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  1. 6 years ago when we found out my wife was expecting kidlet#2, I decided to finish my basement so as to retain some hobby space. Went from mouse-infested half drywalled walls back to bare concrete before framing in the whole thing (2 large rooms, bathroom, storage room...). Other than some light patching of drywall before painting and the like, I'd never done any "construction". Did all the drawings, tear down, framing including pocket doors, sub-floor, drywall and painting. Electrical (which included a new electrical panel..) , plumbing, spray-foam insulation, installation of larger windows which included adding window wells and cutting concrete and finally the flooring were left to pros. Had some friends in to assist here and there but other than for the mudding, none of them knew anything more than I did... I'd say it turned out well!
  2. Progress is progress! Get it when and where you can!
  3. Top Hats and twisty mustaches because, just once, I'd like a reason to wear them both...
  4. The longest I've spent was about 12 hours straight: a buddy was playing Starcraft next to me and we'd chat back and forth... and it was glorious. Now that was about 20 years, 2 marriages, a divorce and 2 kids ago... Nowadays I get anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours with the occasional 3+ hour stint. Wet pallet and a permanent set-up are key to this. Sometimes my 15 minutes is simply blasting a coat of primer or varnish on a model or adding a quick wash to part of the model. On pieces that get a bit more attention and care, with the wet pallet I've been able to open it up, do the next round of highlights on an area, rinse brush, close the pallet up again in under 15 minutes. My goal is to do something hobby related (and this can include some tidying of my unruly space) every day. I'd say I accomplish this about 4 days a week now.
  5. Tiniest of happiest birthdays to you!
  6. A Kid: The Princess Bride A teen: The Hobbit An Adult: The Dresden series... yes, all of them!!!
  7. Good looking minis with good looking bases! Welcome and please share more!
  8. Not really hobby-related other than it will likely lessen my hobby purchases for the next little while... We acquired a new (second) car yesterday (picking it up on Friday). Mrs. Rahz is thrilled as it is in her name and they had one available with the features she really wanted, most importantly standard transmission and in the colour she wanted. Happy wife, happy modeler!! And for the curious, it's a 2017 Mazda 3 Sport GS. Now, going car shopping with a 5 and 8 year olds in tow is not really the most peaceful way to spend an early afternoon, but at least it's done.
  9. Thanks. I think I'm only going to paint up the abominations for BP since they are so unique. I have enough problems with infantry in 40K armies that walkers/runners would likely make me crazy. After these 3 are done, I'm going to move on to the Troll and the Alpha. Now that I've figured out how to base them, I'll be snapping them off their bases at the start which will make dealing with some more of the mold lines (though I didn't really attack them too much...) and painting easier.
  10. Because I apparently suffer from extreme ADHD when it comes to miniature painting... squirrel!! Ahem, the following are in various stages of WIP. Everything on the blob and rat has been applied by airbrush and mostly inks and washes to this point. The Abominataur has had some brushwork done since and is nearing completion. Tried something I picked up from a French Youtuber Hutif who mixes some satin varnish in with her inks when she sprays them. Will be doing a comparison on some different models at some point to see if it's actually doing anything but it seems to be helping the ink settle into the recesses better. Applying inks/washes through the airbrush has also been neat as you spray at such a low pressure that you can get really precise. If nothing else, it was great practice. These are not meant to be works of art, just messing around and hoping to get them on the table with 3 or so hours of work each. So far, the minotaur is the farthest along has had about 2 hours total. Thanks for looking.
  11. Very much worth bouncing for! I have an army of rats that are dire need of bases!
  12. I'm disappointed you think we'd all get caught! ;-) Nickname: Jamaica Cell Mate: A gentle soul named Henry. He too was arrested for producing massive quantities of weed though he smoked more than he should have. When and how are you getting out: Never! Finally have time to paint my minis, though I guess I'll have to get used to mold lines as sharp items are kind of frowned upon in these places...
  13. Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday!
  15. Ordered these a couple weeks back in honor of my birthday and they arrived yesterday! Perfect timing! The kids were even able to gift them to me last night! Lost Tribe will be to work on darker skin tones and Sail Away terrifies me from a painting perspective, so she should be loads of fun even if I don't do her justice.
  16. With 2/3 of the month gone, I've managed to finish one of the abominations for Black Plague so at least my goal has been reached. Hoping to wrap up the last 2 in the coming 10 days so I can go back to staring at Cinder...
  17. Decided to skip the pigments, at least on this one. Adding some rubble to the Minotaur as he breaks through walls. Ablomination is pretty much done. I may add some drool once I'm done sealing him, but we'll see. Thanks for looking.
  18. Thank you! Birthdays are good when you have enough unpainted minis to live forever! I have the day off work and the plan is to paint the day away.
  19. If this thread is even half as awesome as the terrain building thread, it will be epic! Great kit bashing on the diggas and the paint is off to a great start!
  20. So.. 3 hours each huh? Sigh, it was going well until this happened... The pictures of the abominations didn't turn out (blurry) so I'll have to retake them and no they're not quite done yet but I tried painting a stone pattern on their bases and it wasn't working and then this happened... Ripped the models off their bases, glue them to a sheet of textured plastic from Plastruct I've had kicking around for over a decade, filled in the sides with putty, sanded and drilled through to replace the studs that the minis were glued to. Had 1 mishap with the left foot of the Ratabomination breaking but it was a clean break so he's now fixed and no one's the wiser. They are still wet, hence the shine, but I'm quite happy with the look though. Primed them with Vallejo Sand, picked some random stones out with Vallejo Leather and others with Vallejo Charred Brown and then went to town on them with Vallejo washes (Rust, Green, Dark Brown and Dark Grey). Thinking of adding some dry pigments between the stones (not sure of color yet) and then call them done. Will see how they dry though. thanks for looking.
  21. Wow! awesome sculpting/converting! Looking forward to the end product!
  22. I'm loving the green! Awesome mini!