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  1. And finally headed home. Nearly an hour late. Need to stop having the manufacturing engineer actually LOOK at my instructions (well, copied from previous). Turns out there is a lot of work that happened that was more than a little outside the engineering guidelines. Time for home tho. Might go watch a movie. Might just get plastered. I must say tho, since the endocrinologist discovered my vitamin deficiency, I have had a bit more energy in the afternoon. Not sure if that's placebo effect or not. So I might actually do something more fun than the above two thoughts.
  2. Had to go look to see what I was actually complaining about! Water? Meet Mr. Back, Duck Back.
  3. Well, unless ... uh... never mind. Got word yesterday that one of our junior designers is jumping ship, and our top notch contract designer has less than a month left with slim chances of renewal. That whittles the number of full time drawing pushers down to two or three. Very chief heavy right now, with few remaining braves to throw at tasks. Feeling a little stressed.
  4. Live

    Tries to visualize a fish-spider hybrid... and fails. Wha???? The inner workings of Froggy's mind are probably worth some PhD's doctorate thesis.
  5. Live

    So... a veggie dragon? Possible. I was thinking of patching up the holes and making it just some very ancient dragon. Old, but not undead. Wings could stay torn, and a very thin skin over the ribs and other internal bits.
  6. Strange. Getting that logged-out issue that several people had from a while back. Every device and OS. Weird.
  7. Live

    Yeah. I really hate zombies, as in the whole concept and mythos. But, at just $10... its hard to pass up. Not added, but maybe I can think of how to unzombie it and get over my dislike. Nor mouslings. Thought of that getting ready for work this morning. And then that thought led to this thought: Mousling Expansion. Keeps it out of the core set, and gives everybody a way to directly support the line. Chances of a Mousling expansion? Near zero. But thought I would share.
  8. Except I took a look again a week later. Don't like where the highlights are, but that's where they should be. It's the elf ranger flat, the big floof of the cape to the right. It's got a transition between the edge and the back. Anyway, entry doesn't need 'fixing', so I guess I press forward.
  9. Well, why let all the tasty bits sit in the jar? That's just such a waste...
  10. Live

    Never noticed the "Community" tab on the KS. Shows where the backers are from. Shows a bit why they picked U.K. and Australia for the hubs since they round out the top four after the US and Canada. Germany is a distant fifth. If backers is a useful proxy for customers in general, looks to be half their sales are on the island with the other half scattered across the EU. Also interesting is that two Aussie cities are in the top five cities.
  11. Today's walk reveal a doe and two fawns nearly grown, plus two random turkeys.
  12. Live

    Saw on the KS comments that Bryan has said that the expansions are "probably" finished. Just when I stick my neck out...
  13. Live

    Bryan has stated that the Chronoscope is done at 3 parts. I expect Dreadmere to be done as well. A surprise for the sci-fi lovers would be nice tho, but I won't be holding my breath.
  14. Live

    For a second, I didn't scroll back up to look at the picture, just in case you were trollin'... but I looked anyway. I didn't notice Ms. Hexaboob the first time. So. Kobolds. I'll pass, but I'm already in for the core, so fine. But that Dreadmere expansion part 3. I was sitting at, by my estimate, at $36 of figures I wanted from the expansion so was waiting for retail. Was a little happy since it wasn't going to explode my pledge once again. I calculated I wanted about $39 worth of the Part 3 figures, and so that makes buying the whole expansion cheaper. Unless the small figures will retail for less than $3, and the bigger ones for less than $6. And I don't think they will, or, don't think they'll get low enough to not make it worth the $50. And I had to check. They'd have to retail for less than $1.07 before it wouldn't be worth it to me. *sigh* Then I did the same retail/kickstarter calc to the Paints B, since I hadn't yet. *sigh* I really was going to go lightly this time. Really. Honest. *kicks wallet, which yelps and huddles in a corner* Off to the Pledge Master, I mean, Pledge Manager.
  15. Entry in work! Highlights completely wrong! *super panic*
  16. Live

    The number of backers surprised me. Right on track with B3, but it feels so much different. Thanks for the charts.
  17. Wasn't hungry, but was getting too close to the point where I won't let me eat since it would be too close to lunch. So I had a snack. Now im super hungry AFTER eating. That's just wrong.
  18. Live

    Seem to be gaining a steady number of new backers, but it doesn't look like it's denting the hours to the next goal much. Maybe lots of people backing solely for the hut?
  19. Gah! Boo to your credit card theft. Again. And I'll go contrarian on Good Omens. I love Pratchett, but found the story to be dry, with situations that were trying to be humorous but never quite made it to that point. Everybody said how good it was, so I forced myself through it all, in the wishful hope that at some point it would click. YMMV. And now, I go to exchange the majority of my day for electrons in a computer somewhere which I will then exchange for food, water, minis, and the other necessities of life.
  20. Live

    My sympathies to you both. Think I'll go kiss Awesome Wife on the forehead. Nah. That'd wake her up and then she'd be, well, in a not awesome mood.
  21. Live

    That right there is almost worth getting two of each. In other news, the little figures I'd pick out piece-meal from the core set at retail has finally achieved an amount at greater than the core set price. In for the core now. I should really start painting the first core set. *sigh* I need a lot more motivation and time.
  22. Live

    That earns her the "Awesome Wife" achievement and badge. Be sure to let her know.
  23. Live

    Few more figures I might want in the expansion. Back to sleep now.
  24. Live

    Well, at 1k, we're looking at just after 1am Central. If it manages 1.5k, that'd be midnight, or so. Thinking I'll plan on the waking up to an update myself.
  25. Well, bright side is it didn't happen on vacation. I think you were on vacation.