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  1. kitchen_wolf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    To be fair, the coaches at the time had a fairly decent self-driving capability once they'd gone over the route a few times.
  2. kitchen_wolf

    Getting To Know You July

    Considering his eschewment of pantaloons, the less asked about that the better.
  3. kitchen_wolf

    Getting To Know You July

    I've been a practicing zombie for most of the last three years (don't text and drive, kids). As a member of the Differently Alive community, I have to ask - have you considered the amazing analgesic properties of Undeath? There are, admittedly, a few side effects...
  4. kitchen_wolf

    D&D books?

    Used that to cast an aurumancer's augury. $39 in 1978 is $149.34 today according to Uncle Sam's Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is, however, a LOT cheaper to have a calculator at the table.
  5. kitchen_wolf

    Blue dragon repaint

    It is my understanding that dragons are unrepentant fans of The Shiny. Except Larry, for some reason.
  6. kitchen_wolf

    Anyone need a familiar?

    Good news and bad news. Pip got scooped up in the first hour of today's adoption event. SWMBO did not take it well. Probably par for the course. She'll just have to reconcile herself to being stuck with this repulsive little creature:
  7. kitchen_wolf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You could probably glue/epoxy it to a standard Reaper base like everyone has lying around after a couple of Kickstarters, and then put a small blob of greenstuff in the hollow underneath to make an impression of both sides of the tab so that when you look at it in 10 years and ask "Where'd this come from?" you have an intelligent answer. Then prime it. It's a lot easier to see details on metal if it's primed - it used to be the standard for miniatures photography before GW started to ink everything.
  8. kitchen_wolf

    Anyone need a familiar?

    This is Peppercorn. I usually address him as "Pip". He's a hand-reared singleton that we've been fostering for the last week or so. A friend in Wakanda sent us a kitty bed. He comes equipped with vampurr fangs at no extra charge.
  9. kitchen_wolf

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    It's a lot easier to see what you're doing when you leave the space that way. Important for emergency vehicles, safer for non-emergency vehicles if it's clear to back in. For cargo haulers and other overgrown machines, it's easier to see if you're all the way in. Meter maids are unpopular because many of the sacred rules that they enforce are entirely arbitrary and often counterproductive. There's also a bit of resentment that the city's response to their own poor parking planning is to fine the victims of same (and fine them again if they can't pay). There really are a bunch of genuinely obnoxious people that need to be cleared out of everyone else's way (or at the very least the Fire Department's), but the argument seems a little sketchy when officers start patrolling residential neighborhoods attempting to shake down the populace.
  10. kitchen_wolf

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Those things crackling behind Mr. Fantastic's head, that hum with the power cosmic, those - are called Kirby dots.
  11. kitchen_wolf

    Mouse Tried Sculpting

    Preface - I'm not tearing into you. I just have limited language available when I'm doing explanations. See signature. I can definitely see what you were going for, but not how you got there. Here's how I'd try: armature - the most vital word in additive sculpting. If you're not casting, anything that will hold its shape during curing will do. I'd cheat and use some sort of existing cylinder. A bead might do, or a short length of rod or tubing. One important thing I learned from polyclay - if you're putting more than 1/4" of material on there, you need more armature. cap - looks like you used multiple snakes. That could be made to work, but I'd probably do it as one piece and use different sized tubes to stamp in the rings. Let someone else do your precision machining for you. Alternately I'd stack circles on top of one another, like a step pyramid of pancakes. barrel hoops - The biggest path to improvement here would be to take advantage of the self-curing nature of epoxy. Do your barrel sides and leave it alone for a few hours. Then go back and do the hoops without fear of mucking up the smooth putty underneath (or sticking your thumb in the cap - done that sort of thing more than once). If they were conventional barrel hoops, I'd use a knife (ubiquitous #11 blade) to cut straight sides and the side of a doll needle to smooth out the top (roll it along there). Alternately, you could use something other than green stuff and simply cut and sand away what you don't want after it's cured, or a combination thereof.
  12. kitchen_wolf

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Wolves raised below sea level can be a tad eccentric.
  13. kitchen_wolf

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Common theme in children's entertainment. Piracy isn't very nice.
  14. kitchen_wolf

    The Trash Heap a la Marjory...DONE!

    What's she made out of? Looks like terracotta from here, but that doesn't mean much.
  15. kitchen_wolf

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    We have no idea what you're talking about. And demand a golden mousy.