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  1. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    Yeah, these guys are staring to look good.
  2. Brom Hard Bark

    Yeah, before I scrolled down and started reading, I was pretty sure this was a bust... Amazing.
  3. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Finished most of the basecoating and added feathers to those that didn't have them then trimmed and shaped the feathers with a nail clipper. Anyone know a fool proof tutorial for painting horses?
  4. DSM3103 GlenRaven -- Female Rogue with Sword and Dagger

    I agree about the hair.
  5. Last Dragon Inn Bar

    I like your work on both the wood and the glass. Nice!
  6. Interesting project. Lion/Dragon Rampant is a pretty cool game.
  7. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Many stripes have been painted.
  8. Mr Melons "New" Gigantic Orc Bust WIP (Pic Heavy)

    Yeah. This thing is going great so far. Very dramatic.
  9. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Put a bit more paint on the cav and also worked up the dismounted versions. Debating whether to wait on the weather being clear for ordering some chestnut paint or to just claim that the Falcos just rode greys. Here is a closeup on the striped fezes I'm attempting to pull off.
  10. Ethiopian Cavalry

    At the beach I read a book about Amedeo Guillet, an Italian cavalry officer that fought with some Askari horsemen. He had quite the adventure during 1935 and WW2. Sadly it was with the Spahys and some irregular troops and not with the Penne di Falco but in any case it's got me excited to paint up some minis. I think I'll have to paint some foot askari to match.
  11. Gaslands terrain

    I really love those scrap metal walls.
  12. The Kraken

    This thing is starting to look a bit scary.
  13. Terrain for 40K

    Who know that curling was so conducive to working on terrain? Maybe grey wasn't exactly the right choice for the water filter on the left.