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  1. zoroaster100

    Heresy Miniatures: Maggotmen

    I painted these up yesterday. I'm running a Pathfinder D&D Age of Worms campaign and plan to use these for worm naga worshipers of Kyuss, demigod of undead and decay. I like how they are turning out so far, but need to figure out what further detail to add, and what if anything to do for basing. I'm open to feedback and suggestions on how to finish them. Thanks for looking.
  2. zoroaster100

    77428, Vermin Tick

    I love the patterning on the back and the bloated-with blood abdomen!
  3. zoroaster100

    Mushroom Mage, Dark Sword Miniatures

    Beautiful! The whole piece is great. The smoothly blended shadows and highlights on the blue cloth are magnificent. I love the base too!
  4. zoroaster100

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 -- Victoriana with plaid hat

    Amazing work! The shading and highlights and smooth blending on the dress and the free hand are superb!
  5. zoroaster100


    So much to love here! The gums, teeth, eyes, eyestalks, base, all fantastic!
  6. zoroaster100

    77407 Death Dog

    Love the way his fur turned out!
  7. zoroaster100

    77154 Lizardman Spearman by Glitterwolf

    I like the bright color choices.
  8. zoroaster100


    Nice work on the highlights on they’d skins and great basing for these. They look great!
  9. zoroaster100

    Shadowsea Sea Dragon or Mosasaur

    Thank you for the feedback. I was happy with how he turned out. I feel encouraged to keep painting. I was afraid I might have forgotten everything after not painting for so long.
  10. zoroaster100

    Shadowsea Sea Dragon Mosasaur

    I worked on this just a bit more and posted him to the Show Off thread http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82326-shadowsea-sea-dragon-or-mosasaur/
  11. zoroaster100

    T'Raukzul in blue

    Love it! Especially love the depth of the shading and highlights on the wings.
  12. zoroaster100

    Shadowsea Sea Dragon or Mosasaur

    After a looooong hiatus from painting, I’m trying to get back to it! Here’s the Shadowsea Sea Dragon or mosasaur I finished yesterday.
  13. zoroaster100

    Shadowsea Sea Dragon Mosasaur

    I did my first attempt at painting the water. Thoughts on how to improve the look of the water are welcome. I may add some gloss to the water and to his body nearest the water at the end, but first I need to decide whether to smooth out the colors, bring down the highlight or brighten the highlights, etc.
  14. zoroaster100

    77025, Giant Spider

    Love the bulbous look to the abdomen and the highlighting on the legs.
  15. zoroaster100

    Shadowsea Sea Dragon Mosasaur

    Thanks for the feedback! I plan to paint the water next, and then come back to the creature to add a bit more shadows and highlights. I am considering doing a little gloss to make it look wet, but I'm concerned about messing it up. I may try it in very limited areas close to the water to see how it looks first.