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  1. Boxes are all covered up for the night, so I will try to remember to look in the morning. And it’s hard to say since they only have a few of each item out at any one time.
  2. Not to give false hope to anyone, but I imagine that after the con is done the remaining bags that I can spy from here might make the store. That’s unless they use them all up here first. /caveats upon caveats upon caveats //and those caveats have caveats ///return to first line and read again //// ? “You should never reach this line.”
  3. Pretty sure we know who will win at least once tonight!
  4. All you can eat Korean BBQ. Decent. Next time will avoid the pork belly. It was very thick and the red wine marinated one was ... not tasty for me. We will stick to the brisket and veggies next time. But, I am quite sticky and full of meats.
  5. Time for lunch!
  6. Sat down to paint on a little mushroom guy. Started it yesterday, and whipped out the green paint to start the base... ... and I now have dried brown paint on my fingernails. There is no brown paint open. Just one of those things at ReapeCon I guess. /No, no one painted them. It’s an honest mystery.
  7. Was it the one that came in the CAVCon loot?
  8. He was yesterday! I can introduce you if he shows up today, and you're not in class.
  9. Yeah, part of the VIP bag. Wonder if the mousling was traded for the standard bag mousling.
  10. Everybody paint while touching @pcktlnt!
  11. One of seven Forumite tables that I personally know, post Tex-Mex food. Well, for most of us. Still have a line behind us.
  12. Pretty sure the hot foot version was in the VIP bag. Course, I’ve got a 50-50 chance of being right.
  13. I don’t think I’ve seen a happier little boy!
  14. Guess who is waiting in line for a balloon animal? One guess what he is going to ask for...
  15. Yup. Was wondering why it was such a strange shaped scarf at first, since it looked like she was wearing a large baby leg necklace. Then the rest of the outline came into focus and the situation started making more sense.