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  1. Live

    I approve of both of these messages.
  2. Live

    UPS man just delivered 3 more acrylic nail polish racks. And the wall hanging ones are much bigger than I thought. Coincidence?
  3. Sweet!
  4. Looks great. Especially the red highlights. Watching this thread more closely now that an actually local FLGS has opened up here where they mostly play 40K and MTG.
  5. This thing looks more amazing every time you touch it. Wow! Wow! Wow! I have a bit of an idea that the stripes would stand out more against the yellow belly, if you transitioned them from that light blue to something darker.
  6. Does anyone but Fireforge and the Perry's make medieval minis in plastic? (28mm that is)
  7. Live

    You could have hard plastic horses and bones riders.
  8. I think I'm going to order the Burning of Prospero set. This despite the fact that, in my estimation, looking at those Legio Custodes minis is probably more dangerous to one's retinas than looking directly at an eclipse. Seems like it's a good enough deal to be worth the risk. If the Betrayal at Cath set had the same Mk III marines I'd go ahead and order that too. I'll have to think on whether it's worth trying to find someone that wants to swap marines or if I'm OK with the Mk IVs. I'm thinking of having my guys being a surviving Pre-Heresy chapter that's essentially cut off from the Imperium by Chaos/Warp Storms/Whatever. Possibly they'll have been founded by the survivors of a ship that has crashed onto a remote but populated planet. Any resemblance to certain factors in Ethiopian history is pure coincidence. Some random questions: Do people like the new Primaris Marines? The fluff? Are they fun to paint? Any podcasts beside "The Independent Characters" I should listen to? I could especially use a podcast that's a good introduction to the lore. Any favorite tutorials on how to paint Marines?
  9. Live

    Extremely long dream sequence? I also think that for the right price that raft could make a nice building block for a wooden fort.
  10. Sadly it seem like the group of guys that play at that new store are pretty cool guys, looking to have some fun and not looking to table people on the first turn. I'm in. I bought the rulebook, SM codex and the one index that they had in the store. 40K, man, what is even happening.
  11. Looking around GW's store, it seems that the Kroot are the models that really call out to me. That's interesting because those are exactly what I was attracted to when I last played, long, long ago. Would a Kroot heavy Tau force be viable? It kind of reminds me of when I tried getting back into WoW and tried various races and classes with nothing clicking but when I went back to a Night Elf Druid, it only took one jump flip while still in the newb zone to realize that was the only way to play. Overall it's kind of surprising how similar everything is, at least outside the Imperium.
  12. There is nothing quite like going to GW webstore, taking one look at the prices and feeling your blood pressure rise then a righteous but unholy rant starts to spew forth from your mouth ... and then you realize that you are on the Australian store. Seems to happen every few years to me. Seems GW still sells the prospero set so if I wanted some 30k marines, hopefully the store could order that in.
  13. Hmmmm. What's the availability like on 30k marines?
  14. Some crazy people decided to open up a FLGS in my tiny hometown. It seems pretty focused on GW games and MTG so I'm contemplating doing some 40K since I don't really want to do Sigmar and I've heard good things about 8th. Now what army would be interesting to paint?
  15. Live

    Yeah sometimes wargaming companies go with plastic/metal or resin/metal hybrids to allow more varieties of troops but generally they are not well liked.