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  1. Maglok

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    That might well be, but they are counting down on their homepage to 10 days for their next KS and so far I've seen nothing, as has most no-USA country. That is called jumping the gun. :) No backing from me on KS6, unless my KS5 is in by the end of KS6.
  2. Maglok

    Torture Implements

    Several really. A dark and a lighter normal red. Then dried blood wash from secret weapon and to finish things off gw blood for the blood god.
  3. Maglok

    01613 - 2017 reapercon sophie

    Oh man amazing. I love the color scheme and it all is so detailed! :)
  4. I like it :) Display piece or not.
  5. Maglok

    77630: Sacrificial Altar

    This is my version of the Bones 77630: Sacrificial Altar I already have a bunch of evil looking altars, so I went instead for an arcane look. That said it was a speed paint.
  6. Maglok

    Torture Implements

    I decided to paint a bunch of things to fill up any torture chambers I would need to create in my builds. The table with the implements is not from Reaper and is in metal. I do not remember who it is from. :) The Bones painted up a bunch quicker though! :)
  7. Maglok

    Talae Upgrades His Office/Hobby Space

    Very nice. Some things: I think we can all agree the plural of Kallax is Kallaxi, it is just too bad broccoli. Where... do you put your legs? That desk looks a bit cramped in the leg department. :P Those paintholder rack thingies, wtf are those! Need! You might be nearing the 'too much stuff' threshold. :P
  8. I like Critical Role, I like miniatures, but I don't like Steamforged. They have been taking really, really, really, long to fufill Dark Souls the boardgame and they have even more to fulfill from other KSs. Skip.
  9. Maglok

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    Yeah well... apparantly EU is just getting shafted so far and only gets shipping TO the EU once most americans have some stuff. *keeps looking at pictures* :) No hard feelings!
  10. Maglok

    77628: Coral Golem

    Oeh add familiars, that is interesting... I might do that yeah! :)
  11. Maglok

    77628: Coral Golem

    This one has been around on my desk for a long time. I decided to try to finish it, by creating a WIP. I need to add a zillion details, but this is where he is. The light is a bit 'hard' so it looks a bit sharper then it does IRL. That said, yes it is a colour explosion. Suggestions very welcome!
  12. Maglok


    Thanks, the rust is more like 'this looks pretty' instead of 'this bit should be rusty' though. ;)
  13. Maglok


    Been at these dudes for quite a while. They are all Bones. Bases are 30mm.