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  1. "Perf" the Wizard from Journey Quest? Run, lactomancer run!
  2. Unreleased pathfinder black dragon. Can't get it.
  3. Ill just leave this here... Still some polishing to do, but I thought people might like to see the scale. They'll work with PF or 5e.
  4. Killer speed paint. very nuanced and subtle for something done so quickly. Dang, I really need to practice speed painting more.
  5. really excellent for a first work. great brush control, keep at it! In terms of techniques to develop, I'm always an advocate of darklining (separating areas with a very dark color as a "shadow"). you seem to have the brush mastery to pull it off.
  6. I was thinking about including some of the other khermi undead in the painting queue since it went so well. They have deep texture, a fairly predefined and limited color palate, and a limited number of accessories to paint. that's a recipe for fun casual painting to me. perfect while I watch the comments flow by on the KS.
  7. In D&D blue goblins were psionic, which I imagine would be quite threatening to goblins of the standard variety.
  8. Uncanny, it's almost like you were in the room when I had that conversation with the Mrs. thanks for the feedback all. If I have the space I always try to put a little extra effort into the eyes. Many mistakes can be forgiven if the eyes make a good focal point. For the body, I was going for a style that could be interpreted as a statue or as being celestial, as needed. I used the bones 3 paints extensively for this mini. In particular, I really like the gold base and the green liner was everything i'd hoped it would be. It really works well for darklining yellows.
  9. I enjoy the fact that bones 3 had a good selection of minis that I can paint up for my Rokugan collection. Technically, foo creatures don't exist in Rokugan (except as possessed statues), but I think they make perfect good aligned ally monsters. It was nice to finish something from Bones 3; it helps me justify Bones 4.
  10. for a split second I thought "cool reference photo" !
  11. Ive said it before, I'll say it again: I like painting animals. when I found Babu I couldn't resist the cuteness.
  12. The undead are always fun and easy to paint. Id like to accumulate more varieties in the future. This mummy practically painted himself.
  13. that's because these apes are destined to be space apes, when I weapon swap some ray guns from chronoscope. space apes do crunches.
  14. doing these KS's I'm always like " do i really need the paint?" I always get it. Then, a few months out ,I'm always thinking "dang, I could really use that paint now" I never, ever, regret the paint.
  15. we have always unlocked all revealed goals. at one point we missed the last thing (demon spider), but Reaper unlocked it as a thank you. that said, those were not always all planned goals. towards the end the goal style changes a bit (single goals, big surprise goals, etc).