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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Just ordered the following lovelies... Really need to wrap up some of my current WIPs that have been whimpering in their corner for the past couple months.
  3. Simply amazing!! Totally nuts, but amazing!
  4. I have never roasted them as I choose not to cook them. i might throw some in with some other mixed veggies when i do roast them next.
  5. Liver and brussel sprouts... 2 things that I really don't care for and have not eaten since I had the choice not to. I have had brussel sprouts shredded in dishes and didn't notice them, but otherwise those 2 things I avoid completely.
  6. Not sure if I do. I very much enjoyed the Marvel stuff on Netflix but watch it with my wife and our schedules are rather crazy so we are often months behind. Have never binge-watched anything as I'm usually too distracted by computer games or models.
  7. Great job so far on an amazing piece! Looking forward to the finale!
  8. Not so much hobbying but Friday saw characters prepped for a new D&D adventure starting in a week or so and Sunday night was filled with freezing cold and zombies, care of Dead of Winter with the evening wrapped up with a quick round of Cards Against Humanity.
  9. Love it! Following this!
  10. This thread is going to be awesome! You're making me want to add more of these in the pledge manager...
  11. When I was 17 and living in Spain I invited 115 kids over for an end of year party. Had a couple buddies come over a few days before to help prep burgers (all scratch made), salads and such. And then 115 teens descended onto the house. It was awesome. We had a very large lot, pool, tennis court and it was full of "kids" from noon until midnight. It was awesome. the beer flowed, the tunes blared (the neighbors were very forgiving). The new liners... I usually don't focus on the paint sets during the kickstarters and VERY much regret it this time... Bones and liners go together too awesomely well to have missed out on them. They're out at the Reaper store now but my FLGS won't have them until next month unfortunately.
  12. Gah, so sorry to hear that. Best of luck with the clean-up.
  13. Continuing with my building push 1. Finish assembling 7 Primaris Reivers (3 done..) 2. add some flames/bones to 10 primaris reivers and 3 Aggressors 3. add magnets to 7 jetbikes (stands received) 4. build/base 8 more skaven clanrats to bring unit to 20 5. get some more paint onto my ice dragon
  14. Check out Black Magic Craft on Youtube. He makes tones of terrain with pink foam and he uses Minwax Polyurethane sealer on them. He applies it after priming with his own mix (see below) and paint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNyf69SWJ88 He also has a video on Why did the Minwax melt my styrofoam... proper application tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA3RciXFVxM&t=2sHe also preps/primes all his stuff using a mix of ModPodge mixed with cheap craft paint. I did the same with the base for T'Raukzul and it worked great. His ModPodge mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR-tgtcuRPg&t=1s Haven't sealed it yet as I'm not done (I know.. slacker...) but will be giving the Minwax a try. Good luck!
  15. Such an amazing job! I'm saving copies of all the pictures of the eyes for future reference. Glad you got some sleep and are back in the thick of it. You can do it!!
  16. The only thing I'm sad about is missing out on the third part of the boat reveal. Otherwise, totally happy with my acquisitions. Another very good run, Reaper folks. Thank you.
  17. Video games, reading and rock climbing (which is not ideal for modeling...)
  18. Great idea and the effect turned out great!
  19. Sweet stuff!
  20. Very nice job!