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  1. For the data lovers, the afternoon shipping rate was 2.5125 packages per min. Assuming that shipping started at 9AM, the morning shipping rate was 1.3722 packages per min; this falls in line with past shipping rates as the first day and morning shipping rates are lower.
  2. Not that I know of. Oh and, 150 orders shipped between ~3:50 and 5PM CST.
  3. They really mean shipped today. Tomorrow it will reset to 0. That's why in the update today it said that once all of the Zone 3 is shipped there will be several thousand orders, those orders are the Zone 1 and 2 orders.
  4. If you start it I'll post there. Right now I'm working on some class work for my Master's.
  5. For the data lovers, Orders shipped between 2PM and 3PM CST 178 Orders shipped between 3PM and ~3:50PM CST 143. I missed the exact 4PM count due to an appt running overtime.
  6. In a few mins, I'll have to go pick up my son from school. Can someone post the number of orders shipped at the top of the hour?
  7. Well, 7.5 hours but pretty close. Some notes from the last two, orders tend to go slower before lunch and then pick up speed after lunch
  8. For those curious, 132 orders were shipped between 1PM and 2PM CST.
  9. Originally Jun 1st but I think it got extended a few days. But as above, it's based on the first time you locked in.
  10. If you only locked in once, then you are correct. But the locked in order placement is based on the first time you lock in not the last time.
  11. All packages with applied postage are picked up at the end of the day. So it's waiting to be picked up.
  12. Pre-launch

    For Bones 2 and Bones 3, Reaper did take into account what caused delays in the previous KS and added that delay time plus additional buffer room. And like SamuraiJack stated, everything was fine until it wasn't Chinese production updates. The really big misunderstanding for Bones 3 came from the Chinese manufacturer changing how they started actual manufacturing. Previously, they started as soon as they got the order and then invoiced but last year they moved to a paid invoice first then manufacture. This was a change that many factories took last year and affected a few other KS as well as other non-KS businesses. ETA- This change plus the fine until it's not Chinese business model and the language barrier is the reason things didn't start on-time.
  13. I already signed up to volunteer. When we know what classes we actually got will we be able to adjust our times available?
  14. I'm surprised that no one has commented on the fact that class tickets will go on sale in June, almost two months earlier than last year.
  15. Pre-launch

    Sweet! Thanks! That should make it more affordable for myself.... I say that now but when this thing starts up who knows what will happen! Just realize that if freebie stretch goals are tied to the core set, you will have to get the core set to get those for free. You don't have to get the Core set to get the freebie stretch goals. Reaper did divide the core set and the freebies into separate purchasable units.