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  1. I spent some time today cleaning up the base coats, but nothing was shaded or highlighted so I didn't take pics. I hope to get some work in on it tomorrow, but it might have to wait until early in the week due to game day and some work I have to get done before a meeting Monday.
  2. Nice work so far! I like the OSL you have started. For a critique, I think you could punch up the highlights on the cloak quite a bit.
  3. He has a PDF that you can buy to get even more tips.
  4. Those Inks are wonderful! Antimatter Games uses them very effectively. He has even posted a few tutorial around here, if you haven't seen them. edit: here is one of his tutorials:
  5. I did a very quick job of roughing in colors as suggested by Corporea. I definitely like the flow of colors better. Not sure on the color to use for the gloves, and not sure white is right for the pants, but I like this better overall. Please ignore the sloppiness. I will clean it up. I just wanted to see the colors on the mini. Any suggestions?
  6. The wagon got me to Google it. $85-90 is out of my price range for what it is. I hope Reaper puts some similar stuff in KS4.
  7. Corporea, you are wonderful! That was the perfect amount of "sciency background" and practical application. Buckskin pale is now being added to my paints and the cloak is being redone!
  8. Funded

    I meant to add bases in my last minute pledge. I hope that I get to later.
  9. Fulfilling

    I prefer the full grip to the smaller holders, although I prefer them to the makeshift things I have been using. Also, for comfort, the shorter wire is best for me, but it isn't practical until the top of the mini is painted.
  10. Funded

    The Gryphon miniature is one that I can see proudly displaying if I were to get a level up on feathers in the next couple of years. If the PM opens again in the future, there are plenty of other things that will likely catch my eye. Overall, $520 spent on this one wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been...
  11. Funded

    I have no willpower. I added the gryphon at the last minute. Core, gambler's, Gorm, Amy, Dragon King, and Gryphon. My card hasn't been charged yet, though.
  12. Hmm. Red with purple seemed odd at first, but I am starting to come around to it. Maybe more of a red/brown pant color.
  13. I am not sure about my color choice so far. The purple is pretty blue. Do you think it takes away from the flames? Should add another drop of magenta (3:1 clear magenta:ultramarine blue instead of 2:1)? I will have to think more about the other colors. Glad I can help. I want to paint the arm to at least 80% before attaching it. It will be impossible to paint around. This mini is already a pain to paint around the cloak, hat, flames, and staff.
  14. It would help if I included the pictures.
  15. /blows dust off this thread. Looks like I did it again this month. I have pushed this to the end of the month. Last night I added a few layers of a purple (2:1 magenta:blue) and then started working on highlights by gradually adding in white, but I kept trying to glaze back the mid tone and losing the highlights. I am not a big fan of mixing in comparison to the handiness of going back and forth from highlights to shadow colors. I might need to just be less frugal with my paint. I am unsure on what colors to use for the unpainted parts.