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  1. Overall very nice! The pictures in the last post look much better in B&W. I ran one to test, the main difference now is the lighter portion of the mane. It is too much high value color, needs some low values to help it blend better. You brought up the highlights on the dark part of the mane, which was the biggest offender previously in the B&W test to my eyes. The whole thing could have a touch of edge highlights added here and there (particularly the skirt, it reads flatter than the rest currently). Add a touch of off white to whatever your brightest color was before and bring up the edges slowly. Also, consider adding a thin layer of shadow around separate parts (like where his back meets the top of the skirt), just take whatever your skin shadow was, water it down and let it run up to the line of the skirt, then smooth the edge a bit so you won't get a water line. Just adding a little layer of dark in will help a lot in helping the eye find the separation between the two parts. Same could be done around the belt - it's a lot of midtone there, so just add some dark around the bits and highlights on the edges, it'll pop right out. I mocked up some very slight value darkening near the edge of the skirt and edge highlights on the skirt in GIMP (I'm not great with it but it's passable). Even a little bit helps
  2. 77342 Zombies ever coming back?

    I'm guessing this answer covers it:
  3. Skeletal Centaurs

    Also if you ever see the "Citadel Skeleton Army" box (red, contains 0, 8 or 10 cavalry, 30-40 infantry, up to 1 chariot depending on how you build it out), it also contains 10 of those horses. But it runs about $150 for a Buy It Now usually. Seriously good kit though. My favorite of all time. Wish I had snatched up 10 of them as a teenager, but I only ever ran across 1. Horse sprue in 14th picture: http://adeptgamer.blogspot.com/2014/04/citadel-skeleton-army-box-picture-heavy.html
  4. Need help with IDing a ratman mini

    Yep, the image from my google is from the blog as well. Good confirmation, I think. Thanks.
  5. Need help with IDing a ratman mini

    That got me going in the right direction, thanks! I always forget the name of lostminis. Guess I'll bookmark it. I googled the name next to Ropp(...) - T'chik'chuk. Looks like a match.
  6. Need help with IDing a ratman mini

    Yeah there are a couple ranges - Black hat minis, Mirliton, Mantic has space rats (Veer-Myn), Ver'men by Harlequin, etc. Skaven are just the most robust range.
  7. I believe I have ID'ed the mini on the right as Ropp'tch'tch, a Nezumi hero from Legend of the Five Rings. I assume the guy on the left with the tetsubo is related, but am having trouble coming up with a satisfactory manufacturer / range for either, and don't have an accurate description for the other guy either, though I assume "Nezumi with Tetsubo" probably covers it. Any help IDing the manufacturer/range? I think the slotta says "AEG" but that didn't really get me any hits. Thanks in advance!
  8. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    Congrats Bryan!
  9. Hmmm. Dain looks really good, but I need to limit myself to one order before Christmas (I need the 3rd wiseman), there's usually a day or two where we know the next month's mini but can still get the previous one, right? I'd like to pull the trigger today so I can get the third wiseman painted for my mom, but would hate to miss a better* mini. *more useful to my gaming needs
  10. Atypical Hobby Behavior

    I found some of them are hard to sell once they are no longer new. I finally got around to pruning some KS1 and 2 goodies. Some went okay, but my Scifi stuff I had to put together in one lot because the two lots (no dupes originally) didn't go for anything. I had 12 figures priced at 4+7 for shipping. That's what I ended up selling 25 figures for. Ah well, in reality, I didn't get in on the Kickstarters to make money anyway, so that $4 is pure profit.
  11. Painting Bones Armory Weapons

    Don't heat with a heat gun or boil them though. Washing in warm water is fine. Boiling will ruin them. I normally wouldn't have boiled them, but I was doing a batch of regular bones and did a test weapon, just to see. It doesn't just warp, it misshapes/melts in an irrecoverable way.
  12. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Don't know if anyone here caught it in the comments, but Rob from Mantic is going to try to get one of the Huscarls to be sculpted to look like me! Pretty awesome, even if it doesn't work out.
  13. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Just the material. The sculpt will be traditional grey resin after the kickstarter.
  14. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Hope you are okay @Unruly After a couple more rounds of modeling, I think $270,000 is probably achievable.
  15. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Still going with the Giant pledge. Can't afford more, but if I could, the $50 scarecrow/specter pack is what I would do. Mantic's undead are great, even if somewhat limited in pose options.