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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but why are you showering with jars of tomatoes? To cool them down after they've been boiled, duh
  2. Sorry if I didn't communicate it well enough - she was saying the movie itself was bad, but the Experience was what made it okay.
  3. My fiancee and I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show in an interactive screening on Monday. It was her first time watching the movie at all and my first time for the Experience (second time watching the movie at all). I did warn her before we started that the movie itself was bad, but she still was complaining about it afterwards, saying that the audience callbacks made it bearable...
  4. Like staying until nearly 9pm last night telling other people how to do their jobs...
  5. I actually started on it that night and had it going in the slow cooker for about 25 hours. It was very tasty (and my girlfriend, her sister and the sister's family agreed).
  6. Not long left until the weekend... Tomorrow I'm making my kangaroo curry. Looking forward to it...
  7. So... Keystone Light. I thought he was referring to Fosters...
  8. The issue being for them because they aren't getting money from people who want a different operating system.
  9. What other time would it go missing?
  10. Darn changes to pokemon availability... I did 95km with an Omanyte buddy to get the candy to evolve it. In the just over a week since then, I've caught enough to evolve a second.
  11. Love Letter, particularly the Batman and Hobbit variants. It's a micro-game where you play cards to try and knock the other players out. There's also the basic game and a Munchkin re-skin, but Batman and Hobbit variants are actually slightly different games. Top Trumps might be good, but I'm not too familiar with it. Looney Labs has a few decent games for this sort of market other than Fluxx. Chrononauts and Treehouse would work. Steve Jackson Games also has some more options other than Munchkin. Ninja Burger is another good one. Maybe have a look at the Tiny Epic series. I was thinking of mentioning the Playtest series, but OneBoot beat me to it.
  12. As good as could be expected, yourself? It's a rather wet Tuesday here...
  13. Not exactly a movie, but my girlfriend and I went to watch the stage musical of My Fair Lady on Saturday (directed by Julie Andrews). It was great.