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  1. Love Letter, particularly the Batman and Hobbit variants. It's a micro-game where you play cards to try and knock the other players out. There's also the basic game and a Munchkin re-skin, but Batman and Hobbit variants are actually slightly different games. Top Trumps might be good, but I'm not too familiar with it. Looney Labs has a few decent games for this sort of market other than Fluxx. Chrononauts and Treehouse would work. Steve Jackson Games also has some more options other than Munchkin. Ninja Burger is another good one. Maybe have a look at the Tiny Epic series. I was thinking of mentioning the Playtest series, but OneBoot beat me to it.
  2. As good as could be expected, yourself? It's a rather wet Tuesday here...
  3. Not exactly a movie, but my girlfriend and I went to watch the stage musical of My Fair Lady on Saturday (directed by Julie Andrews). It was great.
  4. Out of context quote of the day: Gonna hit limestone soon.
  5. You mean an Aussie pizza? Although they tend not to put sausage on the Aussie pizzas, there's definitely egg, bacon and ham.
  6. Will it blend? Um... apparently not
  7. Impact miniatures sell a Deadlings range (undead halflings), intended for Blood Bowl, but only two of them look specifically footbally. RollJordan have some racial zombies in their Necro line, including dwarf and hobgoblin. Again, intended for Blood Bowl, but mostly fairly generic.
  8. Pichu, however, does not. I hatched my first one this morning...
  9. Only a couple more hours until the weekend. Which is a long weekend this time. Then I'll be back at work for two days before flying interstate with my girlfriend... Good times.
  10. Yup. But the fedora was originally a woman's hat, like the trilby. Both were named after the heroine of a popular novel, before they were appropriated by men. The fedora was named after a play in which the well-known cross-dressing actress playing the titular character wore one. The trilby was named after a play based on a novel where the titular character wore one, but was well established before that. So both were named after female characters wearing them, but not necessarily originally female fashion.
  11. Fight fire with fire; you can wear heels, too! They were, after all, originally men's fashion before being taken over by women. Just like shoulder pads.
  12. I remember being the most experienced computer person in a programming unit... Including the lecturer... Before ever being employed in the field...
  13. (ampersand)nbsp(semicolon) works... Just saying...
  14. Interesting that they put it a week after Pancake Tuesday...
  15. Live

    I'm relieved to see this idea being made. I was wanting to make one like this for a while, but have been sitting on the idea. But the actual example shown is pretty crap...