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  1. live

    Update #6 - Montezuma has come to the Campaign
  2. live

    Update #5 - New Pledges
  3. live

    Update #4 - Sisiutl, The Great Sea Serpent of the Pacific Northwest - Finished
  4. live

    I do have a ebay store right now. i am hoping to have a proper web store some time soon so i do not have to sell on ebay. Some people at my day job think i should look at crafty section of amazon.
  5. live

    Update # 3 - Aztec Elite Troopers
  6. live

    New Update - New Stretch Goal and Backer Goals
  7. live

    First update - new model and a new stretch goal -
  8. live

    I am offering free shipping this time around for the people in europe when you get the larger pleadges.
  9. live

    It took two gods to defeat it, i wanted the model match the myth
  10. live

    Here is the scale of the Cipactli -
  11. live

    The New Offering from Paymaster Games and their Going Native line. Going Native: From out of the Mists is a model centered campaign that will cover different heroes, warriors, monsters and gods of the New World. Here is the link to the KS Page -
  12. Cancelled

    Last Couple of hours, please help spread the word and lets get this funded. If it funds today i will unlock the Female Jaguar Warrior. So please get the word and get this funded. I will be on later when the campaign ends today, win or loose.
  13. As a creator, I had to plan an unexpected costs which raise the cost was on the models turn my last campaign and then once I figured out what the true cost of the item would be it ended up less than what I ended up selling it for which means that I end up selling it retail for the lower-cost. Trust me, I regret selling the kickstarter stuff from more than with the actual price would be but I had no idea what the actual price would be until the models finally made.
  14. Cancelled

    Here is very big update - Please tell me what you think.
  15. Cancelled

    I was planning something like that if this aztec campaign went well. I was going to go with either Pacific Northwest and Inuit, Inca, or Australian Aborigine. But if this campaign does not do well, the next campaign will focus on troopers and heroes from different native nations.