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  1. Talae

    EU/US/ROW Candy Exchange

    This thread makes me want Flake bars, Aero bars, and Crunchie bars.
  2. I opened the @Inarah box tonight, but then got distracted with less important things like dinner and bedtime routine for kids. They just ate dinner yesterday, geez.
  3. @Inarah box in hand. Might not get the chance to go all the way through it tonight, but will do my best.
  4. Talae

    Fantasy pirate rat-men

    I think I like this one the best: Angry Swarm Of Tortoise £5. Or 5 sets for £20
  5. Talae

    Deep Madness

    That is good to hear! I am excited to get mine!
  6. We played King of Tokyo with my father and the kids this weekend. As a TBI patient, this was likely beyond his grasp, but he went along with it anyway...basically just rerolling and buying whatever was suggested to him. We also played Tsuro with my Mom, sisters, and kids. This one is by far the simplest game that we own and yet still hits the table fairly often. Definitely an elegant game.
  7. Like the title says, what are you up to for gaming? Pics encouraged! Kingdomino has been seeing play at our house lately. My son was so excited he couldn't stay in his seat for this game.
  8. Near a window in a glass display case is enough to cause drooping over time.
  9. I had to return a RedBox movie so swung by a different location and bought The Grizzled.
  10. Talae

    Pokemon Go

    Is anyone else playing this on their mobile? It launched yesterday and I am enjoying it greatly!
  11. Barnes and Noble has a double membership discount going and a 50% off clearance section. This led to stocking up on a bunch of board games and kids Christmas gifts. Board games: Lovecraft Letter Kanagawa Ice Cool The Quest for El Dorado Oceanos
  12. I decided I needed these trees after seeing some builds on Facebook with them, so I bought two of each.
  13. Talae


    Eberron is life. My gaming consists of like 90% Eberron using 5e.
  14. Talae

    Pottermore - What did you get?

    Where is a link to the full quiz? Not sure I took the right one or not.
  15. Talae


    I have three and haven't used them much. Sell me on others. Forest? Plaguelands? Dungeons? Something else? The three I have: Victoriana, Sanctuary, Imperial Plus these Happy Seppuku stamps:
  16. The intent of this thread is to state a movie or a few movies you have seen recently or plan to watch soon. Try to include some explanation of why and if you have seen it before. My intent is to focus on movies already available and not on hype of movies not yet released. I will start: Many of the movies I watch are movies I watched as a kid and my wife never saw. Last night we watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights. It was just as funny as I remembered it. The Fly is on the short list for the wife to see...even though she is reluctant due to being anti-scary movie.
  17. Talae


    Which ones are new or changed?
  18. We love Sushi Go Party! Our most played count is three player, but five isnt far behind. We have yet to play with more than that.
  19. Recent geek arrivals: -Reapercon Swag Bag -Myth Kickstarter stuff -Monopoly Gamer Collector's Edition Almost purchases yesterday at the Barnes and Noble clearance section: -Legendary: Firefly -Oceanos -Century Spice Road -A Clear Sphero
  20. Snuck in a game of Takenoko before bed. First time we have played it in years! Like before our son was even born! The kids enjoyed it and our daughter even won by one point, despite me being the one to end things.
  21. This weekend was full of family gaming (and attending two kid birthday parties): Monopoly Gamer (isnt terrible): Hey, That's My Fish! The Magic Labyrinth My Little Scythe (four way tie with tiebreaker of Friendship) King of Tokyo
  22. Talae

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Part of me thinks that if exclusives pull more people into the hobby, it is a good thing. Another part of me wonders why anyone buys a CMON game at retail with how much comes via stretch goals. Yet another part of me is baffled at the way people behave quite frequently.
  23. Talae

    Hagglethorn Hollow

    I am excited! Not sure I will be able to afford it, but I am excited!
  24. Talae

    Starcadia Quest by CMON kickstarter (final 24 hours)

    The not-aliens and not-storm troopers are tempting for this one. They got me to go in for a dollar.