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  1. Live

    interested here. Really like the action pose female with drawn bow - hoping that might be included
  2. Fulfilling

    really mixed emotions on what I have received so far - some of the minis are very nice but not all of them and I don't really like the resin they use here. Unlikely I would back anything else from this company unfortunately....
  3. Live

    Im in for now, not sure if I will stick through it though - really like the minis, not super into or wanting the board game. So wish they would offer a resin mini only option. The painted ones they show look very nice but I think it is a bit misleading in that those are resin and not the plastics we are seeing....
  4. Delayed

    Sad thing if true, but wow is that a antagonistic post he started with - its almost like a troll post designed to really push some already unhappy folks over the edge.... I just have real challenge believing he thought he was going to get reasonable responses with that approach given how upset and toxic folks are there over the lack of any progress for years....
  5. Funded

    I find Frogdog is just downright awful and disturbing in every respect..... and thus seems like an ideal monster for this game - I look forward to my survivors fighting it....
  6. Funded

    I have no problem with genitals, I think everyone should have some cant argue that... only on the two of the monsters I mention I just wish those bits werent quite so, um, "out there" if you get me Hestis - regarding the armor kits, they are modular sprues of bits that assemble into four miniatures - there are a ton of option parts, weapons, helms, faces, hair, shields etc - basically you can build about any gear you get in the game into a miniature. Plus the different sets are somewhat integrated with each other - for instance you can take parts from the "Lion Fur" armor set like say a chest piece and use the legs/leggins from the "rawhide" armor set and get unique combinations. I found them interesting and fun to experiment with but maybe not as dynamically pose-able as I would like? The narrative miniatures, from what I can see, simply depict a survivor in a specific armor set in a very "action" pose - I expect they will be fewer parts than the armor set figures, probably easier to assemble. Given they will be plastic they also should be pretty easy to customize or modify with the bits from the armor sets if you so choose.
  7. Funded

    Love the narrative figures - while I do like the armor set figures from the 1st Kickstarter I have found it difficult to build them in effective and dynamic poses. As far as naughty-bits on monsters, the Sunstalker, Lion God and Gorm seem to be the worst offenders so far in the game though modifying them to hide those bits should be pretty easy to do
  8. Funded

    Wow I hate the Kingsman - total jerk. Really interesting AI deck and fight with him though - the Lvl 2 version is even more nuts
  9. Funded

    Im reading the male pinup delivery at spring 2018 as a promo figure? Wave 2 - Estimated Delivery Spring 2018 Gambler's Box, Promo and cross-over figures
  10. Fulfilling

    just wow - that angel and snake lady are totally must haves for me - spectacular minis.... I wasnt keen at all on the art for the centaurs but I think they pulled off the sculpts about as well as they could - they certainly are different bizarre looking creatures. Really like the "elf" part of the centaur sculpt and kinda wish they had gone with a more traditional lower half (horse or spider or even a snake) but ah well.....
  11. Fulfilling

    Might have been due to complaints about the models of each groups not looking like the would fit as rank and file troops? At least I seem to recall some negative comments that the figures were not working well as units you would field together in a miniatures game as there was such a dramatic difference in poses and detail for each figure (of a given unit)? At first I was sorta disappointed in the cav but after reviewing again I think they are pretty decent. Definitely some hard choices though to make when they get the pledge manager out...
  12. Fulfilling

    Really like the blade maidens but do wish there was an option for armored tops on them rather than just a bewb wrap. The combo of heavy armor legs and no armor torso aint my thang.... :)
  13. Delayed

    My Kickstarter rewards arrived in the US with no issues and I am glad to finally have them. I highly wish Prodos had made the offer to ship sooner if a backer was willing to pay extra for the shipment; given the cost of shipping increases in recent years it is not terribly surprising to me that shipping cost is a factor in their terribly slow disbursement of rewards.... Regardless, the miniatures look very nice indeed - some very fine resin and great detail. No idea on the game if it is good - anyone played it yet here?
  14. Completed

    I went heavy on their line of creatures - lots of good models in those selections...
  15. Delayed

    I went that way - bought one mini and paid the shipping - I just want to be done with this one.... Received notice that the shipment was being prepared this morning and it does show my kickstarter stuff