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  1. Seahawk

    Request for the sculptors

    I'm pretty shocked to learn of this "Golden Rule of Sculpting." The last time the Reaper Fanboy Brigade jumped down someone's throat, it was because that person expected the sculpt to look like the concept art -- which, as everyone should already know, is just craaaaazy. Right? What happened to that?
  2. Seahawk

    Can anyone help ID this figure?

    Amazon has already corrected the image. My favorite thing that Amazon allows is people advertising a product, often long out of print, that is actually a print-out of the Wikipedia article for that item. So you might think you're buying the AD&D 1st edition S-series modules for a great price, but not getting anything like that. I haven't stumbled across that in a while, maybe they put a stop to it.
  3. Thanks for the answers. I'm not sure why people are getting so touchy about a question being asked. Nobody's criticizing whoever Kit is. I thought maybe the gold ring was the badge. There isn't any info anywhere I could see describing the badge or indicating when it would be available (or if it already had been given out). The question about matching forum email with KS email is a good one as well.
  4. What about if we registered for the the forums after the KS?
  5. Seahawk

    Tentacles & Eyeballs Minis Kickstarter

    For Pete's sake, man.
  6. Seahawk

    Unique figures

    Ah, I got beaten to the punch on Snow Goons. How about Krampus? (my first attempt at a link here, apologies if it doesn't work right).