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  1. Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

    Wow, an amazing piece! Love the colours!
  2. Agramon, Pit Fiend (OSL)

    Looking good. I love that base.
  3. Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Looking awesome so far!!
  4. Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Only took almost 20 years and a trip across an ocean for him to go from primer to paint!
  5. Got my painting room into shape enough to start painting. Since I haven't really done much since...May? I figured I'd just done some quick table top figs to get back into it. Most of my figs are still stuffed in the closet or basement, but I found a bag of IMEF marines I'd been using as proxies for SecFor IV in MERCS: Recon until I got some MERCS painted. Picked out one of each (don't seem to have the kneeling guy, have to track him down once I get my Bones out of the closet) and threw some brown liner on them. So far I've determined I need to steal the comfy padded chair back from my wife. The hard wooden chair will not do for long sessions.....
  6. Jasper gets back to painting with some IMEF marines

    Got a Reaper order the other day that included Aztec and Skids, the two IMEF I didn't have. So a quick coat of Brown Liner: as I put out too much brown liner, Sire Forscale jumped in to keep it from going to waste. Then, since I was sitting at my desk, and felt like doing a little painting, I did a couple of coats on all the leather bits on the 9 IMEF left, including the new guys.
  7. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Received this morning. Casts are lovely!!
  8. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    West Wind is currently running a KS for some Weird WWII mechs, which means I'm currently obsessing a bit about WWII mechs...but I don't currently own any. But I do have one of their tanks from their Berlin or Bust WWII line, the PzKpfw IV H with side plates. (For those not in the know on WWII German tanks, a group I include myself in, but did some googling, that's really it's name, short for Panzerkampfwagen). Not really sure why I picked up this one, other than I wanted a tank of some sort.......a year or 2 ago.... Let's see what's in the package. Ok, a lot of pieces. I recognize a gun....and tracks, and a turret. And what are apparently side plates....and a commander...well, half a commander.... After looking at a few pictures it seems all the straight bits and angled bits are bracing for the side plates. Some of those other bits, might take some searching to identify. So, having never done a tank, or anything approaching an accurate historic military anything, I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to proceed, what some of the bits are, colour schemes, etc. And while I do have an air brush, it is currently not set up (as my new painting room isn't set up for it yet) and I'm not really comfortable using it yet anyway...... So, painting it could be interesting.
  9. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Got a package from West Wind the other day (been a bit of a chaotic week ) and I must say they certainly fixed things up! They sent the correct G06 hull, along with all the rest of the hull components for the IV h. Plus they sent all the turret components to complete the first hull as a Wirbelwind! Sweet!!
  10. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    If you are able, you may want to get your neck checked out, you may have some impingement in there from the symptoms. And, speaking from experience, most pain pills can't do much to touch nerve pain. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    Box from Reaper finally arrived. Got delayed most of an extra week by some bad weather. Now to find some time to paint. Looks like I'll be pulling some chauffeur duty for the next while. Kid had to break his right foot, of course...
  12. Needing a bit of a break from painting West Wind's massive Tiger Mecha (and hoping to work on all the camo for all the German vehicles at once) I've decided to work on the 3 German Panzer Mechs from West Wind's Kickstarter. Here we have, from left to right, the Stug Mech, the Logi Flamm Jotun, and the standard Jotun. As you can see, these are still some pretty big chunks of resin. The castings on these new Panzer Mechs are super clean, crisp and smooth. Quite lovely. So after way too much base coating with the Tiger, I've found all the bits for the air brush and started practicing to get the mix and pressures ok for at least base coating. I have some old VOID resin scatter terrain that I'd primed the last time I started playing with the air brush (I've got a couple more pieces with a base coat in blue somewhere). Grabbed the green from the late german paint set from Scale 75 (it has a very similar consistency to the dark yellow I'll be using for base coating), messed with the thickness a bunch and eventually got a base coat down. To me it seems to have come out ok. Thoughts? Tomorrow I'll hopefully get some prep done on one of the Mechs.
  13. Jasper and the Panzerkampfrad

    Yet another German war machine (in case you were wondering, yes I also have Russian, British, US and Japanese stuff, I'm just doing all the German at once so I can paint them all at once). This unusual creation came out of the recent Panzermech Kickstarter by West Wind. A giant War Wheel. Should be a pretty quick and easy assembly to get it ready for priming. All I've done so far is washed the resin.
  14. Jasper paints some German Panzer Mechs

    First attempt at base coating with an airbrush. Went reasonably ok. A few still need a bit more, notably the Stug. I'm starting to run low on dunkelgleb for some reason.
  15. These are looking great! They are definitely on my shopping list for when I start working on my boards.
  16. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Neat! I'd never heard of notek light before, but I've now read about it. So we figured out what is going on with the boxes on the side today. I'd never really paid attention to the markings inside the hull where the turret goes. Until now. It say G13. I'd glanced at it before, though it might be part number or something. Clicked last night. This model is WVG06. Checked the online site, and there IS a WVG13. It's the Wirbelwind, which is a panzer IV with an anit aircraft turret on it in, and if you google them, they have two boxes on the right side of the hull. So what happened was that this kit (which I got a couple of years ago) had the resin hull from a Wirbelwind, not the panzer IV h with side skirts. I emailed West Wind today, and they are looking into fixing things up. It's their first day back after being out of the office most of a week with the wacky UK snowstorm so I expect it will take them a few days to get it sorted. Not that I'm in a huge hurry, I did wait 2+ years to start it. So I'm going to park this guy for a bit and see what comes in the mail.
  17. Jasper paints some German Panzer Mechs

    Priming.... In my first real effective use of my airbrush (after only a couple of years of having it), 3 panzermechs and a panzerkampfrad go a coat of primer before lunch. I'll go in in a bit and go over them, find and clean the inevitable mold lines that I missed, note any spots I missed while priming, and maybe get the primer coat touched up. I'll then let it rest for a day or two, and then base coat the next time I'm home alone (compressor is a bit loud).
  18. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Thanks @Heisler! I've set that issue aside for the moment to do a bunch of other little things. The front wheel (the drive wheels I think, from what I remember from watching Tank Overhaul), the little spot light (again, I think) on the left fender, and the main hull machine gun barrel. And the 2 exhaust bits. Not sure what the left one is for, but it seems to go there and in that orientation on all the pics I could find.
  19. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Ok, B seems to go beside the exhaust in the back, but I have no idea what it is. C, I know where it should be, from looking at pics of other models, but don't see how it fits on this model.... It looks like it should go right where thous two box things are..... At least I knew where the hatch goes.
  20. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    That is quite likely. Here are the parts I'm uncertain of: A looks like the exhaust in some pictures I can find. But no idea what B is yet. and C I see something on the right hand side above the tracks on some pictures....not sure what it is (air intakes??). Thoughts on what B might be?
  21. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Thanks @ratsmitglied that's a good idea. First I need to order some more big magnets.... Luckily that won't impact priming and basecoating. Started assembling the big bits that a) can go together before priming and b) I know where they go. Up next will be figuring out a bunch of little bits. One looks like a fuel tank maybe? One is a machine gun barrel for a gun on the front of the hull, the hatch, exhaust?, some bits I'm not sure on... I'll post pics of the unknown bits when I get a chance.
  22. The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch

    That's like the first time that has ever happened for me. This is my first CMoN kickstater, and I've got to say, it is the best packed and packaged box of goodies I've ever received.