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  1. Always loved this one from Thunderbolt Mountain
  2. Throughout the 80s UK TV showed family friendly sci-fi/fantasy on an early Saturday evening. Robin of Sherwood, Buck Rodgers in the 21st Century, Doctor Who etc. I remember all of them fondly, together with being just about young enough to come in from a day spent doing stuff with friends or family, and being unphased by spending a Saturday evening in with my parents. Beer and girls would soon take over
  3. Really? Wow
  4. fulfilling

    Lowlylowlycook is correct, there is a special place at the bottom of the dark gods toilet for my kickstarter fortunes
  5. fulfilling

    136 orders left to ship. Given that there are now likely to be several orders per backer (I have 5 for instance), there has to be a reasonable chance that I may be the whole world! That would be a notable tag.
  6. fulfilling

    No movement on the tracker this morning. :-(
  7. Pre-launch

    I'm happy to back Mierce again, but only when they've cleared the backlog of minis I'm waiting on from previous kickstarters.
  8. fulfilling

    13:58 and ....6 shipped. Dagnammit as they say in less civilized countries. Maybe a late afternoon burst will clear the decks
  9. fulfilling

    11:41 and 6 shipped, we're down to 152 remaining
  10. I think you have it better than me. Is 'underwhelmed' better than 'openly hostile to'?
  11. Ok Computer. I mean Thes
  12. fulfilling

    Thrilling news. Thanks to @buglips*the*goblin for bringing the Clangers to heel. I'll start putting up the balloons for my e-squeee party
  13. Just had a peek in the KS comments section. Tough crowd, Think I'll stay here
  14. I think you're special
  15. There's a joke in there, but I'm not gonna do it. But I'm so so tempted
  16. Sounds like a carpet shampoo
  17. I like this. We often overlook how much we have changed when we wonder why certain things from nostalgia don't live up to expectation. It's happened to me numerous times in the last few years when I've bought things from my past on Ebay and expected them to ignite an old feel-good high.....they so rarely do
  18. Fulfilling

    I think this thread can be closed. I never did get the missing miniatures from Bill Barsh and Pacesetter games, and I didn't get the missing wing from the Salt Drake miniature. The Tome of Horrors kickstarters were an expensive, thoroughly miserable experience, the Pacesetter follow up was an expensive but not as miserable experience.
  19. Other than my request for some Dallas Cowboys in Bones, I haven't published my wish list. So here it is: 1. Feral/Primitive Hawkmen 2. Fairies/Fae 3. Satyrs/Fauns 4. Exotic fantasy infantry in non historical armour (think Unsullied from Game of Thrones) 5. Githyanki warriors 6. Dallas Cowgirls
  20. Welcome aboard.
  21. I like to think that I provide that service for you here my dear Pingo
  22. I still only like the trolls. If I'm ranking core set offerings then it's Bones 3,2,1, 4 at the moment. Apologies for grumpiness, I'm usually an enthusiastic fan boy
  23. It's quite alright, I'm used to the colonial females employing every trick in the book to gain access to my....affections. Yours are at least traditional. *runs*