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  1. lowlylowlycook

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well that's still an impressive supply of ivory.
  2. lowlylowlycook

    Saga second edition

    Be careful, those Warlord rule books (specifically Black Powder, Hail Caesar and Pike and Shotte) are very dangerous books due to the large number of extremely pretty pictures that they contain. You may be tempted to buy as many as 20 miniatures! As far as I know Warlords games aren't really related to Saga at all. They are derivatives of GW's Warmaster if I remember correctly. Finally, there is a second edition of Black Powder that either is coming out soon or maybe was just released. Actually finally, if you want to take a look at some other rule sets that you could use before you've got whole armies ready for the table, you could look at some of Too Fat Lardies rules (Sharp Practice is supposed to be quite fun), or some of Daniel Mersey's rules published by Osprey.
  3. lowlylowlycook

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Also put in some money for paint for now. I like the idea of the new stiffer plastic, but I have way, way to many unpainted CAV to justify getting more.
  4. lowlylowlycook

    Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    Picked up the new LotR box here are a couple comparison shots Bright Green = Mantic Unpainted=Games Workshop Ocher = Oathmark Metal = Footsore Plastic = Games Workshop
  5. lowlylowlycook

    Pokemon Go

    I walk in three different areas: One has cell service and a good smattering of pokestops. One has cell service but zero pokestops. One has a few pokestops but really spotty service. Must be better for people on Verizon or something.
  6. lowlylowlycook

    Pokemon Go

    I was listening to a podcast about Japanese video games (the same podcast alerted me to the fact that field research can be deleted) and apparently playing in Tokyo is crazy easy because raid groups form instantly, etc., etc. So even people playing in NYC or San Fran have someone to be jealous of.
  7. lowlylowlycook

    Horizon Zero Dawn™ - The Board Game

    Wow, didn't know that life was so cheap in the NW. [Argh] Pinky beat me to it.
  8. lowlylowlycook

    Pokemon Go

    Uh, I say this only because I didn't notice this for months myself, but you can delete any field research that you don't want to do.
  9. lowlylowlycook

    Pokemon Go

    Ah. So the quest is trying to lead me to it, but I have to do things in the right order. OK, thanks!
  10. lowlylowlycook

    Pokemon Go

    So how exactly would one go about evolving an Espeon?
  11. lowlylowlycook

    Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    I bet it isn't easy to get fantasy minis that don't yet have a game attached into retail.
  12. lowlylowlycook

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    Seems like you better order some extra bottles of paint.
  13. lowlylowlycook

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Well, it might be worth looking into Kill Team since it's a lot less bloated than the main game. Also it's quicker to play which might fit into your new life a bit easier.
  14. lowlylowlycook

    Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    The Oathmark Humans and the fantasy humans that Fireforge are Kickstarting seem just fine but neither really screams LotR and especially not Gondor. What do people think of using these Fireforge Byzantines for Gondorian soldiers?
  15. lowlylowlycook

    Elrond Mini Bust

    Practice? You are calling this practice? Not fair at all.