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  1. Keep it up, keep it up!
  2. So I painted these oozes many years ago. Yet in my OCD-ness to base everything on bevelled bases I have rebased them and did a few improvements on the paintjob. I like the green ooze better then I like the yellow ooze, but they will do. :) These are the metal ones, not the transulecent bones ones. You can find them in the Reaper Store.
  3. Dutch ftw! :) My fiancee is a linguist and apparantly, yeah, dutch is difficult. Mainly for computers, it is a sticky language. We just combine words and call it allowed. Also I have totally caught up to this thread for the first time since the B4 started! WOOO!
  4. They are clever girls, they are likely to learn! :)
  5. So... we had a painting day at my place. And they are.. uhm, finished. So this is why I tend to not post WIPs ya know? They are in the show off forum! Tropical Raptors Show Off
  6. So my fiancee challenged me to paint some miniatures. It's a thing she will be doing more often. The rules was: She picks the minis and the style. She chose two medium Raptors from Stonehaven Miniatures and told me to paint them like tropical birds. This is what I came up with.
  7. Wooooooooo!! Go go go! /popcorn
  8. Amazing now that it is finished! :)
  9. *reads page after the fact* Dum die dum.
  10. You're backer #100
  11. Pre-launch

    Nicceeee. Zealot miniatures is also a good company.
  12. Yeah they are pretty sweet :) I have started blocking out the colors. I have the blue in the tails to tie them together. I think I am dropping the idea of a obvious male and female. I like having bright colors on this. I am taking the concept from some WoW raptors where they have a pattern on top. At the moment it is just blocked out, I woud work on it a lot more. Don't mind the 'beaks' either, it is not fully layered just to get a idea for the colors.
  13. Loving the exotic color scheme, great work!
  14. Wow that ... is really amazing. The way you wield blues! Good luck with the rest.
  15. Right, I think I got confused between link and mention for a bit there. :) Thanks for the awesome advice so far! In the meanwhile i did some basing and some priming. Bend the tails a bit to make them look different.