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  1. Thanks! Though look at better painters if you want to up your painting game. :) So I made some progress! Most of it is still basecoating and 'sketching'.
  2. Very nice, that technique is so hard.
  3. Alright I have straightened the last mini so she sits straight on her base. I've also done her sword blade so it fits well with some of the other mini's in the tiefling ten. I hope to finish her and the water effects by the end of the month... but I might not make it. :(
  4. Ha that is so awesome. Very original.
  5. And another update. So far so good. Finished the two sisters. Have some issues with getting the last mini setup properly, due to the bones nature it is kind of getting on the base diagonally. Working on it.
  6. Very nice indeed. :) It's layering!
  7. To motivate me further I shall post WIP pics (in the WIP forum!? Shock! Horror!)
  8. Oh gawd I just noticed I started this thread in november 2015. I can't paint 10 lousy miniatures in 2 years? ... This will not do. I will finish these dudes (and dudettes) before the end of the month. The finished ones have been waiting for water effects for a long time as well. So! 3 left. The sorcerer ladies are getting a repaint on most of the models. I am keeping the staves. I aim for them to be 'sisters', one orange with fire colors and one blue with purple and white. Then I aim to have parts be the same color scheme, like the staff, clothes and some jewelry bits. Will post updates to keep me going. I have to proof to myself I can finish this 'little' project.
  9. Oh I can get in on this. I aim to finally finish my Tiefling Ten, which entails: - Paint the 2 hellborn sorcerer miniatures - Paint one more warrior type tiefling - Apply water effects to the 6 out of ten bases that require it I am cautiously optimistic I can make that.
  10. Epic is the right word. Keep it up!
  11. Oh man this is nice stuff to awaken to.
  12. WOOOO! Dance O DEATH baby :D
  13. Gross! Nice!