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  1. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    From my understanding Tatsunoko didn't agree to it so much as request it. It wasn't until new management took over that anyone there took issue. I've read some speculation that the old agreements were more based in friendship than in business or that Tatsunoko saw no value in the property outside of Japan so as long as some money was trickling in they never bothered looking closer at what was going on. Either way there are likely a variety of good reasons why Tatsunoko is under new management now.
  2. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    Or a great clause for Harmony Gold to agree to.
  3. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    I'm sure they'd like it to. Whether they can afford it to is another matter entirely. The judge may have set an expiration date, but they also smacked Tatsunoko with a half million in legal fees going to Harmony Gold and their lawyers. With the state of the IP it's hard to say if anyone will offer a better deal than whatever Harmony Gold offers. It will likely come down to how much the new(ish) management hates Harmony Gold
  4. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    Harmony Gold's sue everything strategy has a bit more going on in the background. First they aren't actually paying for the lawyer, Tatsunoko is actually the one stuck with the bill since Harmony Gold deducts copyright enforcement legal costs from their royalties due. That actually lends a bit of credibility to their claims that it's actually Tatsunoko to blame for the aggressive legal stance in protecting the copyright. However with Tatsunoko's change in management they are less happy about absorbing these legal cost or possibly didn't even realize the old management had set those terms. That was actually the cause of the lawsuit (Tatsunoko thought they were owed the royalties that had gone to pay legal costs) that ended the non-expiring status of the licence. Gaining the expiration date for the licence was the only part of the lawsuit Tatsunoko won.
  5. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    They still have the licence for another 3 years before it needs to be renewed, which in today's market is likely long enough for the games. They also still have the Macross trademark in the US for 4 years, and the lawsuit ended with Tatsunoko owing Harmony Gold over $500,000 in legal fees. There is a lot of speculation Tatsunoko will just end up renewing Harmony Gold's licence since they not only have leverage, but also are likely to make the best offer due to their investments in the property.
  6. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    "in partnership with Harmony Gold"
  7. Yep, the kickstarter was officially canceled.
  8. Kickstarter alert from LifeLock

    There is a fairly high chance that the issue is on your personal computer rather than on Kickstarter's side. Changing passwords is a good thing to do, but it doesn't help if the malware just send out the new password when you change it. I recommend running scans on your computer using software from more than one company. It's not uncommon for a malware scan form one company to find something that a virus scan from another company misses and vise versa.
  9. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    But, saltpeter...
  10. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Wave 3 is the Gambler's Chest and Pinups. Wave 4 is new expansions. Wave 5 is the placeholder for things that get delayed past 4.
  11. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    Both licences appear to be ending. Hard to say the exact reason for ending the rpg licence, but there are several good ones to choose from. The reason both ending at the same time could also have a couple different reason. My guess though is that they renewed the rpg licence at the same time the made the agreement for Tactics.
  12. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    The back story to the licencing right to Robotech has always been a mess. It could be Harmony Gold wanting to end this mess or it could be a question of whether Harmony Gold is currently even allowed to renew the licence with Palladium.
  13. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    They'll probably be selling the remaining wave 1 stock at prices under what they're offering backers.
  14. Confrontation: Classic - Coming April

    Maybe I missed something, but weren't they selling recasts of miniature they didn't have the rights to? Why wouldn't they get a C&D?
  15. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    My guess is that what's slowing them down is that the batch they ended up with had a bunch of quality control issues and they are checking each tile for crooked magnets and sorting them into groups of mostly matching colors.