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  1. cmorse

    Overturn Rising Sands

    While it's pretty uncertain who exactly Foxtales studios is, I very much doubt it has anything to with the people from Drake.
  2. cmorse

    Legends of Signum

    That's definitely where some of the animosity comes from, I think the infringement part is at least somewhat settle in that they stopped selling the recasts. If it were in the US there would likely still be a case for monetary damages, but the international nature makes it hard to guess whether they'd try. Signum claims they have nothing to do with Cadwallon, but the claim is questionable. For current infringement there is at least one fairly questionable mini they sell on their website, but isn't part of the kickstarter. My guess would be any of the Signum minis that are on their website but not part of the kickstarter have some degree of IP risk that Signum recognizes. Whether any of them infringe enough that SD could win a case debatable, but there is the risk of them attracting a lawsuit. Signum could probably eliminate almost all the risk of a lawsuit by dropping the the minis they didn't include in the kickstarter from their website. If they did that the only remaining risk would be SD's grudge.
  3. cmorse

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    I believe Forscale is 28mm from feet to top of head and 47mm from feet to tip of sword.
  4. cmorse

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    "Solomon Kane includes a huge selection of beautiful 35mm scale miniatures, ranging from the man himself, through dastardly foes and innocent bystanders, to the towering Virtues who aid him. Although nominally 35mm (the height of an average man), the miniatures are all different sizes depending on the individual they represent. This gives us a range from 27mm tall children to the 90mm tall Virtues." I believe those measurements are from the feet to the top of the head.
  5. cmorse

    Legends of Signum

    Any first time project is a risk, if this one was just the resin minis it would be a relatively low risk since many of them are already in production and for sale. That shows they know how to do it and can deliver. Adding the board game on top of that, which is something they haven't done before, moves the risk up. Adding a collectible card game on top, again something they haven't done before, moves the risk up. As far as the possibility of a lawsuit goes, it is absolutely there. Whether SD is in the right or not doesn't matter. What matters is that SD feels like they've been wronged, that's enough for a lawsuit to happen. SD doesn't need to win be able to actually win for Signum to never fulfill. SD not suing because of their own kickstarter isn't something I'd bet money on, particularly if they are low on money. That increases the odds of them trying a lawsuit. And while you're absolutely right that SD's project has far more risk of not fulfilling that does nothing to lower the risks for Signum. There are definitely some questionable Signum items for sale that aren't part of the kickstarter that SD is likely eyeing. So yes, I'd definitely rate this fairly high risk.
  6. cmorse

    Legends of Signum

    Even with the kickstarter unfrozen there is still enough of a risk of the company getting tied up with a lawsuit. Between that and the risk that comes with this being their first project as well as first game, this is a fairly high risk project to back.
  7. As far as this goes I think the important thing is only add it to the paint as you use it. It's not going to hurt anything if you add a drop of future to a drop of paint of your pallete. Reaper likes to word the warning extra strongly after that time someone added windex directly to hundreds of bottles of reaper paints and then demanding a refund after the paints ended up ruined.
  8. Since this seems to just use Atari Vault it's not much of an issue since it's a legal $10 purchase.
  9. A Raspberry Pi at 10x the price?
  10. cmorse

    Solomon Kane Board Game (Mythic Games)

    As far as communication goes they promised to post an update every Wednesday and I think they may have been a day off once? But they probably posted several updates to say that it would be a day off and a few more to apologize for it being a day off and maybe a couple more updates just in case you missed those updates... then throw in a few live stream play throughs, Q&As, and who knows what else. They still do them regularly months after the kickstarter ended. As far as where production is they say everything is on track, though it's still far enough out that it could easily change. Delivery isn't supposed to be until December.
  11. cmorse

    Badger PAC Valve size

    That's the correct part number to fit directly onto the badger brush. They do sell the same part for other brushes though, so it's probably a mispack. Just send them an email and they'll probably send you the right one without much hassle. To actually answer your question though it's an M5 .05mm thread on the airbrush so that's the size quick connect it needs.
  12. cmorse

    Confrontation: Classic

    At least with Kickstarter I'd expect SD to push it as far as they can regardless of any incremental compliance from LoS. If it actually went to court they'd probably be more focused on actionable offences.
  13. cmorse

    Confrontation: Classic

    Don't get me wrong, while I think from the IP side SD is more in the right than LoS and that SD's complaints aren't frivolous, I still think someone backing Confrontation has pretty sketchy odds of getting everything they're promised with or without a lawsuit involved.
  14. From a board game rather than mini perspective the language thing can be a big concern even great with communication aside from that. There are a lot of pretty bad rule book translations out there from companies that insisted during their KS that they were hiring the right people for the translation.
  15. cmorse

    Confrontation: Classic

    I couldn't say one way or the other who owns that specific art beyond that it probably isn't LoS. At the moment though SD doesn't need to prove anything to the level the courts would require. All they need to do is convince Kickstarter's lawyers that the level of infringement is enough that Kickstarter doesn't want to deal with having the project listed. If it came to an actual lawsuit I would never bet one way or the other on an IP case, even if it looked far more certain than this one. Whether kickstarter cares if whether the mini is on the KS page vs only LoS's web page is up to them. I don't know for sure if it was on the KS and we don't even know if that mini and image are ones that SD submitted to KS, it's just an example that I happened to notice. Whether just dropping specific minis is enough is also up to Kickstarter rather than any sort of legal standard. I always find these sorts of cases really interesting to watch when it come to seeing which side people take. Usually it's all about how people feel about the company rather than anything to do with that actual level of infringement. Could you imagine these forums if a KS infringed on Reaper to this same level? No one would care about subtleties like it possibly being a third party getting infringed on rather than directly Reaper.