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  1. What I like about the original is that you can use the handle as a hand rest to steady my brush tip. Many times I'll hold the base and rotate it slightly with my fingers while the side of my hand sits in the handle. This plus holding further back on my brush like Wappel has steadied my fine shadow line work. I can't wait to get the larger one and try it with the grip.
  2. Three $65 orders planned to maximize samplers, one tomorrow, one the next day, and the last one on the 17th to get the freebies I missed but need. Is it a problem that all of my orders this month are to get special editions I missed out on before I found Reaper.
  3. Link to the campaign, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gameenvy/the-worlds-most-versatile-painting-handle-and-grip?ref=user_menu
  4. Question, if I did one $130+ order would I get two samplers? Assuming there were samples still available. Or would I have to make two $65 orders?
  5. nakos

    Paint Track Apps?

    Some of the special colors have a secondary label to help clarify which paint line formula is used. So morning afternoon blues is formulated like the rest of the bones line and should paint similarly. One or two of the special colors are labeled HD from that line. The rest of the special colors are the standard MSP formula.
  6. nakos

    Home Sweet Home/Post Con Report

    On the ticket registration for classes and games, Reaper wasn't happy either. I'll post my thoughts on the whole con when I actually get home.
  7. nakos

    Volunteering, Tickets, and Classes

    Any new info about signing up to volunteer?
  8. nakos

    ReaperCon 2018 Admission Tickets Available Now!

    So if a VIP admission is bought and one extra VIP bundle is bought then we'll get two VIP bundles content and one swag bag content? Like this, 2018 VIP Bonus Bundle x2 2 Large Figure Carrying Case, 2 Dungeon Dwellers Monster Colors paint set, 2 Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Colors paint set, 2 special edition Reaper MSP VIP Triad, 2 each all 4 different Dreadmere faction miniatures, 2 Hall of Fame resin miniature, and 2 VIP resin miniature. ReaperCon 2018 Swag Bag x1 1 high-quality, reusable polypropylene bag stuffed with Reaper miniatures, paints, and other cool ReaperCon 2018 memorabilia! Includes: 1 ReaperCon 2018 Sophie Miniature, 1 ReaperCon Convention Miniature, 1 Special Edition Reaper Master Series Paints (3), 1 Dreadmere Faction Iconic Miniature, 1 ReaperCon 2018 Dungeon Dweller Miniature, 1 ReaperCon 2018 Program, 1 Paint Rinse Cup, 1 Pen, and 1 Notebook. But to get two of everything you have to purchase a VIP admission, an extra VIP bundle, and an extra swag bag?
  9. nakos

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    I'm in. Nakos Current Forum Pic Wed-Sun
  10. nakos

    Volunteering, Tickets, and Classes

    @Reaper Ron Any word if ReaperCon will be using volunteers again this year like last year? I really enjoyed working the check-in desk and wanted to know so that I can finalize con plans.
  11. Mine arrived Friday. I'm really pleased with the quality of casts. But what makes this truly stand out are the hand numbered boxes the models come in.
  12. Unless they changed the rules from last year, you can't use melt to have the casters make the current con Sophie or other metal con exclusives. What Mr Melons is referring to is any item that is already packaged for retail sale, either at the con or in their store. As was pointed out by Doug above, you can ask for them to cast models. Here is a link to the last NIC catalog and Casketworks posted online, http://www.reapermini.com/Casketworks. Unfortunately they won't have the minis displayed in multi-part. If a mini or set has multiple parts and those parts have individual codes you can have just that part cast. There are two ways to find these parts, a little sleuthing using the Internet Archive and looking for a save copy of the bones yard that will list those parts or take a trip to their store during the con. I highly recommend the second. If you have transportation you can go anytime and they'll show you the area where the models are and how to look up NIC models. If you don't have transportation they usually have a shuttle for tours of the factory, something that is also highly recommended to do. They give some time to look through the models but if you miss the shuttle it's no big deal as there will be another one shortly after. And I think lastly, some of the multiple weapons, heads, ect models, if you only want one thing from that sprue, you don't have to take the whole sprue and go through the whole turn in melt again. P.S. if you have them bring your own metal snippers it'll make time go faster and you can cut off any unnecessary flash if you pull already cast models.
  13. So my shipment just arrived out of nowhere, even though I almost always get a notification from UPS and FedEx even if I don't get one from the sender. Forty pound because apparently I forgot that the "Core" set was two starter sets and now I have 8 starter sets and really wish I had spent some of that on stackers. The material on first glance and feel through feel like somewhere between Dwarven Forge pvc and the recent Bones 3 large monster sturdier pvc.
  14. Well, it's going to take time as they only have two (three max) people available to actually do the shipping portion. Secret Weapons employee numbers in the teens and probably low teens at that. Justin for a long time did the company management, marketing, R&D, and other small positions by himself and assisted his resin caster more often than not. I suspect his employee increase from a handful only happened over the last two or three years and because his company is getting to that awkward size, hence the hiring of Bryan to be the COO. Yeah it's slow going but they literally had to open every US order up, put the stairs in and then repack and ship everything with two or three people doing all that work. They just don't have the standing inventory or personnel to just stop operations for all hands on shipping like Reaper. Please don't take all that to mean you can't be annoyed, but please do the above into consideration for why it's taking so long. It's not so much as having to relabel each bottle but that the customs declaration had the wrong code on the paperwork for the UK, hence the denial of the entire shipment and return. As for Aus, it sounds like whoever received the paints shipment was just an idiot on what was flammable. But with a corrected declarations code the question of flammability shouldn't be an issue now. And the reason the paints were only 'recently' shipped out, most likely in late Apr/early May (because boats take time) when they got the news that the China shipments were on their way, is the same reason that Reaper waits to do the paints. The less time the paints sit on a shelf waiting to be shipped the fresher the paint and less likely there will be drying or separating issues. Also, SWM has an additional problem with limited storage area for that much paint to sit around waiting either in their location or with their shipment hubs in the UK/Aus.