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  1. A while back I made a travel set for Kings of War using 10mm minis. Most of the models I used were definitely inspired by the Lord of the Rings and ever since I've been mulling the idea of doing a full scale game. Recently my main gaming buddy and I went though a bad patch were we seemed to have no willpower to resist buying new games and taking on new projects. Part of that fall from grace was my deciding to go ahead and buy some stuff. You know A few models. Maybe a few armies. Just a bit. Overall the plan is to use 100mmX50mm scenic bases. The number of models on a base will be varied to bring out the "Last stand of Good against the overwhelming forces of evil" that is such a big theme of LotR. For rules, since LotR is such a low magic setting, I'm looking at building up from some historical rules. I like the looks of Sword and Spear for it's activation system but I should give Hail Caesar a try. Kings of War is very easy to learn and plays fast so it could go over well as a convention game with some custom army lists. Finally Pendraken has fantasy rules called Warband and there is already an unofficial LotR supplement. Rohirrim, i.e. Copplestone's Horse Tribe Overall I plan to try and put as much static grass on the Rohirrim bases as possible. The cavalry will be in wedges, with the horse archers in loose formation. Shield wall and archer will be in two deep lines, possibly standing on a gentle ridge. The Army of the Dead i.e. Pendraken's Late Romans I like the idea of these infantry standing ominously on top of barrows. Rereading RotK, they should have cavalry as well but I haven't bought any yet. Wood Elves i.e. Pendraken's Wood Elves Pendraken's fantasy ranges are quite big for 10mm but then again elves are supposed to be tall. I'm thinking that the bases will have to be leaf strew forest floor and I can make quite a few stumps and fallen logs with my Basius pad. I tried to make an entire 100mmX50mm base our of greenstuff using the pad but I'm not convinced that's practical. High Elves, i.e. Pendraken's High Elves The spear elves are in thin lines and I've tried to make the archers appear as if they are conducting organized volley fire. I'm imagining the sword elves to be in very loose formation to give them room to slice and dice. Dunlingdings i.e. Pendrakens Picts and Gauls Because you can't always be fighting orcs. They could also stand in for Wild men in other regions. Front and center is a unit of elite, armored troops. To the right large warbands of wild men. To the left some naked berzerkers. In the back javelin men. Seem to have missed the archers. Orcs i.e. Copplestone Orcs Lots and lots of orcs Ordinary orcs. The close ups shows snagas or lesser goblins being driven forward by what will be whips. Front Row: Warg riders with bows, Warg riders and wargs Behind them, Orc Archers, Uruk Archers, Uruks, Uruk Spears, Cave Trolls and Trolls. So that should be enough to keep me busy.
  2. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    Yeah, these guys are staring to look good.
  3. Brom Hard Bark

    Yeah, before I scrolled down and started reading, I was pretty sure this was a bust... Amazing.
  4. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Finished most of the basecoating and added feathers to those that didn't have them then trimmed and shaped the feathers with a nail clipper. Anyone know a fool proof tutorial for painting horses?
  5. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Getting back to painting and decided to work through some Ethiopian horsemen. So far I have some horses. Models are either Somali horsemen from Copplestone or Ethiopian horsemen from Castaway. Not included are a couple horses for the leaders. I'll try some fancier saddle blankets on them and do them along with the riders. Also the grey horse if for the Penne di Falco but hit away in a box when it should have been on my desk getting painted.
  6. DSM3103 GlenRaven -- Female Rogue with Sword and Dagger

    I agree about the hair.
  7. Last Dragon Inn Bar

    I like your work on both the wood and the glass. Nice!
  8. Interesting project. Lion/Dragon Rampant is a pretty cool game.
  9. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Many stripes have been painted.
  10. Mr Melons "New" Gigantic Orc Bust WIP (Pic Heavy)

    Yeah. This thing is going great so far. Very dramatic.
  11. Ethiopian Cavalry

    Put a bit more paint on the cav and also worked up the dismounted versions. Debating whether to wait on the weather being clear for ordering some chestnut paint or to just claim that the Falcos just rode greys. Here is a closeup on the striped fezes I'm attempting to pull off.
  12. Ethiopian Cavalry

    At the beach I read a book about Amedeo Guillet, an Italian cavalry officer that fought with some Askari horsemen. He had quite the adventure during 1935 and WW2. Sadly it was with the Spahys and some irregular troops and not with the Penne di Falco but in any case it's got me excited to paint up some minis. I think I'll have to paint some foot askari to match.
  13. Gaslands terrain

    I really love those scrap metal walls.
  14. Against all expectations, I'm getting back into 40K. This is because, against all expectations, some fine friendly folks are opening a FLGS that's actually local to me. That is, it's in the small town I live in. Activity is mostly been MTG and other card games along with 40K. Since they are just starting out they don't really have any terrain to play with. As it happens, I dont' have lot of stuff for 40K unless the battle is being fought on a planet that just happens to resemble the Ethiopian countryside. However, I have way too much "possible terrain stuff"/junk laying about so I figure I could knock some things out for people to use at the store. Here are some trees I put together (bases will be done later): Other plans are To copy Chris Palmer's board game punchout ruins. So sad about all the punchouts I have thrown away.. Add some Deadzone terrain bits to a styrofoam packing shape to make a bunker. Build some of the Deadzone terrain as scatter terrain. Maybe make a tower and some barriers? Any other ideas for quick, cheap, hard wearing 40K terrain are definitely welcome!
  15. The Kraken

    This thing is starting to look a bit scary.
  16. Terrain for 40K

    Who know that curling was so conducive to working on terrain? Maybe grey wasn't exactly the right choice for the water filter on the left.
  17. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    I'm back to painting these guys. Mostly have just been trying to knock out backpacks and bolters but I think I might finally be on the right track for the non-bolter weapons.
  18. Space Marines (Marine Teal 30K)

    An actually local FLGS has opened in my home town. Being a pretty small town, the main things going on seem to be Magic and 40K. Not having a 40K army I had a look around and decided I liked the Horus Heresy marines. Problem is, Marines are a bit of a blank canvas and I don't have an artists eye for color so I tossed some different paints on a couple figs. The one I liked the best was based on Marine Teal. I think the basic color scheme is sound but I have some questions about some of the accessories. I'm not sure what to do with the bolter. I think more teal and brass would be too much but other things I've tried didn't quite work. The blue on it now isn't bad but I think it could be better. I did the lava base mostly because I wanted an excuse to use the Basius pads I got from their Kickstarter. From what I remember from the Jen & Ann's DVD section on color theory the warm colors might bring too much focus from the mini itself? Any thoughts on that?
  19. I never figured that I used enough static grass to warrant investing in special equipment but I have to say that this video has me intrigued. Certainly look entertaining to use.
  20. Siri Sculpts an Orca

    Amazing. You've got talent, kid.
  21. Terrain for 40K

    Some more industrial ruins pieces The bits of white where the straws attach to the bottles is the clay that I've stuffed into the ends of the straws, hoping it will help keep this stuff together. It gives a bigger surface area for the glue and something for the L shaped pins I'm using to stick into. You can also see bits of the more rugged chain link fence I've built using some sprues.
  22. Inspired by @Chris Palmer, I got an idea in my head that Imperial Skies should be played on Mars and have started at least thinking of some ideas on what to do. Those ideas are: 1) Gormaw as gargantuan Sand Worm 2) Alpha Centauri inspired greenhouse farms 3) That's it so far. I visited a Dollar Tree store and they had a good amount of clear plastic serving trays and bowls with clear plastic covers. Here is a pic The taller bowl in the back I think could make for an cool enclosed city. I'm not sure what the silvery pit should be cut it looked kind of cool. The clear bowl covers would work and not be a ton of work. However the bits with the pattern I think have the most potential. Here is a closeup The idea would be to paint the cut out bits as wrought iron geodesic style frame that's holding up the glass enclosure. Seems way more steampunkish than the clear domes.
  23. Cav UTF painted force (pic heavy)

    You really make that unorthodox camo scheme work.