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  1. 02830 Wolf Pack sculpted by Geoff Valley PIC HEAVY

    I just picked these up myself. great inspiration here. I may “borrow” your references..... animals are easily my fav subjects, and you did these perfectly.
  2. The Problem with Female Miniatures

    I honestly do feel like male miniatures are just as characterized as female minis, we just tend to be more accepting of that imagery for whatever reason. The most capable male athletes and soldiers in the world don’t look anything like your average mini of a man. the fastest and strongest olympians look nothing like the muscle bound broad shouldered square jawed male miniatures. The relative number of male minis proportioned like an average or even fit male is arguably *less* than comparable representation among female minis (except for old wizards, we’ve got those in spades!). In this very thread we’ve seen justification for that inherent bias (“male adventurers should look like that”), despite the fact that contemporary men who actually do the same kinds of jobs (firefighter, soldier, cop, backpacker, wilderness guide, survival expert etc) *look nothing like their portrayal as fantasy minis*. Quick, someone find some minis of men with lovehandles! (Note: chubby priests notwithstanding, looking at you 02950 and 02349). I doubt there will be an outcry during the next KS for “more realistic looking male adventurers with flabbier or skinnier bodies who are shorter than 6ft tall.” Just sayin....
  3. 03193 Carinth, dark elf sorceress

    Isn’t that how everyone paints minis?
  4. Big Green Lizard Guy

    Great job on him, btw. So good I’ll have to think of a different color scheme - yours is too good to compete with!
  5. Big Green Lizard Guy

    From the ral Partha Crucible line. “Bane fiend” sculpted by one of my favorites, Bob Olley. Been trying to find the pair of these for myself. Edit: my phone didnt like "Ral".
  6. Tagging or Name problems v2

    03620 attributed to “kieth.” I assume it should be “Keith”
  7. yeah, I wasn’t seeing it in that first summary window. Or do you mean after I’ve finished paying? Edit: ah! It showed they were added after checkout was finished.
  8. For whatever reason these were not being added to my cart once I hit over $40. I guess I’ll pick them up later.
  9. Clan War Samurai Zombie by Glitterwolf

    whaaaaaat! someone else doing L5R stuff?! awesome. Ive been chipping away at my Rokugan project, and this definitely inspires me to push those things to the front of the queue.
  10. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    Whoa! I love your use of color - the golden highlights really create an ambiance.
  11. Bertrand & Lorielle Repaints

    Most people use birch seed casings for deciduous leaves. That ranger is gorgeous! Love the face and arrows.
  12. Kev!'s Tehnolog Castle Craft Barbarian

    Id also like to add that you have a nice palate of browns going on here.
  13. Female Humanoid Dragons????

    Re: "svelte body" female. In many (maybe even most?) organisms, it is the male who is "svelte." females are sometimes larger than their male kin (the tendency towards larger mass likely being the result of the increased energetic demands of egg laying/ rearing young).
  14. Kev!'s Tehnolog Castle Craft Barbarian

    I like that he has a backpack. You don’t see that enough in minis.
  15. Grenadier Cleric, 2018 and yesteryear

    Great comparison! The faces on both are so expressive in different ways. The new guy seems nice. The older fellow... reminds me of Gowron from TNG.