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  1. warlordgarou

    DrakenStone Magnetic Modular Castle Terrain

    It's an interesting idea, but I want to know more about how the magnets are embedded into the resin. I looked at some ways to do it, but could never make it work, myself.
  2. warlordgarou

    A song of Ice and Fire - July

    Not yet. I'll have to take some when I unbox some of it, if no one beats me to it.
  3. warlordgarou

    A song of Ice and Fire - July

    Got my copy of this today. Now a friend is trying to buy half of it from me already.
  4. warlordgarou

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Ah, I missed that. I kept scrolling to the bottom, looking for it there. My interest is roused again.
  5. warlordgarou

    Cthulhu: Death May Die

    Not anymore, there isn't. I was on the fence - basically, a yes, and I wanted the large Cthulhu, but I needed to sell some gaming stuff that I am not using to justify getting it. Without the giant Cthulhu, I can pass (though I will still be selling gaming stuff - GenCon is coming, and my wallet is already complaining about it).
  6. My daughter and I played Oregon Trail yesterday, and actually won, in that one of us - not me - actually made the journey. And here I was, hoping to use it to teach a lesson in how hard the original game was. . . .
  7. I keep buying more HS-3 rubber (from Alumilite) and Hot Wheels cars. Making molds for terrain and modding cars for Gaslands, even though I don't think I have played a game of anything in at least 2 months. But tomorrow, I have to be an adult, and buy a new lawn mower, because our current one has given up the ghost after only 4 or 5 years. (And no, I am not going to fix it. I have dumped enough into this season already fixing broken parts that I should have just bought a new one. It would have been cheaper.) I might get one of the old fashioned reel mowers - a lot fewer parts to break and need replacing is looking awfully good, even though it would mean mowing twice as often.
  8. I got a new toy yesterday. I guess I'll have to bike a few hundred miles (or more, really) this summer to justify having it.
  9. Saw Deadpool 2 tonight. If you liked the first, you should like the second.
  10. I'm rewatching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (which has held up quite well, 80's references aside), and now I want to run a game campaign where the PCs are time travelers who are attempting to fix the disruptions in the timelines caused by someone's history report. . ..
  11. warlordgarou


    I need to contact them about a missing Mule. But I should probably make sure that I have all the parts to my Hornet first, just in case.
  12. warlordgarou

    Gencon: The Loomining

    Usually someone from our group manages to do ok in the hotel lottery. We're not in our favorite location, but we're still in one of the walking distance hotels. I managed most of my events, which is nice. I like GenCon, but if I had to miss it, I could. AdeptiCon has been my go-to con for the past 5 years or so - much smaller, much easier, and the vendor hall is much friendlier to my wallet.
  13. Working on a modular dungeon for RPGs. First test of the floor. Pieces interlock with small connecting pieces, to minimize shifting. Walls will attach using a similar slot and tab design. Each tile is 3" x 3".
  14. warlordgarou

    MAY THE 4th Be With You!

    Stole this from somewhere, but I'm going to be posting it every year from now on.
  15. Finally got around to seeing Infinity War. Glad to see it, but the next year of waiting is going to be hard. Does help explain why a lot of the Disney/Marvel release schedule for the next few years is Untitled Marvel Film, Untitled Fox/Marvel Film, Untitled Avengers Film, Untitled Marvel Film, etc. Bet that, about this time next year, a lot of those movies suddenly gain titles.