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  1. I wonder how these would look next to Wings of Glory WWI planes.
  2. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Looks like the upgrade packs are going out priority mail.
  3. A song of Ice and Fire - July

    It says right in the first paragraph that the minis are being designed by CMON with input and supervision from Dark Sword and Martin. The way I read it CMON is doing all the 3d sculpting, but both Dark Sword and Martin have to sign off on the finish sculpts.
  4. A song of Ice and Fire - July

    As I understand it they are planning on keeping the add ons and stretch goals pretty limited on this one. They want to make this a monthly release sort of game like x-wing and don't want backers having access to things in the release schedule early.
  5. Massive Darkness

    The first UK ship landed earlier today. Seems unlikely anything has gotten through customs yet if it's even off the ship. The shipping notice could be an early notice generated off paperwork, but aside from that it seems unlikely and that's assuming they don't wait for the rest of the ships like they seem to be doing in the US. Australia will probably be where people have their packages first.
  6. Teramyyd:Earthsphere

    Somehow this one is still trying to make it. Looks like whatever is getting made has been made and it's leaving China sometime soon.
  7. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    How big is your post office? At mine once fedex or ups drop a package off I can walk in and ask for it even if its not supposed to be delivered to my house for another day or two. Probably only works at the small ones though.
  8. Massive Darkness

    The non-exclusive expansions have always been a better deal post kickstarter. Rising Sun fought the trend of people noticing this by including some exclusives with the expansion. In the future the retail discount is likely to become less pronounce since they are getting into the minimum advertised price game.
  9. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    While that may be true over the course of a day or even a week I'd be willing to bet that if all your communication to her turned to being terse and/or absent for long enough you'd be single and your analogy would apply to the situation in a whole different way.
  10. Massive Darkness

    Recently Kingdom Death did refunds minus kickstarter fees for people who didn't confirm. I didn't hang out in the comments a lot so I've no idea what sort of backlash they may have gotten, but I didn't really notice any. Though presumable anyone who really doesn't bother reading their emails rather than just using the excuse won't notice until a couple months after they should have received something, so the complaints are likely a future problem.
  11. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Well, personally I'd recommend considering every email you get has a reasonable chance of being a scam prior to clicking on any links. In this case it would seem it's not though. Adam is saying it was an error by backerkit.
  12. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    That looks like it's from when the expansions were shipping during the first kickstarter. My guess is someone accidentally triggered it to be sent to some people.
  13. Gloomhaven (Second Printing)

    Yes you would have. With one copy at the correct price and no lottery it's unlikely you would have had a chance to buy it at all or even seen that they ever had a copy. Though I can't imagine upping the price helped encourage customer's to shop there as much in the future.
  14. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    No. You have until just before shipping starts. "We will send out an update 2-3 days before we begin shipping, as a last-minute reminder to be sure everyone has the correct address in the Pledge Manager. This will most likely happen on a Thursday or Friday, with shipping to begin on the following Monday. "
  15. CMON Rising Sun

    A $1 pledge would have done it for sure. There is a good chance if you sign up for a late pledge now the pledge manager would work. Waiting to sign up would be more hit or miss. Be careful about pushing the pledge manager date if you aren't in the US though, anyone who is past whatever the deadline ends up being will have it shipped from the US rather than anywhere local.