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  1. It's not like they had another song. We knew what you were talking about.
  2. My brother's band, Six Gallery, got back together after a several year hiatus, with a new singer. They just played a fantastic set a couple weeks ago at a local festival and have a show tomorrow night too. No news on if it's just a temporary reunion or something more permanent, but I've got my fingers crossed. Here's a live recording from their last show: Watch the guitarists' fingers (not the one singing, the other two), they are nuts with the double hand tapping, crazy sounds. EDIT: My brother is the drummer.
  3. Nice, you understood that way better than I did. I was lost, and I even speak Stupid fluently.
  4. Winnie Cooper, right? How could you not?
  5. I've had good success with putting lichen in tubs with a little paint and water, then mixing it up a bit. If you don't overdo the paint, you get a nice variety of strength in colors between the original color and the paint. Maybe a little Leather Brown or something watered down would give a neat effect as tumbleweed. Probably too late though now that it's on the base. I like lichen, but working with it is tough. Never wants to stick.
  6. Just looking for confirmation, in the following thread it certainly appears Bones Kaladrax has been discontinued: Any insight available to us or is it hush-hush?
  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Historical inclusion. No longer available from us at all. That sounds like discontinued to me! Jinx, you owe me a coke. LadyStorm brings good news:
  8. So I went to see if the main site had any pics of the sculpt as-is, and nothing comes back searching for Kaladrax... Is the Bones one discontinued as well?
  9. Just water is fine for washes. Craft paint for terrain is a standby, and watering it down should work fine. There are extra fillers in most craft paint, so it won't behave exactly the same, but if you water it down enough you should get a good effect.
  10. Not to get totally narcissistic or anything, but I was going to look and see a couple old paint jobs of mine, and figured out I could search the store for my handle and my paint jobs would come up. But two of them didn't. Specifically, these two (for reference): giant bones/sku-down/77107#detail/IG_3996_2 giant bones/sku-down/77106#detail/IG_3821_2 Is it a general algorithm that pulls the painter name or a tagging issue?
  11. Dita, Steampunk witch is missing the Bones tag:
  12. I see Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 for sure. I'm thinking the first is inspired by Link? There might be some Assassin's Creed going on in the 3rd one too.

    I hope that strategy does what Reaper intends it to do. My fear is that this puts a damper on pledges from Reaper's main consumer base, US customers. Even if it looks 'more fair' and quells some of the whiny comments, it wouldn't be good to do if they were aiming for higher pledge totals, since they would be catering to smaller demographics. But I'm willing to bet Reaper ran the math and if they think this will happen they are doing so intentionally. Not that the US customers wouldn't be getting as good of a deal, but if the perception from ROW backers was skewed before, I imagine adding the shipping to US customers will have a bigger skewed perception reaction, due to the size of the US backer base. I also have the idea that leaving the PM open so long is what caused a lot of the delay, and maybe they are looking to avoid having such a large campaign this time in the hopes that they can have more steady, faster turn around on smaller campaigns. Who knows? Just thinking aloud.

    Considering GW is all about using only their minis in their games and the reaction from the Mantic fan base when a player made a My Little Pony themed army (in a system with no such requirement), I am guessing the reactions would be strong.