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  1. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Date and Location announced on their Facebook page. Labor Day weekend and at the new Denton Convention Center and Embassy Suites. That's all that was announced with more to follow. I really hope that they get a good deal on the hotel rooms.
  2. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Reaper's going to sell out of the stocking stuffers early because everyone wants a lump of coal. I just hope there are still some left (the lump of coal stockings, not those boring no coal stockings) come Cat Dragon day.
  3. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Don't tell blacksmiths....
  4. December specials?

    Don't be surprised to see the stock go back up. As ladystorm has said a few times, people put stuff in their carts and it makes the in-stock quantity drop, carts get auto-cleared out and the stock goes back up.
  5. The very next post provided an example of Bones Sampler + 25th + 12 Days and was not refuted by LadyStorm during the rest of the ongoing thread. @ladystorm , could you clarify if the stacking of the Bones Sampler, 25th Anniversary, and 12 Days of Reaper stack if all conditions are met?
  6. It was confirmed in the Dec Specials Naughty or Nice thread (page 2 almost at the bottom) that they do stack.
  7. In Matt's class he talked about a new to him medium to replace saliva in the two brush blending method, if you look up Ox Gall watercolor medium by QOR you should find it.
  8. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I got a link to the medium that Matt mentioned in his class, Ox Gall by QOR. Seems it's a watercolor medium that works great as a saliva substitute. He posted a video on Monthly Miniatures using it and the results were pretty cool. A Google search should help bring it up.
  9. I touched up the void blue mid tone then started on the first highlight, Reaper's ultramarine blue. Because I'm done each scale individually, I only got through one side. But I think you can see the difference.
  10. So yeah, that took longer than I thought. I went with a black ink for now and I think it made a huge difference. Once this is fully dry, I'm going to pot the mid-tone back before moving onto the highlights.
  11. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    I went and looked at their KS' and compared them to the prices on the website. The dwarves are currently at preorder prices which are comparable to the KS prices. However if you look at their orcs and goblins KS, the large models are almost half the website prices. And in either case the box sets are the best deals. Looks well worth the money but could be hard on the wallet.
  12. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Or don't look away!
  13. Veterans Day 2017

    That's pretty typical, they're half the size and a quarter of the budget. And it's not unusual for some Army replaced gear to end up with the Marines.
  14. Veterans Day 2017

    I don't know about UK armored infantry formations but the US units are set. The entire battalion is made of armored infantry; five companies, one HQ, four armored. The ground and crew are part of the same squad and are the same for each mission. At least until some get orders to a new location. It sounds like UK Engineers are broken apart like US Engineers.
  15. Atlantis Mythology kickstarter 11/20

    Don't look at their website. I'm also with you and hoping that the KS will be a lot less expensive. I will say that the renders look great and if the actual models look like them they are worth it, just out of my price range per model.