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  1. Just a quick post to remind folks I'm still currently traveling in Japan until the middle of next week. Though with ReaperCon going on right now, I don't think some of us [waves to Haldir] have much free time anyway.
  2. I think everyone had that experience. The Masterson pallet paper feels like it's made for a different thickness of paint than Reaper's. That's when I started adding a extra layer of parchment paper (also pre-wetted) on top of the Masterson paper. Seems to give the perfect balance.
  3. The easy part is done, I'm at my mother's place. From her time zone's POV, I got up at 1:30am this morning to get here. As usual, the deal is I bring her a fresh filet of cod. Tomorrow, my sister and her family will be over to help clean out the fridge (we're away for nearly three weeks after all). I called my bankto tell them of my travels, but they don't seem to care anymore (same for my mother's bank). Claiming their "advanced automated fraud system" will do the job. I don't have a history of buying anything in Japan, hardly ever buy stuff in airports, our meals and entries are prepaid nearly everywhere in our trip, and my plane tickets were purchased indirectly from my bank accounts. So... I have some reserves. The only positive sign is that I purchased some Yen from my bank last month, so there is one clue somewhere that indicates that Japan will be somehow involved. I hear that green tea is currently one of the most popular flavors. Though I'm willing to try anything once, flavors like baked potato or soy sauce may not be my top choices. But a quick search does reveal a ton of tasty ones. It's just as varied as ice cream flavors. I read that souvenirs are unique in each region of Japan. Sounds like it's a common experience to a lot of travelers. I'll keep in mind the 100 yen coins. Right not, smallest denomination I have are 1000 yen bills. Don't know if we'll drop by Akihabara. Some souvenirs I'm interested in (granted, most can be found anywhere on the internet) are: Personalized stamp Quality decorative chopsticks Fruit flavored sake (it seems they don't export it, but you can buy some for yourself). Daruma doll I got a bunch of niece and nephews I also want to find souvenirs for. Any tee-shirt or night gown with Japanese characters will probably do. Though one of them asked for "one of those diapers sumo wear". Sparrow hornets are on my "NOPE!" list.
  4. In just a few hours, I'll be flying out to meet up with my mother, and then come Sunday morning, we'll be spending 18 days in Japan! Ergo, my presence on the board will be sparse, and I'm missing ReaperCon. With the travel group, we'll be going to Tokyo, and then go south. With stops at Mt.Fuji, Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Kobe, Hiroshima, and several other places. I plane on bringing back oodles of uniquely Japanese souvenirs. I'm particularly curious about their 200 flavors of Kit Kat bars. If I can find myself a nice nakiri vegetable knife, I'll be happy.
  5. Tical needs patronage for his research, and Foxglove might be his new sponsor. So the Rusty Dragon it is!
  6. Don't think I ever had the opportunity to try it. Do you even know how long it took me to realize there was no pumpkin in pumpkin spice?!
  7. Got up in a good mood. Went to work in a good mood. Opened up web browser to catch up on the daily news: [Mass shooting in Vegas] ... ... ... Now I'm weeping for America.
  8. If it's a "Limited Edition still in the original package" rock, I'll be happy. Besides, I'd be ordering stuff in October even without the Ghoulie Bag promotion. P.S. I need inspiration for using Breast Cancer Pink. Got a lot of it. If only it covered as good as brown liner.
  9. Tical wasn't sure if he remembered the name of Foxglove [Know(Local): d20+1=10, or Know(history):d20+5=14], but looked like one of the minor aristocrats of Sandpoint. He knew he could be useful for introductions to better contacts. He quickly told Reegol to "Heel" and behave. He graciously shook his hand, ignoring everyone's reaction. "Our actions were naught but the most natural. Good sir, myself and my companion graciously accept your invitation. 'Til we meet again, I bid you a fine day." After Foxglove left, Reegol cocked his head inquisitively at Tical. Tical looked back at the others and shrugs. "I need the money, all right? And he looks like he has plenty to spare. I'm just glad all them damn gobbers are dead." Before they set out later to the Rusty Rooster, he makes sure he has his armour and weapon on him. Not being sure at what to expect in this town anymore.
  10. Klocke buckles! So October has Lysette (for a limited time), ghoulie bags (in limited quantities) and in all likelihood ReaperCon swag bags (also limited quantities) later in the month. These are all on my list of wants. ...and I'll be outside of the country until October 25th. I'm at risk of missing all of the fun stuff.
  11. In my days, we used confetti as a weapon! the vents of the newlyweds' car. Even after a thorough vacuuming, they were finding confetti for months!
  12. One thing I know I'm not is a speed painter. Though I only ever used them for gaming (tabletop quality), I generally want to do the best paint job I can (display). Partly because I have a habit of taking small yet highly detailed minis that need extra work, and partly because I am quite an easily distracted procrastinator. Of course, the occasional back pain doesn't help making things any faster. I've never accepted a commission, though I was asked to do some Talisman minis. I refused on the grounds that I know I can't even complete my own projects in a decent a mount of time, let alone someone else's.
  13. That's what I'm thinking. Also known as a shammy or the ShamWow. Originally leather, now they're synthetic lint free cloths that absorb and retain water really well.
  14. Sigh. Only a matter of time until the kids don't understand references to Gilligan's Island, and then Happy Days. That is, until Hollywood decides to make a reboot of everything. Curiously enough, it's also what makes recent cartoons interesting as they are full of pop culture references that were common to anyone who grew up in the 80s.
  15. Knowing that some men consider the Playboy mansion and the bunny girls to be Paradise; what would *his* vision of Paradise be like.