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  1. ced1106

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    > Another clue in regards to computer game Kickstarters is when the developer is asked one question, but instead answers a completely different question > > Another clue in regards to game Kickstarters is when the developer is asked one question, but instead answers a completely different question > > > Another clue in regards to Kickstarters is when the developer is asked one question, but instead answers a completely different question A food and his money are still parted. Be careful with whom you sleep with. It's easier to point fingers than have a good look in the mirror.
  2. ced1106

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    For wood and gold, you could spray paint with Army Painter Leather Brown colored primer. For wood, then wash with brown Strong Tone ink. For gold, drybrush with a gold metallic paint.
  3. ced1106

    Announcing Reaper Bones Black!

    I'd like to see a line of Reaper textured etc. bases. Heck, I'd KS them! Reaper Base Boss in Bones Black!
  4. ced1106

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    Same ditto. (: I'll probably throw cash at the "one of each basic box" pledge, like I did before, since I play a variety of genres. I think the Mantic terrain KS was good for a bulk purchase for tabletop. I guess a problem I have with Mantic is that I don't trust them enough to know what plastic I'm getting! ): That's why I didn't back their other KS projects. I'm a little surprised that they're not showing sf pieces, at least not yet. For terrain that's higher quality or if you're looking for only certain pieces, I recommend Tiny Furniture. And if you want a place to put your tavern terrain, look at Galladoria Game's Adventurescapes sets! (: And Great job, Dice4hire! I thought the hedgerows looked too blobby, but you've done a wonderful job! Nice touch with the moss on the fences!!
  5. ced1106

    Confrontation: Classic

    Yep. It's Ludik Bazar, and it's undergoing liquidation. My tin foil hat tells me they're gonna get as much money as they can from where they can (liquidation, KS), then pay down debts and/or disappear. : "Then, we get into the weird grey area of how business ownership and partner companies. In an update, Sans Detour stated they would use Ludik (with whom they share an owner and address) for logistics on this project. They stated that, if Ludik were to go under, they wold simply switch to a different company. So, in a comment, it was disclosed that Ludik is now controlled by a liquidator. I don't know how this wasn't known before, it's a huge red flag. Then, we also find out that Stellar Licensing, the company who owns the IP, only owns the Confrontation IP as their single asset and is owned by the financial Director of SD. Again, kind of weird." https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=108765.180 Also, French forum with more info. : https://www.black-book-editions.fr/forums.php?a=last&topic_id=10111
  6. ced1106

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    The original KS doesn't have a market stall. It did have this "pole" sticking out of a tent, and this pole bent in my box. The KS box itself was "deep", much like a CMON base game box. Sorry to hear about the bendy plastic. IIRC, One of the tables from Star Saga had a similar problem. Tiny Furniture has a Market Stall in resin. While I don't have this model, I do have some of their other resin pieces, and the detail and quality is amazing. The set has about 50 pieces, although many of them are, of course, tiny!
  7. "We’re planning to have four Crates on the Kickstarter, including Gothic Estate, Modern Life, Occupied Town and Abandoned Village (all names TBC). Across these four Crates, we’re going to cover a load of different periods, settings and uses. What’s more, if you want to pick up four Crates (and who wouldn’t) there will be a great all-in deal during the Kickstarter." The announcement on January 5th didn't have the start date of the KS, only that it would be "soon". Do take a look at the previous Reaper thread about the quality of the plastic. I think it's fine for tabletop and there look to be plenty of pieces that haven't been mass-produced in plastic. However, if you want highly-detailed furniture pieces, I would recommend Tiny Furniture's resin line. Mantic Blog : https://manticblog.com/2019/01/05/12-days-of-christmas-terraincrate/
  8. ced1106

    Confrontation: Classic

    TRAINWRECKDUMPSTERFIREBIGBOULDER GOOOOO!!!! Anyway, links to the Chaosium statement about SD (two years of non-payment) and French RPG Aventures (en francais) : https://www.chaosium.com/blogstatement-about-ditions-sansdtour https://www.chaosium.com/blogchaosium-unilaterally-issues-limited-license-extension-so-ditions-sansdtour-can-fulfil-their-obligations-to-ululecom-backers/ http://urlz.fr/8rRb https://fr.ulule.com/aventures-le-jeu/news/communique-201354/ https://twitter.com/MJmahyar/status/1076481485992091654 Also, for the resin miniatures, Hysterical Games delivered the first wave of resins, then closed its door. While Footsore picked up some Hysterical Games' customers, Confrontation was not one of them. Footsore's reply on FB when I asked: "Hello xxxxxx, what has happened with Hysterical Games is separate to us setting up our own resin casting. We havent picked up all their customers so as it currently stands Confrontation Miniatures are not one of our customers." Confrontation thread on Lead Adventurers. : https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=108765.300
  9. ced1106

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    I think updates and creator comments are a matter of setting user expectations. This happens often in professional sales and other client-oriented jobs. It doesn't, however, happen in conventional retail, where the distributor and retailer were (originally) there to *separate* the manufacturer from the consumer as much as possible. I'll add that sometimes. you'll see some backers get antsy when a creator is particularly active in the comments *during* the KS, then doesn't respond after funding. CMON backers are even used to it by now...
  10. ced1106

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    Also, temper your enthusiasm when a license in involved! (: An advantage of owning your IP is that, well, you don't have to pay anyone for it! Also, your license has no expiration date, and the other party won't change the terms unexpectedly at a later time. For backers, this means more money to the project goes to the product itself, and the risk is lower. Aliens vs. Predator : While I don't like Prodos / Archon's management, I don't like how Fox delayed approvals, resulting in cost overruns. If there's a party in the project who doesn't care about the backers yet has control over it, don't back. Unfortunately, printers and manufacturers can screw over creators, leaving backers without rewards. Walking Dead, Evil Dead 2, etc. : Also, don't let the license blind you to the creator. The Walking Dead KS run by Cryptozoic was run by a company with a negative reputation on KS from their Ghostbusters campaign, and Evil Dead 2 was run by a company without miniatures experience.
  11. ced1106

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    Because people are greedy and don't want to hear when they're wrong. Good post. The only thing I'd add to it is how competent and trustworthy management is, as well as how much integrity it has and what evergreen products it has to support a money-losing project. It's not hard to find a handful of such companies (eg. Reaper, CMON), but there are *many* projects that deliver which only have some of these qualities. I'm also looking for bargains, of course, and noticed I only backed three projects in 2018. Dungeon Alliance expansion (boardgame) was only $25 with shipping, supported by retail sales of the base game, and the creator has high integrity on the BGG boards. Killer Rabbits (miniatures) was under $50 including shipping, was a good price, and I really liked the unusual miniatures, so took an affordable risk. So Rampage (terrain) was the only $100+ risky project I took during the year. I used to back more CMON (and Monolith / Mythic (?)) projects, but they seem to be running more KS, so funding isn't as high, so they're not offering as many mini's as I would have liked.
  12. ced1106

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I'll mention what's worked for me. Low carb diet : Simple carbs have been shown to stimulate hunger. Proteins and fat have been shown to satiate. Saturated fats have been shown not to be as unhealthy as once thought. If your family has a history of diabetes (type 2), low carb diets reduce blood glucose levels, resulting in reduced chances of diabetes. (Low carb diets, btw, lower your levels of insulin as well, resulting in less salt retained and less oily skin and sometimes acne!) Search on "simple carbohydrates leptin hormone triglycerides" and "Jason Fung Aetiology of Obesity" and "low carb blood glucose insulin" for more information. Cheat days : Temptation is everywhere, particularly when socializing with friends. Rather than psychologically beating yourself up, take a cheat day instead. You won't lose weight as rapidly (it may take half a week to recover from a cheat day) but cheat days may help you stick to your diet and not stress over it. Meal planning : Meal planning and tracking have been shown to reduce weight, even when not on a diet. If you have a busy lifestyle, search on "meal prep sunday" for how to prepare and store meals for the week by cooking all in one day. Recipes : By reducing your intake of pre-prepared foods (eg. eating out and pre-packaged food), you reduce your intake of hidden salts and sugar. Besides potential unhealthy effects, hidden salts and sugars may encourage you to eat more food, making dieting more difficult. While I don't know if I'll be on this thread often, I post on Reddit's r/diet and r/lowcarb boards, as well as the SparkPeople "Diet and Nutrition" boards.
  13. ced1106

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I've yet to read an article about dieting that tells you how much or how rapidly you should lose weight, so don't worry about it, so long as you're *healthier*. IMO, The scale is not a good way to measure progress. When you initially lose weight, it's mostly glycogen, not fat. Glycogen is energy stored in muscle and liver. Glycogen is water-soluble, meaning that it binds to water. So, as you use up your glycogen reserves, the weight lost is water and glycogen, not fat. The problem about the scale, then, is that it doesn't tell you what you gained during your diet -- and most dieters assume this weight gain is somehow fat. If your glycogen reserves are low and you go off your diet during the holidays, your initial weight gain is glycogen and water, meaning that you will lose this weight once you're back on the diet. For those who workout to gain muscle, weight gain may be due to muscle mass increase. Seems obvious, but posts on Reddit's r/diet ans SparkPeople have said otherwise. Besides the scale, fitting into small clothing shows progress. Dieters can also measure body fat with calipers (search on "body fat measurement calipers"). During your physical, your doctor will have you take various lab tests to indicate your health. And, of course, if you know you're eating better, you are!
  14. ced1106

    Tips for small scale basing

    Dunno about the grass, but, instead of sand, maybe fine craft sand, available at Michael's et al., would be better than sand. The Miniatures Page has more hobbyists in 15mm, so may have more ideas (eg. flock). Good luck!
  15. ced1106

    Folklore the game miniatures

    Thanks for the thread. What do you all think of these miniatures? They're at a good price, but I don't like the Folklore game, and have Reaper Bones as proxies for most of the baddies. Using standees as heroes works, since it's easier to tell who the heroes are, and what "class" they are. TIA!