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  1. April 2018 Hobby Goals!(I'm Back Brushes!)

    When I got back from AdeptiCon, I looked at my painting desk. I had packed up a bunch of paints, brushes, minis, etc, and, while it was not clean (not by a long shot!), it actually looked like a usable space for a change. I looked at the desk, looked at the pile of new acquisitions, looked at the desk, looked at the pile, and decided that I was going to keep the desk fairly empty. (Well,. actually, I resolved to keep cleaning stuff off it, but. . . ) I am currently trying to limit myself to one project at a time - more specifically, one unit at a time. I will pick a unit from a game, work on it for up to 1 week, and then decide to keep working on it, or put it away and switch to something else. If I finish early, I get to choose something, but the same "1 at a time" applies. (The only exception is basing - I can do simple basing of stuff while waiting for washes to dry, so I am trying to clear a backlog of stuff that needs to be based before I go much further anyway). I finished up a test squad of Stormtroopers for Legion, and am now trying out some pico scale Soviets.
  2. Gaslands terrain

    Decided I wanted 3D templates, and I'm working on some more terrain. Need to make another of these car piles, and maybe a couple small shacks to go with them, or some other flavor of scatter terrain.
  3. A buddy of mine and I became enamored with the idea of picoarmor for big battles while we were at AdeptiCon, and we just each bought about a dozen blisters of various tanks, APCs, etc. That may not sound like much, but pico stuff is packaged at 15 models/blister. My share is: 2S19 Msta (15 pcs) BM-30 Smerch (15 pcs) T-72 (15 pcs) T-80UD (15 pcs) T-90 (15 pcs) Mi-28N Havoc (8 pcs) T-72A (15 pcs) T-80B (15 pcs) 2S1 Gvozdika ACRV 2 (12+2 pcs) BMP-3 (15 pcs) My buddy bought US stuff, and he has some planes, but I had already picked up a bunch of MiGs and SU variants, so I'm set for now. Good thing this stuff will paint quickly though. . .
  4. AdeptiCon did bad things to my bank account. I'm going from memory here, but I bought the Star Wars Legion Core set, a Rebel Speeder, and an AT-ST. I also bought back into Wild West Exodus (backed the KS because I loved the figs and lore, dumped it several years later because I did not like the first ed rules) - picked up the 2 player starter, Legendary Lincoln and the Union Starter. Picked up 2 blisters of Lanceros and some ships accessories for my Blood & Plunder collection. Grabbed Cato for Arena Rex. Got the 2nd ed rules for SAGA and the Viking Age book, plus a 4 pt Viking warband from Footsore, 3 blood eagles, a viking priest, 12 roman levies, and 20 roman numeral dice. And the Cold War rules for Air Power, plus about 12 blisters of assorted WW2 Soviet armor and cold war era MiGs. And I'm pretty sure that I am missing a few things here. . . . . but it's also not including the VIG swag bag stuff that I got.
  5. Gaslands terrain

    I have a couple metal bikes from the Warlands range somewhere in the basement, and I might be able to dig them up. Found one bike from Dark Future, and one of the cars. I have plenty of weapons (well, like a dozen, maybe) - more than I can put on the one car, so they are going on some others. I waffle between aiming for things that look kind of realistic, and going all goofy and hog wild on them. I'll probably do both styles along the way.
  6. Gaslands terrain

    Realistically, I would only count 1 car as being mostly done, though another 4 or 5 are pretty close. I plan on sitting down and building about 10 cars and painting them over the weekend, as well as painting up a bunch of terrain. But 10 cars is probably only about 1/5 of the ones I have bought so far. I will probably take a bunch of cars with me and root through the bitz bins at one of the vendors at AdeptiCon, and look for interesting parts in the bitz trading so that I can make more cars while I am there.
  7. Gaslands terrain

    Yeah, me too. I know some people have been 3D printing ones they found on thingiverse, but I do not have a 3D printer, and my efforts to sculpt one so far have been, well, bad. Huh, not sure how that double quote happened. . . .
  8. Gaslands terrain

    Got them painted up. Want to have 8-10 cars and a fully painted tables worth of terrain for some pick-up games at AdeptiCon next week.
  9. Gaslands terrain

    Decided that I needed some taller walls. These will do double duty and show up in other games, because they are tall enough to serve as cover in 28mm stuff too.
  10. I'm interested. I've been cleaning out surplus gaming stuff in the basement - if it goes well, I can afford to back it. If not, I will probably have to give it a miss.
  11. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    So, now I am wondering if Palladium is going to make an appearance at AdeptiCon this year. The cynic in me says they will, and either dump a bunch of junk into the swag bags (and not tell anyone that they are worthless) or hold a fire sale on RT stuff and sell it for much less than it is valued for the "refund". Or both.
  12. Hitting the big 40

    I didn't mind turning 40. It meant that I was now running in the Masters category, and no longer running against a bunch of 18 year olds. (Not that I am winning races anyway, but now I can look at them and say "Meh, not my age category.) I still operate under the delusion that I am someday going to get everything painted, but that has nothing to do with age, and everything related to by desire to live forever or die trying.
  13. Gaslands terrain

    Decided to make some resin gates and turrets for the death arena. These are the first casts out of the molds, so they are kind of rough. And I really need to start saving for a pressure pot.
  14. Gaslands terrain

    Yeah, but S Scale isn't very common, so sourcing it has been harder, and higher price. No, they're styrene pipe with a wooden dowel inside. Haven't added belly bands to them yet, will be doing that and painting them up today to see how they look.
  15. Gaslands terrain

    Was trying out a method for barrels. These are ok (will do another with 2 bands), but they are a bit big for Gaslands*. I am trying a couple of different sizes - of the two white ones, which looks better, the one on the right or the one on the left? * Yes, I know that the game is kind of elastic with its scale, and some of the weapons people are putting on vehicles are truly insanely huge (though cool looking, so I am doing it too), but barrels that are 8 feet high and almost 4 feet across just seem wrong somehow.