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  1. Live

  2. That's about the best reference I could find too. I want to say it's less, but I'd be kinda stuck what to do with it if I ordered it and it was more. I mean, I'd find a use, but it'd be much later down the road and I'm kinda looking for a 'soon' thing.
  3. Anyone know the approximate footprint of the Graveyard Vignette Base? I can roughly judge based on the existing tombstones that appear to be a part of the model, but I need to know whether it would hang over a 200mm x 100mm tray or not for wargaming compatibility purposes (Kings of War). The depth looks suspect to me.
  4. I struggle with production line vs individual all the time.
  5. Live

    Beat you to it by a page.
  6. Live

  7. Live

    I think it's at 1EST. Saw something on Facebook earlier.
  8. Live

    Yeah, for 60 bucks, I expect more than being able to make a 1' x 1' look slightly less empty (assuming that's a Rolling Fields tablescape section).
  9. Live

    The video for the battlefield pledge is not particularly inspiring. I'll be watching, but I suspect that this is a pass for me.
  10. Yeah, they were a pretty quick thing. But I liked them. I never had the really huge ones, but I know I had north of 20" leg openings at one point. I still prefer wider boot cuts, but there was a very comfortable intersection between the actual jean material looking smaller JNCOs and grunge near the end of the 90s that I really dug. Flannels and big pants.
  11. Grunge and/or JNCO jeans. Or that brief period where they overlapped. Actually, I just looked up JNCO, they are still around. And they still look ridiculous. ...Ly awesome.

    This big:
  13. Live

    Maybe? I thought at first it was a 'get over here!' gesture, but I think I only see two fingers on this side of the raised one, so maybe. This campaign suffers from poor photography.
  14. Live

    Well if fantasy gets lumped into one I'm likely out. I could use more battlefield terrain, but am in the process of selling off my dungeon stuff and have never needed town stuff.
  15. Not to delve too far into political territory, but I think we can all agree that paying people with tax money and then taxing them on it is a bit silly. I mean, I get it, but it's silly. "Here's some money, now give a part of it back please".