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  1. lowlylowlycook

    Sparrow paints a Sphinx

    Yeah, the revised face is really excellent work.
  2. lowlylowlycook

    77279: Narthrax WIP

  3. Bleeping heck that's awesome.
  4. lowlylowlycook

    DDM Prizes for GenCon 2018

    Somehow I really love that skeletal orc. Keep up the good work.
  5. lowlylowlycook

    Zombicide Black Plague Abominations

    Wow, these are cool minis and you are doing an amazing job on them.
  6. lowlylowlycook

    Epoxy Resin display piece WIP

    It might not be perfect, but it's quite impressive.
  7. lowlylowlycook

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Too good.
  8. lowlylowlycook

    Up on the Roof....aka desk

    A dangerous looking trio!
  9. lowlylowlycook

    Grenadier Frost Giants

    Lovely work on those faces.
  10. lowlylowlycook

    Mashaaf 77375

    Interesting color scheme. Should be good.
  11. lowlylowlycook

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I assume you already know about the Avatar of Strength
  12. lowlylowlycook

    Crowley's Goroloth

    Nice job. Now you have to kill it. For great XP!
  13. lowlylowlycook

    Kord the Destroyer, BONES

    Nice work amping up the dramatic nature of this guy!
  14. lowlylowlycook

    Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    An actually local FLGS has opened in my home town. Being a pretty small town, the main things going on seem to be Magic and 40K. Not having a 40K army I had a look around and decided I liked the Horus Heresy marines. Problem is, Marines are a bit of a blank canvas and I don't have an artists eye for color so I tossed some different paints on a couple figs. The one I liked the best was based on Marine Teal. I think the basic color scheme is sound but I have some questions about some of the accessories. I'm not sure what to do with the bolter. I think more teal and brass would be too much but other things I've tried didn't quite work. The blue on it now isn't bad but I think it could be better. I did the lava base mostly because I wanted an excuse to use the Basius pads I got from their Kickstarter. From what I remember from the Jen & Ann's DVD section on color theory the warm colors might bring too much focus from the mini itself? Any thoughts on that?
  15. lowlylowlycook

    Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    Put together some scouts. Well partially since they all hold their shotguns and sniper rifles across their chest. So far I've done one test model. I think that in person the cloak reads a bit more bluish grey than the greyish blue that shows up here. Thoughts on this color scheme? Should I go for more volcanic rock rather than with lava with these guys?
  16. Yeah, when I post here, I use the forum but I use flickr on other forums that don't have such nice hosting capability. [edit] I was confused I use imgur, not flickr.
  17. lowlylowlycook

    40mm Renaissance Reinforcements

    These guys are definitely a different style but I think you did a good job with them.
  18. lowlylowlycook

    WIP - Wizkids Monk

    I really like the colorful cloth and the fancy base!
  19. lowlylowlycook

    Dwarven army for Dragon Rampant

    I like Northstar's plastic fantasy figs because they have a Dark Age, Tolkienesque feel. I've decided to paint up my dwarves so that I can more easy justify buying the elves that are coming out soon. So far I've put three shades of metalic paint all the minis but I'll be painting each unit of 6 or 12 on their own. First up are some speardwarves . I'm thinking that the beards should lean towards blonde to complement the blue cloth. Maybe some pale yellow spear shafts? Oh, and I also need to order some transfers for their shields. Eventually the whole army will all get some Polyshades brushed on to pick out the details.
  20. lowlylowlycook

    The Orc, My 1st Bust

    That's a nice (nasty) looking orc.
  21. lowlylowlycook

    Dwarven army for Dragon Rampant

    Varnishing and basing are done! Now, anyone have a favorite source for fantasy flags?
  22. lowlylowlycook

    77628: Coral Golem

    Love love love what you are doing with the colors here.
  23. lowlylowlycook

    Basic stone house wip

    Was the foam already textured or did you do that yourself?
  24. lowlylowlycook

    Slimux and Mulch WIP

    Just keep that thing away from my tomato plants!
  25. lowlylowlycook

    Space marine project

    Hmmm. I like that tile work. How much would you charge for a bathroom remodel?