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  1. Alternate History: 1632 by Eric Flint Post Apocalyptic: Dies the Fire by SM Stirling Fantasy: Weird Sisters by Terry Pratchett
  2. So very busy weekend for me. Moved back into our house! I was able to get the deep freezer working, cable company came out and got phone/TV/internet working. I reconfigured the home network which had decided not to see the FIOS router anymore. Ordered new fridge and new dishwasher, fridge arrives Friday (My day off) and dishwasher in 2 weeks. But up two more Christmas trees at Mom's house (there will be over 40 by Christmas). Then yesterday took mom to the Epcot food and wine festival. Glad to get back work today so I can get some rest!
  3. There was this weird dish with egg noodles, stewed tomatoes, chopped ham, and cheddar cheese. Always hated it, always will.
  4. Electrician says the problem is a short in the line to the house. Power remains off at the main breaker. No idea how long it will take the power company to deal with it. Outages impacting hundreds (or thousands) of people have priority. So we're still living with mom.
  5. @NebulousMissy can you pm me where to start? I'm breaking into tears every time I try to deal with this.
  6. My house got power back when I was at work. Got home, the neighbors' lights are steady mine flicker and dim like a horror movie and the house smells like a burnt out computer monitor. Killed power at the main breaker. Called fire department. No hot spots but we aren't to turn the power back on until we get an electrician out. This could be very expensive. Living with my mom for now.
  7. Either that I was arrested at a political protest or someone's abusive spouse is now in the ER or Morgue.
  8. Still no power. Exhausted but at work. At least at work I have AC.
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. Nothing that couldn't be cleaned up with a rake or a towel.
  11. Back at work in the office. Still no power at my house or mom's house.
  12. None. Spent it hurricane prepping.
  13. Since about 8;30 pm no power here. Cars look intact. No downed lines that we can see from inside. No signs of damage inside the house. Waiting for hubby to wake up before going outside.
  14. Just finished watching Moana. Dinner is cooked, pasta, pesto, and shrimp. Good hot or cold. Which is good since I have no appetite. Lots of rain and wind, and TECO is doing rolling blackouts, but they haven't hit us yet.
  15. Just finished watching Moana. I enjoyed it too much. Couldn't get through Zootopia, too many moments made me cringe.