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  1. It appears I got busy and didn't post on Friday.... Spy, Heavy, Assassin I did the highlighting on the olive, and also based the black and threw some white on the blade of the assassin, which everyone seems to do as an energy blade type glowy thing. Then today: Shock, Monkeywrench, Engineer, Sniper Highlighted both the browns and the olives.
  2. That's some very realistic looking rust.... Great job!
  3. Wow. I've been slack on keeping up on the WIP posts, so seeing these go from start to completion all at once, impressive!! Beautiful work!
  4. These are just wonderful, malefactus! They may be my favorites so far, although its a tight race between them and the pumpkin heads. (Oddly, I don't like either mushrooms or pumpkin...)
  5. Hey Kharsin, welcome back!! This has unfortunately been on the back burner for a bit. I'm playing catch up on my exchange project. And I had to get replacement paints from Scales Games. Something happened (presumably in transit) to my whole order and the paints were unusable. Just got my replacements this week, so I'm hoping to get this back on the paint table as soon as my exchange is done.
  6. Did the highlighting of the grey brown "pants" on these 3 today. Assassin, Heavy, Spy Had a few minutes left so started basecoating the brown leather bits and the lighter grey plates.
  7. Cleaned up the base coats (brown and olive only) and then did a strong tone wash on them. Black basecoat and/or working on the brown for the pants next time I paint these.
  8. Went with blue lenses (blues were easy to find at midnight when I remembered I needed to pick out some colours). I think this guy is pretty much done...
  9. Another day closer....did the olives and started on the grey plates and such. It appears my go-to shiny black metallic is at home. I'm undecided on glow-y lenses on the helmets (or whatever they are). What colour would look best?

    Checked my order..... I should probably set some aside for Customs fees...... I don't even remember making that second order....
  11. Some more work on the leader today. Worked on the pants and brown leather pieces, and threw some colours on part of the base. Haven't touched the knee pads or other plates yet.
  12. Eyes.... They win this round.....
  13. Did some touchups and then some washes on the leader. Since it takes the washes a while to dry, did some base coating on the rest. That's the Shadowed Stone and Olive Shadow done. Not at work tomorrow so it will be next week before I get back to these guys.
  14. Rules? Who has time to read those?? Oh, these are the guys with active camo, we did play these one night after I had them assembled....need to get back to playing someday soon. And then maybe crack open the giant book of Mercs 2.0....
  15. Go the spy and wrench primed... Then time to start figuring out a colour scheme. This is what the art from Megacon Games looks like: So here's what I've come up with so far: Those are just shadow colours for the most part, and I haven't touched the face yet. not sure what I want to do with the boots yet, some painted examples I've seen have the same brighter plate colour on parts and some don't. Thoughts?