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  1. Agramon, Pit Fiend (OSL)

    Alright my first effort in defining some OSL. Not near done of course. I could use some critique. Keep in mind I am not into painting a mini for 6 months, I want to play with them. :)
  2. Agramon, Pit Fiend (OSL)

    Thanks! It is like the only thing that is more or less done, I might make the lava even hotter though by adding some white. I have started OSL-ing the fireball in his hand, will post pictures later.
  3. So I have a high level campaign that I want to throw a pit fiend at near the end. I figured let's paint up Agramon! I had to go and challenge myself though. I want the lava of his base to object source light all of him! :D And then there is the fireball in his hand. At the moment I am still painting without OSL, he is not ready for that yet. His wings are not attached, nor is his fireball. The rest is attached and locked on the base though. I can still easily reach all of the model, but it will help me determine where OSL is needed. So without further ado, here is the current state of Agramon. And without his wings.
  4. Imp (in 30 min)

    So I have no clue what vendor this imp is from, but here we go. I took 30 min, not bad for my speed. This mini is on a 20mm base, really small. Can anyone identify the model? Maybe Stonehaven? I dunno!
  5. Man your paintjobs are always a pleasure to check out. Amazing, once again!
  6. 77399 Sigurd, Viking

    Great paintjob, you definately make the most out of those bits of painting time you have daily. :)
  7. Kev!'s 77187: Tiik Champion (Redux)

    Oh I hadn't seen a colorscheme like this one yet, neat!
  8. 03298: Spirits (remastered)

    Thanks! It is mainly that the originals were rather flat. I did a lot of 'base it, wash it, drybrush the hell out of it'. So I added some washes to give it back some depth and it really works. Having another camera setup also helps. :P
  9. 03298: Spirits (remastered)

    These are a remaster of a paintjob I did quite a while ago. These are the metal versions of the spirits. I am still slowly rebasing everything that was on a non-circle base onto a circle base. I got serious OCD for that stuff. Whenever I come upon a mini I also do some touch ups and a new 'beauty shot'. So without further ado! Before and after shots. :) BEFORE AFTER
  10. 77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    This has got to be my favourite paintjob on any Ma'al Drakar I have seen! :D
  11. Sphinx - 77576

    Those wings are gawd darned awesome, good job!
  12. Most of the Bones 3 graveyard decor

    They are a little darker then on the picture IRL, but since I was planning on painting the fences and crypt in the same style I documented the paintscheme. GRAVEYARD STONE - Prime black - Use MC: Stone Grey to base the model - Use MC: Brown Violet near the ground bits to emulate 'mossy' stuff - Blend MC: Stone Grey with MC: Brown Violet to get a transition (use glaze medium or wet blending) - Wash with SW: Stone (less at top of model, more at bottom) - Drybrush MC: Stone Grey - Edge highlight bits with MC: Silvergrey - Paint bottoms with combo of MC: Black and MC: Brown Violet, quite dark - Add GW: Agrax Earthshade to model bottom to suggest dirt MC = Vallejo Model COlor SW = Secret Weapon GW = Games Workshop
  13. Kev!'s 77059: Orc Berserker

    Smurf orc! :D
  14. For my next terrain painting I went for most of the graveyard decor from the Bones line. I still have the crypt and fences, maybe later. :)
  15. Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    Good news. :) Now give them alllll Dwarvenforge! :)