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  1. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I am trying hard to keep with what I have and not add more. I am currently at: Core Gambler's Chest Gorm Dragon King Gryphon Amy And now Flower Knight
  2. Heroclix - Talae has lost his mind

    Thanks! Not sure what I am going to do, or even how to start, but maybe I will let the kids give me a theme idea or something sometime this weekend. Here are some more pics:
  3. I ended up with a bunch of Heroclix for $10 last weekend. It prompted me to break out the Clix I already owned and try to start organizing them. The crazy thing is that I have never actually played the game before. I have been sorting by colored circles for the ones that have them. The others I sorted by color of symbol on the base (well, I tried). Some questions: Is there a reason why I can't glue the minis to the bases for the ones that have come loose? Is there a better way to organize things? Set symbol? Something else? Are these likely to be worth much to resell? If I want to play the game, can I do so without the cards (since I only have about a quarter of the cards)? Any other tips or pointers I need to know about? Here are some pics of the minis as they sit right now (the basket has maps, cards, and tokens and whatnot):
  4. I added the Flower Knight to my Kingdom Death pledge manager. I am resisting adding the Sunstalker.
  5. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Apparently late backers are seeing bundles only, and Kickstarter backers are seeing all things Wave2-4 but no bundles.
  6. Evil High Priest

    They aren't a playable faction in Cthulhu Wars, but you just need different colors of cultists for this game. Meeples could work, but where is the fun in that?
  7. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Is the pledge manager something that is okay to talk about? If not, I will leave it at - you should check on yours if you backed this.
  8. I do appreciate the sentiment, though. Please let us know when things hit retail (a comment is fine, a link to non-Kickstarter commerce is not okay).
  9. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Good point. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I have heard rumors both ways. Not sure.
  11. I am jealous of your cultist. As a completionist for CW, I have a need for one that I can't explain. Addiction is not healthy...
  12. Atypical Hobby Behavior

    I went through and started sorting out the stuff I bought/was given yesterday. Not bad for $10, right? I sorted the Clix by rarity (at least I think so...I have a bunch of Clix but have never actually played a game or read a rulebook). The pile of loose figures are likely to see their way to the appropriate bases soon. The basket has maps, cards, and tokens. The minis in there are City of Heroes Clix. The top group have gold symbols on them. The right columns at Silver and Gold circles. The Adventure Card Game was given for free, and so was Letters to Santa and Math Dice.