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  1. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Shocked no one said my answer yet. Heroquest.
  2. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    It's been so long since I had to look for work that I had to look up the official degree. It's a Bachelor of Science (I remembered that part) in Game and Simulation Programming (for some reason I was thinking it was a general computer science degree).
  3. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Name of Amy Santiago's sex tape, boom, nailed it. I try really hard to not have favorites, because as soon as something becomes a favorite it gets overplayed, and I like to be able to go back and watch occasionally, rather than 10 times in a row like I used to with favorites. Old "favorites"/new things I really like still in no particular order: Star Wars 4-6, NewsRadio, Scrubs, Brooklyn 99, Field of Dreams, Butterfly Effect, Matrix 1 and 1 only, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Super Troopers, Army of Darkness, Superbad, Arrested Development, The Good Place, Superstore, LotR, Eureka.
  4. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    You mean that 3 felt rushed and could have been expanded, I take it? I dunno, the whole thing was rushed, IMO. I just felt that the amount of green screen (and effect it had on the actors)/CGI and lack of direction was so obvious in 1& 2. All the acting, from otherwise rather good actors, was forced, sounded like a table read. Or at the worst points, sounded like a bad D&D session. See pretty much any Samuel L .scene.
  5. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    I have no idea the order I saw them in originally, but I know I definitely grew up watching them very young, and among my earliest memories is either falling asleep or being afraid of the dark theater or something similar, but I know I was carried out of my first attempt at watching Jedi. I didn't make it through for one reason or another. I might have just been talking too much, for all I know, I was 4, so that jives. The other two I definitely only ever saw on VHS, but I watched them a lot. The original VHS recordings we had did not last long, probably recorded over, so some time around age 11 I was given the full VHS set + "From Star Wars to Jedi" (making of), and I played that stuff non-stop for years. I would fall to sleep to one of them nearly every night until like 16 or so, so my counts for seeing each movie are in the hundreds, I'm sure. Related note, I just finally got caught up, saw Solo on Netflix last night. I haven't read any of the reviews, but I heard they were fairly negative, I gotta say I don't see why. It was a straight up nod to Firefly, which was a straight up nod to Han in the first place, with plenty of good new canon lore in there. I was a full on "make the Thrawn trilogy next" guy after 1-3 (which were, so far, the only SW movies I don't really care for, for a variety of reasons, each specific to each film, and usually in the form of "complete moment killers"), but knowing that the old EU canon is gone, I can get on board with the new. I could write a lot more about 1-3, so I think I will. 1 - Jar Jar gets a lot of hate, and rightly, for annoyance factoy, but in general he isn't what killed this movie. The two biggest things for me about 1 were midochlorians and Anakin the real boy puppet. Any sensible director would have seen either a recast or reshoot was needed on day 1, and taking the mystic out of the force was just a bad idea. Qui-Gon could have easily just said he never felt a more powerful presence of the force in a child or something similar and left it at that. 2 - It's not that I mind a sideways journey into a love story. That's fine. But these two have no chemistry, or the directing was so bad they couldn't get a good take out them, or whatever. It seems like it was probably a directing issue, since these types of interactions were common among all three movies. Either way, the delivery on some of the lines takes you out of the moment completely. 3 - The most watchable? Maybe? There's a straight up storytelling flaw in it though, and it bothers me so much it makes my brain itch. It's not a series continuity thing or anything like that, it's the totally left field "I've got the high ground" remark. Had this been a concept in either of the other two movies, or even introduced earlier in this one, it wouldn't be a problem, but it literally comes from nowhere. Normally, high ground would be a fine advantage in a fight, but I really don't think it a applies to space wizards, and it certainly isn't something that is going dissuade Anakin at this point. There's also the "From my point of view..." remark, and it's a clunker, but this falls into the general "directing issue" bucket that persists through all three movies. Watching this movie made me glad we were at the end of the line. When Disney took over, I was genuinely excited for the franchise again, and I think Kennedy has been an excellent steward of the brand (despite 1-3, but I think we can lay that squarely on GL). I've watched everything since then and I have only the smallest of problems with VIII (the hippy dippy scene "NOW it was worth it", the weird 80s insult "Chrome dome", and the trying too hard to make Luke a badass brushing off his shoulder scene), but in general I've enjoyed and given high marks to all the live action films since 3. I think whatever the decision surrounding the directors for Solo was was a good one, because it was solid, and the tone was right. If they had made it more comedy, I don't think it would have been enjoyable. I don't mind the callback scams (Lando's disguise in VI, for example), that's the way things work - you have a play you run, if it works, you pull it again later. So yeah, to answer the question, no clue what the first one I saw was.
  6. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Dang. Can I change my answer?
  7. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    My sister had a pen pal relationship with him. Didn't he commit suicide or die tragically or something? EDIT: Looked it up, yeah, suicide. Sad. He was really good in Seaquest DSV.
  8. pinkymadigan

    Crowley's Cailleach Deargh, River Widow

    Honestly, I'm impressed by anyone even attempting to up their game to that level. Obvious effort shown. Keep at it, that's how you break through!
  9. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    I feel like there were definitely crushes before Winnie Cooper, but that's all I'm coming up with right now. Maybe one of the girls from The Party (Mickey Mouse Club)? I don't even remember their names now. Was Deedee or Didi one of them? I feel like there was a Deedee. I'll have to google it. This spreadsheet says 2,053. But that's missing some old stuff, easily a couple hundred more old Warhammer minis waiting to be painted that were never properly catalogued when my buddy found them and gave them to me. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xcAWsZXnXGGU6jIV3zcQ5i6-K-U5ka-uiyfPypIjvDk/edit?usp=sharing
  10. pinkymadigan

    Coming Soon Mini 77354: Sir Danel, Mounted Crusader - Mold fixed?

    Will new store photos be taken?
  11. pinkymadigan

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Been playing Ice Hockey on and off since I was 5, definitely my favorite. The Blue Jacket's Nationwide Arena is about 15 minutes away, my parents are day 1 season ticket holders, and I go a couple times a year and watch a decent amount of every game (hard to catch all of them any more with the younger kiddo). Definitely my team. I'm the goalie on the left:
  12. I always have to remember when discussing the 12 days that my family's tradition was backwards. My parents gave us tiny presents (~$1 or so at the time, probably <$5 gifts in today's money) each morning leading up to Christmas, with Christmas Eve being the 12th day, and the 13th being the 1st, to build anticipation. Some particularly good years they would either ramp the gifts up the last couple days or add a big gift in for Christmas Eve morning, then followed by big day. I tried to do this the first couple years for my step son when my wife and I got together, but as he was only with us half the time it got weird and I just canceled it after a bit. Plus he was 8 already when we met and starting to get into nicer more expensive stuff so the knick-knack toys were just 'meh' instead of cool. I haven't decided whether or not we will try to continue the tradition for my 2 year old son, but I think we will. He thoroughly got into Christmas and Christmas Eve (my side of the family's exchange day), and after his nap yesterday he woke up and said "More presents?" and was bummed when we told him it would be a while before he got more presents (we celebrate with her family this weekend).
  13. https://xkcd.com/2089/
  15. I think my answer probably varies day to day. Maybe Warhammer Quest ('95) one day, then Fable the next, then Quest for Glory 2, then Dominion the day after that. It's really hard to have a favorite. It's much better to have a group of things I have really liked over time.