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  1. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    Finally another chance to paint. I decided to start with faces while I was fresh and as steady as I get. Guess I should figure out their names.....Sarah, Jigsaw, Jazz and Slyder ( 80021, 80049, 80019, 80050 ). So following on from Nick, I was just doing eyes with a bit of Walnut Brown (I think that's what I used for Nick, I didn't actually go back and check....). Works fine for the guys, they all have deeply recessed eyes anyway, but Sarah looked wrong, so I had to do a bit more for her. It was either that or paint the metallic so it looked like the sniper had ocular implants of some sort. Still was feeling ok, so went on to starting on the khaki pants and shirt. Got through two of them before my neck said it was time for a break. I'm using the Terran Khaki triad for this and I struggle a bit with it. The highlight is, I think, too opaque for my liking. So I thin and thin and it still goes on too strong, so then I have to go back to the mid and even shadow to bring it back. Probably works great for drybrushing though.... Hopefully get through the rest of the khaki this evening.
  2. This popped up on my youtube feed and I thought it was pretty cool and could be very useful for what we do. I might make one eventually for my other work table (since I built a light arch for my paint table). I didn't even know these LED light panels existed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL3uZ88vA_0
  3. The Old Fathers Harvest WIP

    Agreed, the tub looks pretty spot on!
  4. Very nice. The thinner strips look good, but I agree that the wider ones are even better.
  5. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    Finally have some time for painting again. Picked out 4 (that's about the max I can work on at a time, I think) and cleaned them up. These 4 were picks as I'll be using the Tanned Skin triad on all of them. Camera went a little light for some reason today, could be the tea cup..... Letting them get good and dry, then I'll hit them with a strong tone wash in a bit.
  6. Dreadmere Begins...

    New tentacles blend in seamlessly. Looking awesome.
  7. Tiefling Paladin

    Looks great so far! But I'm confused....I mean, you JUST got her! Doesn't everyone let their new minis "age" for a at least a couple of years before finally getting around to considering painting them??
  8. Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

    Wow, an amazing piece! Love the colours!
  9. Agramon, Pit Fiend (OSL)

    Looking good. I love that base.
  10. Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Looking awesome so far!!
  11. Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Only took almost 20 years and a trip across an ocean for him to go from primer to paint!
  12. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    Got a Reaper order the other day that included Aztec and Skids, the two IMEF I didn't have. So a quick coat of Brown Liner: as I put out too much brown liner, Sire Forscale jumped in to keep it from going to waste. Then, since I was sitting at my desk, and felt like doing a little painting, I did a couple of coats on all the leather bits on the 9 IMEF left, including the new guys.
  13. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Received this morning. Casts are lovely!!
  14. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Got a package from West Wind the other day (been a bit of a chaotic week ) and I must say they certainly fixed things up! They sent the correct G06 hull, along with all the rest of the hull components for the IV h. Plus they sent all the turret components to complete the first hull as a Wirbelwind! Sweet!!
  15. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    If you are able, you may want to get your neck checked out, you may have some impingement in there from the symptoms. And, speaking from experience, most pain pills can't do much to touch nerve pain. Hope you feel better soon.