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  1. - Speed-paint: Basecoat, wash, drybrush keeping the palette limited. - Table-top: More developed palette, some basic shading/highlights in addition to the above, as necessary. - show quality: something I'm not able to pull off yet...
  2. Have been in a building mood lately, so my goal for August is to assemble as many minis as possible. So far I've gotten 7 Eldar Jetbikes with magnetized weapons (missing the stands from Back2Basiks that are in the mail) and 3 Primaris Aggressors w/ Flamestorm Gauntlets. Next up are more skaven (yes, I've got my fingers in way way too many things...), some primaris Reivers and if I have the time, 3 more jetbikes to bring my squad to 10 (or more likely, 2 5-man squads). Still have some conversion work to do on all the Primaris marines to fit them into my Legion of the Damned/Salamanders army. This may happen this month if I get a solid evening of quiet hobby time.
  3. Poor kindle... I'm in the same boat though, minus the cat pee...
  4. My soul cheered when I read this, as my wallet wept in a dark corner, fearing the abuse to come... Assuming the terrain is decent and not going to financially cripple me, I'm going to be all over this...
  5. OMG. This is the most awesome use of the internet, EVER!
  6. Peeks into Randomness thread after being absent for a couple weeks... Wow this thing grows fast when you're not looking! Dashes off to write an exam that should allow him to keep his current, temporary job. Ah, the HR foibles of the Gooberment of Canukistan. No more interneting until the exam is done!
  7. Great stuff! Once you've got the sides all polished, it's really going to pop!
  8. Wow, when you get back on the horse, you do it with gusto!

    Oooh, now there's an idea!!
  10. Watching this with great interest as I hope to one day have a certain kraken popping up from the depths... Good luck with the second attempt!
  11. Yay, adventurers! Looking forward to the big finale!
  12. Wow! Now that's a goblin challenge! Well done! Now go get some rest (after you work...).