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  1. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I really should have purchased only green and blue. Overland travel and water with a grid could be handy.
  2. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    I haven't had a chance to lay them all out and use them, but the first few I messed with seemed fine. I have a game session this weekend. They should hit the table for that.
  3. Planet Apocalypse - Petersen Games

    Here is some feedback on Chase Norton and his experiences so far (from Facebook): Hey everyone! It is the last week to back Planet Apocalypse. To help people decide if this is the game for them I have been playtesting the Print and Play that is available from the Kickstarter campaign page. I took some time to answer 3 questions below that I thought potential backers might be asking. tl/dr: The game is an excellent coop dice fest that will draw a crowd with a jaw dropping table presence and accessible mechanics. You can then incorporate that crowd with seamless drop-in ability! Check out the newly revealed all-in Hellhound pledge level which is crazy good. To start, I have to admit some bias. I have enjoyed Cthulhu Wars immensely and I love giant figures, so I fully expected to enjoy Planet Apocalypse. Up to date, Elder Sign has been my favorite coop dice chucking game and Planet Apocalypse is the giant monster version of ES so the game is right up my alley! All that said, I will try to give an informative review to help potential backers decide. For this write up, I will avoid getting too long winded on the specific game mechanics. Check out the campaign page for a detailed flow chart of gameplay as well as downloadable rules here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1816687860/planet-apocalypse/description 1) Is it a good game??? This will, of course, come down to personal taste. If you enjoy punishing, push-your-luck gameplay, like that found in Elder Sign for instance, then chances are you will like the general gameplay of Planet Apocalypse. Decision making skills are key, but like Elder Sign, bad dice rolls can still bring your good plans to a grinding halt on occasion. The game creates a lot of complex decisions, while keeping mechanic complexity down as much as possible. I personally love this aspect of Cthulhu Wars. It is a surprisingly accessible and complex strategy game. Planet Apocalypse takes this same approach. However, some gamers might prefer a larger set of available actions. Each round is primarily made up of moving and attacking in various orders. In my plays, I have never run into issues with lack of things to do. You always have decisions to make. Individually and as a team. I personally felt this made for quicker player rounds and more accessible gameplay. I was playing solo with several characters on the PnP games, which maximized my personal decision making. Controlling a single character could feel a bit more limiting perhaps, but overall the team as a whole discusses almost every action that is taken (in my 3+ player games). To conclude this topic, I would say the game has lots of strategic depth as a team. The small number of available actions creates a more accessible, streamlined and time efficient game. 2) This is just a miniatures first, gameplay second game right? In 2013, Petersen Games launched Cthulhu Wars. During that campaign this very question was constantly thrown around. The giant price tag made people very suspicious of the gameplay content. I can see why! After all, you don't want to pay that premium for something that won't hit the table. CW obviously put a huge emphasis on Miniatures. However, before the miniatures were even conceptualized, Sandy Petersen, the renowned game designer of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, Arkham Horror first edition, Doom, Quake, etc. had been playtesting for over a year. After Cthulhu Wars hit the market, it was clear that we had a gem of asymmetric strategy on our hands. Since then people have BEGGED Sandy and crew to make the miniature free version of CW, because they loved the gameplay so much but did not have the means to purchase (or transport) it. So that was a long winded way to say "don't dismiss this game and it's gameplay based on the price tag". Based on my half dozen plays, I am seeing the same complex strategy / simple mechanics combo that has made Cthulhu Wars a regular hit at weekly game nights, always with 4 to 7 players. 3) Do the miniatures really need to be that large? Probably not. BUT there is something about these giant creatures that draws people in. I have met and played with more random board gamers with Cthulhu Wars than with any other game and it always starts with them staring in amazement at the giant monstrosities. Planet Apocalypse is going to look wicked cool on the table, as I hope my PnP images suggest. This will draw newcomers in, and thanks to PA's effortless drop in system, they can join in on the action immediately! I can't wait to meet new people with this game. 3) How does it look? Petersen Games has heard the criticisms of the games early artwork, which I fully agree with. It was surprisingly bland, looking closer to a prototype than a finished design. Thankfully, they have hired Universal Head to completely revamp all printed components in the game!!! It is looking soooo much better already. The images I have posted are the old style and do not reflect the final designs. Check out the KS updates and homepage for some updated graphics. I hope these 3 questions help you with your decision and give you a bit more insight into this game. On to the PnP pictures!!! I will add descriptions to each of the photos telling a bit about what is going on in the photo. As you can see, I have the added advantage of actually having figures for the game! I have painted a few to show off during the KS. Please note the following regarding the PnP photos; my map is scaled down by %50 or so. The hero figures are quite a bit smaller than what is planned and not painted because of that. I forgot to print out the Baphomet and Hellhound sheets, sorry. Lastly Baphomet, the Demon Lord, is not painted due to an unfortunate defect (head is squished to the side). I was excited to paint that one :(
  4. Zombicide: Green Horde

    That is terrible...
  5. Zombicide: Green Horde

    USPS and UPS notify me when packages are enroute. I never setup this feature for FedEx. I just went to do it on mobile and didn't see an option to do so.
  6. CMON Rising Sun

    Look what showed up unannounced today:
  7. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Do we have an idea what the earliest possible deliver would be at this point? I don't want to put the wrong address.
  8. Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught Three

    Personal taste is always interesting. I know there will be people that paint it up purposefully as a clown, but I think it has some great potential.
  9. Zombicide: Green Horde

    I am due to move in a couple of weeks and am debating changing my address...
  10. CMON Rising Sun

    I am due to move in a couple of weeks and am debating changing my address...
  11. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Will we get a chance to change addresses?
  12. CMON Rising Sun

  13. GNL Mats by GameNightLife

    Mine were delivered Tuesday with no prior shipping notice.
  14. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Any word on when they are taking payment for shipping?