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  1. 02181: Sirithis, Succubus

    I normally paint all flesh features the same, then add washes/glazes over top to discolor them appropriately.
  2. I'm of the opinion that goblins are a varied species, just like humans. You've got chunky Mantic ones, skinny long faced GW ones, football-headed Pathfinder ones, and Reaper makes about 5 varieties. All great to mix together.
  3. Invisible Hobbit

    I just have to say I came in expecting a joke thread (Invisible Stalker, etc), but I was pleasantly surprised. Great job.
  4. Tagging or Name problems v2

    The new "Tombstone Finial" is incorrectly named, since that's a fence-post it sits on, not a tombstone.
  5. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Can I get an official answer on how wide this guy's stride is?
  6. Kings of War: Vanguard

    The new head is clearly superior. Though I think I'd probably like the other one if it captured the Neil Young vibe of the concept art a bit better. I'll have to wait and see when it's in my hands I guess.
  7. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Would Mossbeard fit on a 75mm*75mm square base? It looks a bit large. I love the model but I can't really use anything bigger than that.
  8. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Yeah, having just painted them recently, it looks exactly like that on the underside of the weapon.
  9. I have a mini I'd like to add ghostly stuff underneath to raise it up, something akin to what elevates the ghosts in Ghostly Summons: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ghostly summons/latest/77095#detail/IG_2955_1 Or the stuff under GW's Mortis Engine: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-JP/Vampire-Counts-Mortis-Engine I started experimenting, I'm not particularly skilled with GS though, my stuff ends up looking a bit viney. I tried looking for some tutorials, but couldn't find anything related to the ghostly effect. Anyone got any advice for approaching this kind of thing?
  10. Hackmaster/Ral Partha Elf Warrior

    Care to share what you are doing for your metal work color wise? I feel like I've got a good grasp on gold nmm, but my silver is weak. Chrome sky/earth nmm is easy enough, but it really isn't what swords and armor should be made of. Looks like you have a lot of blue in your recipe?
  11. Lets Talk About NMM

    New tool in the toolbox!
  12. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I get what you are saying, it's almost an entirely different model. But, I bet a lot of the parts simple sit on top of the original detail. The spines and bones probably are molded to sit on the fur, anyway. I think the arms and head are entirely different pieces, and I'm guessing at least the lower half of the legs are as well. I dunno, seems like an entirely separate kit would be the cheaper way to go for Mantic.
  13. Kings of War: Vanguard

    There are both renders floating around out there. I''ll edit them in here. The update is the 'standard' giant, the facebook groups have the other, not sure where the original source of that one is. Standard giant from update: Frost giant from ? as seen on facebook:
  14. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    The fluff is still underdeveloped, yes. Mantic has been slow on the fluff side, presumably to keep things cheap. As for minis, Mantic doesn't require you use their minis, even in tournaments. Lots of players use Bones to keep their armies affordable.
  15. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I liked the hunched, lazy, club down concept art better than the render. That weapon looks like it's straight from their cave troll line, too. A bit disappointed with that, I liked the club in the concept art. Ah well, still added an extra Abyssal booster for KoW use. Total 200 after shipping (Giant level + Abyssal booster).