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  1. Talae

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    Holding an Early Bird for now. Thinking I might need duplicates of the trees and stumps...
  2. Talae


    This one finished at over $600k and is the second most successful Petersen Games Kickstarter game. Right around half of the backers are at the all-in pledge level. I would say it was a success!
  3. Talae

    Raise your hand if it's snowing

    It hailed like crazy in Phoenix today and has been raining for hours. Does that count?
  4. I swore that I had a thread for this terrain already, but here are some tents that I airbrushed last night: Before: Chose the triad on the right (thanks @pcktlnt) Base coat on left with mid tone on right: All three colors applied: Here is the stuff I painted months ago with Pokorny Base Wood and Stone Edge Drybrush:
  5. Ordered four reverse dropper bottle racks and a universal rack from Impudent Mortal for $112 with free shipping. Time to organize by color. Please send help.
  6. Talae

    Artis Opus - Series M: Brush Set

    There are many similar products out there. True. This just reminded me that don't have one currently.
  7. Talae

    Paint Track Apps?

    I'll try to reach out to them. I thought I had and they hadn't responded but I could be wrong. Sweet. I just reached out to Stefan directly and pointed him to your post. Hopefully you guys can get in touch with each other.
  8. Talae

    Artis Opus - Series M: Brush Set

    That Samurai Stand is the most tempting thing here. I should search one of those out on Thingiverse...
  9. Talae

    Talae's Carrion Worm WIP

    Use the eyedropper symbol and be prepared to be amazed.
  10. Talae

    Talae's Carrion Worm WIP

    Thanks! I used the PaintRack app to help pick it out.
  11. Using Testor's liquid cement is way more enjoyable than using super glue. If Bones Black allows for this, I will forever be a convert. Okay, I am probably a forever convert anyway...
  12. Talae

    Talae's Carrion Worm WIP

    More progress (note that the teeth are a placeholder color while I try and decide which color to make them):
  13. Talae


    Today's update is the reveal of the secret civilization - Humans! THE SECRET CIV, REVEALED Posted by Sandy Petersen (Creator) 3 Comments Like 9 likes HUMANS! The Secret Civ . Hyperspace has a backstory, partly revealed through Aurora Ultraviolet's journal. If you’ve read them (look here, just scroll down and click the portraits), then you already know that Earth was conquered by the Starspawn, and humanity fled, to become orphans of the void. The hardships caused us to grow in strength. Our will and minds toughened. And now, as many of you may have guessed, it is time for Homo sapiens to return. PLAY PLAY Our citizen is a soldier, because our hard life post-Earth means we have become rather militaristic; not an uncommon phenomenon among human societies (Sparta, the Mongol Empire, Japan’s Shogunate, Soviet Russia, etc.). We still appreciate the finer things in life, as witness the titles of our various bonuses – Cultural Superiority, Art & Music, and so forth. One common trope in science fiction games is to make humans a sort of “generic” faction, and to give them lame middle-of-the-road bonuses. For example, Master of Orion made humans Expert Traders and Magnificent Diplomats. Yawn. The Eclipse board game gives humans no bonuses (nor weaknesses) at all! While I enjoy both Master of Orion and Eclipse, this treatment of our own species is weaksauce. Humans aren’t “generic”. Homo sapiens is the most dynamic and powerful species to arise on Earth. We boast extremely specialized adaptations, ranging from a bizarre upright morphology to predator-like forward-facing senses. No other animal is so slow-breeding, nor has such a long learning period before reaching maturity. We can take down species which are physically vastly superior. Look at our closest relatives, the great apes. Chimps and gorillas are far more agile and strong than humans, but we routinely bully these poor apes. So the humans I portray in Hyperspace are not middling bureaucrats, but frightening nomads. Our “homeworld” is an asteroid with one lonely citizen. (I like to think that the citizen represents Ultraviolet Hall, Aurora Ultraviolet’s family estate.) Humans start with almost no infrastructure. What we DO have is two gigantic Warden super-ships. The Warden’s special ability is fantastic - not only does it add to production, but we earn 3 organics when one is destroyed. Of course, a Warden costs 4 metal to produce, but consider the results of sending a Warden into battle. We get 2-3 metals worth of fun in killing enemies, and then if the Warden's killed in the process, we get 3 organics, which almost pays for a new one. What a bargain. The Warden is just one weapon in the human arsenal. (The Warden's rather odd appearance is because it is a generation ship, holding tens of thousands of humans in cryonic stasis.) Incidentally, my theory is that the Warden is actually a sort of combined factory / aircraft carrier, doing most of its fighting using smaller strike craft, like fighters or torpedo planes. It thaws one of its thousands of frozen pilots, plops him into a newly-produced strike craft, and sends him into battle. PLAY We humans are a fearsome foe. Our colonies are hard to eliminate. Cultural Superiority makes it harder to kick us off a rival's world. The idea behind it is that the alien population is reluctant to pay the social cost to give up that nice access to human cinema, board games, and other artistic productions. Our Resilient tech makes our remaining systems stronger each time we lose a fortress, and since it feeds us free units constantly, we may as well use them up in useful fights. Resilient also has the side effect that it makes players less willing to target our fortresses. We have another incentive to see our units get annihilated in fruitful battle. Our Cold Sleep super-tech gives us a big expensive fleet. While we could, I suppose, place a pair of cruisers and a destroyer, a more interesting plan is to send both Wardens into battle, get them killed (netting 6 organics in the process), and use Cold Sleep to replace both Wardens free with a l'il buddy cruiser. And you have 6 organics to build more. I’ve also seen a human player use Cold Sleep to place 3 free starbases & colonies, then use his 3 key actions to place 3 more, then end the game with an extra 6 VPs thanks to his huge industry. With all this, I’ve not even touched upon the human’s signature ability, which requires the most cunning and is by far the most interesting. This is, of course Art & Music, which allows the human civ to play Secrets only a time and place of his choosing. He even starts with a Secret in his “hand”. The possibilities are limitless, and change every game. Let’s go through just three examples, randomly choosing secrets from the deck (Sandy shuffles and draws cards). Yay! Gray Goo FTW. Ooh! Well Gray Goo could be seen as straightforward. Play it on someone just before you attack, to decimate his fleet. Or play it just before HE attacks, to force him to regroup. Once I saw a player use this to take out the foremost ships of two rivals, which meant they couldn’t explore on their next turn. Instead they had to rebuild, which delayed their Explore progress by a turn while he revealed those systems instead. The Space Amoeba Our second possible secret to be held by the humans. What a treat. Wait for it, then plop it down in your enemy’s system, Devour one of his units, and attack, using one of the three Organics gained through Devour to pay for your attack. Adds injury to insult. Plus when your combat is done, your rival still gets to enjoy the Amoeba's continuing presence. Entroplc Decline. Sometimes decried by those who draw it, because of its huge benefit to a rival. This takes a little subtlety. You can of course just use it to bump up your civ, but why not a little social engineering? “Frank,” you say. “Looks like an Entropic Decline in my hand. I wonder who I should give the bonus Secret to?” Frank is naturally interested. “But Frankie,” you pout. “Look at that nasty ship, messing up the board’s symmetry. Couldn’t you pleeeze move it away?” Then bat your eyes at him. Meanwhile Amelia offers to make you the recipient of her next Research action, and Lincoln has his own helpful suggestions. You get the idea. The humans are exceedingly interesting, and a serious threat to every other civ. No wonder Earth was destroyed!
  14. It is super simple! It is basically a Hi Ho Cherry-o variant. Spin the spinner. Then do what it says (get a specific color, any color, skip your turn, steal from someone, or lose all your acorns). Use the squirrel tongs to do these tasks.