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  1. Umm, why isn't it all painted yet?
  2. Love it! Great idea!! However, the shipper actually delivered it to the wrong house and they simply accepted it. So it's both their fault. I've yet to lose anything off my front step (knock on wood!).
  3. Re-acquired my shipments from Amazon. Still think whoever kept my stuff is a seriously elfy person... Proxxon hot wire cutter will be tested this weekend, new small tablet for the kids and a bluetooth speaker for my dad's bday are on hand after a week of silliness with Amazon and the shipper. Also, wife decided to upgrade our phones on the way home so she brought me a iPhone SE to upgrade my dated 4S. Considerably newer phone and not the size of a small television.
  4. My goals for this month are to finish the powder room I'm redoing so I can finally get back to my models... I miss them so and they keep grumbling at me when I sit down at my computer and ignore them... I've got big blue sitting on my computer desk staring at me, silently judging me... Found a couple spots on the ice base where I can see pink foam, so I'll have to add a touch more snow there once I add the protagonists. So, long story short, my hobby goals for the month are to finish RL stuff so I can do hobby stuff.
  5. Sounds like a great way to fight the brain weasels (as a good friend calls them). Looking forward to seeing your stuff!
  6. Acquired... a whole lot of stuff from Amazon including a table foam cutter (Proxxon), a tablet and a spiffy Bose speaker for my dad's birthday. Now if only the shipping company had actually delivered it to my house and if only the not-so-kind-waste-of-genetic-material at some other house had not signed for and kept my stuff. And I realize that amazon will replace the stuff but my dad's birthday is this weekend and I didn't want to spend the hours that it will take to deal with the shipper and then Amazon.
  7. Very cool stuff! And it's coming along great!
  8. My wife! I don't really touch the garden if I can avoid it. I would pour concrete from the house to the front curb and replace the entire back yard with deck/patio if I were allowed to... so I leave the care of green things that grow to my wife.
  9. Just for kicks (not sure why I would otherwise) and excluding some fasting prior to surgeries, I observed Ramadan with a Muslim friend one year. Thankfully it was during the winter months so it wasn't too horrible and he allowed me a little water during the day. All in all, it wasn't that bad but I work in an office and had no kids and my GF at the time worked nights at the time so it was easy to moderate my schedule and activity levels. Weekends were harder... Doing it during the summer months and/or while doing a physical job would have been really rough. The meal we prepared for Eid to mark the end of Ramadan was truly epic!
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. complete

    I got mine and everything appears in order. Darn customs hit me on this one though.
  12. Funded

    I'm now very sad I didn't have the funds for the Pathfinder set. If he reopens the PM, I'll be getting one... I think... The Gambler is amazing!!
  13. I've been in cubicles off and on for almost 20 years and other than my current boss putting post-its on my screen and chair in various... shapes, I've only ever resorted to paper clip battles with one guy. We'd randomly fling paperclip over the walls at the other person, usually when the other person was on a conference call or something... Otherwise we keep things pretty quiet. Boring government employees...
  14. Coming along great! Keep it up!