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  1. Live

    I ran a demo game on the playtest Shaggai map last night with the new Cthulhu Faction updates. I love this map!
  2. Live

    Glad we can share in our reckless financial decisions...
  3. Live

    100 dice for $60 is tough to pass up...
  4. Live

    It is Live! www.CthulhuWars.com (And funded in just under 30minutes)
  5. Live

    Less than 8 hours! CthulhuWars.com directed to the preview page before they took it down to edit stuff. I think it should redirect there again tomorrow.
  6. Looking great!
  7. Fulfilling

    Has anyone got their replacement order? I haven't heard about the missing parts from my first shipment (My second shipment and my preorder arrived with no mistakes, but the main one had a number of mistakes.).
  8. I didn't take a picture, but I got all four deep ones and the two shoggoths to the same point as the above. Next will be the High Priest and six Acolyte Cultists...but that will have to wait until after the local Con this weekend. I haven't decided if the painted Cthulhu is coming with.
  9. Live

    I am headed to a local Con tomorrow and Sunday. Going to get in at least two games of Cthulhu Wars and going to make at least one of them be the Shaggai map. Should be fun!
  10. And more:
  11. Progress!
  12. Live

    I put a pledge in to follow the campaign but will likely pull it for the same reason.
  13. Here is a picture of what I have in the queue: Here is the result of deciding to start with the Starspawn. I thought I had them under control, but I was outnumbered. Luckily they rolled a pain and not a kill.