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  1. Not nearly enough. My current games are (in no particular order): SAGA, Warmahordes, Test of Honor. I plan on playing more Black Powder (AWI, Nappies and ACW), Guild Ball, Blood & Plunder and Bolt Action soon, and I got roped into the store's Shadow War: Armageddon campaign, so I guess I am playing that too. I'd love to get in some Kings of War, Frostgrave, Infinity. . . . the list really could continue for another 10-20 games that I have, want to play, and just don't have time to get to.
  2. Live

    Wow, this did not get a lot of traffic. I did back it, though I am not sure I will assemble a group to play it. I might get them to play the skirmish game though.
  3. Pre-launch

    Speak for yourself. Buying unpainted minis is immortality on an installment plan. ;)
  4. Pre-launch

    Yeah, I kick myself at least once a week because I did not get the "Not Tiamat" at the time.
  5. I have kids, so unless I manage to block off time, for a good chunk of the year, the weekends have scouts, dance, soccer, cross-country, etc taking up blocks of time. Add in the obligatory yard and house chores that I did not do during the week, church, and an occasional run with the run group on Saturday mornings, and I am lucky to get any gaming time.
  6. My wife ordered me a lightbox earlier this week. It arrived today, and it makes a heck of a difference. I need to go reshoot a bunch of terrain and miniature pics.
  7. Roger Waters has a new album coming out next month. Looking forward to that. Neal Stephenson has a new novel coming out in mid-June, and I am looking forward to that. Trying not to look forward to Spider-Man or Wonder Woman too much, lest I be disappointed yet again. Looking forward to Bones IV and the next Blood & Plunder KS as well.
  8. Lots? Right now, according to my board, I am working on assembling and priming models from something like 10-15 different box sets or armies, either currently or waiting in the queue. (I try to work on only one at any given time, but I might finish up the British Line infantry from Waterloo, and then move on to Union soldiers from the Perry ACW box.) I also have a bunch of terrain projects that I need to get painted up before the lightbox gets here tomorrow, and I have other terrain projects in the design and production phases. I do it to books too. I rarely read only one at a time; I generally have a half a dozen books somewhere between started and finished at any point in time. The library sees me as often as the FLGS does.
  9. As compensation for the big pile of dirt (mostly moved now, finishing it today), I picked up a growler of Whango Mango from Atwater Brewing. Unfortunately, it is going to wait until I finish moving the dirt and laying out all the grass seed and so on. I might have the dice, but only the dice, from my old D&D sets. Maybe I should look. If I have them, I can pass them on.
  10. Hydrated with beverages containing a high concentration of hydroxol groups, perhaps?
  11. I ordered a bunch of dirt yesterday. Like, 7 cubic yards of it. I showed up in my driveway this morning. The sad part is that the 25ish wheelbarrows I have already carted off into the yard barely made a dent. I know that is the way it goes* - little visible progress until about the halfway point, and then it looks like it is flying, but it is still depressing. * I've ordered something like 35 cubic yards of river rock over the years, 7 yards at a time. It's a long road to get the yard to where my wife wants it to be.
  12. Not a hobby goal for the month, but I agreed to drill out the hands for a bunch of 28mm historics for a friend. I like the Footsore Minis lines, and they are great people, but drilling out the hands is kind of a pain. Got all 26 done - now I just have to do the same for mine.
  13. I have Muskets & Tomahawks, but I haven't played it yet. I have heard good things about it though.
  14. Basically, what Heisler said. It's a large skirmish style game set in a historical context, but army construction is very loose and fairly abstract. All armies get (for example) 8 warriors for 1 point, and there is little difference, stat-wise, between a warrior for Vikings, Milites Christi, Scots or Anglo-Dane. (Some armies have armor modifiers or special weapons available, but the real difference in the armies comes in the battle boards). It's designed so that you can play your Vikings against Anglo Danes, Normans, Romans, and Moors all in a tourney, without any major disadvantage. If I wanted something more crunchy and realistic, I would have to look into another system. As it is, it fits nicely for casual and tournament play, which is fine for me. And yeah, Test of Honor = Samurai = kewl. Accuracy be hanged.
  15. I have a long, long list of things that, at any given point, I would like to buy, but have (so far) continued to talk myself out of getting. Minis and games are my weak point - to the point where, when I am going to a con, I pretty much have to make sure that I have a shopping list beforehand, with a small amount of discretionary amount earmarked for "stuff that looks kewl, but I will never actually use." I had resisted buying 28mm American War of Independence figs, but I found a copy of Liberty or Death (which is basically enough to start playing) for about 40% off, and could not pass it up. Now that I have them, I can hold impulse buys for that era and scale at bay until I get most of them assembled (not painted, mind you - that's crazy talk), and then I will proceed to make targeted purchases designed to give me two fairly equal, vaguely historically accurate, sides. I picked up a box of 40k Harlequins last month, because I have always wanted to paint them, and because GW has been doing things right lately. I might start playing 40k again, though probably not past the Shadow War Armageddon size battles.
  16. I have Team Yankee, but haven't played it. I also have Fistful of TOWs, same thing. I really need to try both - I think I will use TY for 15mm, and FFoT for microarmor. For WWII, I have Bolt Action, and Flames of War, though I haven't played either in their current editions. Again, need to break them out at some point. For AWI through ACW, I have been converting my gaming group to Black Powder. It's simple enough, and we can play a game in an evening with no problem. English Civil War gets Pike & Shotte, though I haven't tried it out yet. We play a lot of SAGA, but that's pseudo-historical at best, really. Test of Honor and Blood & Plunder both fall in that same category, although B&P is probably closer to a historical than SAGA or Test of Honor.
  17. Well, that's what 12 pounds of silicon rubber looks like. I did not have enough for everything - that's intentional. I have learned to make more mold boxes than I think I will need, in case my estimates are off. (I had 11 pounds, needed that twelfth to finish one - the others can now wait for a week or three.) I poured them last night, and while they are probably okay to check now, giving them an extra hour or four is not going to hurt them any. In the meantime, I can just assemble some more minis - trying to finish the rest of the British Line Infantry from Waterloo. Then I can start on the French. . .
  18. The 10 pounds of rubber was not enough. I had to run out and buy another pound. I still have mold boxes that are not started, but I got the important projects poured. I just need another 5 pounds for what I have ready, and that's assuming that I don't come up with anything new in the next few days. But tomorrow afternoon or evening, once I get back from Guardians 2, I can see if the molds came out ok.
  19. Favorite scene is probably the last scene from Rogue One, where Vader is striding through the ship, killing everyone in his way to retrieve the plans. The sequence in Jedi with the Emperor, Vader and Luke is a close second - the Emperor trying to goad Luke into the Dark Side, and Luke barely managing to step back and redeem himself. Best movie is Empire, though Rogue One is a not-too-distant second. Worst is probably Episode 2 (though all of the second trilogy is pretty meh - still better than the Holiday Special though.) The first I saw would be Star Wars, in 1977. And my lightsabers are red.
  20. I bought 10 pounds of silicon mold making rubber, two cans of mold release, and two gallons of resin. Now I just have to finish a couple of items and then make a bunch of mold boxes.
  21. I still have about 1000 minis to assemble and prime, so mostly working on that. In the next day or so, I have a bunch of terrain pieces that I want to finish, and then I need to make molds for a couple more later on this week. I also want to actually clean up my hobby and gaming area - it's very cluttered and messy, and it's driving me buggy. The problem is that I need to spend a lot of money on cases to do a proper job of cleaning and organizing it, and that's going to be something that has to wait, so I need to find a decent interim solution.
  22. April was an assembly month, not a painting month. The first two pics are the board to keep track of everything, and the second is a pic of the pile of plastic and lead. The total count ballooned to almost 1100, of which about 90 are currently assembled and primed. (The board status is from the beginning of the month - the Blood & Plunder are mostly done, so for advice - do I start next on Waterloo or on the Liberty or Death set? I hope to finish another 100 or so before this time next week. The other two pics are a couple of huts that I plan on making resin copies of - I had to do something to step away from the pile of plastic from time to time, and making terrain is almost always fun.
  23. Spent hours at the FLGS today as part of my last official event as a Press Ganger. Got some games in, but also assembled 20 British Line Infantry from my Waterloo set, as well as all twelve horses for the French. I won't get the whole box ready for paint before the end of the month, but it should all be on my painting desk by the end of May.
  24. Test of Honor (Samurai game from Warlord Games) and Blood & Plunder (from Firelock). I bought them at AdeptiCon last month, but haven't played either yet. It won't take much for me to play either - I have to assemble one samurai still, and I plan on taking both games to the FLGS tomorrow and seeing if anyone wants to try them out. I imagine that I will find a few takers.
  25. I got distracted on the model-building front, and built two new terrain items instead. And I'll probably make a couple more before the month is done. Going to assemble some figs this afternoon though - I need them for tomorrow.