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  1. Cranky Dog

    Pathfinder Version 2

    I do remember it, but the chance of failure is also based on the enemy's AC. So fighting something that has incredibly tough armor, or is incredibly nimble won't just increase your chance of missing, but missing incredibly. It makes even less sense if you're using ranged weapons. The first level local militia could shoot the broadside of a barn all day with little risk. But if instead of a barn its a bored ancient dragon with high DR, standing still for laughs, then they're snapping bow strings, or shooting an ally in the knee forcing an early retirement, at every twentieth arrow.
  2. Cranky Dog

    Best Version of DnD?

    Now you got me curious. Since the word is of French origin, I naturally know how to pronounce it in its original form. But how do you guys normally pronounce it? It's already bad enough that every French speaking person I know pronounces 'drow' to sound like 'snow'. And it's still my preferred pronunciation.
  3. Cranky Dog

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I just looked at the weather online, and it's a big pile of "NOPE, TOO HOT, I'M STAYING INDOORS!" I live above the 49° parallel, my comfort zone is far lower than theirs. Reason enough for me to skip the costume this year.
  4. Cranky Dog

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My sense of taste is odd enough that I would probably drink it *and* like it. Disclaimer: I have never been to a Starbucks, nor similar coffee houses, and I can keep down Folgers.
  5. Cranky Dog

    Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin

    RIP May her soul sing as beautifully as she did in life.
  6. Cranky Dog

    Getting To Know You August

    Cartoons. No regrets! Though I am more selective and discriminating in what I watch. There are many great shows with excellent writing. And a lot more who aren't.
  7. Cranky Dog

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Put me in the same boat as you guys. In my early days of AD&D, I liked the crit failure tables. But with time, I realized that it gives a disadvantage to PCs as many have lingering affects further battles and exhausts resources. Something that's not a problem to the enemies as they are expected to lose in RPGs, so no worries. If a crit system takes into account the gradual improvement of warriors, essentially making them less likely to have a crit failure, then I may reconsider my position. For example, a fighter's weapon specialization, the weapon they can fight with in their sleep, should by default make it much less likely for them to critically miss. A higher BAB, representing combat experience, should make any failure less likely and/or less severe. So none of this "1 in 20 chance of great failure".
  8. Cranky Dog

    Volunteering, Tickets, and Classes

    Ah, got it. It worked! Growtix has a knack of logging me out all the time, so I keep missing a window somewhere.
  9. Cranky Dog

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    So I finally did something I meant to do for the next time I attended RCon. I ordered myself a pin button with my avatar on it. [Feels like cheating for the Bingo card] Downside is I may or may not receive it by the time I get to RCon. 6-9 days delivery time after manufacturing. And I leave in 10 business days. [Fingers crossed] But I'll be ready for RCon 2019, just wait and see! For real! Promise. Sorta. Unless something comes up... HELP!
  10. I played this game just before I moved away from my gaming group. There were a few elements that weren't clear the first (and only) time I played it. Particularly how scoring is done at the very end. Different choices would've been made instead. Why do I remember the temperature track being on the other side of the board? A different edition?
  11. Cranky Dog

    Getting To Know You August

    Comic book universe. That way I can get my own artist to draw me. Hell, I want to appear on a limited edition 90s style metal foil holographic embossed cover as one of the innocent bystanders standing in gaped shock as he's being rescued by [insert hero] from [insert villain or event].
  12. Cranky Dog

    Volunteering, Tickets, and Classes

    Question: I finally registered all of my classes. And one of them (with Anne Foerster ) has a $ fee. How do I pay for it? Growtix doesn't seem to add it. Do I pay Anne once in class, or something else?
  13. Cranky Dog

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    [Takes down notes] So the green smorkin' leprechaun gangster wolf zombie is Thes. *Not* the blue smorkin' leprechaun gangster wolf zombie. Fool me once...
  14. Cranky Dog

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Two weeks to go! Nothing painted in almost a year. Recently moved, everything was packed for months and is still packed, no paint studio set up... [Channels inner Kermit and flails arms in alarm and excitement]
  15. Cranky Dog

    Getting To Know You August

    Any management position. I'm a natural introvert and would have to deal with many people I have very little in common with. I'm also too darn nice and would try to make everyone happy, which generally is doomed to failure. Curiously, when I GM a game, I feel relatively at ease as I'm among a small group of people with whom I have common interests. Tissue paper and napkins! Something *always* needs to be cleaned or wiped! Mostly, but not always, relating to various body orifices.