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  1. Not sure if letting it cure will improved it. The liquid inside made it much more cool..
  2. Cool! Or should I say... He´s hot!
  3. Fulfilling

    If Ever Sigma is indeed our ship. It arrived! But this stop must be quick, it have to go to Los Angalas as soon as possible to arrive today. (also, if it is Ever Lotus, it is there too)
  4. Fulfilling

    But it could be a Bryan´s (not so) elaborate evil plan and he used another boat image and we are all making assumptions based on deceived data. And was all along Ever Envoy... But Bryan wouldn´t do it to us, would he?
  5. Fulfilling

    The ship is definitely Ever Sigma (the picture in last update is here:, right now it is in Pacific Ocean (duh) with ETA march 29th, in Port Los Angalas US (that I hope it is a misspell version of LA), the last know position (as march 18th) was SE of Chiba province in Japan. Today he should be around middle point between Japan and Hawaii.
  6. Fulfilling

    Who doesn´t! In logistics, everything is awesome!
  7. In and out.

    1. OneBoot


      *waves hello* ^_^

  8. Yeeeeee! Thanks a lot guys (and gals).
  9. Fulfilling

    Got mine in Brazil!
  10. Delayed

    I live in Brazil and received the Sacred 40 a long time ago. But that was it, no cards, no new minis, no game box, no nothing...
  11. Weeeeeeeeeeee! NEW MINI, Congrats!
  12. Fulfilling

    Also, I can´t find out what the light blue slice of pie is. Is referring to 476,000 minis (14% of 3,400,000) Also also, The options (bright orange) shouldn´t be 36% (35.88%) of the pie chart? (sorry, I am too much a mathematics enthusiast to let go numbers and chart and don´t want to know everything about it)
  13. Fulfilling

    I was pleased to see that the first page of comments in KS were full of people saying that it is ok to delay as long as Reaper´s continue to comunicate, rather then the usual Haters and Trolls (are all of them slayed by Sophie yet?). And as I was reading about the delay all I could wonder is: "will they re-open the Pledge Manager? I need some big dragons...". It is too selfish to think that?
  14. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Feliz Aniversário Uma Bota! Congratulations One Boot! I wish you another year of amazingness, awesomeness, marvellousness, allureness and dazzleness (in our hobby and in the life that goes around and away from it) . (please forgive my english, although is good enough for small talk and superficial write/read, I struggle when trying to make more serious/humorous conversation (and the auto-corrector doesn´t help either)
  15. Fulfilling

    I surely envy the Reaper´s employee that arranged that table. What a blissful sight. And I am sure if this picture were available during the time the pledge manager was online, my credit card company phone you guys and thank each one of you.