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  1. Corgis aren't guard dogs. They're herding dogs:
  2. That's what happens when the angel blinks first.
  3. Crystallized ginger isn't a powdered spice. It's candied ginger root. I'd probably cut it with candied lemon peel for reasons of tradition, but golden raisins added to the mix could make it chewier without taking the flavor intensity up too far.
  4. Possibly to keep the pipes up there from freezing. It's sort of a bad scene when it happens. Oatmeal cookies are so very bland. Raisins add sweetness and little else. Crystallized ginger, on the other hand...
  5. Bones are made in a steel mold. No flex. It means that the join points are often different than for a (semi) flexible vulcanized rubber mold, which is what metal minis are cast in.
  6. You can *always* remove the battery.
  7. Does too much fairy dust in magical cleaning products cause weird effects downstream? Like phosphates, but with less respect for the laws of physics.
  8. That's Tom Petty, not Motorhead.
  9. The Post Office uses AS for American Samoa.
  10. Charity is a funny thing. It's considered to be such a universal good that one is discouraged from asking questions. And then rebuked for not asking questions when someone inevitably gets caught with a hand in the cookie jar, or wasting resources, or just plain making things worse. Plus the US tax code is so infuriatingly vague about what constitutes "charity" that just about anything is considered valid (and isn't revoked if you say, get caught using church money to directly finance a political campaign). Essentially, there isn't much accountability because it's one of those areas where people would rather feel than think. That unhappy feeling that you're having right now is why my wife does most of the talking. Please enjoy some adoptable kittens:
  11. HeroClix is an obvious tie-in, in that the intended audience would buy some. Which doesn't mean that it would necessarily be profitable because details and marketing agreements and distribution terms and this is why I own index mutual funds. Also, as a newish game store owner he should probably read a selection from this guy: Not everything that Mr. Ray has to say is a perfect solution, but he at least mentions problems that are worth thinking about.
  12. It's like a tin-foil hat for your credit cards.
  13. Yes. Quite.
  14. Don't get sappy on us.