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    <note: I've been using the login name since the mid 90s: way before Paizo stole it for the pathfinder game. It's just a coincidence that I also like the game, and if I ever find a live group to play with again, I'll probably be the gm

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    I considered getting an extra graveyard, but eventually didn't. I was on the fence about more fences. My game group just got to a Cthulhu cult filled seaside town... so even if I have to throw them down unpainted, the new bones will get some mat action.
  2. Fulfilling

    Maybe I just skimmed the email, but I didn't devote enough time to figuring out that NA was 'North America.' Dang kids and their text speak. I read the email, wondered what N.A. was and then continued being distracted by real life. I guess I'm the lazy one! (echo Woot.)
  3. Completed

    I'm in no big hurry. I'm slowly churning through bones I and II, along with Myth and Cthuhlu Wars... I'm immortal.
  4. Completed

    I've not received anything, and I'm not ordering broccoli.
  5. Got mine. I was pretty disappointed in the base- the edges are rough, the plastic is uneven, the pad hangs off the edge, and I can't get the screws in and out without grabbing a tool. They're a bit too long. The stamps themselves look fine- I'll know more when I get a chance to test them out. I still think I like the thicker ones from the original kickstarter, though.
  6. Funded

    I've been happy with buying in to these on a basic level, just enough to get stretch goals. I have to remind myself that every 10lb of dwarvenite has to be carried into the game shop when we play. I recently divided the three kickstarters up into 3 tubs, just so I could carry only the ones I needed for the day. But darn it, I keep looking at huge builds with streets and sewers, which makes a pretty awesome display. I'll be happy with my tower, but there's an awful temptation to expand the pledge when I get the pm.
  7. Funded

    I'm thinking of getting the wizard's outpost and plopping it down on top of the watchtower. I have a little from all 3 of the previous kickstarters. I feel like I can mock up a square castle (obviously not as beautifully as from this kickstarter) with the first k1 pieces, but can't reproduce the towers.
  8. Completed

    Sewer rat (dire rat?) and a villager with a mug for me too. The pieces made their debut as a barracks last weekend.
  9. Completed

    Unboxing A quick build: With a mini for height comparison: I found the walls to be a bit too short- I didn't have time to grab some of the other kickstarter walls to compare.
  10. Completed

    It still states 'ready to ship', but it's now in my hands. Did you get a shipping notice? Or did you find out in some other way that your package had been shipped? I'm a bit paranoid about this because my stuff's being sent to a UPS Store so I can drive across the border and pick it up (having them ship it the extra 100km across the border and to my house added something like $250/$300 US to the cost! That's a lot of extra dwarvenite!) and I don't want to have it sitting there accumulating fees just because I didn't realise it had been sent... I got an email announcing that it was coming.
  11. Completed

    I'm expecting my 9lb package today! I only got the basic level that gave stretch goals. I will post pics when it gets unboxed.
  12. Completed

    My second wave arrived. I only added the high priests and a t-shirt, so my boxes were mostly the collectors minis. They are really nice, and I may have to paint them up for other games. My only complaint is that the t-shirt is a boring white. I didn't expect it to be an exact match to the picture, but would have preferred any non-white color.
  13. I have the original set (or most of them). They're my go-to basing stamps. I only got an additional stamp from their second kickstarter- I'm not sure how the walls/build your own dungeon thing is working out for others. I'm glad they're going back to new textures and variety.
  14. Dan Ariely is a well known author and research in behavioral economics (psychology/economics/social sciences). His bestseller Irrationally Rational is fantastic. He's created a card game revolving around trivia for social science research. Some of the proceeds will go toward funding more research. I'm not sure how replayable the game will be, but I'm certainly getting a copy (maybe several) for my classes. It's a little niche- but it combines my job (research/teaching psychology) and my gaming hobbies. Unfortunately there's not a line of miniatures representing famous researchers, but we could all gang up and pester him for some!