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  1. Live

    Maybe the traffic cones from the Chronoscope expansion, because those are the only things I can competently paint.
  2. I'm dragging my wife to see It Happened One Night (1934) this weekend. It's one of my favorites, and she is looking for an excuse to bail on me. I may have to find another date!
  3. Live

    Man, part 3 of Dreadmere is indeed huge, and looks great. I was on the fence before that dropped, but not anymore.
  4. Live

    Ack! More paint. You know I can't resist more paint, right? Very sneaksy, Reaper, very sneaksy!
  5. Live

    If "normal" frogs can't do the trick, perhaps you could wrangle a froghemoth to do the trick. :D
  6. Live

    Have there been any hints as to what the big-ticket item will be, this time around? Cat Dragons notwithstanding, of course. :D
  7. Live

    Well, I finally caught up here, so I guess I'll finally unpack my Bones III package while I wait. :D
  8. Live

    I'd be down for some Dire Straights.
  9. Live

    I should probably just save myself some time and up my pledge $50 for the dark fantasy addition, since I'm sure I'll grab it.
  10. Live

    I survived my big family trip to LA and finally had the chance to see Bones IV on the big screen. I promptly doubled my pledge and grabbed most of the extra goodies. I love what I'm seeing and I can't wait to see what comes next!

    That is great to hear; thank you!

    I'll be on a family vacation during the KS launch, so hopefully the KS app is good. I can't wait to see some of the goodies (and baddies!).
  13. Does Reaper ever do newsletters? As someone who doesn't come to the forums as often as I'd like, I usually miss announcements like these. I'd love a little "Hello from Reaper" newsletter on a monthly basis, so I can see all of the cool stuff you fine people are up to. So I don't tread too far off track, that is indeed a cool mini. :D
  14. I'd love to pick up a couple packs of these, if I happen to see them in stores.