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  1. Happy Birthday Bloodhowl !!

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday Odinsgrandson !!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. The Kraken

    oooh idea potentially thieved!!
  4. Adrian Smith's HATE

    From the FAQ... Sigh, I really wanted just a handful of minis along with the artbook. Sigh. My group is hitting the surplus point on the games front as we're not able to spend the time we want playing the various options and already have more on the way. Going to have to sit this one out... Sorry Odinsgrandson. Can I purchase just the optional buys? No. A full Tyrant pledge is required to purchase any optional buys. Last updated: Tue, January 16 2018 3:02 PM EST
  5. CMON Rising Sun

    Sitting and patiently waiting... Ottawa, Canada here. No shipping info, no boxes of glorious goodness...
  6. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Enjoying a quiet night in with Mrs. Rahz to celebrate the anniversary of our first date along with shopping for birthday presents for her and our daughter (Sunday and next Monday respectively). NOT looking forward to continuing the bathroom renos that have kept me away from my minis for the past few weeks and the prep required to host my family this coming weekend to celebrate said birthdays. ;-)
  7. Picked up the new Warring Colonies expansion for Dead of Winter, the expansion for the dice version of Pandemic and Mice and Mystics to play with the kids. Hmm board games.
  8. Eagerly awaiting mine...
  9. Eye practice

    This is an awesome idea! Great stuff!
  10. Happy Birthday Noodlemancer !!!

    Happy Birthday Noodles!!
  11. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Cross 2 small things off my work to-do-list. Hobby related: finish plans for a paint every day for a month plan. Can't pull off a mini a day, but hope to manage some hobby time every day.
  12. Happy Birthday Highlander !!!

    Happy Birthday!