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  1. I always liked the Idea of a KS for a complete RP module, minis, terrain and all. FOI is a nice company.
  2. vulture

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I'm picking up all of the owls, and maybe the grippli druid or modron. The crouching thief is tempting; I like her scar - you don't see that much.
  3. FYI I found a pic of the base measuring at ~8 inches, so larger than any available base.
  4. What size base do you guys think the skeletal dragon needs? Any other pics floating around?
  5. vulture

    Pestilence - Fantasy Miniatures of filth in 28mm

    The riders looks like resin casts of them, so i expect a resin master could be made without a problem. I think the riders are the most interesting offer here.
  6. vulture

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    That seems like it would be a good compromise. There are certainly people who need a variety of classical adventurers, and folks like me who are looking for more unusual fare - it checks both boxes.
  7. vulture

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Those are the exact sorts of things that are making this my first stonehaven KS. Those guys fill gaps in my collection and seem fun and fresh to paint. Ill be cherry-picking them out of the lineup. I have decades of assorted adventurers stockpiled, so more human/elf/dwarf characters are an easy pass. Hoping for enough owlfolk to make a group of their own.
  8. vulture

    ONI OGRE CLAN WARS, by Glitterwolf

    the classic red oni with blue armor is nice to behold. I'm looking forward to more clan wars stuff from you; they are some of my favorite minis.
  9. vulture

    Wiz kids D&D horses

    I like em. I might have to pick up that set. FYI LITKO makes an acrylic horse stand that serves the function you are seeking. I actually like them as a bit more of an abstraction for that purpose. When dismounted - poof! you have these nicely painted fellows.
  10. heck, its almost like you did it with one fewer color, since cloudy grey is so neutral and can nearly be made with black and white. Nice. The yellow works.
  11. vulture

    77086 Townsfolk: Strumpet

    "quickie" with a strumpet . Paging Dr Freud! I agree with Sanael, good color choices. Nice execution with the white - that can be tough. well done.
  12. vulture

    DSM8021, Fox Cleric with Mace

    Out of curiosity, what do you use for your great yellows?
  13. vulture

    50299 Post Apocalyptic Hunter

    Even if you are using true metallics, NMM techniques will improve the look of your metals. I use a range of metallic shades, (eg from adamantium black, Through the steel triad, to shining mithril) with true blacks at the farthest end. modern firearms are often colored (any color, but typically black) and non-metallic, so paint them as you would paint any non-metal surface.
  14. vulture

    02-247 Ral Partha Chaos Imperium Battle Lord on War Dragon

    cool! I think the blues are great for a chaos lord's dragon. Man, kudos for digging up an Olley sculpt Ive never seen, either.
  15. vulture

    Fanatical Acolyte (Antimatter Games)

    thanks for the feedback. I have a bunch of black/off-black to paint soon, so Ill be sure to dial it back. I was worried this guy would be too flat so I pushed the contrast a bit farther than I should have, I guess. edit: could it pass as a more reflective fabric? Silk/satin?