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  1. Well, unlike metal and resin, plastics are limited by undercuts: http://spyglassasylum.blogspot.com/2011/05/undercuts-and-what-hell-they-are.html But, I think maybe that digital sculpting may have more of an impact on miniatures than the material the miniature is made of? Most digital sculpting I'm familiar with is on plastics, but it looks like digital sculpting has been used on resins and metal miniatures. Here's an article how digital sculpting resulted in Wyrd switching their miniatures to plastic from metal. Still would like to know how much difference miniatures can have between metal and plastic, or if or how much the difference is narrowing. : https://www.pddnet.com/news/2012/08/not-so-weird-power-digital-sculpting
  2. Pre-launch

    Does Mierce have experience working with miniature manufacturers in China? I've followed enough plastic KS that, if the creator doesn't have experience working with Chinese manufacturing, it's a yellow flag. Besides not running at the same time as Reaper, I think the KS project could have been improved if the game also was a starter set for new players. You can use the mini's in the Darkholds miniatures game, but you can only find this out in the FAQ (last time I checked, which was on the first day of the KS). Seems as logical as burying your painted pictures of your miniatures way down on your KS page...
  3. I think metal's overrated. Both metal and plastic have a wide range of sculpts, and a skilled painter can overcome shortcomings in a miniature, while a well-crafted miniature can't save a terrible one. I've seen terribly sculpted metal miniatures, and you can find, nowadays, very well-sculpted plastic ones, such as Kingdom Death. We've had a Bones thread comparing painted Reaper metal vs. Reaper Bones. CMON and FFG have dramatically improved the quality of boardgame plastic miniatures over the last so-many years. Still, as said, metal *does* give a company a lower barrier to entry to produce a metal miniature, so companies can make miniatures for a small audience, express more creativity, not be limited by undercuts, etc. Also, given how much *time* display-level painters will spend on painting a single miniature, it certainly does make sense for them to spend money on a single quality miniature, which usually means metal or resin.
  4. Tamiya paints (avaiable on eBay and RC Car hobby stores) are supposed to be good with transparents, but I'm not sure how well they convey *invisibility*. Pledge Future Floor Wax (another acrylic) might be worth experimenting with.
  5. Live

    Search on " Role 4 Initiative " and you should find their webstore and FaceBook. Might be less risk to pick up their Diffusion Dice on sale. It's a First Created project and there're already products like these on the market.
  6. Live

    "No. A full Hand of the King pledge is required to purchase any optional buys." I sent CMON a message asking them for a generic fantasy terrain KS, with the terrain and mats. Send 'em one, too!
  7. Glad to see it! Hope I still have some money left over from Reaper! I dug around the FP previous KS and checked out the Old Rogue painting service website. Found these pics!
  8. Live

    Same version. Spider webs look more Spider-Man than spider, imo.
  9. Great job. WizKids tried un-prepainted miniatures with their Mage Knight line (sold randomized in boosters), but it didn't sell well. While miniatures painted by hobbyists get all the pictures, the reality is that such painters are the minority of buyers in the miniatures market, although the CMG market crashed several years ago, and HeroScape was too expensive to produce.
  10. Live

    Last 36 hours minutes! One EB left! 150K raised! Severed head unlocked! Depends on how you want to spend your hobby time. I'd rather spend it playing games or getting through the painting queue. Dakka took a poll and about 1/3 responding didn't like to paint. With 110+ accessories, you're looking at finding at least 55 miniature's worth of hands, much less 55 miniatures whose hands are interchangeable. Many of these accessories do not exist in Bones. 13 unlocks for the $140 Legendary Pledge level. The $100 Heroic Pledge is probably the best price for RPG'ers.
  11. Live

    Last I read on Dakka, CMON projects aren't returning as much money as they used to. Skipped GH and RS myself.
  12. More posts in the Mantic forums: https://www.mantic.club/forum/hobby/pa Tutorial to be added soon on the BGG KoW forum: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/85204/kings-war BTW, The Bones III weapons from the weapon sprue fit into their hands nicely! Haven't painted the Bones weapons yet. These are from the original model kit.
  13. Live

    Main page has been updated with play-doh pics. No updates, but from the comments: Happy Seppuku texture stamps are only $5 each, and already available, so I'm trying them first. I suspect the detail isn't as good, but I'm only painting to advanced tabletop.
  14. The Miniatures Page has suggestions on it use: http://www.theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=85629 I found it "wet and runny" and it leaves a gloss. Plus it's hard to find in the states! I picked it up at Walmart for six bucks, so give it a try. I haven't sealed my miniatures yet (never end up playing games with painted miniatures!), so haven't gotten to experimenting with Future.
  15. Do a search on "miniature painting purity seal frosting". Found this dakka solution: https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/How_to_recover_from_a_Spray_Sealer_disaster Reddit one: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer40k/comments/2hq1tm/ran_into_the_infamous_frosting_problem_with/ As I understand it, frosting means moisture is trapped, or the varnish drys in the air before it touches the miniature. So the various techniques -- including olive oil -- "dissolve" the sealant, let the moisture escape, then allow the sealant to harden again.