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  1. Cool! as a more general KOW topic, i'm setting up two "starter armies" initially. as previously mentioned, one will be elves and I haven't yet decided on the second faction, though I am leaning heavily towards undead (though I love lizzies). I am looking for advice on how to structure a "demo." I was thinking smaller points (say 750-1500), and I'd like to showcase as many aspects of the game as possible (even unpopular ones), despite the low-ish points value. are there any things I should really include? should each side have a "centerpiece?" should they have different build strategies (eg chaff & heroes vs elite infantry)? how many elements should I go for to be good for play, but not overwhelming to a novice (me)? I don't really know what I'm doing, and any advice for setting up a cigar box play set that would let noobs learn would be great.
  2. @lowlylowlycook crazy, Ive been doing a 10mm (warmaster) high elf army for KOW, with plans to do a few factions, and I thought it was a relatively obscure idea. Ive always wanted to have ranked armies, but there is no way I have the attention span (or money) to do it in 18-32mm. Well, shucks, now Ill have to share some pics.....
  3. could be tough - hand sizes vary a lot.
  4. I like it. Rather than smooth though, it'd be cool if they had textures like flames or ice crystals.
  5. The elemental princes of evil are sort of like named demon princes with an elemental theme (and native to those planes). they first appeared in the fiend folio. they are sometimes called "Archomentals." my favorite is probably Cryonax, a giant tentacle armed yeti, or Yan-C bin, who appears as an air elemental or three winged sage with a lower body of mist, but there are many and their forms are highly varied. I expect reaper could create their own with ease. there are some good and neutral elemental princes as well, which could be cool (eg the ooze one would probably have multiple uses). I could see them being re imagined sort of like myrmidons with some unique features.
  6. On its back! Ha Ha! looks like a fun game.
  7. I like these a lot, I really can appreciate your painting style on 'em.
  8. I just gave an interview to the local news, which a bit surreal. The girl hit was 15; word is she will make it but was hit in the arm 5 times. there was blood everywhere; It made for quite the conversation with the kids. Kicker is, just before giving the interview my neighbor comes over to give me some mail - apparently all of our boxes has been robbed as well, and they had recovered some of it opened at the end of the street. WTH is going on!
  9. Aaaaaand there was just a shooting directly in front of my house and a girl was hit. Really feeling like I need to GTFO.
  10. well, we don't really know anyone around here, so that just leaves strangers. We definitely filed a report. They mostly left the electronics alone (not nice enough) and took all of my wife's nicer jewelry. I figure they took that to pawn for drugs or whatever and the camping stuff because it was pretty cool man gear, value aside (I miss my golock machete, and it was a nice outdoor jacket). they didn't bother with my stacks of unpainted/assembled minis, so I doubt they knew their value. they probably just opened the cabinet and found ranks of painted little creatures and thought they were unusual enough to investigate/snoop. the neighbor kids said they saw someone lurking and the vague description didn't seem familiar. my neighborhood has a lot of crime - several houses on my block have been burglarized in the year since we moved in and I've had some mail stolen (i bet they were confused when they opened that package and it had tiny metal 1980s star wars background characters and not something "cool"). It gets bad around the end of the month. My neighbors have told us that they've seen people casing our place and others a few months back, so we'd already started taking precautions. too little, too late, I guess. More is in order - that metal guard plate is looking like a must.
  11. Thanks for the support all, though, its sad to hear that so many people have had a similar experience. /redacted because it was a depressing overshare/ The more I find missing, the more dejected I become. They targeted my camping stuff, and effectively stole my children's summer. They took my jacket; it rains a lot in Seattle. It's raining today.
  12. I think the worst part is the intrusiveness of it. Definitely a violating feeling.
  13. I'm sure its been said, but: Giant eagles. 14086: Giant Eagle is pretty solid, and a great candidate for bones because of its size and wings. A new Sandra sculpt would be cool too!
  14. While I was working today someone burgled my house. they sacked the place and made off with some stuff. my minis were disturbed; played with, even. some were damaged and I suspect a few might be missing from my completed collection. Other than that, the guy(s)seemed like pros. well selected point and method of entry, very targeted & efficient, no finger prints. odd.