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  1. Pre-launch

    Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 is likely June or July also. All of those are likely to hit my wallet hard.
  2. I would be okay if mine did that, but it hasn't. Last notice was package leaving Fort Worth.
  3. Twelve add on Sophies for a total of Lucky 13. As for why...I ask the question why Not thirteen Sophies?
  4. I have one of everything, but also a second Mythos expansion, Dagon, and a bunch of giants for a friend. UPS now says it will be delivered on Friday - my telework day so happy dance. I MIGHT be able to wait until Saturday when my friend comes over to open the box - or not. Hmm. I have a second graveyard, fences, an extra hobgoblin set, and twelve Sophies...minus colored weapons and only one DVD set.
  5. I ordered one of everything and a few duplicates and am at 29.0lbs. @Kate must have a massive order.
  6. I had 13 orders that equated to basically one of everything...well just about. I have one notice for one package at 29.0lbs.
  7. I had 13 orders in the PM.
  8. Fulfilling

    That doesn't explain where the unpainted one went, though...
  9. Well, they did get some practice in last week...
  10. You are telling me! I will only be 45 minutes away at a Con! I may leave the Con if it shows up while there...
  11. I am actually kind of hoping this means I get mine delivered next week since I am at a Con this weekend.
  12. Things seem to have stopped at 850 for today. Not too bad, although I am kind of sad that I didn't get an email today.
  13. Pre-launch

    And will it be functional like the Dwarven Forge ones from KS4?
  14. This shipping tracker has been hell on my productivity at work today...
  15. Live

    The playmat has me intrigued as well. I was kind of leaning towards core+playmat+artbook. I am not sure, though.