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  1. Live

    I don't know... Like others said. I love furniture, but the youtube isn't doing it for me. Paying attention for when it launches.

    ... My girlfriend likes mouselings? :) Which means I have to paint them, cause she doesn't paint. :)
  3. "Oh man Talae again? Man I wish he would just head into advanced already... Sigh I am gonna lose" ;)
  4. Grats! Was there a prize?
  5. Pre-launch

    IT"S A WILD TEASE! *points at the Kajiu* *gasp*
  6. These are so awesome. Such a neat/sharp paintjob. Love em!
  7. Yeah my girlfriend was actually like "Maybe you should make it look like he just bashed something's skull in with that rock." And well... I listen to my girlfriend you know. :)
  8. So my OCD has gotten the better of me, I am rebasing everything that is on a square base (my early 'work') and putting it on round bases. This here is Hellborn Troll (the metal version of the model that was later Bone-ified), who I painted as a Ice Troll in ... I think 2012. I ripped it from its base and made a nice rocks with snow base for him. And this is the picture I took of him in 2012.

    My girlfriend just tells me "You should have gotten more!" I love her so much. :)
  10. That is so awesome!
  11. Holy thread resurrection batman. :) I do not know! :) Start painting and GMing? Supply stuff to your GM! Well... I did have that venom cult session(s)... uhm years ago. While this is raised might as well throw pictures from the session:
  12. That blend is incredible. I love his paint job, great job!
  13. True that. Since I tend to GM a lot instead of PC I think he will be used for the 'mysterious stranger' role a lot. ;)
  14. That is one sweet bottle. Oh yeah and dwarf. :) PS: He is the cook in my campaign as well.
  15. I painted 02648: Schumacher, Ranger as my newest player character. I am playing a undead hunter, loosely based off of Van Helsing (movie style). I went with a lot more black then I am comfortable with, just to practice blacks. I am happy with how it turned out. I also gave the sword a weird swirl, because... why not when you are hunting undead right?