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  1. I'm in again. Norman, Oklahoma No to international shipping No to starting a box.
  2. Ulfheathen

    giant snake???

    Conan snake on Reaper 3 inch round base.
  3. Ulfheathen

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    A possible alternate suggestion for the bard's instrument is a sanxian like this.
  4. Ulfheathen


    Rebel Minis has a goblin henchmen pack with a miner, a porter, and a lantern bearer. Also happens to be sculpted by the same sculptor (Bobby Jackson) as well.
  5. Pics of what I took. Some pieces from Massive Darkness. Three martians, an unknown fishman and two Buck Rodgers figures. A partial draconian, paladin with halberd, barbary sword master, GW undead horse, and a reaper Daimyo samurai. Grenadier air elemental, monk, paladin, wight, night hag, wererat and armored barbarian. Sabertooth cerberus missing two heads, GW gryph head and wings from 14234: Guardian Beast. And finally what will be my first bust.
  6. Box sent on it's way to @Sylverthorne.
  7. Ulfheathen

    Reaper's NMM Gold triad

    From Bones 3 Kickstarter.
  8. The lady on the left is 01524: ReaperCon Sophie 2014 . So she is also missing her wings.
  9. Pics of what I took. Wood display base, cork and wood pieces. Moss, two types of flock, plastic I beam, wooden knife. Gold rocks, sand, blue glass, resin snail, two gears, skull and spine bits, glass ball & 3 bases.
  10. @Pingo The two unknown archers are Persians from Warlord Games Hail Caesar.
  11. From a kickstarter board game called King Down.