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  1. This thread had reminded me that I haven't been using my Aeropress much of late, so I just made a fresh cuppa. Elf, but that is good.
  2. Boy Scouts are always good at making fires. May be otherwise useless in the wild, but they can make things burn. The Aeropress is pretty amazing.
  3. fulfilling

    Would also impact backing quite a bit, I imagine. You need time for people's current hoards to sink in before you can sell them another pile.
  4. There are some very nice canister stoves these days for backpacking.
  5. Yes. The instant for backpacking is Starbucks Via, and everything tastes better out in the woods.
  6. Definitely get a stove, LBB. Campfires are a huge pain to cook on because you can't regulate the heat and it takes forever to get decent coals - even boiling water on them can be a right pain. Plus, they're weather dependent; do you really want to forego a hot dinner because it's raining? I have two Coleman stoves I use regularly; one uses propane canisters, the other is a backpack stove that uses butane/propane. Both are inexpensive and easy to find (Walmart). As far as coffee, I either go instant (backpacking) or bring a French press or Aeropress. Either get a manual burr grinder, or grind your beans before you go.
  7. Live

    ...watched the video. Regretted it immensely.
  8. And the Pathfinder cloaky person is Aglanda, Herald of Razmar. Liking the looks so far.
  9. ...what, you don't remember that episode?
  10. This was hardly there most questionable decision in Hogwarts management, though. That school was a liability nightmare.
  11. If I remember, that one was actually even better - Sisko tries to lie to the Romulan ambassador that the Dominion are scheming against the Imperiun, but his counterfeit evidence fails and reveals the deception. Then Garak blows up the ambassador's ship, implicating the Dominion... and Sisko has no choice but to live with the consequences.
  12. Eight hours after getting off watch, I'm back on watch. Haven't slept. 32 days until I'm due for relief.
  13. Live

    I didn't watch the video, so I presumed etherial was commenting on the minis themselves. Not my thing, but mouth--vomit seemed a bit excessive.
  14. Live

    ...this seems mildly melodramatic.