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  1. Nuclear Krill decided to release their next album with two different covers because their shipping guys don't have enough headaches. Decisions, decisions...
  2. What? Oh. I grabbed the wrong thing for that.
  3. You're the doctor. One of 'em, anyway.
  4. Free Partha Paint:
  5. Thunk!
  6. It's mostly bubbly dance numbers and blubbery ballads.
  7. Not a lobster. But definitely a leggy redhead. Wolf whistle not recommended.
  8. Because it was there.
  9. Saw this in my local record store. Does anyone know if it's a studio album or recorded live on the RoadKrill tour?
  10. Imagine every single one of them squeaking.
  11. Then how exactly do you explain the smell? Not that anyone in Fresno can either, mind you...
  12. I haven't practiced Aurumancy in a while, but this looks like a decent starting point on mortgage paperwork from someone that isn't trying to sell you financial services: You may need to pound on that with Google for a bit until the room stops spinning, but until you can understand it (and you can - the jargon's just there to justify professional compensation) you really shouldn't be signing multi-decade deals. The other thing is that the house won't be your only cost. We did about $25K in renovations when we bought this place last year. Plus movers, insurance, higher utility bills, yard maintenance, and whatever happens to your commute. So you're probably right about needing to build up some cash.