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  1. Pre-launch

    Reaper also added some sculpts after the funding ended so... um... things. Actually, with Reaper run by accountants, I think that was a prudent move. See if you have the extra funds to offer something you weren't sure you could offer during the campaign. Much better than throwing in stuff as last-minute SG's that might hurt the budget. We're not all made of money, and the core set *is* the best value. The problem is that, unlike many other KS, the add-ons are also good values. Do look at Bones III for ideas of pricing. Reaper's expansion sets cost $50 each, and, *if* you liked the theme, were very good values. That means your $100 pledge could become $200+ very quickly -- and that's before adding the $10 dragons. Also, note that, if you pledge for the core, you're not really pledging for the core, but receive $100 credit. So, if you don't like the core, you can certainly find other miniatures for your pledge!
  2. Pre-launch

    Myth uses 2x2 pillars so there goes my monies. A 2x2 pillar might come in handy if you need to support four floor tiles on a second story?
  3. Live

    I've only seen the WD figures, but it's harder plastic than Bones.
  4. Pre-launch

    That makes sense. If you only buy what you need, then visiting your FLGS regularly might be a better than KS. Some Reaper backers do both, buying some models through KS, others outside of it. Since I plan to use the miniatures in a variety of games (eg. Song of Blades and Heroes), I just buy everything in sight.
  5. Nifty! For the mummy, try an ochre color. I use Army Painter's Skeleton Bone, but Reaper should have an ochre to use. Fiddle around with washes. Army Painter's brown Strong Tone Ink (in the eye dropper) is a good start for undead and unhygenic orcs!
  6. Live

    Yeah, that's right. Broken mine tracks that allow you to careen your players off into the distance. Why do you think they included curved pieces?? :D EDIT: 191 pieces total!
  7. Live

    With Zealot Miniatures's Twisting Catacombs being a First Created project in resin and shipping from the UK to USA, I also skipped it. After Mythical Lairs, Itar's Workshop, and GameZone, I'm pretty wary of resin KS. Unlike metal, resin cannot be recycled if miscast. Unlike plastics, the barrier to entry to resin miniature manufacturing is much lower, so you really have to know the business experience of the company, as well as the casting experience of the caster. For the 100+ piece "Pure Completionist" level, backers paid $300+ before shipping, well above the $180 pledge of Mantic. Other than a following on the Ye Olde Inn forum, I couldn't find information about this company. Now that Zealot has experience managing a KS (a huge one at that), I would definitely look at them more closely. Their sculpts look better than Mantic, and their pieces are different enough that they don't overlap as much as some backers on Ye Olde Inn think there is.
  8. Live

    Skrill painted up his DS set, including furniture. Great job! You can get the DS furniture and doors retail, if you're looking for doors, and fewer pieces.
  9. Pre-launch

    Are you encountering undead orcs and humanoids in your adventure games? I'd rather have Deadites or different undead.
  10. Live

    I just dump the crates into the basement of my taverns. (: Many of the sculpts are "clusters", so ymmv. I'm thinking there are few individual barrels and chests in this KS because these are available in the Dungeon Saga furniture set. I particularly like the campsite, so my adventurers can finally sleep in tents. The fences, hedges, and walls should be useful for those miniature skirmish games I still have to play. Would still like to see more stuff for $200. We'll see!
  11. Live

    Pathfinder miniatures has prepainted terrain, but they're stupid expensive and in the rare slots. CSI was reselling a candelabra for about ten bucks. If you completely prime in black, then spray with a color primer, such as Army Painter, then follow with a wash, you'll get most of a paintjob done. BTW, For anyone who has kids or are new to painting, terrain is a good way to start practicing.
  12. Live

    It makes perfect sense. A FLGS will move three boxes of Magic, Star Wars Destiny, or other *much* less expensive games much faster than a $140 boxed game. Also, retailers and distributors are used to a system where they receive 40% or more off, and don't have to place an order until the product is shipping. Not all creators on KS have the cash flow of multiple games on the market to take on the risk of printing stock that won't sell. If the choice is between a creator of a popular game mortgaging their house so retailers can carry the game or buying the game directly, I'll pick the latter. Also, FFG stopped making $100 coffin boxes *years* ago, although RuneWars Miniatures have a price tag of $100 MSRP. Any retailer will tell the game designer that they will have to break down a $140 into a base game and several expansions, with no guarantee that the expansions will be sold at a later date. What *will* happen is that the total cost of the same amount of content will be higher. Dunno about you, but I like to pay less money for my games. As for legacy, the creator himself doesn't call it a legacy game. It's only legacy to the point where you're placing stickers on a map, and stickers on cards. On BGG, you'll find an interactive PDF so you don't need to put stickers on the map. For the cards, gamers have been sleeving the cards and putting stickers on the cards, as well as mentioning that it's sometimes better not to pay for the upgrades that sticker the card in the first place. Other workarounds are on the BGG GH forums.
  13. fwiw, SWM has various pigment tutorials. What did you think of them?
  14. Live

    From the Mantic Facebook page
  15. Spiders could use some highlights. One trick is to put the model under bright light and paint the highlights where the light hits the model. How does the sorceress look from one and two feet away? Since it's a dark elf, I'd expect it to be grey (perhaps a glaze), but I've seen them all sorts of color. At this point, though, I'd start painting any unpainted miniatures you need to do.