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  1. What my colonial colleague is trying to say, is that I work in the branche of the science that is useful to humanity.
  2. Geology - it's not for the rational person
  3. Interesting. Considering I live just across the water it occurs to me that I know almost nothing about customs in Western Europe
  4. Do you celebrate Halloween in Holland?
  5. Finally, someone in this thread who knows what they’re talking about. Yes Doug, it does. This is one of the key ways of determining what your D8s are made of. If they smell and taste like rattlesnake they are quartz, if they smell like toothpaste but taste like bananas then they’re made of Fluorite. Incidentally, d8s with no taste and that feel like plastic, are made of highly toxic Aragonite and should be immediately handed in to the police
  6. Although oddly, it did make me think of stones for a moment, before I remembered I’m English
  7. Hello Sanderella. I’m the most handsome and intelligent person on the boards, welcome.
  8. I've maintained for some time that the BBC is an enemy of the people.
  9. I'm sorry but this looks nothing like a d8, how would it roll so that there was an even chance of getting one of the numbers? Even in it's unpolished form I would trust it to determine longsword damage
  10. I have no idea what's going on
  11. I don't know why you're being so stubborn. You know it's quartz, I know it's quartz, everyone on the board knows it's quartz. Quartz is the chicken of the mineral world And not a geographer in sight Purple = quartz, smoother faces = polished quartz, octahedral = cut and polished quartz Fluorite quartz... and some more
  12. Yes, but my initial post was about students being ‘protected’ from reading the play
  13. I’ve just finished watching The Fellowship of the Ring on TV, they cut the part where Boromir is being hit by arrows and where Lurtz had his head chopped off. It’s 10pm!! Probably the most powerful scene in the movie ruined by over cautious numpties at the BBC
  14. But I would suggest that watching a movie and reading a play are very different experiences.
  15. Oh come on, you know it’s quartz, just say it.
  16. Come on over for a foot rub
  17. Mineralogists like Cyr love to look at a piece of bog standard quartz and say ooh its Serpentite or maybe Fluorite or possibly Pegmatite. It’s nearly always quartz
  18. Could just be a bit of tuppeny hapennny quartz, maybe an amethyst
  19. It seems the Stasi is alive and well and operating out of its new headquarters in Northglenn, Colarado. Thank you Doug.
  20. This is an excellent idea, let's enact immediately. Can someone inform the MODS?
  21. My condolences. Have a cup of tea, will definitely help
  22. You see, this is what happens when we let you Americans take over the reigns. Civilization stands on a knife's edge. Ginger Peach tea my arse!