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  1. Just do a quick spritz. This mini, from the Savage World Sixth Gun RPG miniatures set, isn't even primed overhead, but you can see the details and I haven't even painted it yet. I then used a wash to further see the details. You can also drybrush or otherwise paint some white from an overhead view. Technically, this isn't ZP either, but same idea. You can see more pics in a tutorial I wrote for this miniature: https://boardgamegeek.com/rpgitem/181238/sixth-gun-role-playing-game
  2. fwiw, Bones IV will be "coming soon" and should have some paint sets below MSRP. You won't get the paints soon, but may want to see what will be offered so you don't have an overlap in purchases!
  3. Pre-launch

    We do -- if you want metal or resin and don't mind paying for it! I'm getting antsy . At $1100+ per backer, DF is way out of my wallet, so I didn't pledge for it. CMON's Song of Ice and Fire sculpts are pretty darn impressive, so if Reaper doesn't take my money, CMON will!
  4. Two-brush blending tutorials sometime mention using saliva, so there's that. Whatever works. Myself, I use Pink Soap to condition my brushes after using them, so that means there's soap on the brush before I use it, as well as the rinse water. Doesn't take much more than a few tastes of soap to keep the brush out your mouth. Soap, btw, decreases surface tension, so it's fine to have a little of it on the brush and in your rinse water:
  5. What did you learn? Thanks for the numbers. As a KS backer, I'm interested in "behind the scenes" information of any business, particularly ones that have my money. Also, thanks for grouping the weapons and items by "theme". One of the sprues is a great fit for my orc army, and I noticed that the other sprues were not, some better for elves or demons, frex. I know discussion about the weapon sprues were conversions, but I notice that the pieces fit well into those little orc hands (meant to hold axes from the original army set). Also, of course, with my Johnny Lauck dungeon dressing, they should fit in as dungeon decor! Looking forward to the clear spell effects in Bones IV, hopefully!
  6. Well, don't worry about them for one thing (see what I did there). Something good about bases is that, unlike, say, pupils, you don't have to do a "perfect" job for good results. What quality are you looking for? I can tell you how to churn 'em out assembly-line style for an army, but I'll leave it to others for the display stuff. Secret Weapon Miniatures has various short tutorials, including this one for pinning : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRItrHxuLH4
  7. Excellent job, especially with the highlights and shade! You need more practice, though. I'll send you all my Savage Worlds miniatures that you can paint and send back to me.
  8. Bones 2 Telephone box: Not Bones, but Hello Kitty Kitty and Hey, That's My Fish have friendly miniatures to paint. Plus, you can play the games with grandma! I have a HKK painting tutorial in the BGG forums.
  9. Base bits sprues: * Medieval: Skulls, rats, stones from ruins * SF / Post-Apoc: Bottles, cans, radioactive waste, bricks. litter
  10. Live

    Well, that's why the company's called CMON and not CGON. Wait for retail. I also see various CMON base games on sale from the OLGS. I've even seen one for $20 at a flea market, and picked up one from a friend who sold me his S1 KS.
  11. Cancelled

    Sure. Given the wealth of one of the backers, I didn't think this was a money thing, but a vanity project (y'know, like most KS projects out there). I think the worst feeling a creator would have is to do all this work, only to have hundreds of units of unsold stock sitting in a warehouse.
  12. Live

    That's pretty much it. The Encounters are good for dioramas and climax scenes, but, for actual play, I'd find it frustrating to drop that much money on game tiles, only to find out i couldn't build a room with it. DF KS1 was a great price (which DF can't offer again) and required you to buy two sets (essentially three or four sets with SG's) to qualify for SG's so you did end up with enough game tiles, even if you had no idea what to buy (like myself!). Unlike miniatures, you can't just buy a handful of game tiles to start playing. Most game tile owners set up the tiles in advance, so buy enough tiles for several rooms. OTOH, With D&D 4th edition, iirc, combats *were* limited to an encounter area, so fewer tiles might work. Also, with miniature skirmish games (eg. Song of Gold and Darkness) and dioramas (which another poster suspected is the primary audience), you could always build whatever you wanted from whatever tiles you had. Myself, I started with DF, and picked up game tiles at a good price from different companies. The gamers I play with don't seem to mind. (Then again, they don't notice the mini's are painted, either...
  13. Charging right off the cheap grey background! Tutorial on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/forum/886959/kings-war/general
  14. Live

    I didn't say it in this thread, but I also think it's better to be the leader of the pack than fight for second place. KS has lowered the barrier to entry, and many other good terrain KS projects have become available, less expensive, but not as good as DF. I did shoot DF a message through KS that maybe they should start looking at selling retail, such as the KS1 Game Tile sets, or KS V Dungeon Starter set. I know DF went to direct decades ago, because retail couldn't support the prices of his resin products. But, now that the molds have been paid and gamers are willing to spend more money, I think DF should look again at the retail market. At the least, retail exposure could pick up customers to replace these lost backers.
  15. Live

    True, but, as said, I've found game tile KS at $1 per piece. What I really liked about the DF KS1 pieces was that you could grab a handful and you'd find a piece you were looking for. I have enough problems sorting through miniatures -- picking through specialized dungeon pieces I don't want to do, even as setup before a game. Sure, they *look* nice, but, to agree with Garg, I don't think the extra cost adds that much to roleplaying. Particularly with specialized pieces, I found out through the D&D 2D game tiles that, while unusual pieces looked interesting, actually trying to find the right piece was a chore. If i want a room to describe information (eg. a wizard's lair vs. an orc lair), I can do it better through dungeon accessories than dungeon terrain. Personally, I don't want to spend much money on a single project, and prefer a middle ground of quantity vs. quality. While metal and resin are better than plastic, a $5 metal miniature in metal needs to be and isn't, for me, five times better than a $1 Bones or CMON one. When playing games, at some point, aesthetics stops paying off. That's why I stop painting a miniature when I hit beyond tabletop. Color and 3D is appreciated, but I'm more interested in gaming than anything that doesn't make too much difference at a tabletop distance.