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  1. One argument I often hear is that it has very little similarity to the Conan of the Robert E. Howard novels. The overall movie may be cheesy, but it's fine cheese! With age, it acquired greater appreciation. Conan the Destroyer on the other hand, did not age as well. Though it's the first Conan movie I saw in theater.
  2. Live

    The "clears" are pretty transparent paints, bad for base coating, good for glazing and layering. The "glows" are most likely regular opaque pigmented paints that emulate OSL glowing on other surfaces. Edit: Read Inarah's post below, it makes more sense. Though some of the pigments like red, orange and yellow are naturally not very opaque.
  3. I'll have you know that Naugas naturally shed their hyde. So it's totally vegan appropriate. Then PETA got involved. Claiming Naugas were force fed latex and polyurethane foam to make them plumper instead of their natural diet of down feathers, cotton balls and wool.
  4. Purely a marketing term to mean "Looks like real leather but no animals were harmed". They omit the bit about the faux-leather generally being a petrochemical product. Because the oil industry is such a nice friends to animals. In my case, I bought it because it was a third fo the price of real leather.
  5. Reegol always found it amusing when Tical used his magic on him, and wasn't displease to find himself being the biggest person around. He looked at the quivering goblin next to him. "Hee-hee, you tiny now!", grinning to himself. His mirth was short lived as the goblin stabbed his foot. "OWW! You bad!", the rush of anger made him slam the goblin, but the pain and sudden height made him misjudge the distance. [2x Claw attack: (d20+5+1 Bless) = 7 (fumble!); 12 (double miss!)]
  6. Live

    Nice auto-corrupt there. To the point, the Chronoscope expansion has a lot of conversions from the existing model lines while the Dreadmere is nearly all new, or recent, sculpts. You got to wonder how much of a difference in production costs/complexity one has over the other. BTW, I'm not pledging on the Chronoscope one. Nice models yes, but not the ones I usually need. I'll buy them retail if I ever need to.
  7. Live

    Yessssss! I was hoping to see the "gulpers" in Dreadmere after playing the setting last year. Won't be noodling that one. In Soviet Dreadmere, gulpers noodle "you"
  8. Dear Gods, you just reminded me of some of the earliest R-rated movies viewings for me, my brother, and sister. Porky's! We learned a lot of new lingo with that one.
  9. Live

    I already have two paint caddies full of paint, and need to buy a third one. The paint sets will fill that caddy quite nicely. As a side note, I have a surplus of paint pistol cases.
  10. Born in '71. Still plenty of childhood memories of the '70s, but my heart belongs to the 80s. These were my "Golden Age of TV watching". Saturday morning cartoons! After school cartoons! The syndicated stuff with all the toy commercials. So. Many. Sitcoms! Tons of re-runs of classic shows from the 50s-60s-70s. The first real generation of arcade and console gamers with Atari 2600, ColecoVision (that we owned), Intellivision, and later NES. These were the days where my creativity in LEGOs, and drawing were at their peak as I was undistracted by things like the Internet, and mostly unconcerned with world events (ah, such innocence). My first introduction to RPGs (AD&D; choose your own adventure books) was in the early 80s. Of course, Star Wars came and left a permanent impression on me and my brother. Heheh, of late I've seen more and more '80s themed events. OUR TIME IS NOW!
  11. Live

    Baba! And the classic mortar+pestle flying representation too. Ooh, more new paints. Glowing insubstantial ones even.
  12. Live

    In Pathfinder's adventures, she's a level 20 witch/level 10 archmage. Str 17, Dex 20, Con 26, Int 46, Wis 24, Cha 32 She's smarter than you, wiser than you, tougher than you. And with that charisma score, probably has a hot bod under those raggedy clothes. How else would you explain all those kids of hers?
  13. Live

    I am morally opposed to all forms of torture! Yet somehow, I'm totally cool with more torture dungeon decor and miniature suffering victims. From what I gather on her Wikipedia's entry, she pretty much *has to* be eccentric. Just like old bearded wizards or Jedi master who live in swamps. Overall: You don't go bothering Baba Yaga, she won't bother you. You make yourself helpful to Baba Yaga, she'll make herself helpful to you. You bother Baba Yaga... RUN!!!
  14. I think it's going to be a slow day on Indiegogo. Here's the title of the newsletter they sent me: "Just for You: 0 Innovations to Watch" Bones IV is crushing the competition (for some reason)!
  15. Live

    Ahah! After our Future MSDS argument, I can bring my superior expertise in plastics processing (I did work in the industry and it was my specialty in my mechanical engineering degree)! So... yeah pretty much what you said. [Dang it! I'm not supposed to agree with the person I'm arguing.] Though with the right mold design, you could probably pull off the same result with stiffer plastic. One forgotten benefit of the bendiness of the Bones material is how easy it is to modify them. Warm them up, use a sharp hobby knife, and you got a smooth clean slice. Harder materials hold better detail, but you don't slice them as much as snap or scrape them off.