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  1. More brown liner has been ordered! Two bottles of it, in fact. And maybe some paint... and minis... and look, things just fall in my cart, ok? Then I have to pay for them....
  2. I am... out... of brown liner.
  3. Ok, latest update to the 5 bones a day is up!
  4. Ok! Time for an update! Day Eight: The overburdened henchman and sorceress have fallen in with bad company! I've been painting bits of the henchman since Day 1 whenever I had leftover paint. Just had to do the face and clothes when I reached day 8. Day 9: After a hard day at work, Skeletons were all I was up for. I kept layering leftover paint on the shields, and ended up with a weird corrosion effect on the one in the middle. Day 10: Zombies! The one on the left was done with quickshade. I don't like it, won't be using it again. But glad I figured that out before painting my Zombicide game up.
  5. Agreed. My Patron Saint is Caffeine and decaf is an abomination. And it it shouldn't be drunk if you are off caffeine either. A 16 ounce 'decaf' coffee may contain between 3 and 32 mg of caffeine according to one study of decaf purchased at coffee shops and restaurants ... a can of coca-cola has 36 mg.
  6. Coffee is wearing off and three more hours to go. Three more hours without coffee. In three hours there will be coffee but now there is none. *glares accusingly at Mio Energy bottle* You are disgustingly fake fruit flavor and are not coffeee.
  7. Got some coffee at lunch. Hopefully it will hold me for a while.
  8. seven more hours.... and I'm out of coffee....
  9. Finished my five minis for today. I feel better. Now off to bed!
  10. Agile poorly implemented is a nightmare...
  11. I love fluff. I live for the fluff. If the fluff is inconsistent or inadequate I will make new fluff. Pages of it. Reams. The players may never see all of it there but the game will have fluff enough for me to wallow in!
  12. The office is freezing, I'm depressed. I want to be home painting mini.
  13. *sigh* Mom kept me busy all afternoon and evening. Good thing I painted my minis before going over. But only got a dozen or so bits of dungeon decor painted with brown liner. Need to research if the hard bones cargo containers need different prep. And if they'll take Krylon spray paint for plastic.
  14. Wow that's impressive, Pingo!
  15. Very well! I've finished prepping a bunch of skeletons and zombies and I'm in the middle of prepping some terrain (are bookshelves and beds terrain? I've never been clear). Then I have to decide between prepping some monsters or prepping more heroes.