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  1. Dragons Don't Share 2

    The dragon's scales turned out beautifully.
  2. Froghemoth

    I like your color choices for the back scales and eyes.
  3. 77343 Goroloth

    Thanks for posting this. I had painter's block on a good color scheme for mine and I think you nailed it. Your color scheme looks "just right" for this creature.
  4. Bones 3 Iron Golem

    Great NMM work and love the shot of the four well painted golems.
  5. Demogorgan from GaleForce 9's D&D Collectibles

    Great job. Straightforward palette with very effective results.
  6. Bonehenge

    Great job on the paint and added grass/plants!
  7. Demogorgon - D&D - Galeforce Nine

    Awesome paintjob! You've inspired me to attempt to paint mine, which has been in its box collecting dust.
  8. 02712, Eyebeast

    Love the way you did the eyes! Great work all around. Nice color choices and detail, especially the eyes and teeth!
  9. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Thank you, you are right I meant 223, wielding a polearm.
  10. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I'm happily doing inventory of all these wonderful Bones 3 miniatures and came across some I had not noticed much during the Kickstarter or during the wait for the miniatures but now seeing them in person I'm not sure what they are. Can someone tell me what is figure 233 from the core set? It from the Pathfinder II group within the core, so I assume it is a Pathfinder character but I'm not sure if it is meant to be perhaps a human with a samurai type mask or some other type of being?
  11. Dwarven Forge KS4

    Got my stuff and built a castle right away to test it out.
  12. CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    And by the way I received all the stuff i ordered this second go around.
  13. CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

    Have you tried calling him? If you are in the US, so it's not an expensive call, that is probably the easiest way to reach him. His number is listed on his website.
  14. Zombicide: Black Plague: Nelly

    Beautiful work. So much to love, but my favorite part is her hair.
  15. Tome of Beasts: 300+ New Monsters for 5th Edition

    Mine came in yesterday. It looks awesome! The art is great and this has a much greater number and variety of useful creatures I ever imagined for this book. Unfortunately I've moved on to Pathfinder now as the system for my games, but even so I can see myself using this book for inspiration for new monsters.