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  1. So, took a bit of a break from painting there..... Getting back at it now, hopefully, as I've been starting to miss it. Decided to start basecoating the Daimyo to keep it simple today. Was a little messier than usual but otherwise felt ok. A half hour was enough for the old neck though. It seems it will need to get used to it again, or a massage or two. Here is a quick comparison of where I left off with the Wrench vs where the Daimyo is.
  2. Thanks for the nudge fanguad! I'm in, will send survey shortly.
  3. Finally remembered to post these up. I got minibart's name for the Spring Exchange. I'd been hoping to get him since he sent me an awesome fig last year. He was looking for something Victorian and/or Steampunk. I went through a number of idea about what I wanted to do, wasted far too much time on elaborate plans, and finally settled on a slightly simpler plan, and still managed to be late sending it..... With the Lord and Dame I wanted to tie them together with some cross over of colour. Hopefully that was somewhat successful. The Lord came out fiarly well, I though. I'm not sure if what I was trying with the hat came across as well as it could of. I was really happy with the vest, though it may not show up well in the picture. I used Ruby Red to highlight Gothic Crimson, which gave it a nice satiny shine. Apparently all my shots of his back are blurry, and he's on a different continent now. But dark grey coat of light grey pants, not too exciting anyway. The Dame is a lovely figure and a joy to paint. I had a great time painting her, other that realizing that I'm missing at least one paint in each green triad I wanted to use.... And whenever I paint anything that could be considered Steampunk-y I love to throw in a West Wind Infernium Hound.
  4. Delayed

    I have a spreadsheet somewhere....hopefully. I'm not saying the KS comments folks are anti-palladium or anything, but several have already suggested the new guy quietly finds a new job and gets out while he can.... I just want my MKII Monsters....
  5. Summer is race track season, so I'm going to pass on this one. I'll hopefully be back for the one in the fall.
  6. I got back from marshaling the Grand Prix in Montreal last night and had to check today... Max blew up (turbo seal I believe) in FP2 and ended up watching the rest of the session from the bus stop in turn 6. We happened to be working turn 6, and keep our gear in the bus stop since its got a roof. And luckily my bucket (far right) had the right side facing out.
  7. I use google for storing my photos, but I just download a local copy (and usually resize and crop) and then attach them to the post, since I've never found a nice way of linking them directly. But what I can see looks cool and I really look forward to seeing everything as this looks like an awesome idea.
  8. I finally got mine mailed out on Monday. I hate getting sick. I really hate getting sick when it then gives me a sinus infection. Blah. Between that and real life (PSA: Please, please, look twice, motorcycle riders are hard to see. Also, if you can, please give blood.) (I realize that is pretty vague, so no, not me, a relative) it took some time, but I managed to get it mailed out. Sorry for the delay partner, hope you enjoy it when it gets there.
  9. 1-3: exchange figs And that was it. After almost 2 and a half years I hit a dry spell. The track open, a week in Montreal, too many loved ones in hospitals for various reasons, all took up time and energy. And I seem to have developed some tendinitis in both wrists I should be taking care of, I guess. Not sure how I'll do over the next 2 months either, but hopefully by September/October I get back in the grove and get caught up on my yearly numbers.
  10. Remembering to take pain meds by 11 am means my neck is tolerable for noon.... Highlighted the blacks a bit, then moved on to the orange. I'm pretty happy with it now so I think I'm done with the orange other than touchups I'll undoubtedly need after doing the other colours. Still need to do the leather, and a bit on the metals, and put in the "traditional" nuclear powered green glow (because if TV has taught us anything its that radioactive materials give off a nice green glow). And decide how I'm doing the visor. Hopefully I'll get some of that done on Monday before I'm off on vacation for a week or so.
  11. Fulfilling

    Fixed that for you....
  12. Fulfilling

    Not sure on the keg but I noticed a dimple in his belt on the right side in back that seemed to match the bump on the dagger.
  13. Fulfilling

    Finished my inventory last night, still nothing missing, so only issue was the extra set of Savage Avatars II. Now to figure out where to store everything, and what to paint first....
  14. Fulfilling

    So 3 or so hours in, I've finally gone through everything except the expansions and the core...and the blackstar corsairs since I'm saving them for the end. This would likely go much faster if I didn't stop to play with each fig Only "issue" so far is an extra pack of Savage Species II. There were a lot of dragons in this kickstarter.....
  15. First day in a bit I've felt like painting, although my neck is really not happy (3 hours of mowing last night). Touched up the black and did a black and a brown wash. Plan is to do some quick highlights on the black next. And since washes take time to dry... Black base coats on 4 others. Apparently I primed the first 6 in dark grey and the last 2 in black. Black makes things much easier....