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  1. -- --redacted-- --
  2. Whatever number my wife has is definitely too many (don't tell her that!!). I have 8 :2 work shoes (black and brown), 2 outside boot/winter shoes, 2 pairs of sandals and 2 pairs of hiking/running shoes.
  3. Happy Birthday Minibart !

    Happy birthday!
  4. Back in high school, after years of begging my parents to take some (I have a bit of a temper...) I took Aikido and savate (French kick boxing). During one of my first aikido classes I was paired with this lovely little lady in her 60s... OMG did she hurt me! I was 18, track team, already doing kick boxing and the more strength I threw at her, the more I hurt myself. I know for a fact that my sensei did this on purpose. I had a very different outlook after that first class. It was an amazing experience. Both kids are now in aikido classes (though it's more judo than aikido...). I plan on getting my daughter into krav maga when she's a bit older, the plan being boy looks at her the wrong way, she tears out his throat, after breaking both his clavicles and ankles..
  5. Awesome stuff so far! Looking forward to more. This may be the kick I need to get my skaven buddies assembled and painted up!!
  6. Happy Birthday Rahz !

    Thank you all! Stuck at work today but wife is taking me to a wine show tonight (endless wine and nibbles) and I do have tomorrow off. Just a few hours to go. 8)
  7. That is exactly it. The point was to have a more modest jump in scale than up to 1/10 which is what most of his busts are supposed to be.
  8. I haven't tried them, but their brushes seem to be well liked by folks who have tried them. Might be something more useful. Their smaller "transition busts" are quite neat too.
  9. So... we're playing StarFinder right now and using a hex grid for the space battles and such so I thought "Hmm, we need some hex bases. Reaper has hex bases!" And so this happened... At least I did get the hex bases. 72253: 1 Inch Hex Transparent Flight Stand w/ Short Flight Peg (10 bases, 10 pegs) $5.99 x277375: Mashaaf $29.99 x109413: Naga Green $3.69 x109416: Spectral Glow $3.69 x109417: Void Blue $3.69 x109420: Glacier Blue $3.69 x109421: Frost Blue $3.69 x109415: Dungeon Slime $3.69 x109424: Runic Purple $3.69 x109436: Bleached Linen $3.69 x109432: Desert Sand $3.69 x1Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Stitch Thimbletoe
  10. I agree. I play the flute and have an obsession with rats so I kinda had to pick this up, but the sculptor I obviously has no clue... I spent a few minutes looking at his hands trying to figure out what he was supposed to do, and... not much?! ;)
  11. I have a couple different ones... Sedition Wars game/minis. Game was really "meh", minis were tiny and not the quality I had hoped for, even the extras through the KS. GW paint in those horrible hard plastic bullet pots. Lost so much paint... Rosemary brushes. I know many swear by them, but I ordered a few and they have no spring at all to them. There is not enough brush-viagra in the world to make those work for me.
  12. I kind of already have my dream hobby room. I would potentially upgrade the table at some point, but otherwise I'm good. And I've got a wife happy to let me play with little plastic men in the basement... April 16th: Taxes not done yet but I've got until the end of the month up here in Canukistan.
  13. I broke down and ordered another piece from BrokenToad. Love the weaponized flute and his little rat friends on his shoulders.
  14. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    I like some of the rules for the new zombie types (something I plan on trying with the other versions of Zcide). My gaming group got all excited about it (not exactly sure why...) by they are throwing gobs of money at me to get in on it (I like the silliness of following Kickstarters...) so I'm in. Overall, I'm kinda meh but the boys are excited so it will at least get some decent table time. I just won't need to be bothered with painting any of it.