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  1. Thanks.
  2. I'm working on a cataloging class for my Masters in Library Science. Part of the class is to create records for books and movies and I'm doing one of the Darksword Miniatures DVDs. What I'm trying to find is what city is Darksword Miniatures from? I can't find it on their website or their FB page. Thanks for any help.
  3. Pre-launch

    Previously the lowest wave add-on level was wave 3. That said, also previously just because the level said core pledge Reaper did not hold backers to having to get the core. So if you know you will or might spend $100 in add-ons and you want to be in wave 1 go ahead and pledge for the wave 1 core. For the second question, all orders within a wave are shipped together regardless if it was a core or add-on level.
  4. The gluten free option is only available for the Sat banquet. And the number of faction minis is not an error, you'll end up with two of one faction.
  5. Has a decision been made regarding t-shirts this year?
  6. I'm glad that there's going to be more classes this year. I won't have any funds for classes when they go on sale. I'll have to wait and see what's open Aug 1st.
  7. Actually, I kinda like it. The curved bottoms are mostly symmetrical and could easily look intended by the blacksmith who made it.
  8. Is there art for the dragon bust somewhere? It's the one thing that could push me to get an extra VIP pack.
  9. Liquid Bleach breaks down after six months and mostly useless after a year. If you need to store bleach long term go to the pool supply section and get the powdered chlorine.
  10. Cancelled

    What I took from the not sold retail was that while game stores won't be caring it, it will still be available directly from Pulpasaurus.
  11. Hourly update, 52 orders were processed between 2-3PM CDT. As was mentioned in update 102, once all of the zone 3 orders are complete the tracker will still have orders remaining. This accounts for the Zone 1 and 2 orders.
  12. UPS picks up at 3PM. But usually Reaper's trailer doesn't get finished with unloading and scanned until around midnight.
  13. Hourly update, 306 orders were processed between 1-2PM CDT. It looks like because the number of people in waves 7, 8, and 10 was so small that they combined them to be shipped out all together. It would explain the back and forth on those wave numbers.
  14. Hourly update, 311 orders were processed between 11AM-12PM CDT.
  15. It's bouncing between 7,8, and 10.