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  1. Cranky Dog

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I got the Silver Dragon the first time I saw it a year ago. The retail price was an amazing deal (~$5CDN). Not surprised if the cost went up. That price point felt very unsustainable.
  2. Cranky Dog

    LFMini: Muscular snakeman (with legs)?

    Snakeman with 'beefy' arms and legs? TROGDOR! (from the Trogdor KS game) He'll burninate your peasants enemies to the ground.
  3. Cranky Dog

    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

    I'll be looking into this. Particularly curious about the changes from the previous edition as to how similar-different it is.
  4. I *want* those banshees! [Updates pledge]
  5. Cranky Dog

    Happy Birthday OneBoot

    Incorrect! I taped a prism to my face, so that everything looked like rainbows. Wait, unless *that* is how Pezler works.
  6. Cranky Dog

    Painting Khanjira but in The Tarrasque Colors

    Hello and welcome to you too! If you want to, we have the Work in Progress (WIP) subforum for those who want to share the evolution of their projects.
  7. Cranky Dog

    Happy Birthday OneBoot

    Happy Birthday to my favorite purple kitty!
  8. As I'm mostly unfamiliar with the full spectrum of the possibilities, I'm curious to know as to how wide the category is or not. Standard real life military gear is easy to accept, as are Big Stompy Robots. But what about other less imposing sci-fi or fantasy units, or simply a bunch of soldiers? Where do you draw the line at accepting them in this category or putting them in Open/Diorama/etc. For example, are a bunch of Star Wars stormtroopers acceptable? What if they're standing on a AT-ST? Or how about a bunch of Warhammer dwarves/orcs and their war machine. Is the whole idea of the category machines first, personnel second?
  9. Cranky Dog

    More Contrast isn't Realistic?

    Hair is one of the few parts of a mini where the use of glossy/satin sealer would make sense.
  10. It's a shame that it isn't panning out as planned. Though I wasn't going for the dropship itself, I know a lot of people were excited for it. Still, in my view it was properly communicated (a key factor in many campaigns), and were getting the Pillager as a free extra. The Pillager looks huge! How does it compare in size with the Enforcer?
  11. Cranky Dog

    More Contrast isn't Realistic?

    Hair *is* an odd beast when it comes to how it reacts to light compared to other surfaces. It's a bunch of tiny translucent and reflective strands which are packed loosely enough that light can easily reach deeper layers. Regular shadow-highlight rules do not work with many kinds of hair.
  12. Cranky Dog

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Then again, the Tre Manor orcs are also very similar. The new ones in Bones 2 were basically weapon swaps.
  13. Cranky Dog

    Painting Khanjira but in The Tarrasque Colors

    A useful tool on Reaper's website is the Power Palette. You upload/link an image, and with a zoom tool, it can create a list of approximate colours from their catalogue. The tool is slight out of date, as it only showed me the SKU codes and not the names like it used too. But you can get a good ball park idea of the hide and carapace colours, be it the base colour, highlight and shadow.
  14. Cranky Dog

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Wow, I never realized how huge Mumlak would be, nor Blacktooth Terror. Now I have some regrets of not pledging fore the Lost Valley expansion and dinos.
  15. Cranky Dog

    Back for the first time in ages!

    Welcome back! I'm doing fine. Twenty!