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  1. Darklord

    WAMP fusion Bases

    sorry, been a bit hectic! You will be able to add on items via the pledge manager though the biggest savings are through the live pledges, (but pledge manager will still be cheaper than RRP). Just to update where we are. theres 2 1/2 hours to go and its been pretty frantic last few hours. FREE ruin floor for gold level pledges (3 deluxe sets or more) - UNLOCKED The Artist add on - UNLOCKED Steampunk Theme - UNLOCKED Cemetary theme - UNLOCKED we also added to higher end pledges (for 9 or 10 sets) which save upto 46% off RRP (and add upto 20 free components!) We are closing in towards the next unlock which is the chaos theme and theres a possibility we could even unlock the Zen theme. I probably wont get chance to update again before the end but wanted to thank you all for your interest, backing and helping spread the word for me. It reallly is humbling. Thanks Brett
  2. Darklord

    WAMP fusion Bases

    We are just heading towards the final 24 hours. We are fully funded and unlocking more stuff as we go. All Deluxe sets pledged for get 5 FREE neodynium magnets and a drill bit (I drillbit per pledge). All pledges for 3 or more deluxe sets also get a FREE ruined wall with every set (this is in addition to the standard ones). We are close to unlocking new floor design as well as FREE ruined Floors for all pledges of 3 or more sets (less than £800 away) so theres a good chance a pledge for 3 deluxe sets will see you get 15 freee magnets, 3 extra floors and 3 extra walls. Bigger pledges get even more! Also all deluxe set backers will get a nice discount voucher for our pledge manager which can be used on anything in the wampstore (including our brushes and any of the other 2000 products we stock). We have also got more themes unlocked now, adding Alien and Temple to the other themes (Street, Medieval, Ship Deck, Sci-Fi, Nature and Indoor)
  3. Darklord

    WAMP fusion Bases

    thanks for the pledge blueberry. We have now unlocked the Water Theme Set. We have also unvealed a new theme; Steampunk. We also unlocked the mini plinths last night which are handy (even if you dont fancy grabbing the base sets these are a saving on the RRP
  4. Darklord

    WAMP fusion Bases

    Hi folks, thanks for the interest and comments. Just a quick update, we are almost 200% funded and heading through unlocks. We have already opened up a stretch goal that adds a free ruin wall option to every set you get if you pledge for 3 or more sets. We are also very close (£24 short at time of writing) to unlocking the next one that gives free magnets and drill bit to every set. We also just launched a facebook contest to help spread the word. Its the usual like,share thing and the winner will get £50 wampstore credit for their troubles. As a bonus if the winner has backed the kickstarter we will double their pledge contents at no extra cost. So theres something for those that don't fancy backing the kickstarter too. Heres a link to the facebook post: Wamp Facebook Contest
  5. Darklord

    WAMP Paintbrush Kickstarter

    HI guys, just wanted to pop up a final update. Things are going great (truley fantastic in fact!) and we are currently heading towards £35k and have passed the 4000% funding mark We have the first WIP from the artist sculpt already and all the backer goals are unlocked. That means every backer (even if its £1) gets a free brush care PDF, free 2 brush blending guide AND a special kickstarter portal compilation featuring all the best painting tutorials from the no1 free mini painting magazine. We are even adding extra pages to this as we get more backers and if we hit £40k we will comission a sculpt designed by the KS backers. The project ends tomorrow evening (Sat) so around 36 hours to go. If you havent checked it out we would love you to take a look and maybe you might fancy jumping in on it. I really cant thank you all enough for taking an interest in things, even if you dont like it you took the time to check it out which is great. Thanks Brett
  6. Darklord

    WAMP Paintbrush Kickstarter

    sorry to lose you Uber, maybe we can tempt you in the future! I apologise for not updating more often, things are so chaotic (espcially trying to do this while looking after three young kids all day! Anyway we are now over the £24k mark as we enter the final week. We now have a total of 13 brushes (the 8 core and 5 unlocked) and we have since added an extra reward so you can grab all 13 toether and save even more. The books are proving very popular and I just want to clarify that we will be shipping them in boxes not envelopes! We are coming up to the next unlock which is a fun little pack called the Black Hand Special, done in conjunction with Wamper Scott Hockley and will include a handy guide to using the included blending mediums (specifically flow improver, glaze medium and matt medium) written by Scott. We have also revealed a much asked for add-on mini! This was designed for the kickstarter and will be an add-on though we may offer it as a seperate pledge so you can grab it without the brushes (if you fancy the mini but not the brushes!) Sculpting has started today so hope for some WIP shots soon but he will be 30mm scale and cast in resin We thought it fit nicely with the kickstarter and was a little different. He will ship with both hand options so if you prefer his paintgun to the brush you can easily use that. As ever huge thanks to all of you supporting our endeavour, it really is humbling.
  7. Darklord

    WAMP Paintbrush Kickstarter

    @Ellusionist. Perfectly understandable, yours is not a lone experience that I have come across. Glad your having a think. At the end of the day if your not sure, you can always come back to us at a later date when you hear everyone else rave about them @Dan, thanks. I wasnt aware of that caveat (so many things for a KS virgin to discover! If you have any ideas on ways round it let me know!
  8. Darklord

    WAMP Paintbrush Kickstarter

    Hi all, thought I would pop back an update you where we are at, We have just unlocked the first backer goal which means all pledges over £20 will receive a 5% voucher for the wampstore. As backer numbers go up we will increase that to 10% and even 15% Add-ons unlocked Large detail brush - many folks wanted a size 2 equivalent so we have added one. Stipple Brush - great for fabric texture or rust effects. Ali McVey Blending Set - This 2 brush set is designed with Ali to her own personal blending brush specifications. There are more add-ons to come and we hope to reveal the next one soon though most are not brushes, but other cool stuff us painters like, some from other companies we are tying in with, some of it new stuff, some of it exsisting products but cheaper! Just wanted to say thankyou to everyone thats supporting this, things continue to grow and its very heartwarming for so many people to put their faith into this. thanks Brett
  9. Darklord

    WAMP Paintbrush Kickstarter

    thanks mate, Wampers seems to be the adoptive name! Seems a great bunch here and Reaper stuff is awesome, just wish I had more time to paint some of it!
  10. Darklord

    WAMP Paintbrush Kickstarter

    Hi folks, I was kindly invited over via the Kickstarter to help answer some questions by one of you fine folks (named C). So here I am and hopefulyly I can put a few fears to bed. I am hearing a lot of nervousness from people ( everywhere not just on here) about backing another Kickstarter campaign for brushes after precious ones from other companies. Ok so maybe a little background of who I am and what Wamp is. My name is Brett Johnson and I have been painting for a living/ running Wamp for 10 years now. I know some of you already (suffered alongside Wren on a few Iron Painters, damn fine painter that she is!) and I know a few of you are Wamp members and maybe participated in the contest we ran with Reaper in the past. Wamp started out as a mini painting forum, over the years we launched Portal Magazine and in the last 3 years we launched the Wampstore. All are aimed at mini painters and all (we like to think) have a great reputation. We have always prided ourselves on our friendly reputation and our great mix of abilities. We have novices as members alongside some of the worlds best painters. Why does this matter? Well for some people it might not but I wanted to try and show we are not just a new start up thats going to take all your money then run off into the night. We have been arranging this range for well over a year now. Why did we use Rosemary? Well several reasons. Firstly pricing. Rosemary offer we feel a great product at a price thats cheaper than many of the other manufacturers offering more value for money and its always nice to get good value if you can! Secondly Rosemary are UK based (in fact not too far from my house) so its quick and easy for us to sort any problems. Thirdly rosemary have a great reputation, their brushes are well liked amongst miniature painters and they are my personal choice for brushes. I like to think the fact I am using the product myself shows I believe in their ability. I have some Windsor & Newtons too and while they are great brushes I personally prefer the Rosemary ones so it seemed a natural choice to go for them (Windsor and Newton will also do a custom range for you if you want and I think others will too). i will admit the margins on these brushes is very small for us, not much above break even at Kickstarter prices. We could have easily gone to a cheap manufacturer in the far east and made a huge profit but that wasnt for us. yes sure we would have made more money but at what cost? Chances are the materials would be inferior (all sables are not made the same, handles are not all equal,) and they would be put together by people with little experience in how to build a brush. Rosemary know how to build a brush. As I mentioned earlier reputation is important to us and if this project went wrong we have a lot to lose. The forum would suffer as would the store and my own personal repuation too which could well affect my commission work (Would companies want Studio work done by me anymore?) We want you to love the product and to keep using it. We want in 10 years for you to still be using these. Wamp and my painting feeds the kids, if its gone they starve (or learn to eat the furniture!) We also have long term plans for the range, we hope once the dust settles to start to add signature brushes. these would be one of brushes that have been personally designed by top painters to their specifications. If this project bombs then that opportunity has gone and so does any chance of your future kickstarters getting backed. What do others think? Well we have of course name dropped in the kickstarter itself but as someone pointed out so did other peoples campaigns. It would be easy for us to go out and get a couple of recommendations to try and fool you. But this wasnt what we did. All the people that have testified the brush for us have backed the campaign, put their own cash up. So have other people that have great reputations. Mike McVey has personally pledged after him an Ali tried one out (and you might here more about them in a stretch goal down the line, ( Reaper Forums exclusive there for you!!)) Sebastian Archer and Remy Trembley have both pledged and a whole host of other people that are trusting in Wamp and this product. i wont go over too much of what Miss Melons has already kindly quoted previously but I will say this about whether you should buy these? if you are happy with what your brushes give you already then dont back the project. many folks use Windsor and Newtons, Raphaels or DeVincis and love them. they are great brushes and I am not going to come on here and claim they are all rubbish when they arent. Brush choice is a personal experience, just the same as paint choice is. What works for one might not work for another. I personally prefer these to the W&N's but that doesnt mean you will. I would love you all to try these and see what you think and I do believe these are of the same quality as the other top brands. I think they offer better value cost wise, BUT I am not going to fill you with false promises in the hope of taking your money. theres no double head design, no fancy gimmicks, no magical spell that turns you into some uber painter (like Wren ). these are simply a set of paintbrushes made to the best standards and designed for miniature painters at as good a value as is possible. I hope if your sitting on the fence my waffling has maybe alleviated some of your fears. I truely believe in these brushes and i believe any of you that back the project will too. I would love you to come on board with us. I am quite blown away by the response so far (we passed £10,000 this morning!) I think the fact that so many people had a bad experience with other brush kickstarters but are backing us on this one shows they have trust in Wamp and its ability to deliver a good product. Finally feel free to ask me more questions. I will even giev you a direct email address so if you want to get in touch with me and ask more then you can: brett@wampforum.com i will of course try to reply here, or on toher channels as soon as I can Thanks Brett
  11. You have to be a member in order to use our gallery (both to submit and to vote). We have over 2200 members we dont need to troll for new ones! As for public vote you will find that most of our contests are won by new or relatively new members. It might sound cliched but Wamp really is the friendly mini place. We have always had peer voting and the best stuff always win. 99% of people enter our contests for the fun of it, you only have to see all the help people give their fellow competitors in the WIP threads to know that its about painting first winning second. I appreciate its your own choice to enter and I respect that but feel a little dismayed with being tarred with a trolling brush. We have hosted these contests for years now and Wamp is THE place for online contests and attract the biggest companies around for them. Theres obviously a reason we are successful at it. But ont take my word for it, theres 3 or 4 people in this very thread that are Wamp members, I am sure they could give their opinion if you wanted it. Appreciate you replying though mate and if you change your mind your more than welcome! thanks Brett
  12. care to expand on that? Just to clarify we make no claims over a persons entries except we are granted permission to use pictures submitted for our own purposes. Namely to be shown in the gallery and in Portal magazine (in fact the winner will feature on the front cover). As author you retain ownership and of course keep your model! It's free to enter and you can enter as many times as you like and Wamp is a really friendly place (we have plenty of Reaper folks over there already) would be great to see some new faces and more importantly your lovely painted minis!