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  1. I think around 24 or so. GW Lizardmen skinks and saurus warriors quickly washed and drybrushed for a friend. They turned out pretty good (he was thrilled!). I really should do more of this to speed up the production of some of my swarms...
  2. Happy Birthday Tolomere !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday Skya !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. I still kick myself for not getting one (or 3!) of these... Pulling up a chair to enjoy the show! Steals some of Glitterwolf's cheese!
  5. I would love to pick up the Jekyll/Hyde pair and paint them back to back but they would likely fall behind all the other stuff I'm not painting right now, so... maybe one day at retail...
  6. Being up in Canukistan, I did not vote yesterday.
  7. Happy Birthday Underling !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday Mckenna35 !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday LarsM !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday Lord_Ashenwyte !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Keeping a mixing tray clean

    I use a wet palette (Masterson with baking paper) but if I'm painting a large surface (big dragon) or am just slopping some wash or ink around, I use the small 6-well palette. Been using the same 4 or so for over a decade and other than a couple small spots, they are still almost spotless. I clean then when all the well are dirty, sometimes after they have sat there for months... A quick spray with Simple Green, leave to sit for a while and then peal off the lump of paint.
  12. Acquired a some new 40K codexes and the fancy version of Tokaido board game. Very much looking forward to it as it's been on my list for a couple years now. The little figures in them are quite cute. Want to paint them but have a feeling they are going to stay white for a while...
  13. November Hobby Goals!

    Do you have a full plan for the chess set? My son (8) has developed a strong interest in chess and already likes playing with and painting "white bonhommes" (Bones) so I was thinking of doing a Bones based chess set... Id love to steal some ideas!!
  14. November Hobby Goals!

    Going to try to keep November goals simple since I’m ripping out our main bathroom back to studs in a week or two. Get some one more work done on my ice dragon and his opponent. Get some GS flames and bones onto my Primaris Reavers to better tie them into my Legion of the Damned army. sketch out the diorama idea that took over my brain last night and kept me awake before it floats away.
  15. BOO! October Hobby Goals!

    Most of my hobby time this month was spent on making these for my son’s class (he volunteered me). So I cranked these out, primed then with mod podge mixed with cheap acrylic paint. Thankfully there are only 8 kids in my son’s class so 10 shields and a dozen swords later (anticipating some accidents). The kids will be decorating them in class. The minis I had hoped to assemble were done at least. Also managed to clean my painting table a bit, which will help getting back to getting paint onto my minis.
  16. Happy Birthday warlordgarrou!

    Happy Birthday!
  17. happy birthday NebulousMissy!

    Happy Birthday!
  18. All Halloween gear except for the real pumpkins gets dragged in as soon as I run out of candy or we decide it's too late. Lights outside get turned off and all of it fits in a big plastic tub which is already down in the basement awaiting next year. The real pumpkins will last until tomorrow, garbage day unless I can talk my wife into making something with them (i'm a horrible baker...).
  19. Happy Birthday, Nameless!!

    Happy Birthday!
  20. Pinhead... my children would never speak to me ever again (5 and 8), but it might be worth it...
  21. Paint Track Apps?

    Hmm thanks for this. I had been looking for an emulator and hadn't found anything decent. Will give this a try.
  22. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Received my 1.5 upgrade box today (Ottawa, Canada). Box and main book are gorgeous! /swoon Will have a closer look at things tomorrow as D&D is tonight.