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  1. cmorse

    Bones and Vallejo primer +spray primer

    Wanting to spray prime over brushed on primer pretty much only suggests zenithal priming.
  2. Unfortunately even in it doesn't freeze on your doorstep there is still the loading dock and the back of the truck. It's pretty hit and miss what might happen to the package before it's dropped off with you.
  3. The other thing you can do to test it is pill the nozzle off and mix it with a toothpick. If there is a rubbery lump at the bottom it was frozen, if it mixes fine with the toothpick you didn't shake it enough, and it it's still too thin and watery all the way to the bottom it was mixed wrong at the factory.
  4. You don't actually need a clear coat between the acrylic and the wash. Not using one just makes the effect slightly muddier, similar to using an acrylic wash over matte acrylic paint. Enamel solvent won't react with the acrylic so you can even clean it up to an extent that you wouldn't be able to with an acrylic wash. Though generally enamels aren't what I think of when people talk about oil paints as they behave quite a bit differently than artist oil paint (and are usually referred to as enamel paints rather than oils paints despite being oil based), particularly in their cure time. Oil based enamel paints generally being fully cured within 3 days or so while artist's oil paints take considerably longer.
  5. cmorse

    Overturn Rising Sands

    I think that's an IP thing. If they don't take everything down they'd still be infringing.
  6. cmorse

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    I don't think I'm backing this one, but as a rule CMON's play through videos are horrible. Blood Rage is supposed to be great, but even now I can't bring myself to try it due to the bad impression the kickstarter play through left.
  7. That's definitely not true. Try wearing a white n95 dust mask for a while and you'll probably see it's not all that white anymore by the time it needs replacing if you are using colored paints. An alternative for skipping the mask is holding your breath while spraying, then taking a couple steps back before you breath. Outside that should work well enough.
  8. cmorse

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    CMON always tries to pace their stretch goals to hit the last goal at the end of the campaign. As long as it hits a certain minimum, which I suspect this project already passed, all the planned stretch goals will be included. If funding is faster than planned the stretch goals get further apart, if funding is slower the goals are closer together.
  9. Yeah, if it's not right by a car it shouldn't be that big of a concern. On the other hand that spray box is pretty much designed to make sure you inhale as much of that fine paint dust as possible.
  10. cmorse

    Overturn Rising Sands

    How a game works isn't copyrightable in the US. The text of the rules is however copyrighted the moment it's written. So you can have games with the same rules as long as those rules are expressed differently. Overturns issue is that they seem to have copied the text of the rules.
  11. cmorse

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Looks like they are talking about doing something to make the game content for the giant Cthulhu a separate add on for people who don't want the big mini. Apparently the miniature doubles as the game board for that content so they'd have to do some other game board to make it an add on.
  12. cmorse

    Army Painter Strong Tone

    Minwax vs quickshades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYw4EnTwd1c I'd guess quickshades has some sort of flow improver in it that minwax doesn't.
  13. cmorse

    Using Bark for Basing

    I didn't read that far, but my guess is that some of the bugs are parasites, turning the lizard into the lunch box.
  14. cmorse

    Using Bark for Basing

    According to the internet 250-300 for 30-60 minutes will kill any bugs and make the wood safe for your pet lizard.
  15. cmorse

    Anyone use Stynlrez?

    Probably fine. The freezing separates the water from the binders and allows it to start curing. It's also very noticeably bad with large gooey chunks that can't be mixed back in. If what you have looks good and seems to work then it's almost certainly good.