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  1. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    IIRC, You can do this. Ask in the comments *and* ask them to add it to the FAQ! :D Another build, with the ruins tiles!
  2. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    Update has a pic of the stacking of the builds! Note that the Ghoul and Wraith pledges do not have stairs, so you'll have to use your Dwarven Forge or Tablescapes ones. Also, Ruins and 1" squares unlocked!
  3. ced1106

    Miniatures Vault

    As a gamer who paints to advanced tabletop, I just use egg crate foam from Amazon or eBay to store my miniatures and terrain. Or an inexpensive soft plastic compartmentalized tray or plastic craft tackle box from Michael's or Walmart. IMO, If you're going to store *lots* of miniatures or terrain, you'll want a "standard size" for you miniatures, and a KS isn't very good for this. You'll want a supplier whom you can make a small regular purchase multiple times, rather than a one-shot buy.
  4. You can also order existing miniatures directly from their website, of course. (: Tiny Furniture sells painted miniatures, although there's a waiting period.
  5. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    And here's a free Rampage 5e 1st level module for everyone! The PDF shows off the Rampage tiles, but you can use it with any set of game tiles. Download it now! Update with link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/606457671/rampage-dungeon-seamless-interlocking-dungeon-tile/posts/2294429
  6. A few more models have been unlocked, although they're concept sketches like the Bishop. Here's what's coming! STRETCH GOALS 14. Minstrel - $3000 *LOCKED* 15. Sleeping City Guard $3500 *LOCKED* 16. Blacksmith apprentice with a bunch of swords $4000 *LOCKED* 17. Curious girl in a flower wreath $4500 *LOCKED* 18. Soothsayer gypsy woman $5000 *LOCKED* 19. Blacksmith $5500 *LOCKED* 20. Baker $6000 *LOCKED* 21. Innkeeper $6500 *LOCKED* 22. Children $7000 *LOCKED* 23. Hunter with his prey $7500 *LOCKED* 24. Prisoner in chains $8000 *LOCKED* 25. Cripple $8500 *LOCKED*
  7. ced1106

    Paint Triad

    You can also search on "reaper paint triads" for a better idea of which colors are triads. A few, btw, are organized by function (eg. LED paints) rather than shades. Here's a chart, though I dunno if it's their most recent one. : https://www.reapermini.com/pdf/CW18_PaintLikeMaster.pdf
  8. This is TF's second crowdfunding project. Since they're located in Russia, they're not currently eligible to run a campaign on KS. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tiny-market-square-28mm-medieval-citizens#/ Here are some of their unlocked miniatures:
  9. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    More columns unlocked! Ruins at 205K! Ruins and half-height walls for your sf and historical gaming!
  10. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    185K reached and The Ground Portal add-on has just been unlocked! Prebuild your Ground Portal and stack it on top of your dungeon (without the water inserts) just as your unsuspecting player characters cross the sewer water under them. Then have your goblins throw in last week's offal right on top of them at a critical moment. Or put this room on the level above your lava pools just as the party opens the door to the demon's lair. Or just use them as wells with putrid water full of otygeuhs. Fun for everyone! :twisted:
  11. ced1106

    Paint bottle issues

    Meh. I'm lazy.
  12. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    175K : Free portcullis doors SG just reached!
  13. ced1106

    New hobby room set-up advice

    Lessee... * A low table so I can sit on a yoga ball and "anchor" my elbows to my knees, and wrists to the table. * A rollaway table so I can find the miniature when I drop it on the floor and it bounces under the table.
  14. ced1106


    I don't have miniatures solely for practicing, but I do have some miniatures which are easier to paint than others (eg. terrain, skeletons, zombies), so end up using these as practice. IMO, Every miniature you paint improves your skill, so paint the easiest ones first. I also experiment, though only really started doing so once I painted for a few years. And accumulated a whole lot of paints (of similar colors!) and miscellaneous supplies. And couldn't find them because I'm too lazy to put them in the right place,, so ended up using a slightly different color or whatever that I *could* find on my painting desk.
  15. ced1106

    Black and white

    Painting black and white is actually a very good technique -- and you don't spend time searching for and mixing the right color! You can then glaze over the black and white, although I don't think you'd paint in monochrome to display level before doing this. Back in ye olden daze (: the "Dutch Masters" painted in sepia tones and black and white initial paintings. Then, when a customer decided to purchase a painting, *then* the artist would color it. Pretty practical way to paint if you wanted to make a living!