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  1. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I want to enjoy Christmas decorations more, but I draw a fairly clear distinction between what people do WRT decorations, and what companies do WRT decorations. Ror example, if you want to hang your lights and start running them in August, whatever. Unless you achieve truly epic levels of luminosity, and are within a couple houses of me, it doesn't affect me, and, if it did, I can probably take steps to mitigate it if it bothers me. But when every store switches over to Christmas music, about 8 pm on Oct 31, and runs the same playlist of 37 songs over and over again, and all the store decorations are up by Nov 3, then there is nothing I can do to avoid it, short of moving to a hermitage for a sixth of the year. (It's not unlike pumpkin spice - it's not my thing, but that's fine. What's not fine is that everything, and I mean everything, has to be inundated with pumpkin spice every fall, because the spice must flow.)
  2. A few days back, I picked up a small container of clear resin. I plan on making some crystals and what not for terrain, but until I actually (1) make the original crystals and (2) get more rubber, there isn't much I can do with it. Well, I can try experimenting, right? It has more bubbles than I like, but I like how it turned out with the dye, though I might try it again with less, to see how it looks.
  3. Graves, etc

    Finally got around to making the mold and casting these. (Basement framingdrywall project had been taking precedence, but the flood last weekend put a crimp in those plans)
  4. Just ordered the Warlord British and French Napoleonic starter armies, plus a box of Perry French Line Infantry. And the Sarissa Large Farmhouse, Russian House 1 & 2, and Russian Barn. And now I am heading to the hardware store to buy another tree's worth of lumber to continue the basement framing project.
  5. Bought a whole bunch of 2x4s so I can finally frame the basement. If I plan it well, I can actually still have a dedicated space for my painting table (which I already have), but also a permanent 4x8 table, some shelving for games and terrain, and generally turn the basement into a more usable space in general.
  6. So, catching up - today, in the mail, I got a massive Star Wars armada haul - something on the order of 10 or 12 capital ships, and several dozen stands of the small craft. It's a trade, so now I have to mail off an army for a game I never play anymore. Win-win all around. Earlier this week, I managed to pick up a 4 stitches and what will eventually be a kewl scar, when my knuckle and a tin can lid decided to play chicken while I was making dinner. My flesh lost, and it was bad enough that I spent the evening in the ER, since they thought I might have nicked the tendon. So far, everything seems to be healing nicely, but no hobby time for another couple of days.
  7. Adepticon

    Base price for a 4-day ticket is $30. If you want the swag bag or VIG, that's more. ETA - pretty sure I spent more in the vendor hall at AdeptiCon this year than I did at GenCon, too.
  8. Adepticon

    I've been the last three or four years, and it's becoming my favorite con. I haven't done any of the classes, so I cannot speak to them (though they appear pretty popular). It is entirely a miniatures con, so no RPGs, but I have never had problem finding new games to try. The vendor hall is still fairly small, but growing, and it is becoming less GW-centric as a con.
  9. Graves, etc

    Did a bit more work on the corpses. Still not happy with the bottom left, but the others look ok now.
  10. These were a quick test/WIP. I wanted some graves and coffins for scatter terrain, and decided that I needed some shrouded bodies as well. I think I need to redo at least one of the shrouds, and I still need to do some work to neaten up the coffins a bit. The grave with the skull still needs filler to hide the foamcore, but that's easy enough to fix.
  11. Curse you Hobby Lobby! They had these on clearance, and, since I needed bamboo for a Test of Honor board, I bought them. (And the aforementioned rubber and Wonder Woman.) Guess I know what game I am working on now next week. . .
  12. Got a call Wednesday evening to go see if I could launch rockets with the Cub Scouts last night. Yesterday morning, I checked to make sure I had some rockets (yep), and the appropriate motors (yep). Glad I checked though, because my launch pad had broken at some point, and those are kind of necessary. So, I had to buy a new one - and it came with two more rockets, so life is good. I haven't bought them yet, but my errands today include picking up the Wonder Woman dvd and a pound of HS-3 rubber for a new set of molds.
  13. Getting to Know Each Other, September Edition

    Sadly, no. My FLGS even had a hobby day yesterday, where you could go in and paint. But, this is September, and the first two months or so of the school year get taken up with Scouts (and their fundraisers), cross-country, dance, piano, back-to-school craziness, and so on. I am hoping (but not really expecting) to get the time to go play a game or two this coming Saturday evening - if I start trying to plan for it now, it might actually happen.
  14. Microarmor WIP thread

    Different CAV, but I cleaned up the quonset hut a bit and painted it. I'm reasonably happy with it. On to making a couple of more traditional buildings.
  15. I've been meaning to make some microarmor terrain for a while. I have Fistful of TOWs (and some other similar scale games), and I want to play on something other than forests or deserts. It's still a WIP, but I'm reasonably happy with it so far. It's a bit small for CAV, but not so bad that it will really annoy me during a game.