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  1. This is cool and I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
  2. Looks great so far!
  3. Got started on some riders, with linen white and skin tones applied. Also found some more Italian askari and some civilian women (actually Indian women from Eureka Miniatures) that I decided needed to be done at the same time.
  4. Those are some pretty nice faces for some quick gaming figs.
  5. Getting back to painting and decided to work through some Ethiopian horsemen. So far I have some horses. Models are either Somali horsemen from Copplestone or Ethiopian horsemen from Castaway. Not included are a couple horses for the leaders. I'll try some fancier saddle blankets on them and do them along with the riders. Also the grey horse if for the Penne di Falco but hit away in a box when it should have been on my desk getting painted.
  6. Live

    In case you didn't know. Bad Squiddo games does a line of Red Army girls. Much more on the realistic end of things.
  7. Well, Counter Charge did a whole podcast about 10mm KoW so you might enjoy listening to that.
  8. Yesterday, I spent some time organizing my unpainted Bones. Since I have vague plans of using some of them for KOW, here are a couple pics of some largeish figs put on large cav bases. Without the base or perhaps after slicing some edges off, I think you could fit a couple Goremaws on a large cav base. I was kind of surprised how many Savage Avatars could fit on a base. Then again, not all of them are huge.
  9. Some nice, bright colors on that cave troll. The ogre should be interesting as well.
  10. I like the effect of quick shade (well Polyshades for us cheapskates). I brush it on and think it does a better job of not staining the higher areas than washes do. I don't like the cleanup afterwards and I somehow think that it's harder to get rid of the shine than it really should be.
  11. Well, Ethiopian warriors wore something very like a stole into combat. The Ras with the rifle is wearing one here: Sometimes people forget that the ratio of morale to physical is three to one. Showing off your status is a big part of morale.
  12. Pendraken makes some 10mm Ents. Not especially humanoid though.
  13. The spray is something they starting using to mark out free kicks to mark where the ball goes and how far back the defending players have to stand. In a penalty, the ball's location is already marked and only the goalkeeper can defend so it's not needed. You could have a bit of spray marking where defenders stood on a previous free kick. I'm not sure it would be easy to understand what it was or that it would add a ton. If I'm going to give this to my nephew, I'm going to have to keep it small and, Sir Larps pointed out, just putting the whole goal and the real distance the shot it taken from would take up a large area.
  14. Sir Larps pretty much has it. Luckily, playing wargames has got me used to the idea that scale is a somewhat vague concept. As for the goal, I spent some time lurking around Ace Hardware and have come to a somewhat disappointing conclusion that drywall tape (on the right) will probably make a better goal net than a washing machine lint trap (on the left) , which I thought was a good find. [Edit] I guess I could add a vespa and some lit flares to the scene but I'm guessing that those would be cleared from the pitch before the penalty is taken...