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  1. Talae


    This weekend didn't work out as planned. I did get some stuff done around the house, though.
  2. Talae

    2018 Secret Sophie

    This is me as well.
  3. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    I just went crazy and added most of everything I would want. It is over $2k, which is insane. I need to dial that way back now...
  4. So far I am thinking: Lucius Cromwell (1) Iron Predator Mech (3) Cylla Darkmyre (1) Obliterator Biomech (3) Giant Orthocones (5) Mistress of the Garden of Pleasure (1) Corrupted Nereid Witch (2) Grace Flynn in Dive Suit (1) Onigor Demon (3) Gothagga (4) Xathal (3) That is 14 points plus up to 13 more depending on stretch goals. This doesn't include any back catalog purchases to fill gaps in my collection.
  5. Talae

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Onwards

    @Grefven would it be helpful to get some feedback on the campaign? I love your minis!
  6. I am loving the stretch goals! Hopefully this picks up speed...
  7. Played Dixit and Drop It with some friends last night. Fun times were had. Drinks were involved. So was guacamole.
  8. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    I got my PM email. Haven't had a chance to think through it yet. I was hoping for elevations and trees. Am now thinking I will try and build a pledge around the natural bridge, rope bridge, stairway to violence, and the new forest terrain trays. It is going to take some finesse to figure out.
  9. Talae


    Hoping to finish mine this weekend. *Fingers crossed.*
  10. Talae

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Follow up organization challenge from last weekend: Before: After (installed sub top and moved drawers back for leg room): Current:
  11. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS6 Caverns Deep

    I have always gone unpainted. I am hoping to convince myself to go painted this time. It doesn't add to shipping time...and is table ready out of the box.
  12. I think I might actually make some progress on this in the next couple of days.