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  1. So exhausted. Thursday mom had outpatient surgery under full anesthesia. I took her, waiter and took care of her in recovery, and stayed with her Thursday night (no sleep). Friday her blood oxygen levels plummet. I take her to the ER. They finally release her at 1 am and I take her home, and help the home oxygen service get her set up. 1:30 am and my dumb broccoli self is up on a ladder, attaching hooks to the wall, so we can run oxygen tubes from one room to another. My husband stayed with her last night so I could go home. 2:15 am I get to bed. Except every hour or so the cat sits by the front door and yowls, complaining that my husband isn't home. 7 am I get up to drive to mom's, take her vitals, then drive to work for a 10 hour shift. So far today mom is doing ok. But there just isn't enough coffee to get me through today.
  2. Had my alarm set for 5:30 am for getting to medical testing. Woke at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Got the test done, got to work on time then spilled coffee on myself. Today is fired. Preferably out a canon.
  3. I wouldn't mind. Heat doesn't make my joints hurt.
  4. Why do they keep offices so cold? I think I've seen penguins skating by.
  5. Because you have a survival instinct. I have a couple different mixed drinks that can take care of that. Do you prefer your oblivion apple, licorice, or chocolate flavored?
  6. Can you send me some seeds ?
  7. Heading to small local con for the weekend! Wheee!
  8. The Toasted Crumpet The Toasted Strumpet Buds and Suds Deja Brew
  9. Well, in my (and my cat's) case laying out in the warmth of the sun eases the pain of our arthritis. Quothe the Bluberry: Relationship status: It's complicated.
  10. One of the family friends needs money, so mom paid him and my wooden deck, home to termites, black widows, wood rot and raccoons is no more! Going to convention this weekend. Next weekend I'll start pricing landscape cloth, gravel, and paving stones for that area.
  11. I am surprised it took you this long to discover that... you must not use the phone that much. I'm alive. The bills are paid. Right now, that's all I ask of life.
  12. Far, far too many 1 needlepoint, 1 cross stitch, a dozen or so Bones table top quality minis, VAST amounts of dwarvenforge terrain at some stage of painting, 1 quilling project, 1 home decor project, a couple house hold repairs, multiple gardening projects....
  13. I was going to go with "I was afraid my bones might be broken."
  14. Speaking of bees, my mom has a sandpaper vine that has grown up some 30 or 40 feet... it has taken over part of the neighbor's oak tree, and looks like a giant cloud of purple blossoms. And it is absolutely SWARMING with bees. Every time we see them we smile.
  15. I want to go to Reapercon and Gen Con... but every time I try to make Reapercon a disaster or crisis hits my family.