs for hundreds of years, never did us any harm (Joan of Arc aside).
  11. Beagle

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I think it's imperative that you get out of Philadelphia. Much of the world's evil emanates from there, centered on Lincoln Financial Field, but with other nexus' of darkness at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Pop over to England for a few weeks and I'll help you cleanse yourself of the taint with some good English ale. PS - Any pics of the stripper? Asking for Glitterwolf, who was too embarrassed to mention it
  12. Ridiculous Celebrate the union between America and the UK. Parade your armed forces in their full regalia this weekend! Buy an infantry box set and get a command blister pack for FREE!* From Warlord Games
  13. Beagle

    Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    My gaming group found KD relatively easy, we passed through the basic game fairly quickly, faced down the Slenderman and the Man Hunter without too much drama. And then we hit the Spider and got creamed, complete wipe-out and it wasn't even close. Overconfidence is a powerful enemy in KD