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  1. Pre-launch

    I sold off a small mixed lot on Ebay right away (under 20 minis), everything else I will find a use for eventually maybe. Looking back at Bones I and II, I could have been more selective, and I think I probably will skip core for IV. I think everything is cool, but when I prioritize my painting I'm looking out like 6 or 7 years at future paint jobs going "Yeah, I'm sure something cooler will pop up in the queue before this anyway", and thinking it's probably better to sell some of it off, knowing I'll never get to it.
  2. I've purchased more then. I can't remember them, but those things are fun to give as stocking-stuffers. Pretty sure I've given a Snuggie as a gift.
  3. Pre-launch

    Honestly, I'd rather see them just push on, not have as many backers, and have a smaller overall campaign that ended up delivering quicker. I realize that wouldn't be as economical, but a smaller scale operation wouldn't be as much of a gamble from a "which ones do I need/want?" perspective. I ended up with quite a few from III that I don't think I need anymore.
  4. Yeah, never will again (unless at a proper retail outlet). I ended up with a recurring charge on a card (listed as "subscription") that I couldn't get refunded (only got hit once though). I bought a solar powered fan that sits on your car window. It worked fine (though a bit weak), but mostly just to remind me to crack my windows during my time in AZ.
  5. That should be the Reaper store's photo technique for clears, honestly. Looks awesome.
  6. I think just tag a mod like so: @ladystorm
  7. Yeah, my company everyone gets their own office. Even interns and part timers. By seniority, we get windows. But most of the offices have windows, so no big deal. I have a small keurig, a small collection of coffee mugs, several Lego architecture sets, and family pictures including a caricature of my 10 month old and a great picture of me, my dad, and my brother all on stage jamming out to some Wallflowers. Also, a convertible standing desk, because I find myself slouching too often. And a mini-usb powered fridge next to my PC tower. And a Dilbert calendar. And. And. And. Well, yeah, this office is mine.
  8. It's a good mix of sizes though, there are a lot of small tombstones. And the pumpkin heads are pretty small. But it is a great set. I got two.
  9. I passed on the Mythos set (not a fan of the whole Lovecraft thing), but it looks like the overstock will be available soon (along with the other sets), and I noticed the price seemed low: Is $50 right for it? Or will it be $80 like the others?
  10. Fun fact, Gwar actually played WHFB around edition 4. I had a friend who met them after a show in our teens and said they had a game set up.
  11. Yeah, this. GW's been over designed for a while now (new not-dwarfs are the worst), but I'm always a fan of @odinsgrandson's paint jobs. No disappointment here. They make up for the ridiculous sculpts.
  12. Happy belated!
  13. Pretty sure Good Samaritan laws allow me to break windows to rescue minis from this dangerous situation.
  14. I'd like to see this photo cropped a bit so I can zoom in better... Looks nice, what I can tell.