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  1. Awesome job on an icky miniature!
  2. I still have all the metallic paints from that line and they're all still good to go. They don't get used too often so don't get exposed to air that much and I semi-regularly hit all my paints (becoming problematic as my paint collection grows...) with a spin on the vortex shaker to keep things mixed. I love those paints! The old Citadel Glistening Green over the Reaper Pro Paint Green Stone was my go-to for Warpstone for my Skaven. Both are still usable and off-limits to painting children and visiting friends.... my precious!!
  3. Not food/drink related but... painting! I didn't have the patience for it when I was younger and it just frustrated me. Now, it's one of the most relaxing things I could do (except when things don't turn out then way I want them to, of course...). Food/drink related, I'm not sure. I was one of those kids that ate pretty much anything. I still won't eat Brussel Sprouts... darn little alien pod brains...
  4. Got a bunch of new 40K Indexes (Chaos, Xenos 1 and Marines), the main book in enhanced ebook format (love these!) and the Xenos FW book. Should almost set me up with all the necessary to play again. Also acquired a new vanity/sink/tap/etc for the powder room I gutted last weekend.
  5. I have a bunch of Pop figures on my desk at work, a couple crafts my kids did and a coffee maker. The coffee maker is contraband I'm not supposed to have but... oh well.
  6. Period doesn't matter too much. The minis are supposed to be Western of sorts, I see them more as steampunky so anything that's not ultra-modern would probably work. Thanks so much for the input folks. I was leaning towards the model as opposed to the diecast for the ease of tearing it apart, or simply omitting certain pieces. The 1:48 beetle kit looks cool! And my google-fu yielded this. I should be able to damage it easily enough. Going to have a look at a few options. Not starting this project until I get at least 1 other one off my desk... And I'm sure many of us have said that many time before... ;-)
  7. Hi all, Since I don't have enough projects on the go already , and I've had this idea rolling around in my head since the kickstarter as rolling, I figured I'm start collecting bits and pieces for it. I find these guys look a bit more steampunky/post apocalyptic than Wild West and, other than the witch, want to have them on a yellow brick road of sorts with a ruined landscape surrounding them. I was thinking that a gutted car in the background and have been scrambling through the interwebs in search of something suitable. I'm hoping for something completely burnt out with just the metal frame left, some doors missing, perhaps a touch of glass. Now most of the cars I've found in a quasi decent scale are diecast which will make gutting them a pain, I would imagine. And obviously, I'm hoping to not spend a bomb on a piece of broken decoration... Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  8. Cool figure and you're off to a great start! And don't worry about finishing... most of us have a healthy shelf of shame of unfinished projects...
  9. Love this mini and your work on it! Looking forward to seeing it done.
  10. The distinct lack of horrible white stuff covering EVERYTHING and temperatures that would make an ice giant go in search for a sweater...
  11. If it weren't for my kids, I'd barely celebrate the big ones, so no. Other than potentially getting a day off work sometimes, meh!