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  1. Get a few pipe cleaners, burn the fuzzy off, wrap around the bending mast, paint to match underwater rope.
  2. nakos

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    For those on the fence based on how the paints work. If shipping is your hiccup this might not persuade you. Last night I met Shosie and she let me and Michelle play with the artist paints. When they said that a little goes a long way, they weren't exaggerating. I opened a tube of the lighter blue and just touched the tip to my wet palette. I put more water in that little bit than I have in triple the amount of Reaper, Secret Weapon, Vallejo, or Scale 75's paints, enough that some paints broke. The paint didn't separate, break, or lose much opacity. While glaze consistency, it could be used as a wash, glaze, or thin layer paint. This was the easiest paint I've ever thinned. Putting a second spot down, I was able to thin just a small bit instead of the paint just sucking up all the water. I even had a range of thickness from glaze through just out of the bottle. This paint went down so smooth that imperfections on the previous layer showed up. But because I could pick the thickness those imperfections were covered up without filling in the details. Even with going back over it before it's completely dry, the paint didn't pull up. I watched Michelle mixed several of the colors with zero issues. Despite the shipping costs I'm sticking with my all in pledge.
  3. No halt. It takes time for Paizo to send requests and sculpts to be made, approved etc. There has been several Pathfinder models in every kickstarter and metal versions have come out almost annually.
  4. nakos

    Bones Paint Allergy?

    @Vaitalla anything you might be able to help with here?
  5. For the hot water reset, it really needs to be boiling water. And with a bend that significant at least a min in the water. A few secs will only fix minor issues, thicker pieces like the trolls leg need longer to warm up. That additional time needed is what most people forget.
  6. Seeing as Reaper has retained a running license with Paizo for years I don't see it going away anytime soon.
  7. I miss real kinder eggs. Not this oversized safety egg the U.S. makes them sell.
  8. nakos

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    SC75 update today is all about the pigment codes.
  9. nakos

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    Didn't say it was more successful than not, just that it had a better success rate than other spray primers. Most of the spray primer reports are in the first coat is the difference thread, if I remember correctly.
  10. nakos

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    Auto primer has been the most successful non miniature spray primer to work for bones. That said two years ago I tried Krylon's plastic primer, made the bones sticky. Last week doing some cleanup I found them and the primer had finally cured.
  11. nakos

    Newbie Question about Primer

    Reaper primers will work on metal, resin, and plastic.
  12. nakos

    Black 3.0

    They are 5oz bottles if that helps and the £30 pledge comes with 2 bottles, £15 ea.
  13. nakos

    09600 Heart Throb Pink?

    Understood. Thanks.
  14. nakos

    09600 Heart Throb Pink?

    Will heart throb pink make a second debut this year like ginger bread and Christmas green in Dec? I don't know why I spaced on it last year.
  15. nakos

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    Stylernz doesn't work so well as a brush on for bones but is great to air brush prime them. If you're hard set in spray can, Army painter primer has so far gotten the best results for bones.