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  1. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Oops I kinda skipped the 2nd portion of the question. Currently it's all Kings of War stuff for a large variety of armies. The bench has about 20 more gargoyles on it that I'm putting into troop bases. Aiming for 4 troops total. They're all painted quickly, but the bases take a long time to get assembled.
  2. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I'd say both, but the reality is that I paint for gaming. My table standard may be higher than some people's, but I try really hard to maintain a mini a day average, and that often includes batch painting and such where things can get sloppy occasionally.
  3. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I have a second naming things story now that I think about it. My buddies and I used to play a lot of Necromunda in high school. Like, a lot of a lot. More than you are imagining right now. So of course, Necromunda is a skirmish game, and you have a gang of about 8-12 minis that most people name when they start. Or when they recruit them during a campaign, or whatever. Point is, most gang members start with a name (that's not the naming things story though, since this is normal for this game). I got this one friend though, who refused to name them until they proved their worth, or did something notable. His gang members started with names like G1, G2, J1, J2, H1, L, etc. for ganger 1, ganger 2, juve 1, juve 2, heavy 1, Leader, etc. Then of course they developed really cool (or goofy) names that the minis "became". We couldn't use the mini from that point on without referring to it as that name, whether it was in Necromunda or not. Even if you renamed the mini, they were always known as "box-cars" (rolled lots of sixes with this guy ear;y on), "tweedle-dee" (took a head wound), "bulkhead" (this guy was always hiding behind the plastic bulkhead walls that littered the terrain), "deadeye" (developed an insane ballistic skill and shooting skill list really fast), etc.
  4. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I named a guitar of mine after a girl in High School. A few years ago my buddy mentioned it to my wife. Kind of unfortunate because it's my favorite guitar, but now I feel weird playing it around her.
  5. Hellboy Boardgame kickstarter by Mantic

    One thing Mantic is bad at is downtime. During the project they are pretty responsive, and right around shipping they are fairly decent at handling issues, but there's a whole lot of nothing going on in the downtime. That said, all three of their projects I've backed I've been happy with, even if they changed some things without telling us. I wouldn't go all in on a Mantic project ever though. They do seem to drop freebies occasionally (things that they decided didn't work), or change them drastically (much more so then other companies). Their quality is all over the place. Early on, the focus was massive amounts of minis for cheap, and that was okay. The quality was decent but not great, and they kept the price points low. As they have grown, the focus has shifted to quality, and their big lines tend to get better in the long run (KoW, in particular has seen a tremendous shift towards quality). They seem to use their smaller games as a way to experiment with new plastic variations though, so, I would be wary of setting the expectations to high on the quality side. I've heard good things about the Walking Dead stuff, but to my eye the quality is very middle of the road, and the terrain is very light looking on details.
  6. Yeah, they were the resource heavy clan IIRC. Been a long time since I've even thought much about that game. Good times, but I doubt it aged well, thematically. Perfect for the mid to late 90s though.
  7. Ventrue was the wealthy house, right? Looks great as always!
  8. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Of course! The training wheels must have come off after the age of 5, because I remember having training wheels at the house I was at from age 5 to 10. But I did so much biking, and probably a lot further than I was supposed to go, too. There were construction lots we'd jump hills in, and all sorts of dirt paths in woods, etc. My two most vivid bike related memories are both crash related, one was funny-dumb, and the other was just dumb. The first was I was several blocks outside of my normal beat, and I thought I heard someone yell at me, so I looked over my shoulder, and biked straight into a parked car. Didn't hurt much, just surprised me how I had failed to see that. I recall I was working on no-hands riding at the time. The other one ended with a broken arm (my second at that time). I was racing a buddy and we decided the end point would be a curb, for some reason. Not one of the gently sloped curbs, but a full on step style curb. I mistimed my jump at the end, and launched myself over my handlebars, landing on my arm (better than my face, which was my other available landing surface), and breaking it around the wrist area. The cast was red, which was one of the first colored casts I'd ever seen. I think that was the third and final bone I've broken, though I've clearly had cracked ribs since then, but I don't know that those qualify as breaks.
  9. 02181: Sirithis, Succubus

    I normally paint all flesh features the same, then add washes/glazes over top to discolor them appropriately.
  10. I'm of the opinion that goblins are a varied species, just like humans. You've got chunky Mantic ones, skinny long faced GW ones, football-headed Pathfinder ones, and Reaper makes about 5 varieties. All great to mix together.
  11. Invisible Hobbit

    I just have to say I came in expecting a joke thread (Invisible Stalker, etc), but I was pleasantly surprised. Great job.
  12. Tagging or Name problems v2

    The new "Tombstone Finial" is incorrectly named, since that's a fence-post it sits on, not a tombstone.
  13. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Can I get an official answer on how wide this guy's stride is?
  14. B for scale

    So there's a little block "B" in some of the new previews: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77522 What is it? An inch? What does the B mean? Bones? EDIT: can't be an inch. 12mm / Small 6 sided die size?
  15. Kings of War: Vanguard

    The new head is clearly superior. Though I think I'd probably like the other one if it captured the Neil Young vibe of the concept art a bit better. I'll have to wait and see when it's in my hands I guess.
  16. Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Would Mossbeard fit on a 75mm*75mm square base? It looks a bit large. I love the model but I can't really use anything bigger than that.
  17. Kings of War: Vanguard

    Yeah, having just painted them recently, it looks exactly like that on the underside of the weapon.
  18. I have a mini I'd like to add ghostly stuff underneath to raise it up, something akin to what elevates the ghosts in Ghostly Summons: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ghostly summons/latest/77095#detail/IG_2955_1 Or the stuff under GW's Mortis Engine: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-JP/Vampire-Counts-Mortis-Engine I started experimenting, I'm not particularly skilled with GS though, my stuff ends up looking a bit viney. I tried looking for some tutorials, but couldn't find anything related to the ghostly effect. Anyone got any advice for approaching this kind of thing?
  19. Hackmaster/Ral Partha Elf Warrior

    Care to share what you are doing for your metal work color wise? I feel like I've got a good grasp on gold nmm, but my silver is weak. Chrome sky/earth nmm is easy enough, but it really isn't what swords and armor should be made of. Looks like you have a lot of blue in your recipe?
  20. Lets Talk About NMM

    New tool in the toolbox!
  21. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I get what you are saying, it's almost an entirely different model. But, I bet a lot of the parts simple sit on top of the original detail. The spines and bones probably are molded to sit on the fur, anyway. I think the arms and head are entirely different pieces, and I'm guessing at least the lower half of the legs are as well. I dunno, seems like an entirely separate kit would be the cheaper way to go for Mantic.
  22. Kings of War: Vanguard

    There are both renders floating around out there. I''ll edit them in here. The update is the 'standard' giant, the facebook groups have the other, not sure where the original source of that one is. Standard giant from update: Frost giant from ? as seen on facebook:
  23. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    The fluff is still underdeveloped, yes. Mantic has been slow on the fluff side, presumably to keep things cheap. As for minis, Mantic doesn't require you use their minis, even in tournaments. Lots of players use Bones to keep their armies affordable.
  24. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I liked the hunched, lazy, club down concept art better than the render. That weapon looks like it's straight from their cave troll line, too. A bit disappointed with that, I liked the club in the concept art. Ah well, still added an extra Abyssal booster for KoW use. Total 200 after shipping (Giant level + Abyssal booster).
  25. Aversion to returning to 40K?

    Just chiming in to say KoW is as good if not better than Grump says. Been playing since the launch of 2, just got the 2018 tourney rules + Battlefield cards (a song even at MSRP), the cards look like a great way to shake up casual games. I hadn't played GW games since WHFB v5 (started at the beginning of v4), other than Warhammer Quest, which makes it to the table still every couple of years. I guess I was never really into 40k but Necromunda had a great campaign system, that was as close as I got aesthetically. I did paint some Tyranids for a commission once. I didn't really enjoy it, but it was probably better than doing all that flat space marine armor. That would drive me nuts I think. I hate painting flat surfaces.