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  1. Happy Birthday Noodlemancer !!!

    Happy Birthday Noodles!!
  2. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Cross 2 small things off my work to-do-list. Hobby related: finish plans for a paint every day for a month plan. Can't pull off a mini a day, but hope to manage some hobby time every day.
  3. Happy Birthday Highlander !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday Tamara !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Dreadmere Begins...

    Wonderful skin tones! These are going to be awesome!
  6. Oriental Pulp Minis

    Great stuff! The jade chair is amazing!
  7. That would be hard... I used to say pizza as it can be very varied in toppings, crusts, etc but... I've eaten and loved food from too many countries and enjoy cooking too much to pick just one. If I absolutely had to though, I would have to second Crowley, and go with a full brunch.
  8. Significant: finish my degree... maybe one day... Minor: cross the Equator. I've traveled the Norther Hemisphere very extensively but have yet to go South.
  9. The world of the Last Airbender (animated, not the crappy movie). The worst, I would happen to agree with Ash Adler, and WH40K...
  10. Happy Birthday Llamaroo !!!

    Happy almost Christmas Birthday!!
  11. That Phoenix is amazing! Love the work on the wings. Keep it up!
  12. Ask Buglips Anything

    How many of your brethren has Santa kidnapped to work in his toy shop? Has he ever targeted you?
  13. Feeling I'm going to get bit by the DM bug again soon, I picked up D&D's "Out of the Abyss" adventure. My group us presently running a different premade but it's not going to last long and then another member is running us through some StarFinder for a bit. Should give me lots of time to tear the premade apart and remake it, my way.