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  1. Vacation over. Yesterday was flights from DC to Houston to Amarillo, then drive Grandma back home. Today was drive an hour up to see my father (home after 37 days in the hospital, quad bypass and three new heart valves), then six more hour drive to get back home. Very tired. Tomorrow will be 9 hours of work, then Friday we start doing demo of the living room. Going to put in tile in the house's ground floor. Might get a rest in August or so.
  2. Okay, it is past pages and thread number (12) so it is safe for me to post again. Uh... and they just announced boarding. Shoot.
  3. You know, whatever that Bryan paint is named, it's going to be forever Moon Moon, right?
  4. Ya'll gonna kill the thread without me, ain't ya? Well, fine. So be it. Redi.
  5. Would that be Hong Kong Pfui, number one super guy? /Just another post towards the end
  6. It is irritating. Sad part is I keep trying to do things economically and getting swatted down because the tracking and paperwork make it too expensive. And tickets on sale?! But... vacation right now! At least it isn't the classes. I'd be very put out.
  7. Die thread! Die! /and it adds to yer post count too. I didn't think they were even on sale yet.
  8. Yes. Yes it is. Have to look into OpenSCAD. Work professionally with CATIA (loved it, five stars, highly recommend) and Creo (hates it at times, three stars, only recommend with a literal ton of training). I'd been looking for something at home, since I'd like to model some things up for cash on the side. Can't touch to work machine for that. CreoElements is the only one I found useful among open sources.
  9. Boeing bragged they could open an entire 777 in CATIA. I believe 'em. Then the v5 PC version came out and it was very fun to use. I had a very senior (lots of XP, middling on age) v4 designer watching over my shoulder while I made a conceptual model for a week with lots of important missing data. Project manager came to me on Monday morning, and gave me the updated info. I put in the new numbers, hit refresh, and the new model was done in about 10 seconds. The PM and I then heard "holy elf" behind us. Sr designer was quietly laughing to himself that I had wasted all last week. (v4 isn't parametric, v5 was). He was a hold out for the old system, but after seeing what it could do, he had his manager on the phone immediately so he could get into the next class. It was a wonderful place to work, as any innovation or improvement was rapidly accepted. Last day in DC. It was decided to go to the Natural History museum rather than art. Learning that the Hope Diamond was on display was the clincher. Grandma (90) is very noncommittal on any decision for the vacation she wanted to be taken on, except this one. So glad we found something she actually wanted! Sad part is, tomorrow's flight is my last relaxing day for a long time. Wednesday is a 7 hour drive home. Thursday is work, and it'll be a panicky before the 5 day weekend. "OMG!" I hear you say, there is the rest. No. We have had tile in our garage since November waiting until we had a chance to put it down in the ground level of the house. Guess what hat I'll be doing for five days? Demo work and tile laying. Maybe if we get it done quick, I can have the 4th as a day of rest.
  10. I am a little disappointed. No, that's not true. I'm more than a little disappointed, but less than very disappointed. I guess that's just disappointed, isn't it? Looking at making our plans for the last day here. Thinking National Gallery of Art. They have a search feature. Put in the name, see how many paintings of that artist. Da Vinci, Monet, Van Goughs, yes. They have many of them. Not one Bob Ross. Well. Pooty.
  11. Always check yer cubes before you wreck yer cubes. Ahem. Todays museum is is the American History museum. Spent two hours. Saw half of one of the three floors. Yeah. Gonna have to prioritize a little. And we thought the Air & Space was a long day. May have to call it a day after dinner. Saw lots of ship models. Thought of @Froggy the Great. Probably wrong ships tho. Clippers, walers, and packet ships. I'm not very nautical.
  12. Long day was long. Many things visited. Pillow calls.
  13. And larger boxes in either cookies or cracker aisle. Can't remember. The big ball of boiling gas is so far being kind to those of us not accustomed to both heat and humidity. So far.
  14. Er, uh, that was actually the Amarillo to Houston flight. So, if you squint, maybe Houston looks European. Final destination is is slightly more European. Mostly because of the architecture in and around D.C.
  15. Noooooo! I haven't had time to create the travel thread for him yet! *sigh* It'll have to wait I suppose. Another stupid brain story. Have travelled two time zones into the future to go visit lots of stone buildings filled with things to stare at. Worried about waking up to the alarm that early. Stupid brain, however, says "Hey! It's 6am! Better wake up or you'll be late for work!" Stupid brain. I could have slept another hour! And biggest grumble is that the hotel wants $10 a day for internet connection! OMG! Motel 6 doesn't charge for that. And this is some high fallutin' (sp) pricey hotel that Grandma wanted. It's going to cost me a car inside my racing game on the tablet since I can't hit the dailies! Cry for me peeps! Weep such tears that they fill this swamp to the brim! Let it overflow and spill into the streets where by it causes my suffering and woe to spread into the untold masses! Ahem. Sorry. Silly complaint. Carry on.