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  1. You are, I assume, aware that as far as dolphins are concerned, fugu is a psychoactive substance. Flipper's huffing that puffer. Probably bogarting it, too.
  2. There's a 1-quart yogurt container and a pair of blade-resistant gloves on my desk for reptile-based evictions. They come in through the cat door. They would prefer not to.
  3. Last year The Little Wildcat went on Walkabout and was late for dinner - by 10 days. Never did explain where she'd been. Here she is displaying overwhelming joy at the harness for her resulting tracking device (she was already chipped). Fortunately for her the thing's just not ready for prime time for a feline application. Or any application, really - a battery-powered tracker that loses the memory of which tag it's supposed to be tracking when it loses power isn't worth much. She's since decided that her feral roots really aren't all that interesting and tends to stay within earshot of the back patio.
  4. Last year I was mucking about with a freeware program called GIMP. There's a large online community to help folks take maximum advantage of it, but I wasn't retaining things very well and had a low frustration threshold due to the whole head injury thing. It worked extremely well for converting drawings to printing when SWMBO used it to make quilt patterns with no prior graphics experience, though.
  5. On the bright side, "there isn't one" is a relatively painless standard to comply with. Until you need to comply with something. Did you have a printer in mind or was this going to be more of a gallery piece? Do comics still even have an art standard? Seems anything big enough to shrink down or clean enough to biggerize (possibly not the proper technical term) could be tortured into a publishable format since it's printed from a digital file. The art still has to come from somewhere, but I figured that the specific medium would be a little more flexible.
  6. That sounds suspiciously specific.
  7. Nosferatu: No-fur-cat-too:
  8. Something like this?
  9. I think that it would save a lot of time on self assessments if they just had a box that said "Are you a narcissist? Yes/No". Much quicker and exactly as valuable.
  10. Caracal kitten demands funding? The little guy seems to be threatening the plains apes by mimicking the thing they fear most - a dentist drill.
  11. One of the reasons that I am an elderly curmudgeon that despises smartphones is that when they first came out, they didn't work for me. My hands were too callused to conduct properly for the touchscreen - like trying to use a keyboard wearing oven mitts. They also seemed to shatter if you looked at them funny. While both of these issues have improved, I no longer really need portable internet - though the ipad in the living room gets a fair amount of use when I've once again been pinned by the cat.
  12. Herman - this should give you an idea of the sheer scale of the fjords of Alaska's Inside Passage. I took this picture from the rail of a cruise ship when I took SWMBO out that way 7 or 8 years ago. It's big enough that you'll see humpbacks and orca pods hunting there. You'll have to stay up until midnight if you want to catch a sunset, though.
  13. Looks more like an unholy union between a mock turtle and a pangolin:
  14. Anyone know where to get a mini of Cal Worthington?