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  1. ST:Voyager, ugh! Not all bad, but seriously did any of the writers have any knowledge of how computers, programming, or science works? I can give the original series a pass for computers and space science as they truly were quite new and poorly understood. TNG had a better understanding (late 80s-early 90s), as computers began to become mainstream, but were still pre-internet (BBS boards or type boards were pretty much the only thing available).. But by Voyager, the Internet *was* a thing. We had writers that grew up with ST and should have been versed in science. I actually liked the holographic Doctor, he was one of the most interesting characters on the show, but his capabilities as a computer AI and the technology behind him made absolutely no sense compared to Data from TNG. In a way, the doctor would've made more sense as an android with his personality being generated by the computer and broadcast to the body. Essentialy a cloud AI all over the ship, but only on the ship. Now I wonder if any post-TNG era series will have more Soong-type androids, or any other types of androids, Data being the effective "Model T" of androids, but not necessarily a direct ancestor of all androids. Heck, competing models could be a theme in itself.
  2. Live

    Now there's something you don't see everyday. At least not in over a century. I always kind of liked the old school classical designs.
  3. Pre-launch

    I just tried the URL for kicks. Even did a few refreshes. Then I was likely to be eaten by a grue. By Zork! (I feel old, because I didn't need to Google it)
  4. That was fast! Gives me hope that I'll get mine next week. Mine is currently in ISC Chicago (which is shorthand for "The Customs Endless Void between the US and Canada") since Friday morning.
  5. I don't think I've ever licked my brush. Knowing myself, if did do it, it would only be a matter of time before I lick it before I rinsed it and end up with a mouthful of (assumed) nasty tasting paint. God help us all if paints ever start tasting like bacon or mint chocolate.
  6. Regarding Star Trek, my secret wish would be for ST:TNG to reshoot some scenes from the last story "All Good Things", where Q sends Piccard's mind to his post-retirement future. We're over 20 years later after the original shoot, so all of the actors aged appropriately (and are still alive) for the episode, so everyone in those future scenes will look like their true older selves.
  7. Of the three options, #3 is the obvious one for me. Making all the Bones catalogue in clear option just sounds like a headache in waiting. As it is, the clears feel like a special limited collector edition of the minis, even though it's just using one inexpensive plastic instead of another inexpensive plastic. Clear Kyphrixis was beautiful! But not every mini would look better because it's clear. Some monsters may benefit from it (giants come to mind), but others (clear kobolds and rats, Anhurian soldiers?) not so much. As for photographing clears. Would having a side-by-side picture of the clear and "opaque" original make sense?
  8. Hmm, so Star Trek : Legacy (aka ST : TNF, the next face palm) as a working title?
  9. Hey, you know that local radio station that's experiencing technical difficulties so is off the air at the moment? And you know what preset radio station on my alarm clock-radio I'm tuned in? And do you know who woke up an hour late this morning because the alarm turned on and broadcasted total silence? So how's your morning going
  10. I have my own office. A real corner office, with door and window! OK, so maybe it's on the ground floor; and the walls are all solid concrete bricks; and the window is a narrow one with a view of the hallway leading to the infirmary; and my closet is a computer terminal room with fans running 24/7; and because my office is next to the doors to the stairwell, people often enter my office by mistake with a surprised look on their face. Still... it's been mine for over 2.5 years! An upgrade from every other cubicle I've had in the past that got moved after X number of months. And I was allowed to choose what colour paint I wanted (from the four shades available back then.) The best upgrade I could ask for would be an outside view window. Though right now it would mean seeing everyone on their smoke break, I'd still get some natural sunlight instead of walking down the hallway to see it.
  11. Ooh, we're even getting an extra freebie! Lillian Grace Angel Tribute Mini. (the inspiration for it is quite sad)
  12. Ditto for my notice today. I've had other KS that were extremely quick (Midlam Miniatures for example), mostly because they were small campaigns with modest goals, had nearly all of their greens done, and/or had a small amount of pledgers. Overall result is it doesn't take long to achieve results.
  13. Reaper liner, it's magical, but it won't do no miracles.
  14. Finally saw WW! Very good; didn't feel dumbed down; loved the way they represented Diana as knowledgeable about many things (seeing her current career) yet innocent about the "world of men" (at first). IMO, the whole "Ares is the cause of war" was the weak part of the story. The movie would've been just as good without it. And for elf's sake DC, stop it with the depressing monochrome environments. Themyscira was in full lively sunny colours, then everything went from shades of dark blue, to dark grey, dark brown, dark green, back to blue, etc. Anyone else notice that Diana wasn't called Wonder Woman even once in the movie? Not even called "wonderful". Gotta wonder when she earns her moniker. My local theater is also doing that. I've seen most of them (own a few too), except for Castle in the Sky.
  15. Finally had a nice, warm, sunny day in St. John's so I took a long stroll downtown. And this evening, I realized I did get a slight sunburn while looking in the mirror. Red forehead. Applied some hydrating cream. Should resolve itself overnight, but I should avoid the sun tomorrow. Not really surprised it happened, spent most of the last eight months indoors. Even ghosts think I look pale.