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  1. For the past couple of months, I have been tracking my time (in 10 minute increments) across 30 different minis projects. (Not armies - both my 15mm ACW armies were lumped as one project, as were 28mm Nappies, all my Blood & Plunder, etc). But, this month is different. In early December, my FLGS does a 24-hour charity lock-in, where we collect donations for Toys 4 Tots (or similar charities, but along the same idea). So, this month, I am only working on a few things - the games I plan on taking to play, and then a couple that are big spectacle games, designed for people to drop in, play for a bit, and leave, and that look really impressive for the casual visitor. So, I tasked a friend to prime a bunch of my CAV models, and I am going to try to get all my N scale terrain together and painted, and then I have a microarmor game to prep and some Nappies to get beyond the primed stage.
  2. Well, of my 30 "active" projects on that white board (now affectionately known as the White Board of Doom), I managed to work on almost all of them for at least 20 minutes this month. It's not a lot, sometimes - most projects had less than an hour of actual work, but a couple had a good five or six hours over the month, and I can generally see improvement on all fronts. November is going to be different - we do a 24 hour charity event at my FLGS in early Dec, so I am only working on games that we are playing for that. I know I won't get everything painted for it, but I can sure make a dent in making things look nice.
  3. warlordgarou

    Bolt Action Test

    So, on my quest to grognard-dom, I have started playing more historic games, and less space elf games. A couple of us picked up Bolt Action, and I had an idea. Several years ago, at a con, I saw a monochrome Flames of War army. Everything was black & white, except for a single stand in color - a camera crew, off to the corner of the board (and not a game element; it was strictly a show miniature.) So, instead of doing actual research on uniform colors, etc, I wanted to give that style of painting a try. This is still a WIP, and I need to work out some basing ideas, but I'm not entirely dissatisfied with it.
  4. Mid-month update - I have fallen behind schedule a bit, but I am averaging about 40 minutes per day of hobby time, which is the same as last month, more or less. I am getting a lot of stuff assembled and primed, but not much time has been spent painting. As the weather cools down and priming outside becomes impossible, I will probably switch more to painting - but until then, it is assemble and prime all the way, baby! (Well, until I have spent several hours or more putting stuff together, and the pile of grey and white plastic looks intimidating - then I spend a half hour or so painting, just to make a small dent in it and remind myself which end of the brush to use.)
  5. Especially since too many months have only 30 days. Dark Age is probably the smallest*, but I only have a dozen or so models for the historic Wild West, so they will get done first. * Picoarmor is technically the smallest, and actually, I could probably paint all of the picoarmor that I have in a couple of days, if I really wanted to do so. There is only so much detail you can paint on at 6mm scale - most of it is base color, drybrush, wash.
  6. Dangit. Forgot that the Kings of War skirmish game, Vanguard, ships this month. I need to either drop a project, finish a project*, or adjust my board. But 31 projects seems like too many to work on at once. <peanut gallery>And 30 doesn't?</peanut gallery> * Actually, the Wild West historics are only 10 or 20 models, so it is doable. Technically, I have fewer Arena Rex models, or Dark Age, but those will take more time, I think.
  7. Same thing as last month. Basically, I have lots of projects that I want to work on, and need to just get in the habit of grinding away at the lead mountain a little at a time. I managed just over 20 hours of hobby time last month, and I hope to hit close to 30 hours this month. I am not worried about finishing any one particular model, just getting down to the basement and working on things. (Though, if some models actually do get finished, I am perfectly happy with that result.) ETA - in September, I got all my Frostgrave plastics assembled, as well as almost 70 CAV models, plus another 100 or so assorted miniatures. And did some painting for 40k, Adeptus Titanicus and my 28mm Nappys. Time to clear the board and start anew!
  8. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    So, at the end of the month, the board looked like this: So, just over 20 hours of recorded time, or an average of 40 minutes per day. In actuality, it was longer than that, since I routinely would finish "just one more thing" when the timer ran out, and work for another couple of minutes. And, while nothing got finished this month, I did move a lot of things along in the process. Got all my Frostgrave plastics assembled, as well as almost 70 CAV models, plus another 100 or so assorted miniatures. And did some painting for 40k, Adeptus Titanicus and my 28mm Nappys. Time to clear the board and start anew for October.
  9. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    I've worked a lot more on Frostgrave since my last update, as well as WWX and Bolt Action. Very little painting, to be honest - most everything thing month is assembly, though I plan on priming everything Sunday afternoon, weather permitting. October may well be more of the same - I am trying to clear some of the backlog of long-ignored projects, and assembly is the first step.
  10. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    This board is now a bit out of date, but if nothing else, I am working on stuff! Averaging at least 40 minutes per day that I am tracking, probably a bit more, since I suspect that I forgot a few, and I ignore transition time, or taking a few extra minutes to finish gluing something or a quick check. I plan on taking some pics at the end of the month with everything that I worked on.
  11. I really should post in here more often, since I am constantly hovering at the upper limit of my library privileges. The last three books I finished were The Benefits of Being an Octopus, by Ann Braden, Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi, and Vox, by Christina Dalcher. Octopus wasn't bad - it's a YA novel (really probably about 5-6th grade level, but I try to keep up with that market since it is what my daughter might have at school). It's not quite a coming-of-age novel, but basically a story where a girl discovers her inner strength. Children wasn't bad. I generally enjoyed the world-building, and it is almost certainly the first book in a series. It's a bit heavy-handed on the messaging (written in the period after the BLM movement), but in the same way that, for example, Narnia is heavy-handed. I'm hoping to see more in the series, and I actually think it could be an interesting RPG world, with some fleshing out. (We only get to really see one country, and not much of it, so the source material is still a bit light there.) Vox, on the other hand, really annoyed me. Basic dystopian novel, where the twist is a pseudo-Gilead movement has limited women of all ages to 100 spoken words per day. And kicked them out of the workforce (except for punishment factories, fisheries, etc) so that they can stay home and raise children and cook all day. And forbidden reading, and math other than basic counting. It takes about 300 pages before someone asks the obvious question of how children would possibly acquire language skills if their primary (almost sole, since men "don't do that job anymore") caregivers cannot speak to them. The plot is needlessly messy, the villains are cartoonish, and a subplot gets resolved in almost a literal deus ex machina. The current reading list (and I am generally only going to list fiction titles, or nonfiction of a type that doesn't cause political arguments) is Thunderhead, by Shusterman (book 2 in Scythe series), Spymaster, by Weis and Krammes, and The Name of the Wind, by Rothfus
  12. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    I don't have a current track on my board (not going into the basement again tonight), but I have actual proof that I am working on things. These came out in late August, and this is where I am at with them right now. Weapons are all magnetized, and interchangeable between models. (The knights are partially assembled as well, and I have made all of the buildings from the set.) Glad I got these to this point (lots of armor still missing, along with heads and some other details), because I have two smaller versions arriving tomorrow.
  13. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    My board idea (so far) appears to be working. I go to the basement, start a timer, and just work for a bit. Record the time when I am done, and now, with a few days results, I can at least see how much time I am getting in (and where, but that's much less important at the moment), and even on the days where nothing got "done" (meaning no real visible progress), I can still look at the board and know that I am still getting something done.
  14. warlordgarou

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    Cold spaghetti sandwiches. I'm pretty sure it was a concoction born during my high school cross country days, where I was always looking for high-carb, easy to eat foods.
  15. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    Going to track my September projects, because I have done very little this year (although I did really crack into Adeptus when it came out last month). A couple projects are missing, and a few are listed twice on the board. I'll just post an updated and corrected one later in the month. Anyway, I'm tracking pretty much anything I do - assemble, prime, paint, base, whatever, in terms of time, rather than completed minis, because that's gotten too depressing. And, I did cheat - I recorded the time I spent last night. I don’t have a problem.....