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  1. Fulfilling

    Very nice pictures so far peeps! I see Talae needs to do some painting. You were the one posting the picture with the 'hidden' earth elemental? That set seems painted, got a mix? I have not heard of any shipments making it to europe yet. I got a few things coming, including a fort thing without towers but with crennelations and some LED pieces. :) Can't wait! Gotta quickly finish painting my other stuff... hmmm....
  2. Very nice job. I love the cloak. As for straightening: If it is a bones miniature cook up some water, stick the mini in and it should straighten out. Obivously you don't want to do that when you are done painting, though I guess with finish on it... but I wouldn't try it. For metal find a flat surface edge and put the weapon it, the mini to the side of it and flatten it.
  3. Love the staff! Very good version of this dude.
  4. Otherworld Miniatures (as tagged) The links to these two:
  5. Yeah that's a scabbard. :) The yellow was pretty much directly inspired by the paintjob they have on the Otherworld Miniatures site. I don't remember the brand of the flock, since I have long since put that in custom containers. Though the tufts are from The Army Painter, both kinds. I like their tufts products. :)
  6. I painted the metal one as a ice troll. I have not painted the Bones version yet, but yeah .... maybe we just all started painting the hellborn troll as iceborn! :D
  7. Very nice. I love the model, painted it up myself a few years ago. Good job! If I may: I would consider some washes to give it more depth.
  8. Who is this Garrick the Bold you speak of? All I see if Sir Forscale in a really neat paintjob. :)
  9. Anything that is metal on that paintjob is extra wonderful. The rest is just very good. :)
  10. So in my spree to rebase everything I have to round bases I got to this miniature. She has a very, very, old paintjob that dates back to 2011. I took the opportunity to spruce her up a bit. Bit better blending, some color in the sword, a new base, the works. She is kinda nude though, so she is behind the links. Linked for nudity New front: New back: Old: Store:
  11. Awesome! Love the mini and this is a take on him I have not seen 'floating around' (arr arr) anywhere else. Good job.
  12. So I painted these ogres originally in X, but with my rebasing spree they came up again. I don't have pictures of the originals anymore, but I redid most of the base. :) So old paintjob, new base work. Enjoy.
  13. Hmm, yeah... well some of them are technically not done because the base needs some water effects. Though that is not all. I don't know... I guess I just figured I'd wait until all 10 are done? *throws hands in air* No clue, I am weird?
  14. *casts raise dead* I managed another one! Took me darn long enough. Don't judge me! :)
  15. Fulfilling

    Storage could easily be more expensive. :)