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  1. Bed... yes... bed good.
  2. Halfway scanned 11 pages of randomness with brain awake 20 hours. Comprehension failing. Have met a goblin and messed up the 5E party at times. Rum consumed. Bags found to be filled. Pillow waiting.
  3. PEC! Not sure the doors are open yet.
  4. Childress Pilot convenience store had self checkout! Only 200 miles or so to go.
  5. Amarillo and Whattaburger. Think we are an hour behind for some reason. Maybe left earlier last time. That or my nav system is out of date with the 75mph speed limits. Only 300 some odd miles to go.
  6. Now in Pueblo. Next stop is Raton or Clayton.
  7. Awake! Just doing my normal waking routine. I'm quoting ya cause I had no trouble sleeping, and fell well rested with a good six hours of sleep. Time to pack up the chargers, pajamas, Awesome Wife (for grins, she is on the list; she probably won't find the humor in that), and the suitcases. Then it all goes into the car and away we go!
  8. Got the car mostly packed. Just needs the suitcases from in the morning. Thank goodness for lists, tho. Almost left the ribbons and bingo cards! That would have been really sad. Now, just need to enter some receipts, pay a couple bills, then set the alarm for 3:30am. Ouch.
  9. Just checked, and I am checked in to the HGI with a plain credit card, I don’t have a pending charge. Random data point for you.
  10. It is a ... materials company, for lack of a better term. They make various aluminum extrusions with slots on them. These slots hold t shaped bolts that can bolt pieces together, along with various accessories and mounting plates. They bill themselves as the grown up Erector Set. It’s test engineer crack. I personally have designed and had built a hydraulic control system cart (think mad scientist table with a LOT of levers and valves) with their product. I recognize it all over our test labs. Some of the pieces get really thick and hefty. A good analogy is they are the Hirst arts of test equipment.
  11. 80/20 has a “be an engineer” kit. Looks fun, but sorta useless for anything I might want. And I don’t have any ideas of what I might want. Thought you all should know.
  12. Last time you had to have a ribbon in order to eat, which was given at registration. Maybe someone you trust could collect your registration materials for you?
  13. Checked in with Jeep Buslines, and no issue with bags or seating. Just a long drive and a weird desire to pack the printer, too. Really don’t need to do that.
  14. (Would insert video clip of Jeff Dunham’s bit where Peanut and Jose are talking to each other in Spanish, but no time now)
  15. Nope. Very vocal beagles.
  16. Let’s start the day off with a computer crash! That won’t drain my motivation at all just before vacation happy fun time. No! Not at all! Dad got goats for fun and weeding at his shop yard (2 acres). They were absolute elfhats. Didn’t eat the weeds, but did eat just about everything else. Couches, rags, insulation. Couch? Is it really spelled like that? My mind is saying to toss an “a” in there, but that would be “coach”. I guess brain no Engleesh twodae. For randomness’ sakes, I do believe my son was trying to teach the dogs Spanish this morning. Not to understand Spanish commands. No. To speak it. Weird begets weird, I suppose.
  17. Hey, @ub3r_n3rd, here's the figure that I managed to finish. The top clear coat makes it a bit shiny, but I've got it under harsh lights. With the very zoomed in picture I'm not exactly happy with the shading on the right hand side where it transitions from light to dark in the middle fold, but that was vexing me for a long time. It's the way I want it to look, but I'm not sure everybody's eye will interpret the shape that I wanted to illustrate. There's also a woodgrain painted on the bow, but it is very subtle and doesn't look to show up here. I guess that should have been something a bit more stark. Really feel that she's missing an arrow in her hand, since she seems to want to be nocking an arrow, but there's nothing there. Need to work on my eyes for the next figure, but that's a common refrain.
  18. Zactly! Why let the heat go to waste? Because four jars would have been silly and out of character.
  19. Car windows are cleaned and put up three more last jars of tomatoes. Just need to wait for the boiling to finish and I can take a shower and hit the pillow. Tomorrow is the last day of work before the con.
  20. I attempted to take my entire paint rack this time. I failed. Maybe got a bit more than half. Wife had an old crafting box that she suggested might carry a lot. They wouldn’t stand vertical, so I wound up making little cardboard trays from old boxes and duct tape. Anybody who laughs at my ghetto redneck traveling paint case doesn’t get to borrow. And I might not have that color anyway. Had to go through and choose colors off the wall rack, then decide if that color should replace another color already in the box, and repeat until I was happy. I’m not happy, but I think I can satiate my wife’s needs.
  21. If it helps, 4am is when I start driving. Hope to make it to the meet in a mere 12 hours.
  22. I would have sworn that I copied it off the cardboard blister. I keep them, so can check tonight. Could have always fat fingered the number, too. Went ahead and changed it for the thread. No sense hanging on to a number that doesn’t exist in retail anyway.
  23. Just say that he’s kicked up a bit of grass, the glue on some gold glitter with dabs of green and red to the “mush” piles, maybe even a little torn sack at one end. Dragon caught a bunch of adventurers attempting to make off with the treasure hoard. It still looks really nice, and hey! Painted dragon now.