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  1. Not sure if I'm pledging for it, but here're the greens from the sculptor from their previous Wizards Conclave project, and current WW project. "The idea for this kickstarter struck us during our previous wizards project when our excellent sculptor produced a fantastic ice golem, rather than have yet another add-on in a kickstarter that had already gotten big enough we decided to start another project. As the previous kickstarter is well underway and this idea wouldn't have made sense any other time of year we decided to launch it as a Christmas special. " On the offchance you're an HPL fan, there is a giant penguin you can paint albino...
  2. Metal slots and tabs are just suggestions. Do what you need to do to make them fit. Pinning... epoxy (greenstuff and milliput)... as well as cut off what's too big, enlarging what's too small, and shaving off what's not fitting!
  3. Standing Desks for Painting

    I sit on a yoga ball, with my elbows resting on my knees, sort of like a squat. I reach and use the keyboard drawer of my desk. Squatting is better for your back, btw. Most Westerners can't squat for long periods of time because they've been sitting in chairs and haven't been squatting since they were children. You pretty much have to relearn how to squat. Also get an (ahem) Squatty Potty foot rest because reasons. And, if you're overweight, try a low carb diet. yoga ball: http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/germany-brandenburg-portrait-of-woman-sitting-on-fitness-ball-in-gym-picture-id176638196?s=612x612
  4. Filling gap

    I'll also apply the superglue with the tip of the paper clip. I'm fiddling with opening the superglue from the crimp of the tube, so that the stuff doesn't keep drying out! Once I have a bond, for gap filling, I'll just use Vallejo Plastic Putty. No kneading, although the stuff may shrink. Mostly use it for plastic, though.
  5. Chronicle X by Archon Studios

    By Prodos, the same guys who didn't deliver you Aliens vs. Predator.
  6. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Yeah, that. It's not like another bald wizard miniature is going to ruin the marketplace. Miniature companies have been making different varieties of the same type of character or monster for years, and it hasn't been a problem. Maybe once 3D printers become commonplace so you can make your character exactly as you want the market will change, but plastic injection still might be cheaper for miniature skirmish and boardgamers who buy miniatures en masse. IMO, Any comparison between details between one plastic model and another are unimportant when a better detailed metal or resin is available, and, if I want a bald scowling wizard with a beard shooting flameballs from a staff and only one company makes it decently, that pretty much is all I need to buy it from them.
  7. MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    Miniatures are in metal, so wouldn't have the *same* problems as plastics. But, sure, drop 'em a note asking how the metals are doing.
  8. PolyHero Dice - Wizard Dice

    Well, there's only one reason to manufacture overseas -- price. And I think backers, at least during pledging, are more interested in cheap goods than fast delivery. Also, I'd imagine that it's the sample products which would cause delays regardless of location. If the samples need to be tweaked, that can add months to delivery, depending on the queue of the manufacturer. Dice KS have been notorious for delays, although I may be selectively been observing this. I will say that both the Tom Wilfong and CuCu dice that I've backed have had fulfillment problems. I just don't need the possible hassle dice KS have had to back or follow them as closely as I'd like.
  9. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    So are orders no longer receiving the stocking? Without the stocking, I'd rather place two $40 orders instead of one $80 on. TIA!
  10. Prehistoric Park Video Game

    I'm guessing the price tag is based on the seller considering it to be a collector's item, rather than an off-the-shelf game. Search on "Best Dinosaur Games 2017" and you get both video games and toys. Dunno how *accurate* these games are. I'm pretty sure most dinosaurs were not made of yarn or had spaceships growing out of their heads. First Created is the yellow flag for me, but a $20 digital download isn't that big of deal for many backers. Good luck!
  11. 01620 Cat Dragon Promo Figure

    So is this a one-piece model, or a two-piece model (the cat and the box)? TIA!
  12. MSP Must Haves

    +1 LTPKs and Flesh Triads. I don't get much use out of a paint if I don't know how to use it. IMO, the LTPK instructions and the "pairing" of the triad colors are as important than the paints themselves. Plenty of companies make similar colored paints as Reaper, but the triads make it *much* easier to know how to use these paints. If you're new to painting, pick up the LTPK's and one or two flesh triads from the Reaper website. The Tanned Skin triad is good for generic fantasy adventurers. This makes a perfectly fine starter set of paints and, at $80, you get the promotional miniatures. Once you become familiar with painting and start painting your miniatures, you will start to know what colors you will want to add to your paint collection. Also, many KS and sales let you pick up paints at a discount. Personally, I think it's a good idea to keep trying new paints to find out how different paints behave. Two paints that have similar colors may have different consistencies or other properties making one easier to use than another for a different painting purpose.
  13. PolyHero Dice - Wizard Dice

    Another dice KS having problems?? I haven't been following dice KS's too closely, so let me know how well you think dice KS are fulfilling these days. TIA.
  14. wet palette

    For brush-on priming, undercoating, and sometimes base coating assembly-line, I've found the GW pots (gasp) to be more convenient than wp's. None of the wild shaking of eye droppers, you can thin the paint right in the pot, and no re-dropping paint. In practice, though, the majority of pots I use are only GW black primer and a GW brown paint. I find wp's essential when I need to do any sort of mixing, of course.
  15. December specials?

    Hope LTPK #2 stays in stock as well. Store says 5 copies left, but I could swear I saw 100+ copies available a few days ago. 08907: Learn to Paint Kit: Layer Up! ($39.99)5 in stock
  16. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Which figures would you want dupes for? $80 is the sweet spot for number of figures, but 2x $40 would get you two different 12 Days figures. Offhand, two sets of Santa's Helpers would work, but lemme know if I missed anything.
  17. December specials?

    I guess we'll know Monday, but, if we spend $80+ on an order, will we receive two copies of the "12 Days of Reaper" miniature (as well as two of the "25th Anniversary" miniature, and the Christmas Sampler!)? TIA!
  18. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    Wow -- From what little I've emailed with Justin, he's a great guy. I'm not sure how much staff he really has, but I thought it was something around the area of... one. (: And, reading the tea leaves of Tablescapes, I hope to see more collaboration between SW and Reaper in the future.
  19. RAFM Question

    Send them an email. I've had stuff that turned out to be just sitting there for a few weeks until they found it and sent it.
  20. Brown

    Put a drop of each of your browns on the wet palette and experiment! Also, since brown can be made from different complimentary colors, try those as well. Add to the wet palette a drop of colors just there to mix into the color you choose to paint the miniature. Frex, while I wouldn't paint orange directly onto a miniature, you can mix in orange into brown as a highlighter color.
  21. Evil High Priest

    Don't forget the bling. Also useful for other Cthulhu this-and-that:
  22. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Head on off to the BGG discussion of the pledge manager. More info (and spending) there.
  23. Mythic Battles Pantheon

    I found the details fantastic, and, yeah, it's a slightly harder plastic to get them spears straight. So don't toss out the insert and don't shove 'em in the box.
  24. Painting with cheap craft paint

    At $3.50 per bottle, most hobby paints don't cost more than the miniatures being painted. On top of that, the Reaper LTPK's teach you how to paint, which I personally find more important that saving money. I think it's the initial cost of having to buy a *set* of paint bottles that's the sticker shock to most boardgamers, and, I'd say the truth is that your initial paint jobs won't be that much better with hobby paints than craft paints -- but hobby paints won't have the potential frustration craft paints may have. Craft paints are certainly often used in terrain, where detail isn't as important as miniatures.
  25. Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    Just missed the deadline by sleeping late, and didn't notice the big terrain piece. Dang! Didn't realize until later that you could throw the terrain pieces onto the board and make an impromptu village for RPG's. Oh well. I keep reminding myself that those KDM and Conan miniatures and three boxes of Bones and two Mousling sets and Massive Darkness and a Mantic Undead Army and Johnny Lauck's miniatures and Dark Sword's Stephanie Law miniatures :P still need painting, and that Batman is coming in February!