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  1. Harrek

    Printable paint charts

    I'd like to see them at least keep an up to date PDF going forward perhaps. I know I have a printed one from them that goes through the Bones paint line (not including Dungeon Dweller paints). But it will soon be very out of date with removal of the HD line, adding the Bones 4 paints, adding the new CAV paints, and the new Pathfinder paints. Not sure how much effort there is to this, it doesn't even really need to be a "camera" ready sheet. Just something to reference and we can print if we like. I know I go to my document when looking for paints first, especially since the MSP line has such a variety and are not in any logical order.
  2. Harrek

    Artis Opus - Series M: Brush Set

    There are many similar products out there.
  3. So the new Artis Opus KS is live. It can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artis-opus/artis-opus-series-m-brush-set Be curious what people's opinions are on the "smaller" brushes they are doing here. I've always been taught go for a brush with a larger belly and a good point over something like these. Also how people like the previous ones to see if they were worth the price.
  4. Harrek

    Bones Catalog

    I hope along with this they keep up the paint PDF as well. Or make it part of the catalog.
  5. Harrek

    Zest-it Brush Cleaner

    Needed to age longer.
  6. Harrek

    Zest-it Brush Cleaner

    I'll certainly treat it the same as my W&N cleaner. Very carefully. What I liked reading is that it wasn't nearly as harsh on the brush hairs and could be used more often. That appeals to me if it lets me get more life out of the brushes when maintained well and cleaned.
  7. Harrek

    How do I track my Reaper Package?

    I always get an email with the tracking info
  8. Are the upcoming Pathfinder paints formulated like the Bones line? And to clarify someone who was asking elsewhere, the Dungeon Dweller paints are also formulated like Bones?
  9. From a customer stand point, I just look at it as a source for more colors from a paint manufacturer whose product I am familiar with. So a bonus for that side I think. From a marketing standpoint, I assume (given their accounting roots) that they made the decision to do this based on careful financial consideration of some sort. But I wasn't a fly on the wall for those conversations and am just guessing.
  10. Harrek

    Zest-it Brush Cleaner

    Don't forget the natural goblin drool used to keep them clean ....
  11. Harrek

    Shop vs Dungeon Dweller Line?

    The UK site is the trial for it and already live. You can go poke around and see it if you like. Just change your currency to GBP. But I wouldn't order anything from it unless you are in the UK. But I've not seen any official announcement on them replacing the old with the new here on the main site to date.
  12. I believe these are the same as Bones paints, just marketed differently. Their SKU range goes right in line (sequential even) with the Bones paint. Also only available as a set currently. They look and work the exact same as the Bones ones to me here on my palette. As for paint lines, they pretty much have two of them now to me. The MSP and the Bones line. They cancelled the HD line recently. I'm sure the new website will have better and clearer categories when it rolls out. The new paint lines were added while they are in the middle of working on this, so I don't expect any changes on the current site to clarify things. There are also the new Pathfinder paints they announced coming soon. But I also think they are Bones like. But with new colors and branded for Pathfinder / Paizo.\ Edit to say that the Dungeon Dwellers boxes do say "Bones Ultra Coverage" on them, so that seems to say they are exactly the same.
  13. Harrek

    Zest-it Brush Cleaner

    Did you order from the UK? The W&N stuff always felt very harsh to me and I was hesitant to use it as often as I like. Sounds like this should be given a good trial! I know I have some brushes that are due for cleaning.
  14. Looking really great, can't wait to see more! What a cool way to work on a project remote from each other. I have to say I like Ian's choice very much as I just painted that exact figure for a player in my game. I did an anthro figure for each character in the party and surprised them all.
  15. Harrek

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    Thanks for the artist reference Corporea. I'm going to keep your color reference for when I want to try them somewhere down the line when I can get them more local perhaps. I am eager to see some of these colors on a model to really know how they do look (especially someone painting with them right in a video). But I still think Kimera would be the way I go if I want to branch out to something like this.