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  1. Because we're not actually moored. We're anchored out, and they aren't providing any sort of launch service to get ashore. =/ On the plus side, it's a pretty day. 20161203_072624 by J, on Flickr
  2. <3 Thanks, guys! Ship is broken down in Crete right now. Looking forward to actually celebrating my birthday when I get home again. =)
  3. Funded

    oh frak oh frak oh frak oh frak
  4. Hurroo! Happy birthday, and many more! Here's to another great year.
  5. All very helpful tips! I know many people who backed this kickstarter, or the Halflings KS which also included pop-up terrain, and nobody yet who has actually built these bloody things (other than that PHDashing guy on Yootoob). It's weird! They are awesome, and I'm looking forward to having them. Not so much building them, but the gazebo went together pretty straight-forwardly. =D Sadly, I am back to work and couldn't fit the giant book of print-outs in my luggage, so further construction will have to await my return home...
  6. *makes popcorn*
  7. It's astonishing how much my attitude improves when not showering.
  8. *flicks lighter in agreement*
  9. In six hours, I will likely be home. Probably drinking coffee, painting minis, and working on pop-up terrain. That I am currently home, drinking coffee, painting minis and working on pop-up terrain is irrelevant...
  10. Are they looking to sell? This is what you do when you're going to sell something... Could also be looking for investors. Same dog-and-pony show.
  11. "I'm not sarcastic, I always talk like this. It's a speech impediment."
  12. I would think that they would quickly turn into water polo matches. Is it even possible to have ice in Vegas??? edit: forgot I wasn't on my phone so I could actually write that in purple. You can write anything in purple any time. (Trust me, about 80% of the time --like right now -- I'm posting from a device that has no access to the formatting or smiley menus. This is mostly hand-coded from memory. ) To make text purple use square brackets ( [ ] ) and inside one just before your text put this, only use square brackets instead of pointy ones: <color=#800080> And just after your text put this, again with square brackets substituted for pointy: </color> It should end up looking like this. Any hexadecimal can be substituted for the "#800080". Yes, this means you can make text any color possible on a computer. you can also skip the hex and just say "color=purple". Fantastic!
  13. It let me in after Bryan left. Not sure why I couldn't get in while he was in by himself.Probably the restraining order...