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  1. I painted had fun painting her up over the last week. I think she looks good in hand but the camera is showing that I could have spent more time on blending the layers on her cloak.
  2. For a bigger monster there is this Dragon Tortoise.
  3. Thanks for the comments. My painting time should not be a problem now that I am not working double shifts.
  4. I painted this to a tabletop standard to get back in practice after not being able to paint since late November because of work.
  5. Decided I should start myself an index. Bones 77008: Garrick the Bold "Sir Cu Forscale" 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant "Hel" 77168: Battleguard Golem Dark Heaven Legends 10033: Mousling Archer 03721: Vonsalay, Half Orc Wizard Non-Reaper Ral Partha Blue Dragon
  6. The mousling archer from the 10033: Mousling Heroes box set.
  7. I had the idea of painting this mini as the Norse goddess Hel. She earned a bronze medal at Reapercon.
  8. Dragon wing is from 60028: Pathfinder Red Dragon.
  9. Last I saw it is going to be D&D 5th ed. ReaperWolf's post about it here. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69153-reapercon-2016-official-rpg-events-thread-weigh-in/?p=1400736
  10. Here is my entry Sir Cu Forscale.
  11. Here are pics of what I took out. A bearowl, bugbear, rotting crawler, and wink dog from Archive miniatures, a cat folk warrior, and wizard with lightning. A reaper griffon, a female with a staff, a dwarf with a broken spear, and some bits. Two HeroQuest figures that I have been missing, seven different game pieces from King Down and a small container of static grass for me to try out.
  12. I apologize for the delay, the box was put somewhere to keep it safe since it came in just before Christmas. It took awhile to find it again. It is now in the mail. Here is a picture of what I took out.