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  1. zoroaster100

    Wiz Kids Owl Bear

    Awesome! I love his face. Sure would be scary running face to face into one of those in the woods.
  2. zoroaster100

    Goroloth (Bones) (77343)

    Great work! I love the color choices with the beautiful cool watery blues contrasting the gross fleshy browns, pinks and yellows in the front. They eyes look creepy good.
  3. zoroaster100

    10-512, Goblin 2

    Oooh! Love the skin tones! Especially the contrast you have his nose.
  4. zoroaster100

    77202, Warg

    Nice job! And I love the way the face scar turned out.
  5. zoroaster100

    Repainting a Papo Rex

    I'm loving the scale patterns.
  6. zoroaster100

    OH, RATS!!!!

    Nice! Especially like the glowing green eyes on the first one.
  7. zoroaster100

    77613: Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (Huge)

    Nice job!
  8. zoroaster100

    77536: Female Wraith

    Very nice shadow and light effects.
  9. zoroaster100

    Fire Giant

    Very nice work on the skin and the fire/heat effects.
  10. zoroaster100

    DSM8112, Persian Cat Warrior

    Great job! I especially love the eyes. They look alive.
  11. zoroaster100

    Polar Bear Warrior - Dark Sword Minis

    Wow! I love how you painted this piece! Every detail is awesome, from the fur, to the leather armor, to the ivory, the metal parts and the base. Beautiful job.
  12. zoroaster100

    First and Last, a Giant project.

    Great job on this giant. His skin, fur and hair/beard all turned out great, and the gems look amazing.
  13. zoroaster100

    CSM Demogorgon

    Thanks, robinh. I am happy with how the eyes turned out. Now I'm going to try a few more touch ups on his mouth and work on a base for him.
  14. zoroaster100

    CSM Demogorgon

    I painted the eyes and brightened up the scales a bit. I should get some magi-sculpt epoxy in a couple of days to work on a base.
  15. zoroaster100

    CSM Demogorgon

    Thanks, Adam! I like that idea for the eyes. I will give that a try to see if I can pull it off.