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  1. 01588: Ungorth, Cthon Summoner

    Great job! Love the colorscheme in particular, quite original.
  2. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    No one said anything yet, but I think it is being bad broccoli. The pose is really cool. Fraid I got no kitten advice for you. :/
  3. Dark Souls board game from Steamforged

    It might be the case indeed. That said, no rush for me. Only just finished painting the base models, not including any bosses yet.
  4. 77363: Deva

    Attached her to her base, blended it in, weighed down the Bones base with a 20 euro cents coin. Also did more painting, started the shield and sword, did more precision work. She is getting there. Sword, shield, skirt are the main things still missing.
  5. Conan The Boardgame Fully painted

    Very nice! Particularly like the marble tables myself.
  6. 77363: Deva

    Thanks! Making me all nervous. Is actually quite tricky for me to actually post all the WIP stuff. I always want to make a lot of cliffnotes of things I see, intend to change, etc. Like for example the sword, shield, skirt, neckpiece and parts of the feathers near her back are not done yet! That said I got quite a bit further again, mainly the front this time.
  7. 77363: Deva

    More work on the wings, armor and I painted the base.
  8. Stonehaven's Giants

    Got my package in as well. Really love em with one exception. The treant is significantly smaller then I expected and feels really small for the huge base. Good stuff. :)
  9. 77363: Deva

    More WIP work. Tacked her on the base for a better look.
  10. 77363: Deva

    Alright, more work on the wings. More blocking out and then some washes. I used three washes from brown to parchment color to blend it all together a bit. It also deepends the colors. I will be bringing it back up again at some point. So far really enjoying this miniature.
  11. 77363: Deva

    Started to block out the wings.
  12. 60193 Xanthir Vang, worm-that-walks

    I got the mini and am going to paint him for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign, this is a great example of how to do him justice. AWESOME.
  13. 77363: Deva

    A friend of mine needs a painted Planetar miniature for a gaming session. I have been wanting to paint this Deva miniature. So he is fine with using a Deva as a Planetar. Figured I'd do a little WIP log, I want her to look good so I probably have time to post updates. So first of all before I started tonight: After some painting I am going for a darker skintone, want to try that. The skirt is only blocked out, I am thinking of going with a green/yellow-ish glow effect on it. This is a angel afterall.
  14. Rivani iconic psychic

    Extremely, awesome, beautiful.