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  1. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Always been a fan of Japan, and China to a lesser degree (because anime and Kung Fu movies?). I've visited both of these countries and I find it fascinating how the cultures of these superpowers can be so bewilderingly different than the European ones while being just as "normal". On the flip side, for some weird reason, the further down South I go, the less interested I get. As if my dislike of hot, damp weather contaminated my interests. Meaning places like southern Asia (Vietnam, India, Malaysia), Africa or South America are off my list. Sure, the ancient civilizations are interesting, but places like modern Egypt has little in common with that of their ancestors. P.S. List of countries I've visited: Canada USA France England Spain Italy Switzerland Belgium Netherlands Russia China Japan Mongolia Indirectly: Monaco (drove by it while traveling in southern France on our way to Italy)
  2. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Job hunting is going... well! Had a second interview today and it looks like I passed muster as a reliability engineer in a mine environment. Next step is I'll be doing a site visit in the coming days (week?). After that, it's a physical (no worries, even as a heart patient) and then the job offer.
  3. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Dark brown with many strands of grey. Not salt and pepper yet. Now my facial hair is noticeably whiter and qualifies as S&P. I usually keep my hair short. Normally I use a clipper set at 3/8in to 1/2in depending on the season. I know I'm due for a cut when my morning hair decides to stick out in unusual directions.
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    That's the classic downside of consumer inkjet printers, ridiculously high ink prices. Be aware that there also exists what they call ink tank printers which have very high ink capacities (in the thousands of pages), albeit at a higher retail price.
  5. The Ghosts of Midlam Manor

    Pledged for them yesterday (ghosts only) and will patiently wait for them to come haunt me.
  6. Hitting the big 40

    Welcome to the club! I remember when I hit 40, I was kind of proud of it. Looked myself in the mirror with a bit of introspection and told myself: "Not bad kid, not bad."
  7. Best Version of DnD?

    [Why should @Unruly have the only Oglaf references.] My approach to fantasy pantheons is that the gods are not actual beings with almighty power but the embodiment of different concepts, be they philosophical (war, love, music) or physical (earth, darkness, stars, wind). The world and living creatures existed before the gods and those who developed sapience created the gods to reflect their own beliefs. Since gods require worshipers to exist, it makes sense. As different races and nations have different values, their gods' portfolios will equally vary in importance. It makes creation myths somewhat paradoxical as the gods say they created their worshipers, but since the "concepts" they embody are technically things that "always were", they were there all along, but "undefined". Best not think too much about it.
  8. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    That would be the Ral Partha (now Iron Winds) Evoker. When I started, I had less than two dozen paints and inks, lousy brushes, no knowledge aside from a Citadel Miniatures painting guide. I have some good ones I'm proud of for different reasons, but I don't know if I have a "best" one yet. I could probably go and say that my current favorite is the Bones Innkeeper because of the freehand I did on it (though some lines are way too large). This is the same mini I took to the ophthalmologist to show just how small the miniature we paint are when considering My main reason to paint is for gaming. And since I've always been artistically inclined in my hobbies, painting them to the best of my ability also came naturally. I don't really paint to show off my skills, and I don't have my minis on display anywhere, but when I game, I like having a little avatar of myself nearby.
  9. Saw The Shape of Water yesterday. A lovely film and I can understand the praise for it. I wasn't aware of the R rating going in, and wonder how necessary some of those intimate scenes were, but it does establish that Sally Hawkin's character is an adult woman with adult needs and desires.
  10. Battlemaster goblin wolfriders

    Painting my own Battlemaster figures is on my bucket list. I found my set at a thrift store, and they are in dire need of a proper cleaning before any sort of painting (caked on layer of dust).
  11. Priming my pewter

    They are, but that first base layer is a PITA as Bones are somewhat hydrophobic. That means that the water component of paint does not want to cooperate. Which is why primers (or Reaper liners) are still a popular option as they do stick well to the surface, making you get to real painting that much faster. Be it primer or paint, once it's properly dry, they're just as resistant. And depending on the primer color, it may enhance the colour going over it.
  12. Priming my pewter

    Both Vallejo and Stynylrez are relatively easy to find online in Canada, and they can be found in a variety of colours and sizes. From the 17ml-½oz (standard dropper bottle size) to 60ml-2oz to 200ml and over (946ml-32oz).
  13. Hot & Dangerous

    Considering that most metal minis are far from having perfectly smooth surfaces and no one makes a case about it, it should be fine.
  14. Weight Loss Support Thread

    Should be spending more time at the gym, but I developed some weird blisters on my toes because... reasons? (my gym shoes did feel tight around my toes last time) Until they fully heal, I'll avoid the cardio machines. At least I do have some weights at home, so it's not a full loss.
  15. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    As a single man, indifferent. I haven't gone out much in the past week so I missed most of the current hype. Were I in a relationship, it would be a nice excuse to go out. P.S. Today is also Ash Wednesday, and already at breakfast I ruined the "forty day fast" with a leftover Italian sausage.