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  1. Jasper_the_2nd

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Question. The holders you are using, where are they from? They look like they work with bottle caps? That would be perfect for me.....
  2. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Got everything set up for airbrushing again. Hopefully it can stay set up for a while so I can actually get comfortable with it. Ritterlich primed with Blue Liner (note, almost out of Blue Liner now....). Tried some zenithal highlighting on an Armadillo and Cataphract. Hopefully looks something like what it should.....
  3. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Got everything I washed the other day glued together, as far as I can before painting anyway. Hopefully get the airbrush fired up in the next few days.
  4. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Yeah, the Robotech stuff is a bit like assembling a model kit, just an tiny one. But at least using model cement makes it a bit easier. Test fitted all the Ritterlich I washed back together. Seems I got all the parts! Also pictured is my airbrush booth that I finally got around to setting up (got it back in June....). Hopefully I'll be at least "priming" and basecoating these with the airbrush. Got to get them glued together first....
  5. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    24 for the tray on the left, 68 for the one on the right. I always count before they go into the soapy water in the sink, so I know how many have to come back out. Oh, I also painted this the other night.... My wife had signed up for one of those evening paint classes with a friend, but the friend ended up having her baby the day of the class (3 weeks early) so I got roped into going. Was interesting, and they go step by step so it isn't overwhelming. I see lots of things that could be improved, but wasn't the total disaster I was expecting.
  6. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Haven't gotten much done in the last...month-ish with these guys. A bit more bascoating. And I've been prepping a bunch more (more Ritterlich and some Terrans). These are getting a bath and a boil (for the parts that need it) this afternoon.
  7. Jasper_the_2nd

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Super excited by the new terrain add on. Was bummed when the terrain was pulled earlier, since I have nearly no 10 mm terrain. But the new add on is massive and awesome. I'm gonna need a couple of those....
  8. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. CMoN's A Song of Ice and Fire: TMG

    Well, test unit is done. And tested. Also determined that if I drop the whole thing and have it bang off the desk and onto the floor all of the figures will scatter for cover, abandoning their formation. Good thing they are plastic; zero damage.
  9. I know what you are saying...another WIP by Jasper? It will never get finished, just like all his other WIPs! This is likely true (the first step is admitting you have a problem) but the difference here is I'm not painting these guys currently. I will eventually....in theory, but that's not why I'm starting the WIP. So, if you are unfamiliar, or just don't know the name of the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire is the name of the fairly obscure book series they made into that niche little TV series they have to stick on Sunday nights, A Game of Thrones. CMoN worked with Dark Sword Miniatures (I expect there were some licensing reasons as DSM has made some spectacular Martin approved figures from the series in the past) to produce a full blown tabletop game based on the books (not the show, so don't expect Tyrion to look like Peter Dinklage). This is a full traditional type tabletop game, with units, movement trays, etc. Not what I'm used to with CMoN, but they seem to have done a pretty good job with it, and are backing it up with new armies and units coming out any time now. Of course, being CMoN AND Game of Throne, the kickstarter did pretty well, and the number of figs that came were.... So, as mentioned, units and movement trays. Movement trays are great. They keep your unit organized and make it much easier to move them around. They also make facing and alignment for engagements easy. But the problem with them is that people are clumsy. So far in every game I've played me, or my opponent (but usually me) has dropped a tray. Usually only an inch or two to the tabletop, but still... As I'm on an ASOIAF (awesome acronym...) facebook group, this seems to be a common issue. And everyone uses the common solution that movement tray based minis games have been using for decades. Magnets. Back when I played Clan War (and Gencon was still in Milwaukee) we used flat metal sheets for the trays, and stick on squares of magnet on the bases. But now we live in the future! where itty bitty super powerfully magnets are easily available. So today I'm trying out magnetizing this unit of Stark Sworn Swords. Following a post I read a while ago in the Facebook group, I ordered a bunch of 5mm x 1mm magnets. The first thing I do is grab a scratchy something (in this case a triangle file) and scratch an X into one face of a bunch of the magnets (I'll do them all eventually). Then I picked a test subject and glued one as centered as I could get it. I'm putting the scratched side into the glue as the scratches might help it adhere better and so I don't have scratches showing on all the bottoms. It doesn't matter as long as you're consistent. Once it dried a bit I needed to see if this would actually work. As these are pretty thin magnets and imported from a company I'd never dealt with before (but who sell really inexpensive magnets) I wasn't sure how strong they would be. So I picked what should be the worst spot on the movement tray, where CMoN put their logo, put the fig in the spot and just held a magnet to see what it would do. Seemed to lock on pretty good so time to test! Even with a few good shakes our test Stark seems to have held. Excellent! Time to glue the rest on. Glue should be dry now after all this typing, but its lunch so I'll see if I can get the movement try magnets glued on after a bit.
  10. Jasper_the_2nd

    Oni Centaur with two Katanas by Glitterwolf

    Looks great! The figure is Kyojin, from Clan War, AEGs minis game in the Legend of the 5 Rings universe. Apparently a fallen Crane warrior who was corrupted by the Shadowlands and became a centaur of some sort.
  11. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Did some more on the legs of the Tiamat. Decided that I like the paint scheme enough to start base coating some others (plus my shoulder was getting too tired to do any more detail work). Just blocked out the colours. The Cougar is the other mech, with only some colour on the top half. The smaller tank is the Lion 1, and the larger is the Wolverine.
  12. Jasper_the_2nd

    Jasper vs. Big Stompy Robots

    Progress, I think. Still need to redo the grey on the lower half. Covered over the cockpit. Want to go a slightly different way.
  13. Jasper_the_2nd

    October's Mushrooms & Goblins & Faeries...Oh My!

    More awesome work! I haven't been on much lately so I'm sure I've missed a few of your WIPs. Always love seeing what you come up with!!