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  1. Jasper's new painting room WIP

    So been a while since I updated this. Had the paint room all ripped apart for a while this summer as we needed to temporarily store some things in there: Needless to say, anything that could be chewed on went into the closet. Once the boys moved out into the house with the rest of the cats, I just needed to find some time to put it all back together, and make it even better. Perhaps not surprisingly, getting laid off provides you with more free time..... So I started with my paints. That should be quick, I thought. A couple hours later, I decided I had enough storage for all my paints, if I didn't want to use browns, or greys, or blacks, or whites......hmm. I remembered reading a great thread on foam core paint racks and went searching. Here it is: So I went shopping (the dollar stores up here have it WAY cheaper then the stationary supply places). Gathered tools. Cursed when I couldn't find tools. Searched the garage AGAIN until I found everything. Learned I have a gift for being able to 1) not follow a drawn line, 2) not cut a straight line, and 3) not keep the blade straight so the edge is beveled. Often I can accomplish all 3 at once. In the end I did get the whole thing together: I didn't go as fancy as GCB; no folded over paper edges or anything. I figured that would have taken a couple of extra days for me, and since it was my first journey into foam core building, I'd try to keep it simple. At least it fit perfectly, and I have some extra storage. Well, as long as I use my 3rd G&G paint rack, that used to go where the new one does...... So today I built a support for the G&G rack, so it can go behind one of the other ones. It was a quick job but seems solid and the fit is pretty good: So with that I can finally store all my paints (well except my craft paints). As you can see from the picture, the paints on the raised rack get in the way of the door to the cupboard. That's just temporary. I plan to move that rack over to the right side once I get all the electronics moved back under the desk. Just haven't had time to crawl under there. You can also see that the arch is still held together with zip ties....sigh.
  2. Jasper's new painting room WIP

    Well, somehow, my wife has agreed to my getting a room to paint. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I've started moving stuff just in case.... When moved here (4 or so years ago) I'd decided to set up a paint area in the basement. It was dark and dreary but I had lots of room. But, I've never really got to paint down there. My wife suggested I paint up in out "great room" (as she calls it, I think of it more as a big living room we don't use for living room stuff. ). So I've been painting there, where she can wander in and see what I'm doing without heading to the basement. The set up there is ok, with lots of light and decent space with me set up on a 6x3 folding table. But there are a few problems with that, like the 4 cats who like to stomp all over the table, and having to pack things up if we have folks over and want to use that room. Now when we moved in, the boys moved into the two bedrooms on the 3rd floor (its a 2 1/2 story), the master is on the 2nd floor, and the 2 spare rooms (the little ones, I'm sure they were once one room....) became my study and my wife's craft room. Fast forward to this spring, when the oldest comes home from college. He convinces his mom that it would be better for him on the 2nd floor, so all her craft stuff goes up to his old bedroom and he gets her craft room. Well, a few weeks ago he moved out west to start life in the working world, freeing up a room. Now since summer we've been having problems with our pump (we have a jet pump located within the basement), first diagnosed by a large puddle. So a bunch of my painting stuff in the basement got moved, very quickly. As the pump issue is still being resolved (surprisingly, my wife's oldest brother was the guy who installed said pump back when this house was built in the 80s, and is trying to get it to stop leaking, but getting distracted with getting married and stuff ) I suggested that I could at least store some stuff in there until the basement was back in order. And somehow that has evolved into my getting a painting room. I really haven't gotten started yet (been mostly airing out the "teenage boy who played a lot of video games in his room all summer" smell ) but I figured I'd do a WIP to keep track of it (and likely where it all goes horribly wrong). So, after way too much text: So yeah, that's a lot of orange.....you should see the rest of the house. Someone liked their autumns.... The only real plans so far are that the table will eventually hold an air brush station. And the big open section by the other window will have a big metal desk (once I clear it off and disassemble it and lug it up from the basement) that will be for painting. Closet will be minis storage, as will a set of shelves from the basement that currently are full of kickstarter packages of goodness.
  3. Jasper's MERCS:Recon WIP

    So, been a lot of distractions from painting. First off, I had to kind of pack up everything in the paint room at home, for some reason.... Once the existing cats got (relatively) used to the new kittens, I got my room back, but didn't have much time to do anything with it. Work was going through some restructuring so things were a bit stressful and tense there, so painting didn't really work there either. Then came the last round of restructuring, and my last day was Dec. 1st. A week later, still not sure if it was a bad or a good thing. Having been there for a good long time, compensation was such that I've got some time to decide what I'm doing going forward. In the mean time, I've made some good progress on getting the painting room back into usable condition. Paints are out and as sorted as they get. I've realized I need more storage for paint so I'm planning to try my hand at building a foamcore paint rack next week. And this weekend I've been doing some minis prep. Decided to assemble the USCR faction: From left to right we have the Booster, Engineer, Pathfinder, Commissar and Gunner. The Booster's arms and gun aren't glued, they get in the way of painting his face and are all one piece so stay in place pretty well. Planning to use these guys when we play Monday, so they will get washed and primed after that. I've been assembling these while my wife does some scrapbooking needed for Christmas on the other table in the paint room (what will hopefully become the airbrush station). Since she has a ton to get done, I've now moved on to some other MERCS: Recon figs. Next up are some Employees. The Scientist, the Analyst and a Worker. At least I think that's what they are.... For some reason, the company decided to have these pre-assembled, so you just have to put on the base. As is usual in these cases, the assembly is meh (I had to reglue the scientist's right arm). I cleaned them up as best I could. Anyway, I'll post up more pics as I assemble more. It will likely be a bit longer before I start painting. I want to get my new rack built and get things a bit more organized.
  4. Jasper's MERCS:Recon WIP

    Got my Wave 1 of MERCS: Recon last week. Wave 1 consists of the two versions of the game: Counter Threat, which has the CCC and EU as the MERCS, and Assassination Protocol, which has the KemVar and Keizai Waza. Each faction consists of 5 MERCS, and each box also comes with 10 SecFor (Security Forces): 5 SecForII with Shotguns and 5 SecForIII with machine guns. The sculpts for these are all the same in a box, but the sculpts are different between boxes, so you end up with 2 different sculpts of each time 5. Wave two will include all sorts of KS exclusive figs as well as a whole mess of faction boxes for all the other factions in the MERCS universe. From the posts I've seen today they have just hit the water from China. While the SecFor figs are cool and will get painted, they aren't needed to play the game. The box comes with tokens for each of the SecFor so you can just use those to begin with. But they don't provide tokens for the MERCS, so need to get at least one set of them done so I can play (yeah, I could make print off standies or something to start, but nah....) I decided to start with the EU, just because they looked like they could all be fully assembled before painting without being too annoying to paint. So far, I've got 3 assembled. From left to right they are the Medic, the Sergeant and the Leader.
  5. Stonehaven's Giants

    A rather large package arrived today.....
  6. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    Now is nice March would have been nice too, I've got a birthday then. I will attempt to wait until December, gently rattling the box every day (it has written on the side "Yes, it rattles") and pondering what could be causing that unique sound......
  7. Stonehaven's Giants

    Wow, that's pretty bizarre.....hope they were nice shoelaces :) I'm not overly surprised at the delivery time yet. Another week or so and I'll start to get concerned. Was just hopeful yesterday when my wife said I had a package, but it was my secret Sophie package instead (which I've refrained from opening...so far....).
  8. Stonehaven's Giants

    Still waiting....Canada Customs better not be playing with my figs.....or worse, drilling into the resin to make sure it doesn't contain "foreign substances".....
  9. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    So how is it I already have a box here when I haven't even had time to figure out what to order to send out for mine??? I almost don't want to open it yet....almost.....
  10. Stonehaven's Giants

    I have pins in the one (sigh, that's sad, considering the number I have) that I started painting. Had no problems drilling and they seem very solid even a year or so later..... I'm planning to at least move/modify some arms on some of my Gnomish Titans once they get here, so hopefully the resin will be good to work with.
  11. Jasper's MERCS:Recon WIP

    So, took a bit of a break from painting there..... Getting back at it now, hopefully, as I've been starting to miss it. Decided to start basecoating the Daimyo to keep it simple today. Was a little messier than usual but otherwise felt ok. A half hour was enough for the old neck though. It seems it will need to get used to it again, or a massage or two. Here is a quick comparison of where I left off with the Wrench vs where the Daimyo is.
  12. 2017 Secret Sophie / Winter Exchange

    Thanks for the nudge fanguad! I'm in, will send survey shortly.
  13. Photo issues with my new background

    I recently switched lighting and my background at the same time, and since my photos have seemed kind of bright and washed out. So last night I started trying to figure out what I needed to fix or adjust to get things working better. As far as camera, I'm normally just using my Samsung S6. It is more than good enough to show all the flaws in my painting My wife does have a decent real camera, but I haven't used it much. Lights, I was using an old swing arm magnifier lamp with a daylight florescent above with a white led magnifier lamp in. I now have a bazillion white leds attached to a light arch and still using the magnifier for some additional light on the front. My old go to background was a redish printed one on standard paper. The new one is the warm background from the Macromat kickstarter. I decided to use my Shrewzerker as a test subject, since I'd just finally got him dull coated. I left the lights as they were, light arch with the led lamp, with the lamp further back than I used to use. I took a pic with the macromat background: The popped the old background in without changing anything else It's pretty clear the camera is treating them quite differently. Here they are cropped: While it could have used a bit more light from the lamp (I think) the old background one is much closer to the real colours. The rim of the base is Noir Black. Any thoughts on why and how I can get closer with the new backgrounds? My first thought was maybe its the white spot on the old background helping the camera get things sorted?
  14. Finally remembered to post these up. I got minibart's name for the Spring Exchange. I'd been hoping to get him since he sent me an awesome fig last year. He was looking for something Victorian and/or Steampunk. I went through a number of idea about what I wanted to do, wasted far too much time on elaborate plans, and finally settled on a slightly simpler plan, and still managed to be late sending it..... With the Lord and Dame I wanted to tie them together with some cross over of colour. Hopefully that was somewhat successful. The Lord came out fiarly well, I though. I'm not sure if what I was trying with the hat came across as well as it could of. I was really happy with the vest, though it may not show up well in the picture. I used Ruby Red to highlight Gothic Crimson, which gave it a nice satiny shine. Apparently all my shots of his back are blurry, and he's on a different continent now. But dark grey coat of light grey pants, not too exciting anyway. The Dame is a lovely figure and a joy to paint. I had a great time painting her, other that realizing that I'm missing at least one paint in each green triad I wanted to use.... And whenever I paint anything that could be considered Steampunk-y I love to throw in a West Wind Infernium Hound.
  15. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    I have a spreadsheet somewhere....hopefully. I'm not saying the KS comments folks are anti-palladium or anything, but several have already suggested the new guy quietly finds a new job and gets out while he can.... I just want my MKII Monsters....
  16. I got back from marshaling the Grand Prix in Montreal last night and had to check today... Max blew up (turbo seal I believe) in FP2 and ended up watching the rest of the session from the bus stop in turn 6. We happened to be working turn 6, and keep our gear in the bus stop since its got a roof. And luckily my bucket (far right) had the right side facing out.
  17. 2017 Summer Exchange

    Summer is race track season, so I'm going to pass on this one. I'll hopefully be back for the one in the fall.
  18. TMNT Play Set --> Fallout Street Facade

    I use google for storing my photos, but I just download a local copy (and usually resize and crop) and then attach them to the post, since I've never found a nice way of linking them directly. But what I can see looks cool and I really look forward to seeing everything as this looks like an awesome idea.
  19. 2017 Spring Exchange

    I finally got mine mailed out on Monday. I hate getting sick. I really hate getting sick when it then gives me a sinus infection. Blah. Between that and real life (PSA: Please, please, look twice, motorcycle riders are hard to see. Also, if you can, please give blood.) (I realize that is pretty vague, so no, not me, a relative) it took some time, but I managed to get it mailed out. Sorry for the delay partner, hope you enjoy it when it gets there.
  20. May (ish) and June RPChallenge

    1-3: exchange figs And that was it. After almost 2 and a half years I hit a dry spell. The track open, a week in Montreal, too many loved ones in hospitals for various reasons, all took up time and energy. And I seem to have developed some tendinitis in both wrists I should be taking care of, I guess. Not sure how I'll do over the next 2 months either, but hopefully by September/October I get back in the grove and get caught up on my yearly numbers.
  21. Jasper's MERCS:Recon WIP

    Remembering to take pain meds by 11 am means my neck is tolerable for noon.... Highlighted the blacks a bit, then moved on to the orange. I'm pretty happy with it now so I think I'm done with the orange other than touchups I'll undoubtedly need after doing the other colours. Still need to do the leather, and a bit on the metals, and put in the "traditional" nuclear powered green glow (because if TV has taught us anything its that radioactive materials give off a nice green glow). And decide how I'm doing the visor. Hopefully I'll get some of that done on Monday before I'm off on vacation for a week or so.
  22. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Fixed that for you....
  23. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Not sure on the keg but I noticed a dimple in his belt on the right side in back that seemed to match the bump on the dagger.
  24. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Finished my inventory last night, still nothing missing, so only issue was the extra set of Savage Avatars II. Now to figure out where to store everything, and what to paint first....
  25. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    So 3 or so hours in, I've finally gone through everything except the expansions and the core...and the blackstar corsairs since I'm saving them for the end. This would likely go much faster if I didn't stop to play with each fig Only "issue" so far is an extra pack of Savage Species II. There were a lot of dragons in this kickstarter.....