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  1. Fulfilling

    Received my 1.5 upgrade box today (Ottawa, Canada). Box and main book are gorgeous! /swoon Will have a closer look at things tomorrow as D&D is tonight.
  2. Ordered some textured rollers from GS world since many of them are on sale and one of my preferred terrain making youtube channels was offering a 5% discount code as well. Now to wait as their shipping times tend to be a little rough... My Reaper order got stuck in Customs so now I wait to see how much extra they are going to demand for my goodies.
  3. Very nice looking marines!
  4. Very cool piece!
  5. This thread is so awesome!!
  6. Placed an order to get some Halloween goodies and the anniversary fig this month: 09307: Red Liner (3.29) x209308: Green Liner (3.29) x209309: Sepia Liner (3.29) x214266: Selthak Poisoner,Overlords Solo (7.99) x150326: Victorian Lord & Dame (10.49) x160106: Pathfinder Explorer (7.29) x177609: Bonesylvanians - Lou (3.29) x1 FLGS was taking too long getting the new liners in so that was my excuse.
  7. Good morning, friendly Reaperites! I'm hyper on too much caffeine and awaiting an interview that should (fingers crossed) allow me to keep the job I've been doing since last Christmas. 2.5 hours to go, so should be able to vibrate off some of the caffeine jitters before then. Off to my first meeting! /twitch!
  8. Not exactly mini-related but it will impact my mini purchases in the future, had to order a new motherboard, CPU and RAM for my gaming rig. Was hoping it was a power source issue, sadly that checked out wonderfully... While I needed a break from computer games to get back to my minis, this isn't how I wanted said break to happen... Also picked up 7 Wonders board game along with most of the expansions because it's such an awesome game. Highly recommended!
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Amazing stuff!
  13. Sigh, articles are starting to pop up now. Looks like we've lost another one... /sadface
  14. I love the Wyrd Gremlins! I've avoided acquiring many for fear of them taking over my skaven projects... watching with interest!