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  1. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    Here is a quick step by step on the bases for @rfusca The primed bases. These were made with my Imperial Basius pad. Pant areas near the rocks and some higher areas with Magma Red. Paint Lava Orange, Marigold Yellow and Splintered Bone. Forgot a few pictures in here. Wash with GW's Casandora Yellow Paint the Rocks with Garnet Red Hit the rocks with a double strong brown wash that I made from Les' recipe. Do a bit of "dry-ish" brushing with a combo of Crimson Red and Woodstain Brown to add a bit of a crust to the lava.
  2. Gaslands

    There is an interview with the author of these rules in the latest Meeples and Miniatures podcast. He suggests printing out scaled versions of the templates if you want to do 28mm-scale cars. You would need a large playing area as well.
  3. Lidless Eye Hobbies: Nurgly WiP

    I really love those goblin conversions. The rest is pretty cool too.
  4. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    We have liftoff. Well, potential liftoff.
  5. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    I think the jetpacks are at least close enough to done to be glued on.
  6. Oldhammer Goblin Miniatures with Earth dawn (last few hours)

    Just got my elves from this. They are quite nice even if the reason I need them is still a bit murky in my mind.
  7. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    Got some base coats on the jump packs. I should have done a dry fit on the jump packs before deciding the assault sergeant should have a crest on his helmet. Ooops.
  8. Martian Terrain for Imperial Skies.

    Played another test game of this. Forgot to take any pics during the game so staged this propaganda photo of the British being attacked by the worm. In fact the worm only feasted on French ships. Now that I have the basic ground covered I can start making stuff to match. One further idea I had was to use these Uncharted Seas ships that I picked up on the FLGSs discount shelf. I think they'll make some decent martian canal barges.
  9. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    Thanks! I'll try to do a step by step on the bases when I do the next batch.
  10. Wings of Glory - WWI

    Looking good! That's a great looking mat.
  11. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    Realized that I had the wrong sergeant so did this guy up pretty quick. Also damp brushed a bit more of a crust onto the bases.
  12. Bint Gutterson

    Not to add to the difficulty of sculpting it, but I kind of feel that this guys top hat should be worn out and maybe a bit bent out of shape.
  13. Martian Terrain for Imperial Skies.

    Hobby Lobby had a couple likely cloths for this I like the pattern on the rightmost one but I think it might be a bit dark. I'll try to check out JoAnn's tomorrow.
  14. Lord of the Rings in 10mm (pic heavy)

    L to R: Pale Olive with wash. Mint Green mini with drybrush of 1/2 MG 1/2 Ghost White. 1/2 MG 1/2 GW basecoat with watered down wash. Same with full strength wash.
  15. Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust By Glitterwolf

    Lovely work.