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  1. cmorse

    Blood Rage Digital

    Personally I avoid the company too due to their pricing practices, but in terms of CMON's competition and companies who are doing big things with digital board games they are without a doubt at the top of both.
  2. cmorse

    Blood Rage Digital

    It's pretty unlikely Dized had any part in this. I'm sure the motivation is almost entirely driven by what Asmodee has been doing with digitalizing their board games. You know, their main competitor? As far as the physical items, there has been lots of pleading in the board game world for access to the original exclusives, particularly the 5th player expansion. Usually CMON answers that by throwing out a season 2 and buries people in so much game content that the old exclusives aren't really that important except to collector types. Blood Rage season 2 isn't really something that has a place, so this is a good way give people who missed the first kickstarter a chance at access to the exclusives.
  3. cmorse

    Larger Figure Transport Storage

    Are you talking about transporting them on a plane or in a car? For carrying them around in my car I use magnetic bases instead of foam even for very large figures like some of the Kingdom Death monsters. Then they just attach to a steel baking sheet velcroed to the bottom of a plastic bin. It holds everything securely, no rubbing against foam, and takes up far less space than foam would.
  4. cmorse

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    Though the longevity of a cardboard one does tend to match up pretty well with the amount of time most people are interested in using them.
  5. cmorse

    Plastic Model Kits

    It depends on the model, but with Gundam they tend to design them in such a way that the spots paint would scrape off the joints aren't going to be particularly visible. For example on a knee the actual joint might be completely concealed in armor pieces. The armor panels might lightly scrape as they move, but if everything is well sealed not enough to scrape the paint off. Another trick is when joints are visible the contact area of the joint remains concealed through most or all of it's movement so even though its unpainted it will never be seen.
  6. cmorse

    Artis Opus - Series S: Brush Set

    Speaking of kolinsky brushes in general, you'd notice the difference. Particularly in how long each brush would remain good if you take care of it. Whether these particular kolinsky brushes are better or worse than ones you can get for less you'll have to wait for other people to answer.
  7. cmorse


    And the apparently relaunched and funded https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/backspindlegames/mournequest-0
  8. HD set 1 for $35 online plus bottles of black and white was an easy recommend for someone starting out and interested in Reaper paint. Master Series Paints Core Colors Basics #1 for $185 is not. There is really no MPS set comparable to the hd sets. Master Series Paints: Starter Set for $30 is ok, but not as good as the HD set in price or contents (and also discontinued in it's current form due to it's HD paint). The new Bones paint sets selling at $17.60 for 6 paint make no sense for starter sets (I'm assuming they are meant to compliment the LTP kits) and also don't compare well to the prices you could find the HD sets at. Really, without the HD sets, Reaper doesn't have a starting place for paints that I'd recommend for people. I've recommended the HD sets numerous times.
  9. The HD sets were probably the best way to get a very solid color range of Reaper paints at a good price for people who don't care about triads.
  10. cmorse

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Over on BGG. I don't know that there was a big official announcement, just that depending on when you emailed and asked the answer changed.
  11. cmorse

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    When were you told the upgrade pack wasn't being released retail? The new printing is supposed to be in stores next month. The original did also go retail, just in numbers way under the demand. There are still occasional reports of people finding a copy in smaller games shops that never listed them online.
  12. I see no reason why it wouldn't work fine, but if you are going to prime with an airbrush you can do it a lot cheaper and likely with as good or better results just using an airbrush primer like Stynylrez.
  13. If it was a bad batch I'm sure they've noticed by now and ditched anything they still had from it. If it was due to freezing it's a pretty safe time of year to get it shipped no matter how careless the shipping company is. If some how they send out another bad one and they have to replace it again you'll end up with a sales order covered in highlighter and exclamation points telling the warehouse people to check the bottle before shipping it.
  14. I'd probably start by using soapy water on all the connection point to verify there isn't a leak somewhere. A third possibility if it isn't a leak would be the regulator controlling the on and off. If it's a Paasche though, and you've had it for less than a year, you should just call them and ask. It should still be under warranty.
  15. You mean you always leave it on or just leave it on when you're using it? If you are always leaving it on and never draining the tank it's going to eventually rust out inside. Your current problem sounds like the compressor isn't keeping up with the pressure demand. Does it take longer to build up to full pressure from empty than it used to? My guess would be a gasket in the compressor or the motor itself is wearing out.