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  1. Bonwirn's Box finally made it to the post office! Madjack should have it this week!
  2. Live

    That is Australian dollars... so approximately 0.60 USDollars to 1.00 US Dollar per piece... still, an insignificant amount to not buy it prepainted...
  3. Just received the mini and stuff from Nomad Zeke! Awesome mini useful for Rogue Stars! He also sent some Woodland Scenics realistic water, two more sci fi'ish minis, and six Anhurians from the Bones line. Thank you very much!
  4. My wife scored some old lead minis at a garage sale... Some of them are pretty cool... I might include a few that I'm not as interested in as well if folks are looking for that style.
  5. Here we go again! I'm in! Location: South Carolina International: If needed Starter Box: Yes (have the one from last time ready to go!)
  6. Funded

    I was able to watch a couple demo's of Rising Sun at the CMON EXPO this past weekend. While I wasn't selected to be one of The Legion who was taught the game by Eric Lang, there was a team of three Legion members who ran demos for the game over the weekend. Unfortunately, the media blitz on the game was in full swing, so it was only out on the game tables for a few hours each day. From what I saw of the minis and the game play, I can't wait for this game to arrive. It is my understanding that demos of the game MAY.. REPEAT MAY, be at Origins, GenCon and a few other select gaming conventions this year.
  7. Fulfilling

    I was at the CMON Expo this past weekend... If you happened to get a chair at the Massive Darkness game table... there was a Preproduction copy of the game being demo'd. I was one of the three CMON Legion Volunteers that was running the demos. All I can saw is this game is AWESOME. Even after demoing this game for two straight days, Saturday night, the demo team and a few "special guests" sat down and worked, err, tried to work, thru Mission 1... It was also nice that Thiago was at the Expo and taught the three of us the game, so that we could demo it for the other folks. Gameplay was easy to pick up, as most groups at the table had it down by turn 3. There are a few extra things that may happen, that helps to have someone who has seen it before help out, but otherwise, it's pretty easy to learn. The figures are nice, I have pictures of most of the mobs on my phone. If you pledged for this, you will be pleasantly surprised... Oh, one other thing... this game is BRUTAL. and I love it for being so...Brings a new meaning to COOPERATIVE GAMEPLAY.
  8. Funded

    Not sure you want in on this? talk to your local game store. they can order a minimum of 6 copies of the complete kickstarter package (Including KS Exclusives!) during the campaign. They only have to pay a deposit, with the rest due before shipping. Then, you have a year to save the $100... so basically put aside $10 per month and that should cover tax, etc. AND you support your FLGS.
  9. Ninja Camp - One of the Small Box/Big Fun line of games from Action Phase Games, Ninja Camp pits animal martial artists against one another in a training exercise where the best will become the personal ninja apprentice of Sensei Saru. Each player starts with two cards, each representing a ninja skill, with the rest of the deck making up the game board. By using the cards in their hand, players navigate the board, adding new skills to their hand as they do—and leaving fewer movement options for their fellow campers. Each player also has a unique ninja ability that he can use once per game to try to turn the game in his favor. A game that sets up and plays in thirty minutes or less, Ninja Camp is sure to provide hours of fun for families and future ninjas! (from BBG)
  10. Funded

    and this KS keeps growing! New Kami to be opened with the rest coming as future SGs... anticipation for CMON Expo to see some of the sculpts is killing me!
  11. Funded

    searching on Kickstarter at 5 after 3 yields a funny search response... Error 503: No Healthy Backends amazing...
  12. And, following up from my phone... the status tag in the kickstarter page goes all the way across the page.... Which adds yet anothet row that i have to scroll thru. Please combine the tag with the title to reduce lines on the page.
  13. @David Brawley not saying that you aren't important, just that the space allotted to showing your magnificent posts and avatar is less important than the post title.... sorry, you just got lucky today and were under the selection window!
  14. I have let this simmer for a few days, but I am really not liking the layout of the forums. I use a screen resolution of 1280x1024. There is over an inch of wasted space on each side of the screen. The post topic title, in my opinion, what I am looking at the screen to see, takes up a small fraction of the screen. Who posted last, and how many people have added to the thread take up as much screen space as the thread title, forcing the thread title to go to several lines. Look at the picture and find that Talon Games - CAV STRIKE OPERATIONS Kickstarter II "The Battle for New Vesta" is on FOUR lines. If the framework for the replies section (which takes up two lines) and the Last Post By section were make smaller and moved to the right, into another inch plus of wasted space, then the thread title wouldn't need to be on FOUR lines... resulting in more thread titles per page. I find myself having to scroll a lot more with the new format. On the main screen, it is great to have a listing of the most recent posts. However, once I drop into a sub-forum, say Kickstarter, why do I have to see "most recent posts" from other sub-forums? I am in Kickstarter to look at KICKSTARTER posts... not Randomness. If I wanted to see Randomness, I would go to THAT forum. Just because we can have all this cool stuff at our fingertips, does it really help the user experience? I think not. Oh, and GET OFF MY LAWN!