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  1. Delayed

    I have a spreadsheet somewhere....hopefully. I'm not saying the KS comments folks are anti-palladium or anything, but several have already suggested the new guy quietly finds a new job and gets out while he can.... I just want my MKII Monsters....
  2. I got back from marshaling the Grand Prix in Montreal last night and had to check today... Max blew up (turbo seal I believe) in FP2 and ended up watching the rest of the session from the bus stop in turn 6. We happened to be working turn 6, and keep our gear in the bus stop since its got a roof. And luckily my bucket (far right) had the right side facing out.
  3. Summer is race track season, so I'm going to pass on this one. I'll hopefully be back for the one in the fall.
  4. I use google for storing my photos, but I just download a local copy (and usually resize and crop) and then attach them to the post, since I've never found a nice way of linking them directly. But what I can see looks cool and I really look forward to seeing everything as this looks like an awesome idea.
  5. I finally got mine mailed out on Monday. I hate getting sick. I really hate getting sick when it then gives me a sinus infection. Blah. Between that and real life (PSA: Please, please, look twice, motorcycle riders are hard to see. Also, if you can, please give blood.) (I realize that is pretty vague, so no, not me, a relative) it took some time, but I managed to get it mailed out. Sorry for the delay partner, hope you enjoy it when it gets there.
  6. Better put in a placeholder. 1-3: exchange figs (waiting on delivery to post) 3-?: MERCS: Recon Keisai Waza ?-?: Shiny new Bones 3 stuff?
  7. Remembering to take pain meds by 11 am means my neck is tolerable for noon.... Highlighted the blacks a bit, then moved on to the orange. I'm pretty happy with it now so I think I'm done with the orange other than touchups I'll undoubtedly need after doing the other colours. Still need to do the leather, and a bit on the metals, and put in the "traditional" nuclear powered green glow (because if TV has taught us anything its that radioactive materials give off a nice green glow). And decide how I'm doing the visor. Hopefully I'll get some of that done on Monday before I'm off on vacation for a week or so.
  8. Got my Wave 1 of MERCS: Recon last week. Wave 1 consists of the two versions of the game: Counter Threat, which has the CCC and EU as the MERCS, and Assassination Protocol, which has the KemVar and Keizai Waza. Each faction consists of 5 MERCS, and each box also comes with 10 SecFor (Security Forces): 5 SecForII with Shotguns and 5 SecForIII with machine guns. The sculpts for these are all the same in a box, but the sculpts are different between boxes, so you end up with 2 different sculpts of each time 5. Wave two will include all sorts of KS exclusive figs as well as a whole mess of faction boxes for all the other factions in the MERCS universe. From the posts I've seen today they have just hit the water from China. While the SecFor figs are cool and will get painted, they aren't needed to play the game. The box comes with tokens for each of the SecFor so you can just use those to begin with. But they don't provide tokens for the MERCS, so need to get at least one set of them done so I can play (yeah, I could make print off standies or something to start, but nah....) I decided to start with the EU, just because they looked like they could all be fully assembled before painting without being too annoying to paint. So far, I've got 3 assembled. From left to right they are the Medic, the Sergeant and the Leader.
  9. Fulfilling

    Fixed that for you....
  10. Fulfilling

    Not sure on the keg but I noticed a dimple in his belt on the right side in back that seemed to match the bump on the dagger.
  11. Fulfilling

    Finished my inventory last night, still nothing missing, so only issue was the extra set of Savage Avatars II. Now to figure out where to store everything, and what to paint first....
  12. Fulfilling

    So 3 or so hours in, I've finally gone through everything except the expansions and the core...and the blackstar corsairs since I'm saving them for the end. This would likely go much faster if I didn't stop to play with each fig Only "issue" so far is an extra pack of Savage Species II. There were a lot of dragons in this kickstarter.....
  13. First day in a bit I've felt like painting, although my neck is really not happy (3 hours of mowing last night). Touched up the black and did a black and a brown wash. Plan is to do some quick highlights on the black next. And since washes take time to dry... Black base coats on 4 others. Apparently I primed the first 6 in dark grey and the last 2 in black. Black makes things much easier....
  14. Fulfilling

    "I'll just mow the lawn for 3 hours and then catalog all my Bones 3 before bed", he thought. "I thought you were a pessimist?", replied Reality. "I can do this! It's all going well so far, and only 11 pm. Dagon looks awesome, see?" , he retorted. "Here", Reality chuckled, "Do this one next. The label says ShubNiggurath." "I can...umm, er, that's a lot of tentacles....uuummm....nope, sleepy time.", he conceded. So yeah, inventory will continue tonight. Comments so far: Ma'al will fit in an XL ziplock bag. Stone Circle is very nice. Dagon is freaking awesome. Fire Giants are kind of bendy but very nice detail. The Queen is tiny compared to the King....
  15. Fulfilling

    This is my plan for 9 pm until finished tonight too. Reminds me I should probably stop and pick up some zip locks on the way home, so I don't end up using up all my wife's .... again....
  16. Fulfilling

    Big Box of Bones. Funny, I watched a couple of unboxing videos with lots of bubblewrap type stuff. None of that here. Mine was packed to the brim with three straps to hold in all the Bonesium goodness. Just took a couple of minutes to check on the big things...and test put together a Maal, of course. All looks awesome so far. Back to work for another hour and a half.....sigh
  17. Fulfilling

    Switched to out for delivery 10 minutes ago. It is a 40 minute drive. And yet I'm looking out the window..... Hurry up Santa...er, UPS guy....
  18. Fulfilling

    My package arrived at the UPS hub the next town over an hour ago. Based on past deliveries, it could be here before 10, or not until after 5, depending on if he drops it at the start of his run, or at the end of the day (those seem to be the only options). Gonna be a long morning (and probably afternoon) of waiting....
  19. Funded

    Still not locking in on this one (was waiting for my Bones 3 since I wasn't sure on charges....which appear they may be 0!). I did find the spreadsheet I used during the KS the other day though. It will tell me what my plan was back then....
  20. Fulfilling

    I'm thinking one each way for me. So one as a 7 day challenge, and one that will sit unpainted for years and years and years.....
  21. Fulfilling

    That is very excellent news. As long as we don't get a letter from them in 3 or 4 weeks telling us about how much we owe them, like FedEx likes to do....
  22. Fulfilling

    I'll actually need to at least assemble (at least temporarily) one of my Maals within a couple of weeks for our 4th Ed campaign. We're finally hitting the last module (characters just hit 30th level) and we're fairly sure that the 5 headed lady herself will be making an appearance. Have there been any updates on timing for the 5 heads in 7 days? I'd consider giving it a go, but depends on the timing. Summer isn't good for me....
  23. Funded

    Sorry, you lost me at "do with them"....
  24. Fulfilling

    Seems completely reasonable. I've already told my manager I'm working from home on Monday....(unless my tracking changes)
  25. Fulfilling

    Bryan mentioned that there were two distribution points for Canadian orders. Looks like the Ontario one got its stuff yesterday. Hopefully the West one will get theirs today.