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  1. From a kickstarter board game called King Down.
  2. I'm in. Norman, OK No to starting. Don't have much supplies will add what I can.
  3. I'm in. Norman, OK No to box starting or international shipping.
  4. This is what was waiting for me in the mail box today. My wife ordered them last week after I just happened to find them for sale when trying to find pictures of the verminites to show her. Kaladrax is just a bonus that she knows I've wanted for a while.
  5. Ebonwrath Base

    Reaper bases that Ebonwrath would fit on are not available yet. There are 3 large round bases in the preview gallery that would work showing a December release. The kickstarter pledge manager shows 3 oval bases that would work of an unknown release date.
  6. That base will be to small. My Ebonwrath is mounted slightly diagonally on a 100mm x 50mm rectangle base. The back most foot is at the edge of the base and there is only 5mm of space to the edge from the front most foot.
  7. Primary and secondary base coat colors roughly blocked in on both dragons. Ebonwrath Kryphrixis
  8. it is a Last Stand Convertibles 50mm x 100mm Chariot Base.
  9. Dragons assembled and primed with liners. Not sure what I'm going to do with the bases yet, maybe something will come to me as the dragons take shape. Paints for Kryphrixis should arrive soon possibly tomorrow. So on to base coating Ebonwrath.
  10. I decided to join in on the fun. I selected Ebonwrath as my dragon. then rolled my colors. Pure Black, Cloudy Grey, Pure White Well interesting but not very colorful. I will go with it but having never painted anything a monotone grey-scale any suggestions or advice. I'm going to need something to switch off with to prevent eye strain. So back to the boxes of bone to find another dragon. Kryphrixis is the first one I find so he'll be my second dragon. Roll for colors gets me. Marine Teal, Clotted Red, Violet Red That's better and should make for a good looking dragon. Don't have any of those paint colors Yay an excuse to place an order for more paint. While I wait for a few days for my order to arrive i can prepare both dragons and get started on Ebonwrath. Both dragons will be painted as a 3*** challenge.
  11. Ma'al drakar in 7 Days

    Showing off my freshly painted goblin 7 day challenge Ma'al drakar. This challenge was not what I was expecting. I thought that attempting a miniature of this size in a short time span would stress me out, but apparently I'm weird because this has been the most relaxing week I've had in a while.
  12. Ulfheathen Questions Sanity Ma'al drakar in 7 Days

    I am declaring this challenge as done. Here are some more pics. Some close ups of the heads. Show off thread.
  13. Ulfheathen Questions Sanity Ma'al drakar in 7 Days

    Here is where I was when I started Sunday. The black head and neck were base coated in nightmare black. While on the blue head I used void blue. The inside of the wings i started with tanned leather but that was going on to thin and taking to many coats to get good coverage so I switched to chestnut gold. On Sunday I then dry brushed solid white on the white head, cats-eye green on the green head, tropical blue on the blue head, dark elf skin on the black head, and the red head and main body received phoenix red. The insides of the wings were done with buckskin pale. The taking and posting the pictures has helped me find missed spots for example on my picture of the green neck above there was a small spot of bare bones white that had been missed in both the liner stage and base coating that has now been fixed.