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  1. I have a hard-covered art book that I use, though I don't use it as often as I should. I went with an art book as the paper is heavier and depending on what I'm doing, I put a dab of the paint, especially when it's mixed, for reference and the heavier paper doesn't get weird when I do. More often than not, I do it for 40K armies since I paint those so sporadically and when I go back to them, it's nice to have an idea of how I did whatever it was I did. I also mixed up a lot of my own washes using Les Bursley's recipe and have added color swatches of the finished product as I went.
  2. Great stuff! Loving the base. Home stretch! You can do it!
  3. I host gaming related activities at my place twice a week: Fridays is usually role playing (currently Cypher/Numenera but D&D is up next I believe) and Sunday night is boardgames. We usually start after the kidlets go to bed but sometimes during the summer we gather early, have a big BBQ and then start playing earlier.
  4. Solid start! Colors are really coming together! Now.. Paint!!
  5. Canadian backer here (Ottawa should anyone care). Just got my second notification from UPS that my lovelies will be delivered before end of business tomorrow. Giggle!
  6. Looks great! Great finishing touches.
  7. I currently play Kingdom Death, both versions of Zombicide, the Others (less so than the others) and 40K though I also have a LOT of Skaven. Frostgrave has captured my interest but we have too many things on the go right now...
  8. Cant wait to see what you do with it! I still need to fish mine out of his box one day...
  9. I want to call him done. Going to have a last look at him in proper daylight tomorrow but I think he's headed for the show off thread. Next up, werewolf. Thanks for looking.
  10. You mean you don't have 4 extra bottles on hand for something like this?! Oooh, potential drama right out of the gate! steals some of OneBoot's popcorn.
  11. My main problem with the poxwalkers is that they are all smiling strangely... I get that they are one cough/sneeze away from a happy plague-ridden death, but... put me off them. And of course you need another GW starter set! Who doesn't?! That voice doesn't know what it's talking about... listen to the minis...
  12. I have a nice big wood one from Ikea in my airbrush booth but may need to move it to my painting table for Ma'al. Very much looking forward to all the WIP threads for that one!
  13. That point when the colors start coming together. Depending on the miniature, I sometimes block in the base colors and then work on the shading/highlighting OR I focus on certain parts of the mini but there's a point in both cases where things start to gel and you get that "this is coming together as I had hoped" moment. It's that moment that pushes me to paint more and to try to finish off the mini.
  14. I love these challenges! You're all nuts and it's wonderful! I would need time away from my children to be able to attempt one... one day... Best of luck to you! We'll be here cheering you along.