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  1. Live

    Interesting, seems useful. Though I did notice a slight bend if you suspend the tray with your hands above the table. That suggests it might not be rigid enough to only be supported by a few pillars in the corner. That said I do not know how I feel about the grid overlay stuff yet. The idea is solid, just don't know if it is useful to me personally.
  2. Fulfilling

    What I heard was after fulfillment is complete, which it isn't I believe. EU still no packages, though we got mention from their shipper that they are in customs atm. Then there is the bunch of people who do not have 100% of their shipment yet because some if it was 'coming later'. No real solid word on when preorders go though.
  3. Fulfilling

    Seems a bit full, is it really still playable? :)
  4. Oh it was a really fast effect. Basecoated a dark silver. Washed it with a straight up black, applied a drybrush of bronze, washed it with a brown, then drybrushed it with a lighter silver then before. Easy peasy. :) Speed techniques I say! :D
  5. That is a striking model. I like her colors a lot. Good job!
  6. My Dark Souls the boardgame painting spree continues. Now with the two large hollows. These are large sized bases (I suspect 40mm). They were, once again, fun to paint. This is what the model looks like ingame:
  7. Fulfilling

    There was a surprise package yesterday. It has arrived! Can confirm that EU is being shipped! I think this one is getting really close to being fully fulfilled. Everything is there for me at least. Very pleased with the quality and no extra VAT was also nice. 13kg package. :) I am no Talae, but I did get 4 of the big expansions.
  8. That is great progress I really love the cloth. Keep it up! Inspiring.
  9. Live

    Even though I don't have the castle yet I am still quite intrigued :) Woo!
  10. In my re-basing spree I got to my scorpions. It was a really early paintjob and they needed a good touchup and a rebase. I went for a desert look on the bases and did some touch ups. I do not even have pictures of the old version! The two 'big' ones are 03528: Dust Scorpions from the Dark Heaven Legends line. So not the Bones, but the metal. I think the smaller ones might be from really old Games Workshop bits... unsure. Anyone have an idea?
  11. Fulfilling

    It seems some EU people are getting tracking numbers, not me though. Kind of suspicious, they said they would start last friday and be done 2-3 days later. It is now thursday... obviously something got delayed. A bit more communication on their side would be nice.
  12. That is true, but playing a full session after work is tight, very tight. That said if you take a wekendday for it with good friends it works quite well i'd say.
  13. fulfilling

    @Reaperbryan Thank you, Royal Mail has delivered before and it has never been a problem. My worries have been taken away, thanks for the speedy response.
  14. What would our strength score be? :) I can't put a number on that, but yes it is true it requires quite a bit and it is funny to see a character slash away with a 2 hander in 1 hand when they can't manage. He stumbles around :P Hm good point about the estus flask, I guess because the concept art also does not have an estus flask and they are being kept on a short leash with Bandai Namco approving all sculpts first. I enjoyed it. It was 'hard' enough, and the grinding is kind of fun and bosses are still so strong after the grinding. There are only two small downsides for me: 1: If you do not enjoy Dark Souls (or know of it) you will almost surely have less of a fun evening. 2: It takes a bit long. If you want to play a miniboss and then a boss in order you should be setting up for 4-5 hours of game easy.
  15. It is based off of Dark Souls, which is weirdly authenticatic in some ways and often ridiculous in others. I am looking at you huge broccoli sword swinging with 1 hand.