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  1. I'm glad you assessed your difficulty and then worked to come up with such a clever way to address it! In case this is useful to anyone else - I used a similar jar method to transport a fragile miniature to a painting competition before I had a fancy carrying case.
  2. The RPG character I took the name from had a magic item that let her appear as if wearing any clothing she wished, so a pirate hat would have been easy-peasy. Sadly less so for my boring real world self!
  3. So Reaper isn't always 100% consistent about it, probably because of too few people trying to do too much, but they do make announcements outside of these videos. There's an announcement about Bones Black in the Reaper General forum area, and I know it was announced on Facebook, as well. In text, in both cases. There's a blurb on the front page of the store site, with a link to the PDF of the official news release.The News forum area is used for official company announcements. (Which I confess I tend to forget to look at sometimes!) The videos and occasionally posts here and/or on Facebook are often sneak peeks into upcoming products. My recollection/impression is that official news and press releases tend to come out much closer to the availability of a product. I imagine Reaper and/or Pathfinder will be announcing the paint line to as wide an audience as they can manage when they release. Getting to find out about cool stuff like that is a good reason to watch the videos, even for those of us who work with Reaper. (I had no clue about the whole dice project until I watched live the other day!) Also if you've ever wondered what having lunch with Ed and Ron is like, it's pretty much like an episode of Reaper Live. ;-> Which is not to say that a written summary of the major news in the video descriptions wouldn't be a good thing, just to say that they're not trying to keep info away from people or anything. :-> To summarize the product news from the video I was in, though I think it's pretty much correct in various replies here: A third learn to paint kit is in the works. The topic will be painting natural human skin colours. An expansion pack set of 8 paints will release that goes along with each of the previous two LTPKs. These are not new colours. Rather, each rounds out the selection of colours you get in that kit. For example, the Core Skills kit doesn't have a red, flesh colour, or a yellow/brown family metallic in it. The expansion set does. So if you get the kit plus the expansion set it's a basic set of colours to get you started painting. Then ditto with kit 2. I originally designed the two kits to combo together into one big starter kit of colours, tools, and techniques, but not everyone wants to buy them that way, so this is an alternative option. None of the colours duplicate between the two kits and the two expansions, so if you get all four products you have a nice range of paints to work with. I believe the plan is to have an insert with an example using each of the new colours with the techniques described in the kit that it pairs with, along with some tips for other colour combos and uses. Artist paint sets, which I believe are also 8 paint colours. Also not new colours. Should include info on the ways we use the selected colours. I chose mine with a focus on the paints in my toolbox that I reach for again and again to evoke various materials or effects. So it's not 8 colours Wren thinks are super pretty (just grab some purples, teals, and a few greens and make your own version of that set ;->), it's 8 paints Wren finds super useful on a regular basis.
  4. Wren

    Reaper Live Episode #013

    I have to ask - what did I say? I don't remember being especially wise!
  5. Wren

    Reaper Bones Black FREE Mini for January 2019

    Michael bogarts the owlbears. ;-<
  6. Wren

    1620 Cat Dragon

    lol, that I can't answer. Although I'm exactly of the age where I should have seen Xanadu, somehow I did not!
  7. Wren

    1620 Cat Dragon

    Here is a scale shot with a normal Reaper human scale figure.
  8. Wren

    1620 Cat Dragon

    The last of the 12 Days minis that I painted! I did use grayscale underpainting with primer, but only have one poor picture of it, sorry.
  9. Wren

    1621 Winter Elf

    I have done both ways. If I have the luxury of time or I'm painting light from more of an extreme direction, I prefer to take reference pictures of the figure with a light source. If you go to the link for my blog, scroll down to the bottom of the post to look for the link for the post about Caerindra. I took reference photos to paint her, and they're included in the blog post so you can see what the kinds of photos I would take look like. In the case of Caerindra I primed her gray and just used the photos for reference instead of doing a grayscale underpainting. In the case of the Winter Elf, I just did the priming based on looking at the figure imagining a light shining from above and then thinking about where that would make areas lighter or darker and in shadow. The ideal would probably be to do both, at least for a number of figures until you build a good visual imagination for how the light interacts with various surfaces and shapes. That isn't how I started off, I started off just doing the imagination thing and spending years trying to get better at it. If I could go back in time I'd take pictures with real lights for reference and probably get a lot better a lot faster than I did. There's a series of blog posts about painting with more contrast and how to use underpainting on my blog, the home page has a table of contents. I use double sided foam tape to attach miniatures with flat bases to my painting handles. It sticks very well! I've used it on heavier figures than this. I think the brand is 3M, and it has green and white checks on the plastic you peel off to stick the other side. I've even seen it for sale in Walgreens, but you definitely should be able to find something like that in a hardware store. (We can't post commerce links, so I can't link you to the product directly on Amazon, sorry.)
  10. Wren

    1621 Winter Elf

    Pretty sure I posted this is Show Off last year, but this year I'm adding some pictures of the grayscale underpainting I used to begin the figure. There's a bit more info on my blog. https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/12/14/winter-elf-12-days-of-reaper/
  11. I quite like Juliette as a figure for teaching blending. Her skirt has some nice curvy challenges, but it's a small and simple enough surface to conquer on a first go or two.
  12. Wren

    1631 Dragon and Stocking

    I had the good fortune to paint the new holiday dragon figure for this year, and I had a ton of fun doing it. He's got so much character and such a fun smirk. Julie Guthrie did a fantastic job on this one. I'm also including a few work-in-progress shots below. I go into more detail on the process I used and show WIP pictures from different angles on my blog: https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/12/10/dragon-and-stocking-12-days-of-reaper/ I started painting this figure by using grayscale brush-on primer to rough in the location of my main shadows, highlights, and midtones based on the direction of the lightsource I imagined for him. Then I applied values of darker and lighter green paint over my grayscale 'map' to match the locations of shadows, highlights, and midtones. I am mostly working wet in wet, and aiming for rough blends rather than a fully polished look. Once I'm happy with the rough-in of the main shadows, highlights, and midtones, I start working on adding detail and refining blends. So at this stage I pick out the spines of the wing and the muscles with brighter highlights, and add a little lining or shading in small crevices as appropriate. Here I've completed the process on the right wing. This is the process completed on all of the green areas. I've imagined my light source as above and to the right in this angle, so my highlights are softer and my shadows are darker on the left side further away from the light.
  13. Wren

    7012 Caerindra Thistlemoor

    I've taught it before, and I'd be happy to teach it again. I switched over to painting females this year since Jess Rich was absent and there's always such a high demand for that topic.
  14. Wren

    1581 Christmas Dragon Hoard

    I can't remember if I posted this guy in Show Off back when he was originally painted, but he's the 12 Days mini for December 8, so I thought I'd post him now to give people some alternative views. I've also got some tips on painting the snowflake wrapping paper on my blog. https://birdwithabrush.com/2018/12/08/christmas-dragon-hoard-12-days-of-reaper/ Editing to correct incorrect SKU number in title.
  15. Wren

    7012 Caerindra Thistlemoor

    She's very sassy and determined! And the dragon with the stocking is absolutely smug. I don't think he's giving that stocking away, I think he's grabbing it for himself. :-> Oh, and good eye on the light source! I positioned my lamp a little above where the sword is for taking my reference photos. I have been enjoying painting with more of a directional than a straight from above light source lately.