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    most of the heroes are planned as one piece models, allot of times the model ends up getting cut up during the casting process. As the models are planned as multi-part models - - Itzpapalotl, the Obsidian Wings (her butterfly) - Both forms of Coatlicue (Her back pack/serpent heads) - aztec temple priest (his backpack will have two different options) - Pacific Northwest Shaman (3 different masks) - White Buffalo Woman (i do not think their will be any way to do this model with out it being a multi-part model) As to the rest of the heroes it will be impossible to tell at this time.
  2. live

    Update 14 - WAR!!! Come with me now. New Stretch Goal, new requested lists
  3. live

    Update 13 - Last Few days
  4. live

    Update 12 - Pledge Clean Up and New Requested Pledges
  5. live

    Update 11 - $13,000 Stretch Goal Pacific Northwest Tribes Hero
  6. live

    Update #10 - Maui arrives with new stretch goals Inuit Angakok Shaman and his Tupilaq, the Ivory Golem
  7. live

    Update #9 - White Buffalo Woman Lazylich - yes it would be 50/50
  8. live

    they are one piece models instead of the multi part model. The PNW troops are a combination of different pnw tribes, the Makah Harpooner are based on the old photos of the Makah Tribe. I also wanted to make models of this tribe because they are local to me in Washington state. here is the models, the center model is the leader.
  9. live

    New Update # 8 - New Pledges and Creations
  10. live

    Update #7 - Mayans Arrive
  11. live

    Update #6 - Montezuma has come to the Campaign
  12. live

    Update #5 - New Pledges
  13. live

    Update #4 - Sisiutl, The Great Sea Serpent of the Pacific Northwest - Finished
  14. live

    I do have a ebay store right now. i am hoping to have a proper web store some time soon so i do not have to sell on ebay. Some people at my day job think i should look at crafty section of amazon.
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    Update # 3 - Aztec Elite Troopers