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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    It's never the ice you see that gets you, but that one patch you missed. Hope your noggin gets better.
  2. Mid life crisis

    I never did the 1-4 answers. 1- For career advancement, or lack of, I'd be content to last longer than 3 years in any single place. Financially, I'm secure enough that I could work for another 5 years and live off the interests of my investments. It won't be much of a life, but it's doable. 2- Vintage car? Uhm... never been much of a car guy. Any "special" car would be a project instead of real need to drive it. So I'd go with a sleeper car. A boring, unassuming exterior, but a high performance monster under the hood. Though I do like the idea of owning a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, I also know I wouldn't do anything interesting with it that warrants all that power. Instead, I imagine myself loading my Evo with bulk size toilet paper at Costco. 3- As for an affair. If I'm currently single, and an introvert, it's the lady that would be having an affair with me. And I probably wouldn't even be aware of it. 4- Fashion? Most of my clothes come from Value Village and I wear casual buttoned up shirts. I don't have the face, the body, nor the age to look sincerely fashionable.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    So I'm sick today. Good old fashion cold. For the past three days, it was on the verge of going one way or the other. It decided to go through my lungs and nose. Usually, that means there's an event I really want to go to (there is!) that's happening at the same time, but ultimately won't go, because I'm a considerate person and don't want to make the crowds suffer. At least it's beautiful day outs... WADDYA MEAN FREEZING RAIN?! I think I'll send some resumes out that may or may not get a response. That'll cheer me up. Right?! RIGHT?!
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Well he did voluntarily fail his saving throw.
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Well this is embarrassing. After recently updating my resume, I found a typo. Don't know if it was auto-corrupt or not, but it had to be corrected. It was supposed to be experience in root-cause failure analysis. Instead, it showed experience in toot-cause failure analysis. Two possible employers will wonder if I found the beans responsible for the failure. Turns out it was cabbage.
  6. An Angry Beard and Two Axes

    Trollslayers for the win!
  7. This is where understanding the difference between paint "drying" and paint "curing" is necessary. Acrylic paint dries fast (safe to touch), particularly on minis where thin layers are the norm. But to reach maximum hardness and resistance to solvents and water, the paint needs to cure for a much longer time (varies by paint type and thickness of layers). A good guide for minis is to wait 24 hours before sealing.
  8. Best Version of DnD?

    A recap of the last game I played at the café. Instead of the regular hack and slash, the DM went with a side quest story inspired from fairy tales that barely involved any combat. After some debate about what to do about those books of atrocious evil we found last time (formerly belonging to a lich), the tiefling warlock kept feeling a call that drew her north. P.S. The players know she's been infected with lycanthropy by the wererats, but no PC does. So while walking north, we stumble on an inn (with no roads leading to it) with only an elderly woman holding shop, and a mule tied outside. She offers off lodging, food, baths, somehow everything we wanted. Those who ate the homemade cookies turned into mules during the night (kept their minds), and the old lady had magical figurines that turned into a a farmer and mule to plow the fields. For years she was maintaining this enchanted inn, turning people into mules and selling them off. One mule kick to the head later, she was dead. The transformed PCs remained mules. Moments later, the fey that gave her this "gift" showed up and we were trapped with it until we entertained it sufficiently. Eventually he let us go and changed us back, but six months went by. So we continue north until until we find the hill in tiefling's vision. It has standing stones on top, and a magical ward that forced some of the PCs to suddenly reappear at the bottom of the hill several times. By the evening, the tiefling convinced us to do a ritual to summon a... eyeless beast of many eyes, with the evil books. The creature (a blind variant beholder) appears and turns out to be the warlock's patron. It took the pair of evil books and returned another book to the tiefling (it became her expanded spellbook). The creature asked us if we wanted something else. The group's brawler threw in a bone and folding chair (don't ask) and got a club size fang in exchange. I threw in an empty bag of stale muffins and got a mutated version of my childhood pet back (essentially got a free familiar out of it). I'm skipping over a lot of the silliness that accompanies our games. Using muffins from the 12yr old cleric as barter. How we kept stealing the books of evil from each other. How the brawler and my halfling sorcerer didn't really mind becoming mules. I became a teacup mule, so I was adorable and raided the kitchen. The fey turned the cleric into a footstool when he attacked him. Some gratuitous murder (elderly woman was not evil; the original mule was a transformed blacksmith that got killed; one of the figurines got thrown in the fireplace and technically was alive and died). All in all, the DM adapted a Chinese fairy tale with Irish fey (known to be broccolis). It was a nice change of not risking dying in combat all the time and perfect for drop in adventures.
  9. Mid life crisis

    Before I hit my personal mid-life crisis, I first need to "grow up". My state of mind is pretty much the same as it was in my 20s, save that I have more money, but less free time to spend with company (people my age are usually busy). And I don't obsess over things as intensely as I used to. Overall, I'm still "Me", with a tad more wisdom, and slightly less energy.
  10. New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

    It was a known story in my group in the early 90s. And our version was already translated in French (my native tongue). Personally, the worst my group did was drink mud from fountain after one of them gained 1d8 permanent hit points, with no indication that why it happened, nor that it would work again.
  11. New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

    i.e. Pit Ponies He was right that it can be done. Wrong that they remained completely sane. I could accept a special dwarven breed of mounts perfectly adapted, thriving even, for underground conditions. But any random mount will not be very cooperative.
  12. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    I finally picked up mine at the post office last Wednesday (after a three week vacation). I got the lump of coal! (And a winter elf, and a Ametrine Earthlyte).
  13. Learn to Paint

    By Jove, I think they've got it. Far better than my first attempts all those years ago.
  14. New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

    I love where this is going. Every PC should come up with a reason for wanting him dead for "reasons" (cheated them out of a deal; slept with their significant other; murdered their parents; secret spy of a hostile nation; bad tipper; pet dog dug up your flower bed; etc.). If the DM is railroading the adventure; might as well be a train robber and (heroically) take over the train.
  15. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I'm interested in the elementals and other monsters in general, but I'm curious about the colors of the air/water/fire elementals. Will they be colored or uncolored at retail?
  16. So my mother is going to sale the family home within the next two years, so she's gradually getting rid of a lot of stuff. Part of it is my late father's extensive book collection (Dad was like House Figmentius with respect to books, I'm talking about over a dozen bookcases filled with two rows). Since she knows there are a lot of valuable documents in there, she asked us kids (myself, my brother and sister) to go through it and choose what we want to keep. My dad's tastes were extensive. If a subject piqued his interest, he would buy a series of books on it. Also, since he grew up with what we called the "Classic Course" of education in a seminary, he had a large collection of religious writings (particularly those of Saint Augustine) and classics of literature. Since he had a PhD in hydro-geology (and earth sciences overall) and a university teacher, there were a lot of science text books. It made for an interesting treasure hunt. So within the same room, I could find the writings of Pascal, the history of democracy, a biography of Ru Paul, the microbiology of soil, Hitler's Mein Kampf (in German Gothic script), travel diary of a Saint, and the (all text, no pictures) Kama Sutra. Books/dictionaries on how to learn Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, Persian, Portuguese, Armenian, Greek, Latin, Spanish, German. Back to me. After going through about half of the whole collection, here's what I took out of it (and I'm forgetting some): Complete works of Charles Dickens Greek Myths Canterbury Tales Arabian Nights Persian Book of Kings La Chanson de Roland Beowulf The Divine Comedy Bhagavad Gita Aesop's fables La Fontaine's fables Catcher in the Rye Huckleberry Finn The Iliad (I think I already have a copy) Homer's Odyssey (also may already have a copy) Several art/reference books Several myth/legends books Several foreign language/philosophy books It was kind of freaky sometimes finding books where my dad and I were both interested in without me ever realizing it (apple not falling far from the tree). I skipped on a lot of poets and authors as I'm not a particular fan of them (Jack Kerouac, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Marcel Proust, Albert Camus), probably because they remind me too much of mandatory reading in high school, and skipped on several I already own (i.e. Gulliver's Travels), or can't read (Don Quixote in original Spanish).
  17. Creature Colors?

    Like everyone said, different game systems, different colors. It allows for racial/regional variants. Base species, elder, elite, magical, polar, aquatic, etc. When I painted my Bones goblins (tons of them), I went with vastly different skin color schemes. Partly to be easier to differentiate on the game table (was GMing back then), partly to experiment with color combos (some worked, others... not so much).
  18. Coffee Dwarf Caffine Canon

    I've had gunpowder tea in the past, so having dwarves weaponize coffee somehow makes sense. They look like an eager and alert group. For the piece itself, the coffee pot is the only thing I can see that needs further decorations. I'm picturing the Starbucks logo converted to a dwarf beard.
  19. Star Wars: What's going on? (SPOILERS)

    I always imagined her as the next Bobba Fett (low screen time but instant fan favorite for kick broccoli potential). Instead they made her into a shiny red shirt. I bet her full name is Phasma Wilhelm.
  20. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    If I recall my road runner/coyote latin, for a machine gun wielding squirrel, I'd call you: Seriosus Sciurus (Serious Squirrel) If I recall my road runner/coyote latin, for a machine gun wielding squirrel, I'd call you: Seriosus Sciurus (Serious Squirrel)
  21. recovery advice

    I was thinking something along that line too. With the pinkish color, it looks like the base of a little colorful shrine with the central statue missing. You may have had a happy little accident.
  22. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    So much this! Not having to secure a ride between the hotel/con at any time of day is worth it. If I want an afternoon nap between classes, the room is within walking distance. If I don't want to carry my new acquisitions, the room is within walking distance. If I just want some quiet time, the room is within walking distance. Hopefully, shuttle services from/to the airport will also be easier.
  23. Evolution of my paint collection

    I went from about two dozen bottles of paints/ink, mostly from Ral Partha and Citadel. All bought used. Now I have over three hundred paints. 90% is Reaper, the rest a mix of Tamiya clears, Scale75 metallics, P3, etc. that I keep in three Reaper paint caddies.
  24. Freezing paint

    I would wager that any water based solution should avoid freezing. All of the various additives do not freeze and thaw equally.
  25. Taking care of brushes

    When I do a thorough cleaning of my brushes (which is often, even within a single paint session), I know if my brushes are clean enough by whatever is coming out of the suds when I swirl my brush in the brush cleaner. It it's all white, it's clean; if it's the colour of whatever I used in the last hours, I rinse and repeat. Reading past comments on brush care, I realize I don't need to do it that often.