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  1. 2018 Board Game 10x10 Challenge

    Still haven't finished adding everything, but I'm probably at least at the halfway point. Family Game Night is becoming a thing (more or less - it's not a routine night, but I have sat down and played board or card games with the kids at least 3 times this year. Until my wife's work/travel schedule dies down a bit, we're playing 3 player games). So far, we've done Fluxx, Mille Bournes, Harry Potter Trivia, and King of Tokyo. And my son is wanting to invite friends over once a month or so for a boardgame afternoon.
  2. Gaslands terrain

    The gap was a fairly minor thing (and I have a big bucket of wallfiller in the basement somewhere for terrain). It was just the one extra thing that has me scrapping it and trying another one. The next should be made from thinner materials, so I will use less resin when I cast them. (Matchbox cars weigh next to nothing, so it doesn't really have to support a heavy load - half the current thickness of the walls would probably be much better.)
  3. It wasn't my first time seeing it (though it had been years since I last watched it), but my son watched "Alien" for the first time tonight.
  4. Gaslands terrain

    Not really happy with the first attempt. I might try to fix it when everything dries, I might scrap it and try again. (Ignore the colors - that all gets painted anyway. It's the gap and some general appearance issues that I dislike, which can't be fixed by paint.) (This is the one on the left in the previous pic, fwiw)
  5. Gaslands terrain

    A couple more ramp ideas. If I make them so that they look "industrial," I can make them in a single piece. If I make them look like earthworks, it would be in two pieces (base and ramp), because the end would have to be enclosed to look realistic.
  6. Gaslands

    I picked this up in Dec, and have been busy making terrain and converting cars. I hope to get in some games at the FLGS in the next week or two, and I might take materials for pickup games at AdeptiCon.
  7. Gaslands terrain

    There has been a discussion on the FB group about ramps, and why the game needs them. (Short answer: because the jumps would be cool. Long answer: because shooting someone out of the sky so they land in a flaming ball of wreckage would be cool.) Made a very quick (like, 5 minutes) mock-up to check size purposes. I think it's about right, so I think I will work on it and clean it up, add detail, etc in the next couple of days. (It's about 6 1/2” long, 2” wide, 1 3/4” tall, though it will probably gain a bit in detailing)
  8. Well, Footsore has a new game coming out called Gangs of Rome, and I just preordered one of the deals. I'm getting enough for two people to play, which is another way of saying that I plan on forcing, er, getting a few people in my FLGS to try it out.
  9. 2018 Board Game 10x10 Challenge

    Lol. I got the app (and will probably buy the extra bit to track the challenge), but since I never really bothered with a BGG account, I am having to input all of my board games. If nothing else, it might force me to clean out, or at least reorganize, my board game collection.
  10. 2018 Board Game 10x10 Challenge

    I might shoot for the 10x10. Or some variation thereof. I got a few board games over the holiday season (Dr Who & Zombie editions of Fluxx, Agricola, Dinosaur Island, Wrath of Dragons, Cthulhu Pandemic, Milles Bournes, and Battle Beyond Space) with the intent of actually making Family Game Night a thing in 2018.
  11. FAKE Star Wars spoilers

    I could have done without the extended sequence on Snoke's origin. Finding out that he was Jar Jar Binks was bad enough, but did he really have to have a singing number? And it wasn't even an original tune - Meesa Snoke was totally the same tune as Let It Go from Frozen.
  12. Gaslands terrain

    No issues so far on the demolding. I've done five or six of them, and didn't notice any real issues. They look ok with a quickie paint job.
  13. Osprey just released Gaslands, and since I have been a sucker for automobile combat games ever since I discovered Car Wars back in the 80s, I had to get it. I already had some cars (courtesy of Warlands) - now I just need to convert them and build some terrain. I knocked out the masters and molds of these yesterday, and now I have some resin terrain to put on the table.
  14. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I want to enjoy Christmas decorations more, but I draw a fairly clear distinction between what people do WRT decorations, and what companies do WRT decorations. Ror example, if you want to hang your lights and start running them in August, whatever. Unless you achieve truly epic levels of luminosity, and are within a couple houses of me, it doesn't affect me, and, if it did, I can probably take steps to mitigate it if it bothers me. But when every store switches over to Christmas music, about 8 pm on Oct 31, and runs the same playlist of 37 songs over and over again, and all the store decorations are up by Nov 3, then there is nothing I can do to avoid it, short of moving to a hermitage for a sixth of the year. (It's not unlike pumpkin spice - it's not my thing, but that's fine. What's not fine is that everything, and I mean everything, has to be inundated with pumpkin spice every fall, because the spice must flow.)
  15. A few days back, I picked up a small container of clear resin. I plan on making some crystals and what not for terrain, but until I actually (1) make the original crystals and (2) get more rubber, there isn't much I can do with it. Well, I can try experimenting, right? It has more bubbles than I like, but I like how it turned out with the dye, though I might try it again with less, to see how it looks.