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  1. Fulfilling

    I did wonder why there were far more orders than backers.
  2. So the TV/Cable guy never showed up to change my terminal (PVR not installed on current model). Five months running now. This kind of spoiled any afternoon activities I had planned. That and the pupil dilating eye drops I got this morning that blind me when in sunlight. It took many hours for the effects to wear off. On the happy side, went to the hobby store to buy myself some Tamiya clears (red, blue, green, yellow, orange).
  3. Came back from the eye doctor. This time I took the advice mentioned here and brought one of my better minis to show what sort of close detailed work we do. She was impressed. Combined with my 12 hour work days in front of computers, it probably pushed the decision of me getting progressive lenses. I also went for the pupil dilating eye drops for the exam. Glad I remembered to bring my sunglasses, because man is it bright outside (clear sunny skies too)! No problem indoors, but my vision will be fuzzy for a couple more hours, as if I had water in my eyes. But outside, pupils won't shrink so it gets eye watering bright in moments. Anyway, I got a new prescription and the rest of my eyes are healthy.
  4. Update. I've been looking at storage bins for sorting them out. But they're mostly too big, too small(ish) or... not currently on sale. I've tried Staples, Michaels (why do they keep reorganizing the whole store?!) and Canadian Tire (currently best choice). Aaaaand now I'm also going to need a label maker. I also need to figure out which pair of pants I won't be wearing that day.
  5. Huh, I just became a demiurge from "Likes". So... now I get to create universes? I'll start with painting a single mini again.
  6. Fulfilling

    Mass shipping is complicated, period. To be safe, I'll blame Buglips, that way no one gets offended.
  7. I have an admission to make. Except for the paints, I never unpacked my Bones 2 stuff. Because reasons (delivered to a co-pledger's address; moved away; major heart surgery; and general procrastination). Though with Bones 3 just around the corner, I could have myself a one man party of a ginormous moment of unpacking if I combine my Bones 2 stuff.
  8. Not a movie, but I went to see Twelfth Night on the big screen. This adaptation had 21st costume/set. Curiously, this was probably the best comedy I've seen this year. There were tons of laugh out loud moments. I saw the play once over twenty years ago, and back then the humor escaped me (probably a lousy production)
  9. A nice quiet day. Went to the gym for some cardio and a good sweat. Used the massage chair afterwards. Did some quick groceries. Put the pork loins, onions, garlic and veggies in the slow cooker (apartment currently smells really good). Now enjoying just finishing a Guiness beer that started giving me a head buzz several minutes ago (I pushed myself a bit more than usual at the gym, so suffering the aftershock in a not unpleasant way).
  10. Somehow, I don't trust that horse either. It has a scaly looking fur, the hooves are glowing, and I'm pretty sure it's smiling. Oh wait, I know, it's a kirin!
  11. Fulfilling

    This is more like a Christmas morning thing. And once received, it becomes a post-Halloween bag inventory thing.
  12. Fulfilling

    With my work schedule of being home for a week, then away for a week, I always have a 50% chance that my package will arrive when I'm not home. Now if this takes anywhere between 12 and 18 days, I'll be home! What's interesting is that this is a long weekend in Canada, and it's unlikely that out shipments will cross the borders this weekend, so Canadians will be saved from the additional holiday wait! Though for others, May 29th is Memorial Day in the US, and though Reaper may have the bulk of orders done, they may not be complete by that day.
  13. Finally got to try the new board game cafe this week, Donuts and Dragons. It's roomy, and the kitchen area isn't much to look at, but they have a nice big collection of games. And they recently started a Wednesday evening D&D game, and I was there! Last time I RPed was at ReaperCon. D&D 5e, we created 1st level characters, and played until closing time. We lost the last battle (lots of bad rolls on our side) but won the adventure. Cultists and kobolds were destroying a town while a blue dragon was attacking the keep. We were a mixed group, a youngster who was playing D&D for the first time. And though I see myself as a veteran gamer, I'm still relatively new to 5e, particularly character creation. But I got through it, had regular 5e players clean correct my sheet, and then game on! Barsire Warmbottom, NG male halfling sorcerer of brass dragon ancestry (fire). After a life of seclusion, he's out in the world now trying to find information about his dragon "grandma". He's quite willing to chat with everyone, including enemies in middle of battle. The DM was surprised when I approached the last kobold standing in the battle, and instead of attacking, I took out a scroll with a drawing of "grandma" and asked "Do you know my grandma?". I suddenly felt like Deadpool in the opening scene of the movie, and Natsu Dragneel from the Fairy Tail anime. I also had a coffee and chicken pesto panini sandwich.
  14. So I keep feeling sleepy in the afternoon. It happens to most everyone, but now it was to the point that I was dozing off during meetings when they turned off the lights, particularly if I wasn't an active participant. And people noticed. Drinking coffee didn't seem to help much. So I got tested for sleep apnea several weeks ago, and I got the results. I don't have sleep apnea. Whatever it is they measure, I'm not even at half the value where they get concerned. I've had trouble falling asleep for as long as I can remember, though once asleep, I'm good. Now that the sleep apnea has been eliminated as a cause, they'll refer me to a specialist for further investigation. I know I don't sleep enough during my normal work week (average less than 6h a day), but I can't seem to go to bed early without tossing and turning for hours. Now saying this, I think I accidentally stumbled on a possible cause of overall tiredness. Ever since my heart surgery, I've been taking beta-blockers. These slow down my heart rate by dilating my blood vessels. And one day last week I forgot to take them in the morning. And on that same morning, after my regular cups of coffee, I felt *great*! My body and mind were in sync with my caffeine levels, the feeling you get of a good adrenaline rush. I felt active, excited, willing to do more and more work. Something I haven't felt in ages. Now I've felt that my dosage was too high for other reasons. But being heart medicine, I shouldn't skip on them either. So I'll continue them, but will mention it to my cardiologist and sleep specialist.
  15. A recent Canadian release I saw today: Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2. Sequel to the original from 2006 (a buddy cop movie that parodied the French-English language and cultural differences, notable for bilingual movie). The sequel lost a bit of its originality for the bilingual angle, but you do see how both characters evolved over the last decade. The main plans of the baddies went from standard criminal activities to pretty implausible terrorist ones. The movie was only showing for one week in my town and today was the last day. We were only three people in the theater, so it was lacking the audience reaction you'd expect of a comedy.