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  1. Fulfilling

    Just got the shipping notice, although the package hasn't shipped yet. Looking forward to getting a better idea how much over my head I'm in with these mini's. I think I'll just proxy with mini's for now with my Homestar action figures... :P
  2. Live

    Conan is about it. They had some criticism about the models looking soft, but that was from the translucency of the model. Haven't read any other criticisms, and nothing stood out when I gave an initial look at my models. Mythic hasn't put out a miniature as large as the dragon before. The dragon's wings are the only assembly. Miniatures are otherwise pre-assembled. I've only painted *one* of my Bones dragons, and it sure wasn't Dragons Don't Share! Probably skipping JoA, but the KS is fun to watch...
  3. Crackle paint is a pain. The *thicker* it is, the better it works, and miniature-level painting is on the thin side. The idea is that the top layer of the paint dries before the bottom layers. The top layers contract "faster" than the bottom layers, resulting in cracks, much like muddy flats. https://www.wikihow.com/Crackle-Paint You can see at :46 that the crackle paint doesn't crack at a thickness thicker than most miniature painters use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfSsbchweA4 Found a Vallejo crackle paint video. Haven't used it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5k1nwptshM
  4. A few orcs stomping off the tabletop! Mantic Orcs Army set painted with Army Painter Greenskin paint set. Assembly-line tutorial in the BGG Kings of War forum! https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/85204/kings-war/forums/0
  5. Fulfilling

    Best not to pay shipping until they finalize shipping costs and send the email that it's ready. Even then, I'd wait a day (yeah, like I can) or a few hours in case there are still unexpected PM issues. See BBG's KDM forum for the shipping thread.
  6. Mimics from the Forge Prints Mimic Invasion Kit! Would have liked to do more work on them, but there's a lot of miniatures to paint, and I'm fine with tabletop for gaming. If you play Frostgrave, mimics are pretty darn good pieces for the small, medium, and large constructs! Forge Prints's Adventurescape game tiles and dungeon accessories KS end today. Docks, tavern, and alchemist's dungeon lair. 88-100+ pieces for $65. <-- WIP
  7. Live

    I guess the good news about KS (or at least crowdfunding) is that it's allowing projects from different regions to be offered. This means if you're outside of the US or UK, there's a better chance of finding a creator local to you, and hence, lower shipping prices than from overseas, unlike retail which is mostly imports. In the last few weeks, I've seen two AUS terrain KS, and a Germany dungeon tiles one started today as well. It should be even easier to purchase terrain once high-resolution 3D printers become more affordable. Maybe I'll have my existing backlog painted by then...!
  8. Funded

    Last 12 hours! Some backers did a recount and the Docks set now has 120 pieces plus a game mat, not 88, for $75. The display area is the same (the pier pieces were separated from the dock tiles).
  9. Live

    First Created, but based in Germany, so lower shipping rates there. Has a weekly show, so has some stake in getting the project fulfilled. EDIT: See the Forge Prints Adventurescapes KS to see their dungeon tiles as well, particularly if you're in the US. 12 hours left.
  10. Also see BoardGameGeek's MoM forum for painted miniatures. The Miniatures Page has a painting services subforum you can ask for prices. You could always negotiate for trade or something other than money. Trade usually results in getting more stuff than being paid.
  11. Funded

    Comparison pic from a tile review: More info: http://forum.forgeprints.com/post/adventurescapes-tile-review-with-photos-9301666?pid=1300110290
  12. Funded

    I have to clean my desk. There's not enough room for the wet palette and I'm resorting to the aluminum foil one now. EDIT: Tubo on BoW took a closer look at the creators and has this to say : http://www.beastsofwar.com/groups/news-rumors/forum/topic/ks-live-everlasting-wet-palette/?topic_page=6&num=15#post-215648
  13. Live

    Clearing stock at 40% off MSRP. I also assume it lowers inventory taxes for SJG. I know Eagle Games did something like this, to get rid of stock so they could improve cash flow when they lost a shipment of games and their insurance company was taking too long to pay up. Mantic has its "grab bag" box of miniatures, and Secret Weapon Miniatures occasionally will sell its reject "pound of resin" casts. I wouldn't mind if Reaper occasionally sold "grab bags". Compared to games, duplicate miniatures can always be painted differently, and miniatures I can't use in a game I can at least paint for fun.
  14. Live

    Same ditto. It's also fewer steps on a KS. Physical product means, printing, shipping, and other ways to screw up your "reward". OTOH, It's not like you can't find adventures online for free or a cheap price. DriveThruPRG has the old D&D Book of Lairs, frex. You can also use random adventure generators, but they require some work and polish by the DM. Oddly, it may not be *that* hard to slap a random adventure onto a random dungeon and start playing!
  15. Funded

    More trouble than bubble, but...
  16. Funded

    Yep. Like any prototype, they won't know how well it works in practice until it's manufactured. The original wet palette had a membrane, but they couldn't get past the protoype stage. Just imagine if they didn't do this additional product development until *after* the KS was over. EDIT: Membrane wasn't possible because of manufacturer minimum units requirement (?).
  17. Funded

    Egads! A free undead pelican with every dock set! With his own removable hat!
  18. Funded

    Dang, that's comprehensive! RPG.net has a reviews section if you'd like to post a "preview" of the tiles. OT: I also have the Secret Weapon Malice RPG dungeon tile set. This tile turned out way gaudy, but I got some new paints, so...
  19. Funded

    And more pics, too! Second pic has their beach prototype (needs more sand, but could also be used as a river bank) :
  20. I do this with my tabletop Mantic Orcs army. Paint with 50/50 black to metallic. Then hold the miniature next to bright light and paint pure metallic wherever the light hits the metal. You might end up with 25/75 metallic or just semi-gloss, because wrought iron fences are painted with enamel (?) paint (search on "how to paint a wrought iron fence"), not left as bare metal.
  21. Live

    First Created. Risks and Challenges doesn't have much info. If you search for the creator, Joshua Bladh, you'll find a real estate agent in Chino, CA, which is not the city in the KS project. However, if you look at the first post in the Tabletop Blacksmith FB page, you'll see various people, whose FB page says they're from from Chino, CA. Can't find more info, so contact him directly for his KS project management experience.
  22. Funded

    Isn't that Gary Gygax? The sculpt looks familiar, though.
  23. Same here! (And it looks like you spent more time painting the miniature than Guillotine Games did on game development! Dunno -- how about a time lapse video on another speed painted miniature?
  24. Funded

  25. Live

    Monolith will also have another Conan KS in 2019.