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  1. If you ever get the chance I thoroughly recommend the drive from Sword beach to Pegasus bridge, and then from St Lo to Omaha. Incredible bocage country and decent museums at all four locations. i also recommend the Canadian museum at Juno (built into the dunes)
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    The video is cheesy and not what I would have used, but I certainly don't consider it distasteful, stupid, or that it treats the viewer like an idiot. As someone said, it's clearly a parody of a dating show like 'Blind Date'. I'd go so far as to say that I think some of the one liners are pretty good, such as the 95th Rifles girl 'taking you over the hills and far away' (the 95th's regimental song) I respectfully disagree about the presence of snowflakes
  3. Yes, the episode opens and closes with Sisko confiding to his officers log before deleting it all.
  4. I've walked all of the DDay beaches, but Omaha sticks out as the most memorable, a nightmare to assault. It's impossible to get a sense of the horror on that serene beach, but standing at the waterline and looking inland gives you a real sense of the difficulties faced by those brave US servicemen. Point du hoc is also an incredible place, a high cliff where the top overhangs the bottom by a good 20 feet, how the rangers got up it I just don't know
  5. He left out the chocolate shhprinkles
  6. Amen...and Dutch!
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    Jesus H Christ. If this is the prevailing attitude in the colonies then America is screwed. snowflakes
  8. How nice is this
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    One of the reasons I'm considering this is because I like that fact that I can buy minis at under £2 a pop to use on the gaming table. Not every miniature needs to be an £10 display case masterpiece. £2 for a playing aid is fine with me.
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    Who Are we? Antediluvian Miniatures are new company producing an ever expanding range of 28mm miniatures for the war gamer, collector and role player. You can see our existing miniatures at The Plan. We would like to add to our ever expanding range of unique and unusual figures by producing this range of Medieval Devils and Demons inspired by the freakish illustrated manuscripts of the medieval period! These figures are sculpted by Andrew May ( Demons ), Ian Mountain ( Witch ), and Jo Brumby ( Terrence the Goat ). We think these will be great fun and an unusual addition for fantasy wargames, skirmish and role playing games. There are all 28mm scale, cast in metal- they will come with plastic bases supplied. If the campaign goes well we have some extra characters and a potential terrain feature we'll add in as stretch goals and freebies. More details of the pledges and locked figures are below. What do you get. all the are figures metal cast and supplied with bases. Figures are 28mm scale.
  11. Reading that back I've discovered that I use the word 'I' far far too much.
  12. Went to a local auction house to buy a new writing table and came back with Lovely replica swords, but I have no need of them, nowhere to display them that's going to work, and the wife went apebroccoli. was outbid on the table
  13. It's 1:02am and I'm lying in bed typing this on my phone, I may lose interest halfway through and not post, in which case you'll never know that I tried. im fairly new to the boards having joined in about 2012. I argue with lots of people here but remain a firm hit with the ladies who populate the forum. i started on rpgs when I was 13 and played for about 10 years until I graduated and moved to Asia to work in the oil industry. returned to the U.K. a few years later to find that I had got married in Japan and that I had enough money to buy a house 100s of miles away from my old gaming mates - which I promptly bought. so I never really got back into gaming but have collected figures by the bucketload, so that I can have the pleasure of transfering them from a bucket to boxes which then get put in the attic. when I'm not wasting money on miniatures that I never use, I'm a keen player and watcher of rugby and cricket, I'm also a 30 years Dallas Cowboys fan and spend my winter Sunday evenings following the NFL. I foster rescue beagles from testing labs and currently have 3 in the house. I've been a beekeeper for 2 years and I'm just reaching the stage where I'm able to shrug off the stings without running into the house in drama queen mode. 2 years ago I retired from the Royal Engineers wherei masqueraded as a captain in the 135 Geographic Squadron (territorial army), enjoying two deployments to Afghanistan where I used my valuable knowledge of move heavy stuff around and filling in holes. i also grow veg and brew beer. Quite argumentative and old fashioned, I find people who take easy offence offensive
  14. Unusual to see the entire Dutch Airforce in one photo
  15. My favourite DS9 episode 'By the Pale Moonlight' sees Sisko assassinate a Romulan diplomat, making it look like a Dominion attack, to bring the Romulans into the Dominion war.
  16. Generally I'm not in favour of prequels, I much prefer to see a story taken forward. my favourite of the StarvSeries was DS9, I enjoyed the broad story arcs and lots of action. TNG was altogether too preachy
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    They're straight out of woodblock imagery aren't they. There's also a goat and a flying witch unlocked as free stretch goals (if you pledge more than £30)
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    In today's world of hyper sensitivity, it's fairly par for the course I'm afraid
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    I love 'em, definitely in
  20. So with the final delivery of the Mantic 'Kings of War' pledge rewards I think it's time to make you all yawn with a run down of the performance of the Kickstarter projects that I've backed. In chronological order: Mantic 'Kings of War' - They're just a little late and they delivered the rewards in three batches. It was Mantic that drew me to kickstarter and I was a big fan of their undead range, which makes it all the more difficult to relay just how disappointed I am with the end results. The first batch of rewards consisted of a goblin army and extras, I was really disappointed with the poor quality of the plastic figures, they reminded me of those WW2 toy soldiers you see in bargain bins. The next two waves were impressive in quantity but very disappointing in quality with the battle nuns from the final wave being quite possibly the worst plastic figures I've yet seen - they are just terrible. Even the metal 'heroes' were too tinny and just didn't feel right. Mantic's Customer Service has been very good and I love the energy and ambition of the company but until they can sort out their quality issues they've lost me as a customer. Reaper Bones - Did what it said on the tin. I had quite high expectations and they were largely met, I have no qualms about backing Bones 2. Low Life Miniatures - The project that made me question my ethics. No project infuriates me more than this one, I've screamed and shouted and ranted on forums, but the general silence from other backers has made me ask myself numerous times if I'm just being unreasonable. I love the look of the minis but the timetable (if there is one), is a massive screw up and the comms have not been sufficient to explain away the disastrous lack of progress. as things stand this could be years late. Stonehaven Dwarves - Slick, professional, measured. I really like the quality and fun aspect of their minis and will be on board for the next project. Tentacles and Eyeballs - A really fun project to be part of. The project owner encountered problems but overcame them fairly quickly and as a backer I always felt informed and listened too. My first kickstarter to deliver. The minis were a bit hit and miss but the fun I had with the project overall means it gets a thumbs up. Dwarf Gladiators - Well what to say about this project? There's a clip in Monty Python's film 'the Holy Grail' where Lancelot is seen dashing towards the camera from a distance away as two guards watch him approach, he runs 10 meters and then the clip resets and he runs the same 10 meters never getting any closer to the guards, this happens about 5 times and all of a sudden he's on the surprised guards. This project feels like those recurring clips with the final clip missing. Comms have been poor and at times misleading. Apparently everything is now sculpted but I have my doubt about the minis ever arriving on my door step, I can't figure out how EFS is viable business, where and how are they selling their minis? Certainly not through their website. Chibi Adventurers - I'm a big fan of this kickstarter, there have been delays but the comms have been excellent. The box of minis is in the post and should be arriving any day now, I can't wait. Judge Dredd - Hmmmmmm. They started so well and this was on track to become a paragon of kickstarter righteousness with many rewards delivered quickly, but after the first few months the rewards slowed, complaints started to mount and it became evident that behind the scenes it was all a bit chaotic. The quality of the minis has also started to suffer and some batches have been of a much lower standard than sets produced earlier. Time pressures perhaps, understandable given the very large number of new sculpts that were/are required. I also think Mongoose have taken a big financial hit and their enthusiasm for future kickstarter projects is dulled. Demons and Devils (or where the f*** are my figures) - A nice concept, but hopelessly managed from the start. The attitude of CS Miniatures has at times been questionable with a good deal of vitriol directed at backers who dare to ask why deadlines have been missed Assimilation Alien Host - It's late but I don't care. I'm not sure why I backed this project as it's not really a genre I'm all that interested in. Happy to have them when they arrive. Damsels of Darkmyre - OMG OMG OMG, You guys are going to be BLOWN AWAY by this incredible news, I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!! In my hands I hold the first master of miniature X and it it TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME, except that I can't use it to produce your figures......and my cat just died. And so goes a typical update from the project. I think there's a great deal of willingness to keep people informed and fondness for the project owner on the part of the backers means that more leniency has been given, but that can't take away from the fact that a number of poor decisions have been taken, and a number of quoted figures just don't stack up. I'm expecting something from this project, I can't help but feel that the gorgeous high quality miniatures we were promised are going to be sub par. Imbrian Arts - Very neutral about this. Nice looking minis and I have faith they'll be here one day, comms could be a bit better but I have no real issues Midgard - I backed this as I'd bought an EFS voucher as part of the Dwarf Gladiators project and decided to cash it in here. Not interested in most of the minis and have little faith that I'll ever see them. Comms = hopeless. Darklands a World of War - Superb. Fantastic figures, fantastic comms and community engagement, rapid delivery of rewards and a whole bundle of enthusiasm from Mierce Miniatures. I had a couple of broken minis which were very quickly replaced as well as offers to replace a figure I had broken through my own carelessness. I say again, Superb! Empire of the Dead - They had a huge number of additional minis to sculpt and produce but they're only a little behind and shipping starts this week. Really like the look of the new minis. Comms were good throughout the project and supporters were well looked after. Comms after the project were fairly sparse but given the number of miis to sculpt I'm not surprised. All good. Drake - There have been a few issues but this professional looking outfit have done pretty well. The minis look good and some of the videos released by the company to show backers how things work behind the scenes have won AGM some brownie points. Really looking forward to receiving these. All Quiet on the Martina Front - A good, fun campaign with some intriguing products on the conveyor belt. It would be nice to have a few more production updates but overall I'm happy Tome of Horrors - felt more structured than the Demons kickstarter but I'm concerned about the financial viability of this following the unfulfilled Demons project. Watching with some trepidation. Warriors of Darkmyre - Same concerns as for the Damsels project. not a big fan of most of the concept work and I have no idea why I backed really. Psionic Miniatures - I like the concept art and the project owner seems content to just get on and deliver. Feels right at the moment Cthulhu Wars - Whisperers in the Darkness speak of big delays for this project. not overly concerned though as it's Sandy Peterson at the helm for Yig's sake And there you have it, my thoughts. Is anyone still awake?
  21. Almost certainly dereliction of duty on the DDG. Someone's for the high jump.
  22. Come over to the UK, I'll put you up. It's super safe here (exploding Islamists aside)
  23. I think Chamberlain's boys probably met their end on the bayonets of my crack Louisiana 'Dove' brigade, as they stormed over Little Round top. Most of my troops ran out of ammo and couldn't hold the hills, so it was all back to camp for barbecued crayfish and Hagen Daas
  24. Ultimate General - Civil War (PC) I took the Confederacy from the attack on Fort Sumpter, through 40 or so battles. Couldn't quite break the Union at Gettysburg, but did make a second advance into Pennsylvania after Cold Harbor. I took the Army of Northern Virginia to the very gates of Washington in June 64 but the lack of manpower coming in from the southern states meant my once proud brigades and divisions were hollowed out and we were forced to fall back on Virginia where we lost Bull Run III and it was all over. Fun game but very difficult as the Rebs The Federals being slaughtered at Fredricksburg:
  25. Sorry to hear this, and I hope you're OK Vulture. Someone broke into my car about 8 years ago and stole my complete collection of Chaosium's Pendragon and Call of Cthulhu books (about 40 books) - I often wonder how they got away with them and whether they got into roleplaying as a result.