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  1. Dita, Steampunk witch is missing the Bones tag:
  2. I see Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 for sure. I'm thinking the first is inspired by Link? There might be some Assassin's Creed going on in the 3rd one too.

    I hope that strategy does what Reaper intends it to do. My fear is that this puts a damper on pledges from Reaper's main consumer base, US customers. Even if it looks 'more fair' and quells some of the whiny comments, it wouldn't be good to do if they were aiming for higher pledge totals, since they would be catering to smaller demographics. But I'm willing to bet Reaper ran the math and if they think this will happen they are doing so intentionally. Not that the US customers wouldn't be getting as good of a deal, but if the perception from ROW backers was skewed before, I imagine adding the shipping to US customers will have a bigger skewed perception reaction, due to the size of the US backer base. I also have the idea that leaving the PM open so long is what caused a lot of the delay, and maybe they are looking to avoid having such a large campaign this time in the hopes that they can have more steady, faster turn around on smaller campaigns. Who knows? Just thinking aloud.

    Considering GW is all about using only their minis in their games and the reaction from the Mantic fan base when a player made a My Little Pony themed army (in a system with no such requirement), I am guessing the reactions would be strong.

    It's an aesthetic that does nothing for me, personally. But I don't begrudge anyone their toys. This time I'll mostly be looking for things to use in Kings of War, myself.
  6. With the Columbus Zoo about 10 minutes away and a 1 year old? Less than a month.
  7. Grot spilled over to AoS (the replacement for WHFB):
  8. fulfilling

    I'm willing to bet there is a lot of this going on right now. People are checking in, realizing they should have their rewards by now, contacting Reaper (or they did so a while ago and Reaper is finally able to get to their email and contact them back), and Reaper is helping resolve issues such as unlocked rewards, pledges not tied to accounts correctly, etc. Essentially sorting out the user errors. Since that happens back at Reaper HQ, it won't be taking resources from the other hubs, but will show up on the tracker.
  9. Grott is the new thing. Night goblin is the old. GW blew up their world so they could rename everything stupidly and have strong claims to IP.
  10. The wife has tried both pickup and delivery since having our son, and likes both. Most of our routine shopping is now Amazon.

    The core set cost per mini was incredibly low too. I think extras saved their bacon on KS1.
  12. fulfilling

    It's a mistake a lot of people make. I have a friend who was a linguistics major and now teaches English who kept messing this up. When I pointed out the root, it helped her remember it's not something so diculous it happened twice, but something worthy of ridicule. Now she gets it right all the time (so she says). Anyway, that's how I've been presenting it since then to help people remember it.

    The less goals, the faster delivery...
  14. fulfilling

    Ridicule is the root of ridiculous, not diculous.