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  1. These were a quick test/WIP. I wanted some graves and coffins for scatter terrain, and decided that I needed some shrouded bodies as well. I think I need to redo at least one of the shrouds, and I still need to do some work to neaten up the coffins a bit. The grave with the skull still needs filler to hide the foamcore, but that's easy enough to fix.
  2. Curse you Hobby Lobby! They had these on clearance, and, since I needed bamboo for a Test of Honor board, I bought them. (And the aforementioned rubber and Wonder Woman.) Guess I know what game I am working on now next week. . .
  3. Got a call Wednesday evening to go see if I could launch rockets with the Cub Scouts last night. Yesterday morning, I checked to make sure I had some rockets (yep), and the appropriate motors (yep). Glad I checked though, because my launch pad had broken at some point, and those are kind of necessary. So, I had to buy a new one - and it came with two more rockets, so life is good. I haven't bought them yet, but my errands today include picking up the Wonder Woman dvd and a pound of HS-3 rubber for a new set of molds.
  4. I've been meaning to make some microarmor terrain for a while. I have Fistful of TOWs (and some other similar scale games), and I want to play on something other than forests or deserts. It's still a WIP, but I'm reasonably happy with it so far. It's a bit small for CAV, but not so bad that it will really annoy me during a game.
  5. Sadly, no. My FLGS even had a hobby day yesterday, where you could go in and paint. But, this is September, and the first two months or so of the school year get taken up with Scouts (and their fundraisers), cross-country, dance, piano, back-to-school craziness, and so on. I am hoping (but not really expecting) to get the time to go play a game or two this coming Saturday evening - if I start trying to plan for it now, it might actually happen.
  6. Different CAV, but I cleaned up the quonset hut a bit and painted it. I'm reasonably happy with it. On to making a couple of more traditional buildings.
  7. Today was moderately pricey. Picked up a couple of gallons of 2-part resin (planned purchase), then a bunch of sheet styrene (again, planned, but I did not plan to buy quite as much as I did - model store had more than just the siding pieces I wanted). Then stopped by the local chain bookstore to look for a gaming magazine - they didn't have it, but they did have "The Rise and Fall of DODO" for 50% off, so I picked it up.
  8. Funded

    That's what I thought. GenCon was . . . unkind to my bank account. ;)
  9. Funded

    Quick question- assuming this is like other KS, and I can still modify my pledge (upwards, of course) for a while after the campaign ends. (Or, put another way - I can get by with the core pledge today, but if I try to add all the wishlist, I will be in a bit of trouble. . . )
  10. Random thought on the age question - I generally don't really "feel" my age. I don't think of myself as being in the 40s. Sure, college was a long time ago (measured by years), but not really all that long if I stop and think about it. (Same thing with my kids - I could have sworn that, just a few weeks ago, they were tiny little things, in that burrito-baby stage, and now the eldest is entering 8th grade. When did that happen?) And then I went and ran speed drills with the eldest's cross-country team. And suddenly I feel the weight of at least a couple of those decades. Those kids are fast!
  11. I enjoy Mondays from September through early June. I am a stay-at-hoe dad, and so Monday is when I send the kids back to school. It's not really a day off, but having a morning to myself is kind of nice. :) (I do kind of dread Friday afternoons though. . . ) Aug 29 - I hit 45 later this year, but that really just means that I enter another age bracket in races.
  12. The only packing I have done so far is getting everything lined up for the auction and consignment store. Tomorrow and Tuesday, I need to finish a couple miniatures (well, get them to the point where they are assembled and primed, at the very least), finish boxing up the auction items, and read rules to the games I am actually playing.
  13. Last year. (I'm not counting Sea World, otherwise it would only be a couple of months.) We really should go to the local zoo next week - they just opened a lion exhibit, and the kids haven't fed the giraffes yet this year. For a small town of 50k, we have a really nice zoo.
  14. Placed an order for some terrain for Test of Honor - 3 Sarissa Japanese houses, some rice stores, and some stalls. Should be enough for a decent 3x3 board, or sparse for two of them. Also picked up Hail Caesar, to round out my Warlord Games collection. (Plus, I needed some Romans for my SAGA army.) And I bought yet another pound of rubber for a couple of molds.
  15. Not a planned purchase, but I am going to have to get a new starter for the minivan. And I am glad that the insurance included tows.
  16. Live

    I've been watching this one. I didn't back the initial one, and wish I had. That galleon is mighty tempting, even though I would almost never use it.
  17. I need some walls for 15mm gaming (mainly ACW, probably WWII and Nappies eventually), and I want something that looks reasonably accurate across that time period. Figure two intact, one gate, one breached, and a corner section (all replicated as needed) will let me do almost anything.
  18. I suspect that I probably could do it. Let's try it like this. That was too small. How is this? Huh. Must have the size wrong. I could probably play around with it for a bit, and figure it out. but I used to work (years ago) as an typesetter, and we did everything in TeX, so bbcode should be fairly simple.
  19. Couple days late (since I got it on Friday), but I finally picked up a set of cross-bars for the roof rack. As a result, we could finally actually put the kayaks that we have had for a while to good use. (And, I admit to being a little pleased with myself - got them installed, got the kayak carrier put up, attached both kayaks, drove them to the lake and back without losing them, so I must have done it correctly.)
  20. I picked up a set of cross-bars to fit on the roof rack of the minivan today. I need them to secure the kayaks that we have had for several years that have only seen use in the neighbors swimming pool. Hope to take them out onto the lake on the 4th.
  21. Probably in the last week or so? And. neither - I was a runner. Lost of the roads in my area of town (in the US) have no sidewalks, so it is run on the shoulder until I can get to them. For outdoor runs, I can generally assume that at least one person will look left toward oncoming traffic, and then turn to the right without ever looking in that direction. I carry a little air horn to honk and get attention, which sometimes works. And sometimes it doesn't, and I get to find out how well I can dodge. They're interesting, and I generally ignore them. :)
  22. That's basically all it is. The gate is cut up toothpick and scraps from the basla. They're easy enough to make, but I want to have feet of them (like, 20 feet of walls or more), so once I have the masters finished, I will make molds of them all and cast them in resin (which is why the gate isn't open, because closed and solid is much easier).
  23. I'm actually about the point of gluing this together and making the molds, but I still haven't decided if I want to go for interlocking walls or not. I am definitely leaning in that direction though. Still need to make the floor. The inside will just be flat walls - while it will be hollow, that's mainly more for weight considerations than play - I'll go a different route when I make detailed interiors.
  24. Thanks. It's a bit rougher as a kit than I like - at some point, I will redo the roof, which is where most of my issue lies. But, if nice enough that I can make a small village in an afternoon without much of a problem, which was my goal.
  25. I'm a stay-at-home dad, so technically, the entire house/yard is my work space. On that note, heck no, am I going to personalize it. I managed to carve off a section of the basement that the rest of the family generally ignores, but I don't have any geeky artwork or posters displayed. It's mainly my workbench, and frankly, I think my wife would be a lot happier sometimes if I could get everything tucked away behind some closed cabinet doors.