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  1. Laparoscopic surgery. Can be home in the morning.
  2. Appendicitis. Surgeon is going to come talk.
  3. I hate my brain. Too many doctors this week. I have a small, non-debilitating pain in my side which Stupid Brain is convinced is appendicitis***, but Smart Brain keeps reminding me of the Mexican food from last night. *sigh* Stupid Brain is only being loud because it is just the kids and I at home this week, and have no wife to care for and receive care from. Stupid Brain is worried about what to do with the HS and MS kids with no family about, ignoring the 4x Very Helpful Neighbors that would be happy to care for any of them. ***To assure the more medical and concerned types: no temperature, no nausea, no vomiting or "other" expulsions, no pain when pressure is applied, able to walk, sit, and jump. It's just Stupid Brain in a panic. I will be careful and seek help if it continues/worsens.
  4. Very late to the thread here, but I designed, printed, painted and entered-into-ReaperCon a CAV-ish figure. I primed it with artist gesso specifically for the gap filling qualities. Now, that meant a bit of sanding, and I had many flat surfaces that took to this technique fairly well. Just tossing that out there. Much harder to do on a more traditional figure, but could help in places like swords and shields.
  5. As a non-player, and non-interested party, I can't help but imagine some very dark colored armor and a red power sword.
  6. Wife made it safely to her mother's house in Tokyo. Had a good sushi dinner and then went to sleep. The daughter has decided I'm the bad parent now for telling her to do things she should have already done. Like clean the litter box. Her attitude shifted a bit when I got upset at the cat for peeing on the carpet. Then I asked daughter if she had cleaned the litter box, which was no. The shift came because she realized that (partly) I was angry at the cat because she didn't clean. Let's hope this gets imbedded that there actually is a reason we want productive work from her. And I know the question you would all like answered, alternates or substitutes? Answer: substitutes! Oh. Wait. That was the question I wanted answered. Sorry. Work is melting my brain. Luckily, I had that recirculating system installed so whatever runs out my ears gets chilled and coagulated, then mashed back in. Works wonders. Highly recommend. Five starts all the way.
  7. Wife says they got served stroopwafels on the aircraft. I think the invasion is real. Then again, Air Canada. But had to check in with United. And the airplane was Sky West. So who knows where what is anyway.
  8. Just as a point of reference, hiring at my current company is a nightmare. They've lost so many new college hires because it was taking 4-6 months to get the offers out. And that's after the interviews! I believe HR have received an earful. Wife's plane is safely in Calgary. She has 2 hours until the flight to Tokyo happens. I will be less anxious once it's landed. Then I'll just have my ultrasound and blood work results to come in.
  9. Finally! A carrot farmer! Obviously part of the townsfolk collection.
  10. When I feel the day would be wasted if I don't paint, it is often just 15 minutes. When I feel I can paint to my heart's content, it might be an hour. I'm in the group with low energy after coming back home from work, so it's generally a weekend thing only. I do try to paint at least a little on Tuesdays, as those are the days I've set to do my painting videos. Been uninspired for quite a while, so nothing been in the works to actually paint for.
  11. I think that's a better follow up to nearly anything, including sleeping in and lounging around. Doctor appt complete. Doesn't think it is my thyroid as it is a little high. Could be a lymph node. Blood tests are being done and an ultrasound is to be scheduled to see what in the heck is on my throat.
  12. I want to say MadJack has.
  13. Ribs are on the grill finishing, and the corn and beans are ready. Painted a little on the house (for the minis, not the one I live in). Groceries are bought for until Friday, and the receipts are done. Wife gets a going away dinner tomorrow for her 3 week trip, then an early Tuesday drop off at the airport. Then just me and the kids until her return. She is finally starting to think she may enjoy it. Mostly because the kids have been horrible to each other today, so she will enjoy the upcoming quiet.
  14. Good off day. Slept until 9am. First time in years I could sleep that late without either being sick or jetlagged. Quick adjustment at the chiropractor then pho for lunch. Trip to Home Depot for a new tub faucet, then post office and grocers run. Then screwed off a couple of hours. Got some hobby stuff done, the family movie night. Yup. Good day. Then again, did make a doctor's appointment. Got a little puffy thyroid going on. Sure its not anything serious, but it was worrying my wife after I told her. She's dreading her trip to her mother's, thinking something bad is going to happen. I warned her not to look at WebMD, since entering symptoms of a stubbed toe there would lead to a diagnosis of cancer. And she doesn't need to be worrying about that when she should be concentrating on helping her mother get better. She went through hyperthyroidism a decade ago, resulting in ablation, and now struggles with the after effects that being thyroidless entails. Luckily, should have results back for anything they do before she leaves, so can maybe get her fears settled away. And with that, it is tome to kiss the pillows. Night!
  15. "Liked" the post only so I could "unlike" it. Really frustrated that dollar coins aren't in more widespread use. Hate putting in $5 and then having the machine sound like an old time Las Vegas slot machine paying out.