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  1. The monsters don't stand a chance.
  2. Where are the chickens from? I know warbases make some. And don't let my user name worry you. Your animals are as safe in my hand as in Xherman's mouth...
  3. Yeah, doesn't Bad Squiddo make heads just for this purpose?
  4. I have to disagree with others that said that we are our own worst critics. The worst critic is ourselves looking at huge, blown up, high res phots of our little minis. I do agree that this is great for someone just starting out. The only thing I can add is that everyone has their own way of painting minis for someone just starting out, I'd suggest buying a couple purpose made washes like those made by GW, Army Painter, Secret Weapon, or Reaper.
  5. Live

    Those bookshelves are totally worth going overboard.
  6. What did the poor guy with the shied and normal looking spear do to piss off the weapons officer?
  7. Yeah, I have to add my love of the skin tone to what others have said.
  8. Nice work so far.
  9. My thoughts exactly.
  10. I'm liking the looks of that goat and looking forward to see what you do with these.
  11. Really cool idea and well executed. They look ace.
  12. These guys are getting pretty close to done. Just a few details need picked out. Even the horses have some paint on them.
  13. Looking good. Keep it up.
  14. The frame really sets it off. This is really turning into a work of art. Seems the tricky bit is to get the right sense of perspective on the shoulder after going from the painting to the demi-rond.
  15. No it's applied as highlights but I was thinking to apply it over a bit less area. I always struggle with applying strong highlights to historical/drab figures. You need to push the contrast to make them stand out but it doesn't always look good closer up. I'll be starting a WIP for these guys soon. Any advice or feedback is welcome.