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  1. On a whim I decided to do a quick paint job on some Artizan 7th cav figures I've had laying around for a while. We play a game called Dead Mans Hand and since it's a small scale skirmish game it takes just a few minis. Painted jackets and pants then did a wash on both. Also basecoated some leather. Also used Tanned Leather as a basecoat for yellow neckerchiefs. Decided to go with a few different hat colors just so it's easier to differentiate models on the table. Pretty much done. Need to do some rank markings on their sleeves once I'm reminded what the different ranks in the game are. Also need to finish the bases.
  2. An actually local FLGS has opened in my home town. Being a pretty small town, the main things going on seem to be Magic and 40K. Not having a 40K army I had a look around and decided I liked the Horus Heresy marines. Problem is, Marines are a bit of a blank canvas and I don't have an artists eye for color so I tossed some different paints on a couple figs. The one I liked the best was based on Marine Teal. I think the basic color scheme is sound but I have some questions about some of the accessories. I'm not sure what to do with the bolter. I think more teal and brass would be too much but other things I've tried didn't quite work. The blue on it now isn't bad but I think it could be better. I did the lava base mostly because I wanted an excuse to use the Basius pads I got from their Kickstarter. From what I remember from the Jen & Ann's DVD section on color theory the warm colors might bring too much focus from the mini itself? Any thoughts on that?
  3. Might one become tired of gazing upon Marine Teal? Verily, one might: These guys have been base coated and one layer of shading and one highlight have been applied. I think one more highlight and they well be ready for a wash. Also, another squad of Terminators has been assembled, magnetized and primed.
  4. None of that is a fantastical as people in the Federation playing poker.
  5. Just to save some necks from being kinked: Edit: Oh yeah, this guy is looking pretty sweet.
  6. Off to a good start!
  7. Yeah, I had no conception of how awesome this was going to be.
  8. Yeah, I still love the color scheme on the Wrench. Daimyo is looking good so far.
  9. Quite amazing. A great little scene.
  10. Live

    On Beasts of War, these guys were showing off a rather large castle/city wall. I'm kind of interested in how that would work with a 10mm LotR project I'm planning out. The dragon is nice but I already have several unpainted Bones dragons. I have to say that I find the scale of some of this stuff a bit strange when compared to the play area of the game.
  11. Bathalians? Sharkman? Dragon Tortoise
  12. The line between genius and madness is so very very thin. Doubly so when in comes to hobby projects. This looks amazing.
  13. I was going to say Empress has some but they sell mostly packs of 4.
  14. Cancelled

    Huh, seems my willpower was at a low ebb. I backed this and then proved that my will rolls can get even worse, I upped my pledge.
  15. Cancelled

    These guys look nice and High Elf style archers are surprisingly hard to find. I have a good number of unpainted spear elves so I'll put this on remind for now.
  16. I think you have at least till Thanksgiving for pumpkin spice being in season...
  17. This is turning out awesome!
  18. I can stop playing Cook Server Delicious! 2!! whenever I want to. I just don't want to stop just now.
  19. I've assembled some marines. I also have most of the 32mm bases I'll need molded from the Basius pad. I'm thinking of doing the larger minis with cork sheets and character models with thicker cork. Here are some Terminators and a Dread. Their arms are magnetized to allow weapon swaps. Some assault marines and devastators. To preserve my supply of non-bolter arms a few of the assaults are conversions including the guy with the eviscerator (two handed chain sword). I think I'll run guys with the full mk 3 armor as veteran marines and sergeants. so this will be a vet squad. Also here are the two HQ guys I've got. Finally some tac marines. Finally, I'll eventually need some scouts so I ordered some of these heads from MaxMini Now to get painting...
  20. I am intrigued.
  21. Funded

    For starters you can get either table/desk top versions or wall mount versions.
  22. I like big bases and I cannot lie...
  23. You've got a lot creative and awesome looking color schemes going on here. Nice!
  24. Assuming that the nmm sky/earth has been applied to the shield and the raised knee, it looks awesome. Face is looking good too!
  25. I think it's pretty tricky to do hills that both look natural and are useful for wargaming. I look forward to your results.