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  1. Fulfilling

    Without the tracker to distract me (from work) I've had to resort to F5ing the UPS tracking site (it doesn't auto update, as far as I know....or actually ever update at all, based on observations). Still no updates on the Canadian orders, so Canada Customs are probably still checking each and every fig to make sure they don't contain drugs....
  2. Well, a few weeks later I finally made it back to the painting. I got sick at the end of my vacation and this darned cough really doesn't want to go away. Blah. I did some more base coating on the Keisai Waza Wrench, just a half hour to see how my neck would do, since its been worse than usually what with the being sick and all the coughing. I really like how the visor looks....too bad that's just primer and light reflections....hopefully I can remember to use this pic when actually painting it .
  3. Fulfilling

    Hmmm, tracker down for everyone?
  4. Fulfilling

    Pretty sure I saw it pop up in the last half hour...
  5. Fulfilling

    That is tempting....I've got a Gnome or two with pink hair...
  6. Fulfilling

    Would you have them all painted by then?? It's only 34 lbs, that shouldn't take too long.....
  7. Fulfilling

    Its a little over 2500 miles. You don't mind driving them over when I get back??
  8. Fulfilling

    With normal shipping times of two-ish weeks, I'm getting really close to mine arriving right around when I'm in Montreal for a week....
  9. Fulfilling

    I expect that the "Canadian Issue" is what they were sorting out that has kept them from giving an update. What was in the last update was the plan then, but I suspect that a better option has become available. So folks on KS are saying that in UPS it is showing as shipping from Ontario (the Canadian one). If so it is a huge benefit to us Canadians who've been watching our dollar drop continually against the US dollar and dreading the tax bill on our silly big orders. 34 lbs of plastic minis....oh my.... Canada is only 932 backers, so that's only a couple of hours for them to pull everything, if they are getting anywhere near their rate from last time.
  10. Fulfilling

    From my understanding, not really. Wave 1 and 2 are shipping bulk amounts to secondary distribution hubs, where they will then be picked and shipped. So what they've been doing is putting 5000 of mall in a container, then 3000 crypts, etc. Now I suspect they need to bundle all the Canadian orders to ship across at once for cost reasons. Then they will start with wave 1 shipping directly from the US. And Wave 1 US backers will still be getting their stuff (likely) weeks before Canadian backers, since Canada Customs will be involved..... Again, that's just my understanding.
  11. Fulfilling

    I see other Canadians are getting notifications too. A little concerned that it is UPS but I'm not sure what "trade direct cross border" means...so maybe all the Canadian orders are coming over in one load and then being distributed? Really hoping we aren't going to have to deal with UPSs creative brokerage fees....
  12. Just before I take a week off work, so won't be working on MERCS, I figured I'd play around with the Keizai Waza colour scheme. I picked the Wrench as he's fairly "standard" looking with no strange an unique items on him (no acid bombs, no tactical nukes, nothin). I did a quick base coat of the bodysuit, the leather pouches and the metal bits, so I could get to the armour and see if the oranges I'd picked worked ok. I base coated the bottom half and then worked up through on the right leg to see how it looks. I think it needs a little highlighting but looks alright.... Thoughts?
  13. Very cool bust, and yep, them some gorgeous eyes!
  14. New pics posted up top, now with less shine and less washed out.
  15. Finally got some nice weather so I got them dull coated. And got things sorted a bit on the pictures side, so they aren't so washed out. New pics in the original post.