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  1. No. Although, recently getting an airbrush means trying my old paints in new ways. It is a whole new experience.
  2. Talae

    Evil high priest

    Nice work for a speed paint! It is a Cthulhu Wars cultist, BTW. With that color scheme, he would be right at home with the Black Goat faction. Funnily enough, the same company has a Kickstarter that is currently in the middle of being delivered named Evil High Priest.
  3. Shopping for a car to replace the one that is falling apart has not been fun. Friday night was a work party, though. There were a number of laughs there. Many of which came about while playing Codenames: Deep Undercover.
  4. We played Evil High Priest this last weekend. Everyone loved it! I spent last night playing a variation of Kingdom Death that I like to call "sleeve the expansions." I only have two packages of cards left...until another few expansions arrive tomorrow. I also printed a token organizer at work playing with the 3D printer.
  5. Most of the items in my first KDM order from Black Friday arrived. Contacted support about the others. Note to self: buy lots more FFG Green sleeves.
  6. The lion has been hunted again. Ground Fighting plus a bow to start the first round really made this fight much easier than the last one. Not only did everyone survive again, none actually took damage during the showdown. The hunt events were more dangerous. At 21 survivors (and one of them a Savior!), I am really dreading the inevitable.
  7. Talae

    Black Friday Deals

    I still haven’t received my notice. :(
  8. Arkham and Eldritch Horror on both on my list to play at some point. As for Dominion. I forgot how decent that game is until I played recently. There is a reason it is still as high as 74 on the BGG ranks. Theme and art set it back for me as a "dated" game (compared to stuff like Legendary or Ascension or other even newer deck builders), but it doesn't suffer from the bloat that some of those games get. It also doesn't end up with the number of edge cases that other deck builders can struggle with. I hope to teach my daughter about deck builders with further plays of Dominion. I also hear good things about most of the expansions.
  9. Talae

    Blood Rage Digital

    This. It is actually turning me off of the idea of CMON even further. I have never been super impressed with their thought processes on stuff, but this one almost feels underhanded.
  10. Talae

    Blood Rage Digital

    Because I haven't played the game in forever and this KS has done nothing to increase my desire to play.
  11. The Kingdom Death Disneyland saga continues. Tonight Aladdin convinced Belle and Cinderella to go out on another hunt and the three of them got Elsa to join them for the first time. The group came across a Statue with a Sword and decided to leave it alone before coming across the White Lion. During the battle Aladdin fought tirelessly doing most of the damage, but Elsa chopped off a paw and Belle castrated the beast (this game is crazy)! Cinderella spent her time searching debris and finding some bone blades. The group walked away with quite the haul of resources. Before they had a chance to do anything with the resources, the group was confronted with Endless Screams of a monstrosity in the distance. Aladdin held fast and convinced the others of their safety...going a little crazy in the process and becoming the Crazed Orator of Death! This was then followed by a Triathlon of Death in which many good and many bad things happened. Notably, Aladdin tore his Achilles tendon and suffers from seizures, Belle and Cinderella are both apathetic to fighting, and Elsa had an arm dismembered. Elsa and Donald Duck decided to parent a child, that as of now remains unnamed. That brings the settlement up to 19 people. Also, Ammonia was the innovation learned. I would have rather have learned the ability to use surge, but Ammonia is likely to come in handy. After just the prologue and the first lvl1 White Lion, the settlement has a set of rawhide, a spear, a bow, a bone dagger, and two bone blades...plus lots of other odds and ends.
  12. Talae

    Blood Rage Digital

    This makes me tempted to sell off my original KS stuff...is that weird?
  13. Trees: fake. Real ones are a serious fire hazard here in the Phoenix area.
  14. I haven't ever made sending cards a habit. I should though. Then I might actually receive some in return. Maybe we should get a geeky card exchange thing going...